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Sun Jan 12, 2014 at 02:23 PM PST

An Autumn Walk in Central Park

by Eddie C

Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

It's a bit late to enjoy autumn views. It's even too late to enjoy kicking through colorful leaves on the ground. I did enjoy four colorful autumn walks in the park this past autumn and came away with some pretty decent views. Are you in the mood for a little walk in park?

Stairs in Central Park

The photo below, my personal favorite of the year, the view is the path that runs alongside the Turtle Pond and leads to Belvedere Castle. Not very impressive as a blog sized photo, so please click on this photo for a much better view.

Autumn in Central Park

This next one is not from this year but the Bow Bridge and a touch of autumn romance makes it one of my favorite Central Park autumn photos ever. I couldn't leave it out.

Autumn Romance

Below is a meander through the park this autumn that actually follows a path and is mostly focused on the less visited sections of Central Park. You are cordially invited to help me remember the autumn of 2013.

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Sun Jan 12, 2014 at 02:23 PM PST

The Sad End of 5Pointz

by Eddie C

Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

You have probably already heard the sorry vandalism story about how the United Nations of Graffiti came to an end. The NYT offered several points of view in Night Falls, and 5Pointz, a Graffiti Mecca, Is Whited Out in Queens.

Treebeard is that you?

Also know as "The Institute for Higher Burnin'" and originally established in 1993 as a program called "Graffiti Terminators to Discourage Graffiti Vandalism" the 200,000-square-foot factory building was also a place where around 200 artists paid below market rents for studio space. In the view below from the 7 train before the whiteout, note the sleeping woman with the rainbow glove by Dasic.

5Pointz from the 7 Train

It is a tragic story in that 5Pointz was unique in this world. The name was given because it was originally thought to attract artist from all five boroughs but instead it became a world art center. The building attracted spray artist from all over the world and it became a constantly evolving tribute to a still misunderstood form of art.

The Institute of Higher Burnin'

In many ways the tragedy reads like the great American success story. Jerry Wolkoff purchased a dilapidated building in an industrial neighborhood that had seen better days. He got friendly with struggling artist for the meager income and once gentrification came into play, the man allied himself with real estate developers to get much richer.  

Jaws 5

In a perfect world another rich person would have come to the rescue and 5Pointz would have become the "World Museum of Graffiti." There was no rich savior and the efforts of artist and supporters to get government involved was hopeless from the beginning. The only reason New York City has a Grand Central Terminal is that the descendants of Cornelius Vanderbilt thought that news photos of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis chaining herself to the bulldozer would have been bad for public relations.

I Don't Always Think in Color...

But there was no such luck, so early yesterday morning, after going through all of the zoning hurdles and winning all of the court battles, Jerry Wolkoff, who is still the owner of the building had a bunch of workers show up at 1 AM to whitewash away all of that art, 1,500 works of art according to one artist.  

Aerosol Art in Flames

It was totally within the rights of the owner, who is going to convert 5Pointz into luxury condominiums that as a last gesture of good will the man vandalized his own building.

Reckin' Krew

He said the whitewash was to spare artist the pain of watching those masterpieces disappear brick by brick.

Monsieur Plume at 5Pointz

I've had the pleasure of meeting with and learning from many of these artist over the summer, even the occasional assist ;-)

Footin' the ladder for Dede

I've spoken several times with Jonathan Cohen, who is known as Meres One in the graffiti world and has been the curator of 5pointz since 2002. His art is very impressive.

Meres and his Imagination

I'm sure there are many hard feelings after the whiteout. Jonathan Cohen posed for this photo a while back.

Meres - The Mayor of 5Pointz

But to me the owner dosen't seem like such a bad guy and this dosen't feel like an ending. On the bright side, Jerry Wolkoff spent twenty years helping to educate people like myself and many others as to the value of Aerosol Art. The history of 5Pointz left a mark.

40 Years of Hip Hop

Jerry Wolkoff played a part in elevating graffiti from vandalism to to an acceptable form of art. Some of the younger artist I met out there this year had never once broken the law to express themselves.

Have you ever been experienced?

I think the photo below demonstrates the advancement of graffiti in these past twenty years. Graffiti has been transformed from a label for writers who vandalize to a mother and child day at an outdoor museum.

Upper West Stroller Gang

Graffiti has become a tourist attraction.

Shiro's Art at 5Pointz

This is no longer vandalism.

Fumeroism at 5Pointz

This is art.

