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There are lessons we can learn from the 10-year fight for Net Neutrality that can help us win other important victories.

On Monday, March 2, join many of the leaders who contributed to last week's victory over the past decade as they share strategies and behind-the-scenes stories. For you and the history books.


WHAT: PCCC's Net Neutrality Memories Call
WHEN: Monday, March 2nd at 5pm Eastern Time
WHERE: Listen Online Here
WHO: Leaders in the fight for Net Neutrality, including:

 - Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor, PCCC co-founders
 - Craig Newmark, Craigslist founder
 - Tim Wu, Professor, Columbia Law School - coined "Net Neutrality"
 - Corynne McSherry, Intellectual Property Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation
 - Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Harvard Law School
 - David Segal, Executive Director, Demand Progress
 - James Rucker, co-founder,
 - Becky Bond, Vice President, Credo Action
 - Tim Karr, Senior Director of Strategy, Free Press
 - Craig Aaron, President, Free Press
 - Noah Winer, Senior Partner at Dragonfly Partners and former MoveOn organizer
 - Helen Brunner, Founder, Media Democracy Fund
 - Chris Burke, Visual Artist and Video Game Designer
 - Sascha Meinrath, Director, X Lab, and founder of the Open Technology Institute
 - Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder, Fight for the Future

Note: One call cannot possibly capture all the leadership and participation in this decade-long fight. Our goal is to capture a sampling. Some notes from others will be read, and we salute all who helped make this victory happen.

1. Progressive Victories Everywhere:

The PCCC enter the new Congress with more partners than ever. Bold progressives won early primaries against corporate Democrats -- electing Senator Brian Schatz in Hawaii, and Representatives Bonnie Watson Coleman in New Jersey, Ruben Gallego in Arizona, and Ted Lieu and Mike Honda in California.

These bright-blue districts will be represented by real progressives! And PCCC members helped elect great progressives to the Senate and House in November. (Read the full 2014 Elections Report.)

2. PCCC Members Called Out The Vote:

Thousands of national volunteers signed up to Call Out The Vote (COTV). Together, they made over 4 million phone calls to voters in key races.

The PCCC was the only national call program of this scale that worked directly with campaigns -- so they could use the data the PCCC collected, making the work twice as effective.

These calls helped key progressive champions like Al Franken and Jeff Merkley win re-election to the Senate -- and helped Rep. Rick Nolan in Minnesota win one of the tightest House elections.

3. PCCC Infrastructure Worked:

The PCCC has been developing infrastructure to support thousands of progressives up and down the ballot, and it's beginning to pay off.

This cycle, the PCCC trained over 600 candidates, campaign managers, field directors, finance directors, and communications directors, from Iowa to Florida to New Hampshire.

And the PCCC's special technology for campaigns helped support over 150 candidates.

Considering a run for office in the next several years? Let the PCCC know here.

4. PCCC Loves Zephyr Teachout!

The PCCC was proud to be the only national group to support this feisty anti-corruption expert when she challenged New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary, because being a Democrat should mean something.

Zephyr ran an insurgent campaign on a bold economic message, attacking corporate monopolies that hurt consumers.

She won a shocking 35% of the vote -- exceeding all expectations and making her a rising star.

Our COTV program made 500,000 calls, and PCCC members donated nearly $50,000 to Zephyr.

5. Gaining Momentum For Campaign Finance Reform:

PCCC members donated nearly $200,000 to Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig's new Mayday Super PAC -- dedicated to campaign finance reform.

And the PCCC was commissioned by Mayday to manage a multimillion-dollar effort that made one of the most corrupt and powerful House Republicans, Energy Chairman Fred Upton, scramble for his political life after selling out to Big Oil.

The PCCC also helped allies deliver over 3.2 million petition signatures to the Senate to overturn Citizens United.

6. Big Movement On Internet Freedom:

The fight rages on for a free and fair Internet.

The FCC chairman proposed rule changes that would create an Internet "fast lane" for big corporations and a "slow lane" for everyone else.

The PCCC jumped into action along with allies, collecting 150,000 signatures in opposition to the proposed new rules. This activism was so effective, it got a shout-out during a White House press conference.

President Obama has now come out publicly on PCCC members' side -- and the big idea of making the Internet a public utility like water, equally accessible to all, is seen as credible.

7. Elizabeth Warren's Power Grew:

Senator Elizabeth Warren was the most popular Democratic campaigner in red, purple, and blue states.

After the election, she won a Senate leadership position -- and won even more influence by fighting Wall Street and calling for Citigroup to be "broken into pieces."

