I want to know who yelled "NOOO!" so loud and so long, when President Obama asked for a bill to ban insider trading by members of Congress during his State of the Union address.

You can hear the loud yelling at approximately 1:15 in the following video, or jump right to the spot with this link.

What sort of Congressman would object so vehemently to a proposed law to cut off his source of income, an income that would be illegal if he were anything other than a Congressman? You know the answer: a crook!

This crook needs to be exposed. Someone knows who he is. Someone sat right next to him, and knows who he is. But that other Congressman won't say anything, because he's a crook too. There were hundreds of cameras pointing at every person in that room. Someone has video of this person yelling, screaming NOOOO with every fiber of his being, reverberating off the walls and down the halls of the Capitol. Let's find it. Let's make this Congressman face his constituents and tell them he wants to make money with insider trading on Wall Street.

Update: Wow, my first diary hits the recommended list. We have a possible identification of the Congressman who yelled, but it seems like secondhand speculation based on a liveblog. We really need confirmation and more direct evidence, like video or a photo, to make this into an issue. Someone in the media would have noticed this person erupting before Obama even finished his sentence, that type of reaction is what the media looks for. A conspicuous outburst like this can make this person a symbol of corruption in Congress, and a catalyst for change.