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Baltimore celebrates after police charged in death of Freddie Gray

Residents shouted with joy, embraced and honked car horns on Friday on the same Baltimore streets where rioters had clashed with police earlier this week in anger over the death of a black man who suffered severe spinal injuries while in custody.

 - - - -

“I am shocked that they were charged but I am happy they were charged,” said James Crump, 46, a medical technician. “People are happy and celebrating, and it’s not even New Year’s Eve.”

Well, that was quick: more police all over the US need to be charged with their criminal conduct and all those 'riots' will pretty much go away.
“Justice still hasn’t prevailed yet,” said community college student Earl Tillman, 46, standing in front of Baltimore City Hall. “We have to get hold of this problem. America does. This is a much bigger issue than Baltimore.”
So, so true.

The cops have been charged and arrested.

6:48 p.m. Marches continue Friday night in Baltimore as hundreds trek past booking centers where six officers were processed

• 6:07 p.m.: The six Baltimore officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray have a preliminary hearing on May 27, according to court documents available on the state of Maryland's Judiciary Case Search website. Bail for Caesar Goodson, Alicia White, William Porter and Brian Rice was set at $350,000 each. Edward Nero and Garrett Miller each have a bail of $250,000.

This is simply wonderful but, as is cliché to note, a lot of work is ahead to see that the charges stick and these guys never wear a badge ever again.

And then on across America.

We hope.

A tweet found at CNN:


This seems rather telling...

Former city clerk Tyrus Byrd was sworn in as mayor of Parma, Missouri on Tuesday only to find out that police officers, as well as the city attorney and a water treatment supervisor, had resigned before she took office.

 - - - - -

Residents of the town, some pointing out that the town was probably over-staffed with police, were unconcerned about their safety after the two full-time and three part-time officers quit.

“I think it was pretty dirty the way they all quit without giving her a chance,” resident Martha Miller said. “But I don’t think they hurt the town by quitting, because who needs six police for 740 people?”

I like to banter on about things, but, really, what else is to be said?

We know and I cannot 'un-see' the abject racism that flows through all police agencies like a river approaching flood stage.

We get denial after denial after multiple attempts at explaining away and still, when faced with a black person as boss these freaks just up and quit.

So I congratulate the town of Parma and their new mayor who has single-handedly created numerous decent jobs. (Although the locals think the police were WAY overboard in numbers. Stay tuned.)

Seriously, this stunt tells me, again, just how stupid racist people are.

You quit your job in THIS economy?

Just because the new mayor is b-b-b-black?




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Black suspect dies after Baltimore cops break his spine in ‘brutal’ police beating

Freddie Gray had to undergo a double surgery on three broken vertebrae and an injured voice box on Tuesday, after he was released by the police. He died today after days of remaining in a coma.

The 27-year old was arrested last week for an undisclosed violation. The police said that he was restrained on the ground by an officer during the arrest, but appeared to be fine when he was taken to the district station. However, a cell phone video shows that the arresting officers used force that some may seen as “brutal.”


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You'll probably want to see this, if you aren't a republican or other form of intellectually-stunted, anti-science moran.

And if you UNDERSTAND THE REALITY of climate change, you'' probably get a lot of use out of this resource.

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts

This map viewer illustrates the scale of potential coastal flooding for various amounts of sea level rise. Water levels are shown as they would appear during the highest high tides.

How were these data collected?

Detailed elevation maps of coastal areas are combined with local and regional tidal variability to show the likely extent of inundation after various amounts of sea level rise. Generally, the mapping process used to produce the viewer can be described as a modified bathtub approach, one that attempts to account for local and regional tidal variability and hydrological connectivity.

The Interactive Map
Use the slider bar above to see how various levels of sea level rise will impact this area.

Levels represent inundation at high tide. Areas that are hydrologically connected are shown in shades of blue (darker blue = greater depth).

Low-lying areas, displayed in green, are hydrologically "unconnected" areas that may flood. They are determined solely by how well the elevation data captures the area's hydraulics. A more detailed analysis of these areas is required to determine the susceptibility to flooding.