The PCCC coined the term "Elizabeth Warren wing" of American politics, which has been mentioned hundreds of times by The Washington PostNew York TimesMSNBC, and others -- and by the PCCC directly in The HillThe Nation, and on C-SPAN.

Warren wing economic populism is on the rise.

8. PCCC is Leading The Charge For Big Ideas:

After the election, the PCCC argued in editorials and interviews that Democrats lost because the Party didn't stand for big ideas that would improve millions of people's lives -- like affordable college, better jobs, or real retirement security.

Now, the Progressive Change Institute (the PCCC's sister organization) , is running the Big Ideas Project -- a crowdsourced platform to allow everyone to nominate and vote for big ideas that over 30 members of Congress will consider.

Over 1,800 ideas have been submitted and nearly 500,000 votes cast. Vote today!

9. PCCC is Organizing New Members Of Congress:

The PCCC recently held a progressive policy briefing for incoming members of Congress -- the first of its kind during freshman orientation.

Experts presented bold ideas in 2 minutes or less on big ideas like jobs for all, expanded Social Security benefits, fair taxation, fair trade, and clean energy.

National polling will soon show that these ideas are popular across the spectrum.

(Support more progressive briefings for Congress in 2015.)

10. PCCC Preparing For 2016:

The PCCC already sent its first organizer to the early presidential primary state of New Hampshire.

The PCCC is building a coalition of local unions, Democratic leaders, and activists who will push all Democratic presidential candidates to embrace Elizabeth Warren's big economic populist ideas.

It's smart politics and smart policy.

Want to support the PCCC's effective activism in 2015? Please donate $3 or more here.


Mike Honda, Eloise Gomez Reyes and Michael EggmanCalling yourself a Democrat should mean something.

Progressive Congressman Mike Honda is facing a conservative primary challenger on June 3 who calls himself a Democrat -- but is he really?

Honda's opponent is open to cutting Social Security, wants more "consensus" with House Republicans, and opposes the progressive budget that would tax millionaires to invest in jobs and education!

He wrote: "U.S. Rep. Mike Honda...criticized the Republican budget and touted the alternatives offered by his Progressive Caucus. It's time for a different approach in Washington that puts consensus and compromise ahead of demagoguery and division."

Today, we officially endorse Mike Honda, Eloise Gomez Reyes, and Michael Eggman -- three California progressives who need our help in key congressional races.

Eloise Gomez Reyes is the daughter of immigrant farmworkers who worked hard to build a life as a lawyer -- and wants to make sure everyone has access to the American Dream. Her more conservative "Democratic" opponent supports the Simpson-Bowles plan to cut Social Security.

Michael Eggman grew up as an almond farmer and beekeeper, paid his way through college, and continues to run a successful farm. He is a progressive running against a vulnerable Republican incumbent who Democrats need to beat in order to take back the House. Due to unique California election rules, they will face off next month in a cross-partisan primary -- and whomever comes out on top will have big momentum.

Congressman Mike Honda spent his childhood in a Japanese-American internment camp before becoming a teacher and serving as one of the strongest progressives in Congress.

All three are in tight races for Congress in California. They understand the plight of hard-working people, and support investing in jobs, expanding Social Security benefits, and holding Wall Street accountable.

Want to help elect bold progressives to Congress? Please donate $3 to these three great California progressives today to ensure they come out on top on June 3.


On MTV in 2007, Joe Niederberger, a small business owner and former Internet engineer in New Jersey, asked Barack Obama a question about Net Neutrality. And he got a clear promise to protect Internet freedom. Now, that Internet freedom is under attack. Obama’s new FCC Chair – a cable industry lobbyist -- threatens to break that promise.

Watch the video:

Go to and sign Joe's petition to public officials!

With America having some of the slowest, most expensive Internet access in the world, the FCC should be making the Internet better -- not worse.

The new FCC Chair should carry out President Obama’s promise and support Net Neutrality. If he won’t, he should step down so the president can appoint someone who will stand up for Internet freedom and make the Internet better for all of us.


UPDATE: Ed Schultz has joined the PCCC in opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline! Watch him say "I was wrong" and come out against the pipeline.