Art - Spray Paint on Brick

5Pointz was the first Graffiti Mecca but I have no doubt that it won't be the last. Just like French Impressionism, that was met with harsh opposition from the conventional art community, Aerosol Art has gotten through the early days and the necessity for historians, a home and curators is obvious to many. The tragedy, from my point of view is if the next Graffiti Mecca is not in New York. So I have a bright idea.

Meres Has Bright Ideas

More like a pipe dream from a coalition of one but I'll write in anyway. This week the city council was presented with plans from developers to transform the Fulton Fish Market into a high rise hotel. Now unlike Jerry Wolkoff who is developing private property, this is public property. Since it was once a public square, taking it out of the hands of the people is like telling developers "Sure, put a hotel in Central Park."

So here is this building in Manhattan, not pretty but in better shape than 5Pointz and almost perfect for the development of a graffiti museum. Just about any underused municipal property could make a replacement for 5Pointz but the Fulton Fish Market and its rich history as a public place would be perfect. Just clean the garbage out of the inside and get painting. Eventually the moneyed few will get involved and the site would be developed to a real museum.    

Of course it would be great to still have a place in NYC where there is a worldwide graffiti artist community and a place for them to exchange ideas. But that will never happen so I’m going to miss Aerosol Art calling New York City “Home.”

5Pointz at Sunset

This was my final view of 5Pointz -

5 Pointz - October 26, 2013

Hopefully I'll see it reborn in New York City.


Fri Oct 25, 2013 at 07:28 PM PDT

Last Chance for Kiku at the NYBG

by Eddie C

Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

In Japan there is a National Chrysanthemum Day that is called "The Festival of Happiness." For anyone who lives close enough to the New York Botanical Garden, Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden ends on Sunday. For this last weekend there will be a Bonsai display around the waterlily pond and Taiko Drummers on the lawn.

Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden

The photo above is an overview of the the look of the Enid A.Haupt Conservatory until Sunday. Below the fold is text and photos to explain this Japanese living art.

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Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

These twenty-seven photos were taken last Saturday between 77th and 81st Street on the sidewalk that separates the dinosaurs from the Columbus Avenue traffic. The scene is the 34th Annual: Autumn Crafts on Columbus Festival. If you live near New York City, you can see it again today or tomorrow. Sadly, it's looking like there won't be another Autumn Crafts on Columbus Avenue.

26 Views of Arts and Crafts

I'll try to explain why these artist and organizers have lost their lease, why it's a bad thing and who it will hurt in the stories and photos below.

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Fri Apr 19, 2013 at 05:10 PM PDT

A Child's Garden of Orchids

by Eddie C

Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

For me the Orchid Show in the New York Botanical Garden is like Christmas is to a child. It began on first day in March and for years those orchids represent my first signs of spring. There are only three days left but this year I'm not depressed about the closing. I think I've captured the essence of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory in the spring of 2013.

Nun's Cap

The above photo was my favorite picture of a nun's cap orchid this year. I should have kicked these views off with a colorful corsage but it's too soon and the rest of the diary will look bland. Below I'll try to give an overview of this year's orchid show and share a bit of my visual obsession.

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Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 05:48 PM PST

Come Walk With Me

by Eddie C

Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

Some people here know that I'm a bit of a photo buff, more like totally snap happy. But did you know that I take DailyKos seriously in that I only post current photos in diaries and comments and that they are usually straight out of the camera? Now I'm cleaning up my act, looking back and editing for better views while trying to express myself, perhaps even upgrade these snapshots to art with a portfolio that will eventually be divided into five galleries of twenty-five.

I should probably first explain that there are three copies available of each photo in this diary. The one you see is a low bandwidth Photobucket copy so that people like myself with cut-rate DSL can open the diary. Since I consider those to be hardly worth viewing, by clicking on each photo, a larger version will open in a new window. The third copy is a Flickr link and that copy opens in a new window when you click on the title. There you will find the time date and equipment used for each photo. You can also find text that I used to promote the shot to the Flickr community.  

I would also like to explain where this all came from. Back around the middle of 2011 I thought I had come up with a brilliant idea for the perfect community blog for photographers. I designed a layout and I was just thrilled with myself. I was going to be the Mark Zukkerberg of camera addicts but as my egomaniacal fantasy continued I was missing one key element, other photographers to edit and host daily series while promoting the website. So as my New Years resolution I left my Photobucket ways and armed with a business model I began browsing, complimenting and enjoying the work of many of the comment oriented photographers at Flickr. I made a commitment to post one photo a day until I found six or eight like minded people who would be interested in my idea. This did not go according to plan but that is another story for another time.

