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Sat Sep 21, 2013 at 04:29 PM PDT


by CT Smarter

Violence here, there, everywhere.

Yet another mass shooting making international news. As if to say that, violence only matters, or concerns people, when there are multiple victims.
Violence, even when it doesn't end in death and has only one intended victim, effects many more people than just the victim and is just as tragic as anything making national or international headline news.

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Thu Sep 12, 2013 at 09:35 AM PDT

Reverse mortgages

by CT Smarter

Let me play psychic for a second.

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Wed Sep 11, 2013 at 10:57 AM PDT

The Zimmerman/Martin case

by CT Smarter

Let me just say that this is nothing other than speculation and supposition. However, it's just as probable as anything else that has been put out there.

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Tue Sep 10, 2013 at 04:16 PM PDT

Women doing things they want to

by CT Smarter

I admit it. We live in Kansas; aka Brownbackistan.
Oh, I am also a woman, late forties, just thought I'd mention it.
Yesterday, I think, there was a story out about the report the governor got, concerning poverty in the great state of Kansas.
Then today, right-wingers are getting their panties in a bunch over unwed women and the money they cost taxpayers giving birth.

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Sat Sep 07, 2013 at 03:33 PM PDT

Universal Healthcare

by CT Smarter

Well, folks I admit it.
I am one of those "socialist" Germans. I was born in 1967 and until 1992 I lived in Germany.

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Sat Aug 31, 2013 at 01:56 PM PDT

Sarah Palin and Syria

by CT Smarter

Strange, but all of a sudden Saint Sarah and even David Koch came out against military intervention in Syria.

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OK., for everybody who got their panties in a bunch over Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA.

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Fri Jun 07, 2013 at 03:33 PM PDT

Bryan Fischer has an idea

by CT Smarter

Concerning the military sexual assault problem, Bryan Fisher has a super idea.

Just don't let woman around men in closed quaters such as, presumably military installations (which are tiny as everyone knows). Yeah, and gays for that matter too. After all, everybody knows how 90% of sexual assaults, his numbers not mine, are committed by, as he puts it, "serial homosexual rapists".

Great plan! And these people wonder why some think they are closer in mentality to the Taliban than Jesus Christ, for Christ sake. They have the same ideas. All women, and in Fishers mind some men, are to tempting to resist; so lock 'em away somewhere. Hide 'em under burqas, escort 'em everywhere like bodyguards and if something should happen anyway, always blame the victim.

Another thing. Is he trying to say that only 10% of assaults are committed by heterosexual folks? Wow, us women can relax a little. Of course, maybe he is talking about the alternate reality he seems to live in.

Suppose we think this through for a minute.
The idea being that, again men, and maybe homosexual female rapists, just can't control themselves.
However, the primary reason for sexual assault is, that certain people just shouldn't be in certain places, especially in the vicinity of people who lack the ability to control their raping urges.

Here that?
If you get assaulted you where in the wrong place at the wrong time when you shouldn't have been there in the first place. Get the that?

Assaulted on your way to or from your job? Why do you have a job? Stay home!
Assaulted on the job? See previous answer.

As a matter of fact, everybody stay home behind locked doors.
Make sure your home is protected by a minefield, remember people have been assaulted in their very own home.
Arm yourself to the teeth and get really, really paranoid.
Suspect any and everyone of being a potential rapist, that includes homosexual men and perhaps women. Hey, since there are all these "serial homosexual rapist" roaming around even men aren't safe. Whenever you do come in contact with others anywhere, understand that you are at least 50% to blame for what happens to.
Shouldn't have been there! Get that?


Fri Jun 07, 2013 at 12:07 PM PDT

Sexual assaults in 2013

by CT Smarter

This is still 2013, right? We didn't get transported into the 17 hundreds, right?

When you consider all the nonsense from the right "intelligentsia" concerning the military sexual assaults one would think someone hit the way-back button.

These people still seem to be under the mistaken impression that rape has something to do with sex. Then, why on Gods green earth, are men and women of all ages and regardless of physical attractiveness raped every day somewhere in the world?
Sexual assault, of any kind, is about the ability to overpower another being to the point where they relinquish control over their own body. It's about control, not sex!

Another interesting point is, when sexual assault takes place outside of the military or, God forbid, in a foreign country and the victim is american, many of these guys adopt a "hang 'em high" attitude.
So in other words, some assaults are worse then others.
If committed by good, christian boys:
it's some sort of misunderstanding, the woman is making it up, it's just hormones, it's just nature, boys being boys, why was that woman there in the first place, she looked at him, she wore something other than a burqa, whatever, etc.