PCCC Co-Founder Adam Green was recently asked by Ed Schultz for his thoughts on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Click here to listen to Adam discussing the issue:

“We see what’s happening in West Virginia right now when polluters have their way and entire rivers and water lines get polluted. There are these explosions, you can Google and see, pipelines erupting and causing huge fireballs in communities and we know that’s part of the risk. As Michael Brune [Executive Director of the Sierra Club] was saying, we don’t have to choose between two bad options. The obvious path forward is to find clean energy sources and not kind of checkmate ourselves into, do we transport this toxic stuff to our communities by rail or by pipeline? We need a third choice.”
Adam also noted how disagreements over Keystone has the potential to create fractures within the Democratic coalition which plays into the hand of Republicans:
"I just don’t like a ‘process of elimination' argument; I don’t like feeling boxed in to making a horrible choice. If there is a legitimate reason, I’m interested in hearing that, but the net effect – looking at this in a big picture perspective – is I see a Republican advantage to dividing labor vs. the environmentalists. There’s so many bad things that we need to be united against that I just see this as a huge wedge issue and I think the default should be taking it [Keystone XL] off the table, not approving it.”
Rather than focus on the pipeline, Adam urged the Democratic Party to champion an aggressive clean-energy jobs agenda:
“Imagine a situation where the president said, 'We are going to invest whatever it takes in clean energy. And I’m working with Democratic leaders in Congress, particularly Harry Reid, to schedule votes over and over on this. We’re going to get labor and the environmentalists on the same side and really invest in our communities. And the idea that, 'oh it can’t be done,' will be discarded because we’re going to make sure it gets done.'

Wouldn’t you rather be fighting that fight and thinking about the next generation from that perspective, as opposed to, again, feeling checkmated into sacrificing by having this pollution underneath our communities that will, at some point, blow up?”

Click to listen to Adam Green talk Keystone XL with Ed Schultz.
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Hey Kossacks!  This was posted by Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Adam Green on the PCCC's blog, The Daily Change, and is cross-posted here in hopes of great participation from the Daily Kos community!

Open Debate Questions

Today, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee is proud to announce that we will host a first-of-its-kind Open Debate in the special election for Congress in Massachusetts.

All 5 Democrats running in the primary to replace now-Senator Ed Markey in the House of Representatives have agreed to participate in our Open Debate, where the public submits and votes on the questions. This is also Sen. Elizabeth Warren's home congressional district.

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Newark Mayor Cory Booker, widely considered to be the frontrunner in the race to fill Frank Lautenberg's Senate seat in New Jersey, said today that he is opposed to cutting Social Security benefits, including raising the retirement age.

At a midday Expand Social Security press conference conference in Trenton, at the New Jersey statehouse, Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) co-founder Adam Green called on Booker to declare his support for expanding Social Security.

PolitickerNJ reports:

“Social Security is more important than ever,” said Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

“Even in the red state of Kentucky, voters support the expansion of Social Security,” he said. “There is no excuse for Democrats right here in the blue state of New Jersey not to.”

Green called out Newark Mayor Cory Booker by name, arguing it’s especially important for the race’s frontrunner to “declare his support” on the issue given Booker’s ties to Wall Street.

More below the fold...
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The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is at Netroots Nation, and our co-founder Adam Green is on a panel titled "Weak Democrats Vs. Strong Progressives: Lessons From The Social Security Fight" alongside  Reps. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and Mark Takano (D-CA) and Credo Mobile's Becky Bond talking about how progressives build political power.

Blogger Heather "Digby" Parton will be hosting, and we will use the panel to discuss how progressives have been fighting President Obama's proposed cuts to Social Security benefits and how progressives are fighting back and even proposing to expand these benefits instead. Hear behind-the-scenes stories on power, progressive organizing, and the Democratic Party.

Below you can watch a livestream of the panel, which will begin at 7:30 PM EST today.

Additionally, we'll doing be a liveblog on our blog, The Daily Change. Click here to check it out.


Fri Apr 05, 2013 at 08:14 PM PDT

Help Us Stop Chained CPI

by BoldProgressives

This morning, the New York Times reported that President Obama will propose cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits in his budget next week.

Join the mass movement and show your outrage.

Obama is proposing the so-called chained CPI, which would cut cost-of-living adjustments for grandparents and veterans. Here are three facts about chained CPI that everyone should know:

1. Chained CPI is a Social Security benefit cut. If chained CPI goes into effect, a worker at age 75 will receive $653 less in benefits a year. A worker age 85 will receive $1,139 less in benefits a year.

2. Chained CPI cuts Social Security benefits for current seniors. The chained CPI will cut the benefits of all current retirees, including disabled workers – even after politicians have promised repeatedly that any changes to Social Security would not affect current beneficiaries.

