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One of the worst distortions yet of the proposal to cancel the Bush tax cuts on families making $250,000 or more - from the Delaware senate debate last night.
Now we know the source of Christine O'Donnell's financial troubles. Unlike the typical struggling family, she lacks a basic understanding of accounting concepts such as 'gross and net'.

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USA! USA! We rule! We are the champions! (of poverty and stinginess)
There are a lot of great things about this country, but we can stand a little more fairness in how the government affects incomes. We'd still avoid joining the ranks of the countries such as Ireland where, according to the Governor of Alaska, "the people are not free."
The picture below says it all.

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Hendrick Hertzberg reminds us that only in the U.S. is 'socialism' a dirty word. When you get beyond the word in scare quotes, a lot of us, including Sarah Palin, could really warm up to sharing the wealth.

Read all the way through for the juicy quote:

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