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Being in the middle of a national promotion campaign for a record launch in 2 days, I've been required to self-google several times a day to catch radio station playlists, review posts, etc.

Today, I've been watching Google/YouTube post scores of title card videos of my songs, without consultation or permission.

YouTube is (apparently badly) launching its music stream service and my digital gateway (CD Baby) is currently set to allow streaming. What YT is doing, though, is posting full length title card vids within YouTube itself, meaning anyone with YT download/conversion software will have a free and open vault of my and thousands of other artists' work until YouTube figures out just how they're going to stream.

So far, I've been filing copyright takedown requests and sending messages but to no avail. Even sat on hold for two hours (a chipper, 20something voice warned, "Hey, we're really busy today, so hold times could be over an hour") before being robotically informed they simply couldn't take my call and told support documents could be found at

Spoke with the folks at CDBaby, who said I'd have to cut off all streamers to make it stop. The problem is, other streamers, however minuscule their payments, aren't laying out a free lunch of my shit in such an easily rippable form.

Most infuriating, perhaps, is that nearly all of these songs already have produced, original videos made, on YouTube, monetized, making money with ads (money of which I've never seen dime one). Videos that were produced to enhance the value of the tracks.

I know it's all a racket, that musicians aren't supposed to get paid anymore, that we're simply here to provide our work for whatever people want to use it for and grovel for the .000001 cents a play, but this is just incompetent.


Nearly seven years ago, I was able to relay the good news that the restoration of New Orleans' WPA-era gem, the Lakefront airport, was underway and to celebrate the announcement with a photo diary of the beautiful, 1934 terminal.

Despite many trips out to the airport since the restoration, I've not been able to see the interior until now (the building is often booked for private events or film shoots). Yesterday, I finally got a good poke-around and must say the place is more wonderful than ever.

Come see.

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Another day, another poor, persecuted religious, um, majority.

Republicans propose declaring Idaho a 'Christian state'

(Reuters) - Members of a county Republican Party in Idaho are to take up a measure on Tuesday evening that would declare the state a Christian one to bolster what the proposal calls the "Judeo-Christian bedrock of the founding of the United States."

The resolution to be voted on by the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee is non-binding, meaning it does not have the effect of laws or rules.


The measure argues that the Christian faith is under "strident attack" in the United States, and cites as evidence the absence of Christian traditions and symbols in public institutions such as schools.

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This is more or less an SSP (shameless self-promotion) diary, but there's langniappe in it.

Hello, orange friends. I've been rather scarce 'round here since November, for multiple reasons. Most of those are a bit sad or more than a bit boring. (A few are interesting but irrelevant, such as my accidentally becoming a curator of abandoned furniture, but that is, in every respect, another story.)

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Fri Jan 16, 2015 at 07:02 AM PST

Kim Fowley: An Appreciation

by Crashing Vor

Another irreplaceable has left us.

An irreplaceable what exactly isn't that clear, but it's plain there will never be, really can never be, another of his like.

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Fri Dec 12, 2014 at 04:56 PM PST

Flood Your Senators Now

by Crashing Vor

Elizabeth Warren has just given the clearest, most cogent argument against the omnibus spending bill and its provision relaxing regulations on derivative trading. Any American not in the top tier of the banking/fund industry who watched it was convinced of the soundness of her position.

Paraphrasing: Six years ago we gave half the annual budget of the United States to one company to make good their bad gambling debts. We refuse to do it again.

If you believe Sen. Warren is right, take five minutes now to call or message your senator and tell him or her so.

Oh, sure. This bill is going to pass, and the president's going to sign it. Sorry about that.

But this is our chance, whatever our party or sub-partisan flavor, to let these so-called representatives know we will not stand for a government bought and paid for by Wall Street, that the gloves are off and will not give up this fight, that we, "the people who do most of the living and working and paying and dying in this town," demand a government that belongs to US.


Wed Dec 10, 2014 at 04:24 AM PST

Cue the World's Tiniest Violin

by Crashing Vor

NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel has been getting an earful from folks at Langley about the Senate Intel Committee's report on torture, and America's spooks are quite the Grumpy Cats this week. Yesterday, he told Ronan Farrow.

“The CIA was asked to do this; was given authorizations to do this. And now many people involved are saying to me privately, ‘Now we’re being held out to dry. You asked us to do this, and now the world is coming down on top of it,” Engel said.
The refrain was similar on Hardball.
"Now they feel like they're being punished for it."
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And, no, this isn't one of those instances of some white guy just saying, "Stop talking about this stuff, black people. You're making me feel bad."

No, it is an acknowledgment that, despite a century and a half since nominal emancipation, America is still tragically two-toned and a pledge to make it otherwise.

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Thu Nov 20, 2014 at 03:34 PM PST

Marilyn Ludwig: My Appreciation

by Crashing Vor

We said goodbye to Mom today. We are happy to know she is finally at rest after a long, tough haul.

In other posts, I've noted her accomplishments as an editor and public relations pro in the toughest spin zone in the world, our nation's capital, as well as the remarkable feat of raising two terribly cantankerous sons on her own after the tragically premature death of my father.

Tonight, I want to express my gratitude for the greatest gift she gave us: the love of language.

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I'm honestly baffled at the Democratic Delusion that supporting the Keystone XL pipeline will somehow help Mary Landrieu's re-election bid.

The idea that workers in the Louisiana oil patch, who will not gain job one from the pipeline, will somehow love her if the Dems throw in the towel on this Canada-China spillway is crazy. People who work in the patch know the business. They know this project will not advantage them at all.

Same with whatever "centrist" voters remain in our ever-more-polarized state. They understand the American economic gain from Keystone is net zero, unless you count future jobs for spill cleanup workers.

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Sat Nov 15, 2014 at 06:40 AM PST

Packing Lunch

by Crashing Vor

Item: Guns and biscuits: Port Allen eatery offers discount to patrons packing heat

PORT ALLEN — Business has been booming at Bergeron’s Restaurant since owner Kevin Cox came up with an emphatic declaration of his support for the Second Amendment: offering any gun-toting customers a reduced price on their meals.


Cox, who wouldn’t say if he owns a gun, said the new policy — which went into effect two weeks ago — was initially born of his desire to offer a special discount to law enforcement officers, something many businesses already do. But watching campaigns for stiffer gun control laws heat up following high-profile mass shootings, Cox said he was reminded how secure he felt whenever his gun-toting friends or family members visited the restaurant. So, he ended up expanding the idea.

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Sun Nov 09, 2014 at 05:21 AM PST

In Praise of Generic Branding

by Crashing Vor

I was fascinated by lowkell's breakdown of who sees a broadcast ad on metro DC television in yesterday's  progressive state blog roundup.

The problem of spending big bucks to buy broadcast time in a market that reaches many more voters than you're aiming for isn't limited to Northern Virginia, though. Other big, multi-district/multi-state markets like Philadelphia, Chicago, Kansas City have the same feature: you can reach the people you're trying to persuade, but you're paying to annoy a lot of others who can't vote for your candidate. Even my humble New Orleans reflects the dilemma. Mississippi Saints fans are going to have to suffer through another month of Koch lies about Mary Landrieu if they want to watch WWL or FOX 8.

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