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Reposted from Community Quilt Project by Otteray Scribe

TrueBlueMajority's quilt

It breaks my heart that this quilt is needed -- yet it is needed, urgently.

UPDATE: The situation is dire.  CelticLassie's brother and sister-in-law are on their way.  When they arrive and all the tests are back, hospice will be consulted and decisions made.  We will pull out all the stops to get this quilt done and will need the messages ASAP.
A little backstory: CelticLassie survived cancer as an infant.  Otteray Scribe and his wife (a nurse) adopted her from St. Jude's, determined to save her life.  They lovingly nursed her to health with great success.  Up until now, she's had a very active and happy life.  But the monster (cancer) appears to be back.  Since Christmas, CelticLassie has had some trouble walking and has been in pain.  A few days ago, she fell and broke her hip.   When the hip was imaged, a huge pelvic mass was found.  The doctors think the mass has weakened her bones, thus the fracture.  It is also pressing on other parts.  Long story short, CelticLassie is in agony and is likely to be in the hospital for an extended period.  We are going to make a community quilt to support her spirit through this ordeal and would welcome loving messages from you for her.

Clinic 1989
CelticLassie with her new big sister and mama

1st day B&W
CelticLassie's first day home, here with her father

As you will see below, she grew into a strong and lovely young woman with an infectious smile, a spirit for adventure, and a deep love of her family's Scottish heritage.  She is an accomplished piper, too -- not easy!  Some more photos below the orange cloud...

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Reposted from harryreardon by marykk Editor's Note: So proud to see Diane Black sponsor this POS. -- marykk

The war on women just added another notch to the belt, this time is Washington, D.C.

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Reposted from Laura Clawson by Otteray Scribe
Anti-abortion protesters outside Red River Women's Clinic in Fargo, N.D.
Waiting periods mean women have to pass these charmers twice.
Republican state legislators across the country continue looking for ways to make it more difficult for women to exercise their right to choose abortion, and Tennessee is in the process of passing one of the classics: a waiting period. And a Tennessee Republican managed to make waiting periods even more insulting than they by definition are. Tennessee Democrats tried to amend the waiting period bill to exempt victims of rape and incest, but state Rep. Sheila Butt was not having it, because how do you know that a woman is telling the truth about her pregnancy being the result of rape or incest?
"This amendment appears political because we understand that in most instances this is not verifiable," Butt said. "Let’s make sure that these women have the information and understanding to act. Madam Speaker, I move this amendment to the table."
In short, let's just assume that women are lying about rape and move on.

Butt's claim that this was about "mak[ing] sure that these women have the information and understanding to act" also doubled down on the insult of the waiting period. Waiting periods mean that it's not enough to scrape together money that may be hard to come by and travel what may be hours to the nearest clinic that's managed to stay open despite harassment of doctors and laws targeting it. No, you need to do that, then wait 48 hours or more, then go back for a legal medical procedure. It's a burden of time and money and it's based on the claim that women don't know what they're doing when they decide not to continue a pregnancy, schedule a medical appointment, and do whatever money-saving and traveling it requires. Just the kind of thing you do on a whim, according to Republicans. Who doesn't love a medical procedure every so often, particularly one likely to bring you face to face with screaming protesters?

That's why Sheila Butt had to make sure that rape victims—or, you know, liars claiming to be rape victims—won't be able to indulge that particular whim without waiting for 48 hours. Since they don't have the "information and understanding" to make decisions about their medical care otherwise.

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 photo images-145_zpsbqpsqz1n.jpeg

Ten years ago, if anyone had told me where I would be today, I would have laughed at the absurdity of it. I lived in my half-million dollar dream home. My husband drove an 80k Mercedes and I drove a late model Lexus SUV. I literally had, and did anything I wanted. Of course, the things I wanted were reasonable. My adult son was working and making more money than my husband and I put together. We were a happy, very fortunate family.

Two surgeries, and mutiple medical mistakes later, I was left with two levels in my neck which rejected bone grafts.This left me with intense pain and inflammation, and limited my ability to support my own head. The doctors called it failed back surgery syndrome. The rotator cuff surgery, done on my right shoulder, didn't fix the problem there. Just after surgery, the shoulder was slighly better, but today it is worse than just after the accident. My low back has permanent nerve damage which extends all the way down my left leg. In the process of injecting dye into my spine, to perform a Mylegram with contrast, a radiologist injured nerve root bundles in my low back.

I could have come back from any one of those injuries, but not from all three.

All these doctors"practiced" thier medicine on me, and left me a cripple, unable to work, or take care of myself.

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Reposted from fiddler crabby by marykk Editor's Note: Don't forget to join us at the Bunganut Pig in Franklin tomorrow at 3:30! -- marykk

To solve the nearly non-existent problem of crime in parks, the Tennessee legislature has come up with an intriguing solution:

Eliminate all local regulations against guns in parks, but ban squirt guns.