3. Chained CPI hurts veterans. Under the chained CPI, a disabled veteran who started receiving VA disability benefits at age 30 would have his or her benefits reduced by $1,425 at age 45, $2,341 at age 55, and $3,231 at age 65.

We at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee asked numerous Obama campaign grassroots leaders about their reaction to this devastating plan. Here's a sampling of their responses:

Richard McDermott, Neighborhood Canvass Captain, Boulder, CO
"I am a senior not yet collecting Social Security. I would completely withdraw my support. It would be a betrayal of his promises and my trust."

Veronica Kirk, Obama 2012 Volunteer, Farmington, MI
"If President Obama goes back on his word to endorse cuts to Social Security, I will no longer support him as our president. I will feel abandoned and betrayed! It will affect my activism on other issues as well."

What you can do…

1.  Sign the petition to the White House, and join the mass outrage movement. We're working with great allies at CREDO, MoveOn, Democracy for America, Social Security Works and our progressive heroes in Congress on an ongoing campaign to stop these cuts.  

2.  Share these facts with everyone you can. Click here to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Security is the core of the progressive and Democratic legacy. The President has no mandate to cut these benefits, and we'll do everything possible to stop him.


Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter, an Arkansas Democratic Party candidate for governor, today unveiled a new proposal that would allow all students in the state who have at least a 2.5 grade point average to attend a state college tuition-free. An except from a statement Halter released about his plan:

“I call it the Arkansas Promise. Simply stated, if you go to high school in Arkansas, qualify for a lottery scholarship, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and plan to attend college in the state, we promise to pay your college tuition. The overall scholarship level would be set at the tuition level of the highest-cost, four-year public university in Arkansas.”
As millions of Americans face steep college debt, the Arkansas Promise could be a model for college affordability and achievement across the nation.

“If you wouldn’t hire a football coach who doesn’t aspire to winning the national championship and have a plan to do so, then why would you hire a Chief Executive Officer of the state who doesn’t aspire to help make Arkansas the best state in America and have a plan to make it happen,” continues Halter’s statement.

Recall that Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) members mobilized in huge numbers to back Halter in his primary against conservative Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR). As a result of that primary, Lincoln backed and passed a tough measure to regulate Wall Street banks.

We’re launching a campaign today to support Halter’s bold plan to guarantee tuition-free college to students who work hard. Click here to sign on as a citizen supporter of the Arkansas Promise.


Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 10:24 AM PDT

Thank Ed Schultz

by BoldProgressives

Ed Schultz broke news last night: His MSNBC show is moving to Saturday and Sunday from 5pm to 7pm.  Nobody on TV is a stronger voice for working people than Ed Schultz. He deserves to know we treasure that voice — and will keep watching him.

Can you sign our thank-you card to Ed Schultz, and tell him what his voice means to you? Click here — and forward this to other Ed fans.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Adam Green will be on Ed’s radio show today at 2:05pm and will tell him how many people signed the card, and will read a note on the air. So sign today.

When unions were attacked in Wisconsin and Ohio, Ed was there. When Whirlpool fired workers in Iowa, Ed was there. When Bain Capital was moving jobs overseas from Illinois, Ed was there.

Ed has also been a great friend to the PCCC — featuring us on his show many times, and having multiple PCCC members on to tell their stories.

Ed deserves to know that the public thanks him — and we’ll keep watching as he remains a voice for us. Sign the card here, and pass it on.

UPDATE: As of this posting, over 40,000 people have signed on


Last week, the government was hit with billions in automatic spending cuts, known as the "sequester." Republicans are taking advantage of this moment and are proposing to replace "sequester" cuts with cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits.

Reps. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and Mark Takano (D-CA) have teamed up with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and progressive allies to stand strong against benefit cuts. They're asking their colleagues to sign on to a letter vowing to vote against any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits.

Want to hear the latest from Grayson directly? The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is holding a national briefing tomorrow with him and others -- to update you and reporters about the momentum of our campaign to protect key benefits. We'll also answer your questions.

Can you join our national briefing today at 12pm Eastern? RSVP to join by phone or online.

Over 200,000 Americans have signed on as citizen supporters of the letter from Reps. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and Mark Takano (D-CA) promising to vote against benefit cuts. On the briefing, we'll update you about others in Congress who have joined them. National Organization of Women president Terry O'Neill will join our national briefing as well, and will make a major announcement.

Click here to RSVP for the briefing.

Click here to sign on as a citizen sponsor of the Grayson-Takano letter against Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefit cuts.

Call your Representative and ask them to sign onto the Grayson-Takano letter.

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