All I can say is, poor, poor men! Soooo without any control over themselves. Just slaves to their hormones and nature in general. Zero impulse control, zero control over their sex organ. Hey, girls, and guys, just be reasonable! Everybody knows that, once their junk "rises", well, part of it anyway, men have to get "it" by hook or by crook.

How would you like to be a woman is these idiots lives thinking that, should you ever be sexually assaulted, your prosecution, not the perpetrators, will be surely follow soon. Then again, I don't think even these guys would or could be this heartless and cold to the women in their lives.
That, my dears, is exclusively reserved for all us sluts, male and female, making good, christian men raping us by being alive, breathing and with rape-able bodies and all.

What's the word I'm looking for? Right. Pathetic.


Sat Jun 01, 2013 at 01:21 PM PDT

These terrible domineering women

by CT Smarter

Nothing is funnier than watching the Right bitch about independent women. I mean, seriously, if you believe it is about anything else, you are kidding yourself.
Come on, do you really think that single and/or working mothers are a new invention?
Throughout history women had to work and raise their children at the same time. Whether they helped working in the fields or taking in laundry or sewing, women had to work in order to provide for their families.
What do you think peasant women did during the middle ages when their husbands were required by their kings to pick up arms and depart for foreign lands for years at a time and many times not come back? These women didn't have second, secret husbands waiting in the wings to pick up the slack. They made do and did what was necessary to feed their children.
Women during the pioneer days would depart for the wilderness and untamed land with their husbands and children, only to have that husband die on them somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Well, considering that men were probably few and far between, no or even craigslist; did these women kill their children and then themselves because there was no father figure? No. They did what people always do, make do.
Until the hay day of the middle-class, circa 1950, mothers routinely contributed financially to the household; they were maids, servants, laundry women, took in sewing, whatever. Even during the 1950s not all women could afford to stay home and raise children. and make a comfortable home for their husbands.
People who believe that working mothers are the harbingers of societies downfall live in a fantasy world derived from a nostalgic memory of a place in time that never really existed.
So, since working mothers have been around since the dawn of time, it must be something different they disagree with. However, the standard "Wont somebody please think of the children!" line is an easy disguise; no one wants to do bad for their children and their welfare is generally supreme. So, what is their problem?
Their problem is that, once women have choices, they don't have to put up with a man cheating or abusing them. If you can shackle a woman to you, via money or children, you don't have to  worry about her getting dissatisfied and leaving. Men can do whatever they want an the women in their lives just have to grin and bear it. Keep women barefoot, pregnant, broke and chained to a stove and all is well in Men-land.
I feel sorry for all the men out there to weak to deal with a strong woman on equal footing. How sad!
If you happen to be one of these men; why are you so weak? Isn't your desire to dominate others only a sign of your own insecurity? Why would anyone in their right mind think that portraying themselves as weak is a selling feature? And what is your excuse for Sarah Palin, etc? Never mind, I don't really care.


Fri Sep 14, 2012 at 07:28 AM PDT

Mitt Romney the Quack

by CT Smarter

Here is an analogy for everyone who still thinks tax breaks for the top 1% are what is needed to fix an ailing economy.
Let's suppose your not feeling well. Let's suppose your have insurance and can afford a doctor visit (little dig here).
Your doctor tells you that he has great experience with a certain medication sure to help you. He writes you the prescription and you are off to get it filled at the pharmacy.
You take the meds as you were told. As a matter of fact your are on this stuff for ten years.
Things go alright for a while and you believe that things are looking up for you. However, you are not really getting better, at most you are maintaining and not getting worse. Then you start getting worse.
Back to the doctor you go.
You tell your doctor the problems aren't getting better and ask if there is not another way to combat what ails you.
He informs you that: there could be tons of reasons for not getting better, including "you must not have been taking it a prescribed" or whatever; but that the medication always works great on everyone else and maybe the dosage needs to be increased. With your prescription in hand you are off to the pharmacy for a double refill.
That's when the pharmacist tells you that your doctor has been prescribing this medication for years and years and that, actually, your doctor is heavily invested in the manufacturer of your meds, not to mention the kick-backs he receives from writing the prescriptions.
Now, there are two ways to proceed from here. Continue to follow your doctors orders or get another doctor.
I, personally, would change doctors and try something different, but that's just me.

The tax breaks for the rich have worked well for Mitt Romney and his buddies and enabled them to shuffle millions of dollars into overseas tax havens, how patriotic, but have done very, very little to actually improve the economy.
So, will this country give this snake-oil another try or not?
The decision is up to the voters. However, those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.

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