The photos below are not my best twenty-five, I was hoping to spread those out over a six month period.  What you will find below are some rather eclectic shots, the uploads I made during the month of January. Each week I'll post another twenty-five so there will be these five galleries as my 2006-2012 photographic legacy that are not curated by any theme but the time of year they were posted at Flickr. Please enjoy these updated photos.  

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Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

This is a continuation of Want to see 25 of my favorite 125 photos? I've been know to occasionally show a photo or two here but the pictures are always current. Both of these diaries were the product of a Flicker project that I started in January to find and fix the keepers. The first diary was what got me through January. This series represents the views from the day before Super Bowl Sunday to the first pitch of spring training. Several were current at the time while about half were old favorites of mine that seemed appropriate for the season.

Just like the previous diary there are three views of each photo. The pictures below are downsized Photobucket views. If you click on the title text above the photo a Flickr upload will open in a new window and that view will include date, camera information and whatever text I needed to explain the photo. By clicking on the photo, a larger Photobucket view, the finished product will open on a dark background.

This is a second posting of these photos. I tried once before but it was not a day for pretty pictures. I was competing with the movement to unfriend any at Facebook who was willing to eat at Chick-fil-A. This time if you like the pictures below in this diary and can get anything out of them then I continue putting together collections of 25 for you  until I make it to 125.

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Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

These photos, that are for your viewing pleasure also represent a Flickr project where I went back through the six years since I got my first digital camera and tried to find the good ones. Pictures number fifty-one thru seventy-five are a third installment out of five, the middle of a photographic portfolio that began with Want to see 25 of my favorite 125 photos? and continued in Want to see 25 more of my best photos? Many you may have seen before but unlike the original views when these photos were current, the pictures are now edited to look closer to what I remember or imagine I remembered seeing through my viewfinder.

As in the previous two diaries there are three views of each photo. The pictures below are downsized low bandwidth views. By clicking on the photo the finished product, a larger Photobucket view will open in a new window and on a dark background. If you click on the title text above the photo a Flickr upload will open in a new window and that view will include date, camera information and whatever text I thought I needed to explain the photo.

Because I love a good walk in the park this is my favorite of the three diaries so far. The first day of autumn diary may seem like a tribute too New York City’s best idea, Central Park. A review that begins with a tribute to one of the great progressive photographers and ends with sunlight filtering through embraces kovie's point in the second diary "These photos all have a liberal bias." Because this series represents uploads I made to Flickr during late winter and early spring there are plenty of New York Botanical Garden views and looking through you can even find the unofficial flower of Daily Kos, an orchid of course. So go below and enjoy the show.

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Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

My Flickr photo project has ended. I guess the time has come to let this dedication to a recovering city go. It isn’t easy, like sending the children I never had out into the world but perhaps it will improve your last weekend of phone banking and campaigning.  

Of course this should be twenty-five pictures, chapter four of a five diary series that began with Want to see 25 of my favorite 125 photos? It was ready to go last week but I decided to wait for after the election. This week I had some time on my hands and thought I found a narrative flow, a seasonal chronology with new photos inspired by a hurricane recovery theme. Pictures like the Casino Pier at Seaside Heights and the Greenwich Village Billboard that proclaims “If there really were an Atlantis, AT&T would have you covered.”

I made it to the maximum allowed photos at Flickr, alternating between horizontal and vertical compositions with no sunsets. This whole project began on first day of this year. After years of posting daily photos at Daily Kos it was an exploration to find decent photos I’ve taken that were not current. Just like in the last three diaries there are actually three copies of each photo. The one you see is a bandwidth lean view at Photobucket. Clicking on the photo will show you what I would like for you to see on a black background.  If you click on the title text above the photo, it is a Flickr link that offers location, time and the camera used to the right of the picture and perhaps a comment or two to explain the shot.  

Cheers to my recovering neighbors and cheers to four more years of progress. Please enjoy these photos, a few might even put a smile on your face.

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Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

Today would have been John Lennon's seventy-second birthday. It was a rainy day at Strawberry Fields in Central Park but many fans showed up to remember. I was there for a short while and took a few photos.

A few more can be found below.

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Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 05:06 PM PST

Photos from the 2012 San Gennaro Feast

by Eddie C

Reposted from Eddie C by Eddie C

These photos are from last Sunday at the San Gennaro Feast in New York City's Little Italy. I've long been a big fan of greeting the friendly faces and enjoying the tasty treats. Perhaps you will enjoy the view too.

look below to see more smiling faces, a good time was had by all.


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