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Reposted from Joan McCarter by marykk Editor's Note: And remember, there will be a meetup tomorrow, Saturday, April 4 at the Bunganut Pit in Franklin at 3:30! -- marykk
Screenshot of news report about state Sen. Todd Gardenhire.
A second effort in the Tennessee legislature to take up Medicaid expansion failed this week, meaning 280,000 Tennesseans still remain, needlessly, without any kind of healthcare coverage. When one of those Tennesseans confronted Sen. Todd Gardenhire (R), a wealth manager at Morgan Stanley about it, asking him if he'd be willing to give up his own insurance, well, Gardenhire showed his true colors.
One activist, Damien Crisp, asked Gardenhire if he would be willing to give up his own state-subsidized health insurance.

Gardenhire, in a video of the incident taken by another activist, turned around and said something along the lines of "Not giving it up, asshole" or, perhaps, "Why don't you give it up, asshole?" ("Asshole" is the clearest part of his rejoinder.)

Gardenhire's health coverage has been an issue in Tennessee before. He had previously claimed not to receive state-sponsored coverage, but the Associated Press, through an open records request, revealed that he does.

"I have it, but I don't use it," the lawmaker told AP after the revelation. "I use Morgan Stanley's insurance, which is far greater." […]

"We drove all the way up to Nashville and tried to engage in the process," Crisp said, "and this is the democracy we get, being called an asshole." Crisp said.

Isn't that charming. You won't be surprised to find out who Gardenhire considers his true constituents, (or maybe his bosses). Yup, the Koch brothers, who have gone all in to kill Medicaid expansion in Tennessee, twice, in special and regular session. It's pretty clear who the asshole is here.
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“It is important that we wait to see the specific details of today’s announcement, and as the P5-plus-one works toward any final deal, we must remain clear-eyed regarding Iran’s continued resistance to concessions, long history of covert nuclear weapons-related activities, support of terrorism, and its current role in destabilizing the region.”  

Bob Corker, GOP Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, April 2, 2015.

In his initial reaction to the preliminary accord announced with Iran, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker sounded remarkably, for him, like a statesman.  He did not emulate the vicious Republican Senator Mark Kirk who proclaimed, “Neville Chamberlain got a better deal from Adolf Hitler.”  Nor did he echo former Texas Governor Rick Perry who somehow remembered his lines and said, the agreement is "riddled with concessions by the Obama administration," or Florida Senator Marco Rubio who, obviously in campaign mode, declared "this deal is a colossal mistake."  For one day, at least, Senator Corker channeled one of predecessors, Michigan's Republican Senator Arthur Vandenberg, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during another particularly perilous time in American history.  But what tack will Corker take next?  

Senator Arthur Vandenberg
Arthur Vandenberg, Statesman
In January 1945, Michigan’s Republican Senator Arthur Vandenberg stunned America’s foreign policy establishment when he proclaimed his full blooded conversion from isolationist to internationalist in line with Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt’s vision for a post war world.  The Senator was unequivocal: “To me bipartisan foreign policy means a mutual effort, under our indispensable two-Party system, to unite our official voice at the water’s edge so that America speaks with maximum authority against those who would divide and conquer us and the free world.”  The bloodletting between President Woodrow Wilson and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge that had prevented the United States from joining the League of Nations after the First World War was very much on his mind, and he did not want a similar blunder after the Second.  Corralling conservatives in a GOP caucus obsessed with politics, Vandenberg chose statesmanship and helped Presidents Roosevelt and then Truman gather sufficient legislative support for the creation of the United Nations, the Marshall Plan and NATO.  When conservative stalwart Senator Robert Taft’s knees wobbled and he called for massive cuts in American aid to Western Europe, Vandenberg famously put him in his place: "When a man is drowning 20 feet away, it is a mistake to throw him a 15-foot rope."  

The current Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee Bob Corker needs a history lesson.  Channeling Lodge, Corker detests President Obama and is hellbent on torpedoing his foreign policy.  In a speech to the Republican National Lawyers Association recently, Corker sounded like a candidate at a campaign rally gleefully describing the Administration’s foreign policy team as “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight” and accusing the President of being a man who “has never been comfortable being commander-in-chief.”  Whereas Vandenberg once spoke of a “loyal opposition” responsible for ensuring frank cooperation and free debate, Corker now delivers hurtful punchlines worthy of right-wing talk radio. Vandenberg had opposed Roosevelt’s New Deal as vehemently as Corker currently resists Obama’s domestic agenda, but he grew to appreciate the need for America to speak with one voice when addressing the rest of the world.

