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Thu Feb 16, 2012 at 04:29 PM PST

Screwing the GOP on Contraception

by CaseyGregg

Like many liberals I've been disgusted with the current conversation regarding contraception.  I thought Griswold was settled like 50 years ago.  But the all-out war on women's health and contraception has been going on since after the mid-terms. Given the failed personhood amendment in Mississippi, and the defacto outlaw of abortion by regulation in Kansas, a flare up or two of reproductive rights issues before the 2012 election was inevitable. The likelihood of another before November is practically guaranteed.

But I believe the Obamas dodged a bullet simply because the Republicans were so stupid as to overreach on an issue that'€™s settled.  Despite rolling out their new republican Barbie Kelly Ayotte, the GOP simply couldn't get the contraception issue framed as to one of religious freedom.

The Obamas won’t be as lucky next time.

Even though the Republicans know they are losing at the moment, the issue is certain to be near center stage with items such as the Blunt amendment percolating along. So the Democrats need and should have ready a more forceful response, and there is political gold to be had by having a stronger message and going on offense instead of simply trying to beat back these attacks.

The window of opportunity is open to use contraception to shift the nature of the reproductive rights debate and maybe even change politics.  The message is so simple:

I watch all the Sunday shows, and the political funny men, and while there may be others, the
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If you go by buzz there is no question that the Clint Eastwood ad “It’s Halftime in America”, for Chrysler was a Superbowl winner. It’s a great commercial that eclipses last year’s version, which itself was pretty good. It is of course the political charges by the Monday Morning quarterbacks in the Republican aparachnik, that give this spot real heat and can make it trend positively for Obama not just this week, but throughout the election season.

It’s strange, but it seems a chance series of elements coalesce to create a perfect election year narrative for Obama.

Combine an action hero living legend, the most depressed big city in America, and a bailed out car company, then drape it in a message of hope and glory and a call to those who are willing to fight hard and win.

Yeah, it’s halftime in America, and our 2nd half’s about to begin
Nothing is more American than the football half-time speech, or more political. Every Republican
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It was incredible to see Mitt Romney just pull a John Kerry with his verbal Hara-Kari saying “I’m not very concerned about poor people.”   It was a stunningly poor messaging stumble, which sucked the media oxygen out of his ginormous Florida win the previous night.  Hell, Brett Baier had to use the entire first half of panel dissecting it.  

On  the day that John Kerry spoke those fateful words about having voted for a continuing resolution on the Iraq war, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, realizing that they would be his undoing.  Taken out of context or not, it was “Washington speak,” the jargon of statecraft that is lost on 90% of the American people.  As a statement standing alone, it exposed a level of bullshit  that the country has little taste for.  It also showed Kerry to be a person who had no firmly held principles.

But the situation with Romney is actually even better, and more helpful to Obama’s reelection.  

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Thu Jan 26, 2012 at 03:23 PM PST

The Politics of Envy: The Commercial

by CaseyGregg

When Mitt Romney entered the phrase "The Politics of Envy” into the political lexicon,  I felt inspired to craft this message into a lifestyle commercial, much like Martha Stewart or Calvin Klein.  I wanted this piece to ooze Bruce Weber style, while presenting the packaged good of Romney and his family.  

Romney and his family are offered in the form of a fragrance advertisement.  Like a cosmetic, he is selling an aspirational feeling of easy, casual, and timeless wealth.   A life so perfect that is it to be desired above that which you know to be your own.  

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Mitt Romney is fond of saying that Europe isn’t working, and that Obama gets his ideas from European Social Democrats.  Well Mitt sure doesn’t put his money where his mouth is as his tax returns reveal that his various investments and trusts are making lot of money off of European companies. In addition to funds in the Cayman Islands, Romney has had investments in dozens of overseas companies and institutions.

In Europe, just a sampling of companies that Romney has had investments in:

British Sky Broadcasting
Deutsche Bourse AG
Vestas Wind Systems (clean energy company subsidized by the US govt)
National Bank of Greece
Logitech Intl SA
Louis Vuitton

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On the day of South Carolina primary, there was a certain amount of media attention given to the fact Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney both had events scheduled at the same time at a South Carolina Diner.  ABC™ News' micro-site "€œOtus"€ even had the super headline "€œBattle for S.C. Focuses on Tommy'™s Ham House."

However, "€œHam-A-Geddon"€ did not occur as Mitt & Company showed up for the pork-fest some 45 minutes early with some 30 to 40 sign waving supporters there to cheer him on.  NBC'€™s Ron Mott reported that he asked how many of them were from South Carolina, and only one person in the crowd said they were.

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