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I did a diary search today about Krystal Ball's incredible 3 minute video on MSNBC yesterday and was very surprised to see "No Results". At the end of her show yesterday she did the most brilliant takedown of the GOP and beheaded the snake at the head so swiftly and completely that I was slack jawed. This VIDEO titled "The GOP's Economic Numbers Just Don't Add Up" needs to be seen by everyone you know, especially around November so keep this link handy. More after the orange tootsie roll.

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Just a quick diary to spread this wonderful video of Lawrence O'Donnell tonight. It's a must-see segment about what Sen. Reid did alone on the Senate floor today, a truly beautiful thing to watch as so many Obama nominees get confirmed with 100 votes.

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Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 10:14 AM PDT

The Annual Physical

by BillyElliott

It's funny these days, you never know when you are going to make that connection about  politics and the current state of the US. I had my annual physical this morning, which went fine but the story picks up just after.

Like some doctor's offices mine doesn't do the bloodwork anymore. I was sent a block away to a lab that does it. I was at my doctor's office for 30 minutes tops, start to finish. At the lab though the minutes ticked by. As the time passed I listened to what was going on around me and I realized the lab was terribly understaffed. There was a waiting room full of people there to have lab work done and one front desk person and one lonely lab tech doing all of the rest of the work. Here is where the story gets interesting.

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This is my first diary and it is in response to some snarky comments I just read on an entertainment insider website. They are predicting bad ratings for Keith Olbermann's launch of Countdown this Monday and the right-wing is rubbing their hands gleefully over this in advance. Well, let's ensure they get a little surprise next week.

Keith Olbermann's show "COUNTDOWN" debuts on Current TV this Monday, June 20th. If you want to help Keith's ratings and you aren't a Nielsen ratings member, here's how to do it: with your DVR.

Here's how DVR's work: every night while you sleep your DVR downloads new schedules into the box but the important thing here is that at the same time it UPLOADS everything you record. If you set your DVR to record Countdown on Monday and especially if you play the recording that same night it will be uploaded and the numbers will be counted by the TV industry and reported. Remember, it's not just about recording it, it's about playing that recording back too.

If you can't record and watch that same night (the most ideal), then the next best thing is to watch it the next day which in the TV industry is known as "Live + 1". If you don't have a DVR: think about emailing a link of this thread to your friends who love KO and do have one, they may be unaware of the Monday premiere!

Let's give KO and rousing start on Current TV. On Time Warner Cable the channel is 103. If anyone has a different cable system please list the channel on your cable system in the comments section.

My DVR is already set!

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