Senator Bob Corker
Bob Corker, To Be Determined
Senator Corker does have the right and responsibility to offer differing viewpoints and champion the constitutional role of the Senate in checking and balancing the role of the Executive in the conduct of foreign policy.  The legislation he has proposed to mandate that for any nuclear deal with Iran is not unreasonable.  But he should not reflexively oppose everything President Obama champions because, in the political world he grew up in, that is what Republicans are automatically expected to do.  Vandenberg undoubtedly turned over in his grave when 47 Republican Senators sent a missive to Iran’s Ayatollah undermining what traditionally would have been bipartisan support for our State Department in the midst of enormously difficult negotiations.  Corker somehow found the fortitude not to sign on, so maybe there is hope for him yet.  But if he now leads a GOP kamikazee charge in the Congress to derail the framework agreement the P5-plus-one has just announced with Iran, and the United States ends up in another devastating war without end in the Middle East, future historians may well portray Senator Bob Corker as a petty party hack who deliberately drove a partisan wedge into prospects for peace.  History has not been kind to Henry Cabot Lodge, but many today respectfully remember Arthur Vandenberg as that rare breed of politician who chose to place patriotism above party.  Senator Corker, please reflect on that.


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Insure Tennessee
SJR 93 - Authorizes implementation of Insure Tennessee as described in TennCare Demonstration Amendment #25. This would authorize Gov. Haslam to proceed with plans to use federal dollars to help working people buy into employer-sponsored health plans and expand Medicaid eligibility to poor Tennesseans.


                                        Take action for Insure TN
                                              Tuesday March 31st
                                                   11am to 6pm
                                Meet at McKendree United Methodist Church
                                               523 Church Street
                                     Park at the church or the library.

Insure TN is on the agenda for the Senate Commerce hearing at 3:30 Tuesday March 31st. We know that the Commerce Committee is not favorable to Insure TN. We can change that.

                       Your presence can make the difference for Insure TN.

Can you only come for an hour? Come at 2:00, and let’s pack the hallway! Bring your church, your friends, your family and your whole community.

                     Register at or call Emilie at 615-846-4713

This is a flyer I got yesterday. One thing that has always driven me nuts about the Davidson County Democrats is that they never give notice for these things.

I am self employed and make my own schedule but that’s the key – schedule. I am already booked for that time but with a weeks notice I could have switched.

I knew about this going to committee a week ago why didn’t the Davidson County Democrats? I knew because my Representative Darren Jernigan mentioned it in his weekly newsletter. If this gets through the committee and past the Senate he will vote for it in the house.

I hope some of you can attend.

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 photo 2015-03-23-19-49-18-1389837902_zpst7cor6hz.jpeg


★Please Donate Here★

My diary today is important because this charity has been instrumental in helping to change my life.(Please note that all donated money goes directly to the Charity, I never have a single cent of it.)  I spent my entire life (61 years) reading everything I could get my hands on. I dreamed of writing, but could never get past the first chapter, before my inner censor convinced me it was crap. I was raised in an abusive home, and my mother's voice, telling me how fat, ugly, and stupid I am, still screams in my mind, though she has been dead for 20 years.

Near the end of 2014, I first heard about NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writers Month, and the yearly challenge to write a 50,000 word novel. I had just enough time to get signed up, and prep myself for a month of dedicated writing. By the end of November 2014, I had compleated my first novel, "The Black Cliffs - Book One of The Into Darkness Series." It is currently in the editing stage, and I hope to publish it in September. I was able to let go of my inner censor and write this book, because of the help and encouragement from the NaNoWriMo Charity. By helping them to raise money to continue their work, I hope I am helping to ensure that budding writers will always have a place to create safely and to find whatever encouragement and tools they need.

 photo 2015-03-23-19-48-57--423929064_zpsxpdgsaid.jpeg

Beginning on April 1, 2015, I will be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. The book I will be working on is "Other Bodies - Book One of The Soul Walkers." I project that it will be 60,000 words, and I plan to have the first draft finished by the end of April. Visit my Camper Page to read Chapter One and to follow my progress throughout the month. Your interest and encouragement is important to me.


Vicki's Camp NaNoWriMo Page

 photo 2015-03-23-19-49-45-724555612_zps3fn7q1pd.jpeg

Reposted from JoanMar by Otteray Scribe
Two poor people by Margaret Bourke-White
The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has made a difference in the lives of another 11.4 million Americans. Eleven million, four hundred thousand people can breathe easier today knowing that they will have access to quality care if and when needed. In fact, if you were to count all those with private health coverage, young adults allowed to stay on their parents policies, and those covered through the Medicaid Expansion Program, the number would be closer to 32 million. Thirty-two million? Wow! And still the number of insured could have been more. the number should have been more...much more, and someone(s) should be forced to explain what informed their decision to deliberately work to deny poor people health care coverage.
The right-wing think tank, Heritage Foundation, have been going out of their way to spread misinformation and disinformation about the ACA. Two experts,  Stan Dorn and John Holahan of the Health Affairs Blog have taken a sledge hammer to the lies being told and in so doing managed to show the desperate obduracy of  Republican Governors. Dorn and Holahan were able to cite figures which proved that not only are States deliberately and maliciously doing harm to their citizens, but that they are also shortsightedly cutting off their noses to spite their faces.  
while a Medicaid expansion would increase that state’s Medicaid costs by about $2.5 billion from 2014 through 2022, it would also save Ohio $1.5 billion by reducing state spending on current programs in favor of the largely federally financed expansion. Such programs cover so-called “medically needy” adults, women with breast and cervical cancer, and adults who are waiting for disability determinations. At the same time, expansion would increase state revenue by as much as $2.8 billion, in part because of the economic activity galvanized by more than $31 billion in new federal Medicaid funds, but also because of prescription drug rebates and taxes on Medicaid managed care premiums. The overall result: at least $1.8 billion in net state budget gains.
Yes, refusing the Medicaid Expansion Program does not make for sound financial policy. Refusing to give poor people access to healthcare is a crime before God and man. Governors who have rejected the Medicaid Expansion Program should be forced to explain their actions. Actually, they should be forced to do a perp walk, but we'll settle for a walk of shame for the time being.

Just to remind ourselves of the harm that is being done to the least among by the most powerful among us, this is a list of the services offered under the Medicaid Expansion Program in my home state of Connecticut.

• Visits
• Preventive Care
• Doctor
• Women’s Health Care
• Family Planning Services
• Maternity Care
• Hospital Stays
• Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy
• Audiology Services
• Physical Rehabilitation
• Dialysis
• Durable Medical Equipment
• Hearing Aids
• Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices
• Home Health Care
• Hospice Services
• Ambulatory Surgery
• Hospital Outpatient Care
• Laboratory Tests
• X-rays and other Radiology Services
• Vision Care
• Emergency Care
• Dental Services (through CT Dental Health Partnership)
• Behavioral Health Services (through CT Behavioral Health Partnership)
• Pharmacy (medications)

I am hoping that you read the above and that it made you mad. That you are so angry that some 17,000 people will die annually because of the wickedness of Republican Governors that you want to do something about it. I am hoping you will want to write a letter to the editor.

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Reposted from ATexican by marykk

Rs in Tennessee who have the responsibility of governing just discovered that when you "let loose the Kraken" (hint: last of the Titans) you are truly (what a surprise) unable to control the monster whose duty it is to "let no stone stand and no creature crawl."  

Americans For Prosperity (AFP) just dumped the two term R governor who is head of the R Governors' Assoc. into the toilet over Medicaid Expansion (see USA Today for 2/26).  The AFP supporters vilified the Gov and any R who had a kind word for him and his plan. Everybody (hospitals, health plans, mayors) wanted those Federal bucks. Well almost everybody.  R officials were in shock.

The AFP leadership had warned all those Rs who might waver on the path to "economic freedom and individual liberty" that AFP would be watching.  They were, and they weren't fooling around.  These heavyweight ideological humps cracked the money whip and called out the troops. Rs in the leg. got scared witless and left almost 300k Tennesseans without health care

Everyone R official with half a brain knows that that Rs don't really have a coherent agenda for governance (Just say No does not count as an agenda). They only have a list of catchphrases and buzzwords designed to mobilize their base for elections.  Governance is really just that crap you have to wade thru until the next election.

But, these same folks have been happy to suck up to moneybags like AFP.  Now, it is a new century. They are discovering that those two greedy dudes with their big media money and the whack jobs who are their grassroots support ( maybe 40,000 in Tennessee) really don't take prisoners. Like the Senate Rs are discovering those rubes in the other body believe all that crazy stuff they spout.

You sly dog Rs who sat back and thought that you are smart enough to take the money and talk the talk, but you never expected to have to walk the walk (hey, who changed the rules and made the majority of the cards in the deck Jokers?).  Well, the turkeys have come home to roost, dudes.  These guys are in your state, and they will not be  happy with whatever you do, just because U are an R.  They have this hang-up about ideological purity. So, To badly paraphrase yet another movie classic -- "buckle your seat belts it's going to be a bumpy few years."  

The horrible thing is that--as you sink, you mat take the country with you.

Reposted from The Teacher by marykk

I'm a 40 year old white male, living in a sleepy southern city.  I teach in an inner-city school in a larger city, so I get to see both sides of the issues between police and minorities.  I always try to explain both sides to each other, believing (probably naively), that if we communicate enough, we can stop hating each other so much.

A lot of that changed last week when I was pulled over for "not wearing a seat belt," (Which, of course, I was wearing.)

More below....


Was the officer right to pull her weapon on me?

2%125 votes
90%5050 votes
7%397 votes

| 5574 votes | Vote | Results

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