I don't know if it can be embedded or not. Just click the link and study the map.

Fri Apr 03, 2015 at 05:25 PM PDT


by xxdr zombiexx

h/t Raw Story

Hell hath no fury like a righteous twitterstorm.

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A smiling Florida state senator mocked a state official after attempting to get him the say “climate change,” a term reportedly banned by Gov. Rick Scott.

Appearing before a Senate budget subcommittee, Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management Bryan Koon spoke at length of the need for funds to warn residents in advance of floods, tornadoes and hurricanes in Florida, reports the Miami Herald.

DEmocratic Senator Jeff Clemens appeared to have relished this opportunity to troll the FEMA director, who is not allowed to say the words "Climate change" in Rick Scott's Florida. So Clemens gave him a hard way to go infront of everybody, providing plenty of laughs, essentially torturing Koons (the FEMA official) who is forbidden to say the words "climate" and "Change" together in close proximity.

More over the rising orange sea level.

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Short and sweet because I know you'll be pleased:

Cleveland’s Fox 8 said this week that it had taken anchor Kristi Capel off of her normal morning show duties after she used a racial slur on the air.

On Monday, co-anchor anchor Wayne Dawson had been reporting the Oscars when Capel had said that she appreciated Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music tribute because it did not sound like her normal “jigaboo music.”

She did issue the standard non-pology:
“I apologize if I offended you, I had no idea it was a word or what it meant. Thank you for watching,”
She, an alleged 'journalist' did not know what a word meant?


Now....don't get your hopes up that this was some good thing done by a FOX outlet: it appears she met with some church people and they are going to whitewash this escapade:

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File under: Can't Make It Up:

Raw Story
Proving that it is not impossible to be kicked off the police force for attacking someone, a Florida police dog has been taken off K9 duty after biting a doughnut shop employee, three months after biting another officer.

According to the Sun-Sentinel,  Renzo, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois, escaped from a Coconut Creek police cruiser and attacked a doughnut shop employee last week, biting him on the calf.

- - - - -

According to police reports, Renzo accompanied his handler, Officer Carl DiBlasi, to a doughnut shop to meet with fellow officer Sgt. Brandi Delvecchio.  As Delechhio attempted to pet the dog, he lunged at her through the car window before breaking free from DiBlasi. The dog initially started after another officer before changing directions and attacking doughnut shop employee Robert Doherty who was getting his work apron out of his car.

Renzo then would not let go until many repeated commands.

I want to defend the dog because it sounds like a variety of protocols were violated, the most obvious of which is allowing civilians to 'pet' the police dog. Every K-9 cruiser I have ever seen is clearly marked "Stay Back".

I misread the section and confused who got bit. So I tried hard to defend Officer Dog, but, alas, I was wrong. ( h/t MTmofo.)

But Nonetheless,  Renzo's a bad cop: he's gotta go. He's even bitten his fellow officers.

The clear lesson  here is that unruly officers can be terminated, but only if they bite donut shop employees.

Who could have known?

Reposted from Toking Points Memo by xxdr zombiexx
Oh, man. The bullshit piled up so fast in Vietnam you needed wings to stay above it.

Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now

One also needs wings to stay above the bullshit that piles up with gun-nuttery. The stuff they say and do gets nuttier and nuttier.

Recently, a gun nut 'open carry activist' named Chris Hill educated the masses on how to discern a good guy from a bad guy with a gun:  

"The easiest way to find out if it's a bad guy is which direction it's pointed," said Hall. "If it's pointed at you, they're a bad guy. If it's not pointed at you, don't worry about it."
A police chief in Houston took exception to this.

The heresy of common sense breaks out over the orange roil of freedom smoke.

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The man killed by police in Pasco Washington a couple of days ago, Antonio Zambrano-Montes, was a Mexican national and his family is outraged.

They have filed a huge lawsuit against the city and reamed the city for not policing its police properly.

Family of Mexican national files claim, accuse police of murder 'execution style

(CNN)The family of a Mexican national fatally shot by police in Pasco, Washington, has filed a $25 million claim against the city alleging that three officers killed the unarmed man "execution style."
This was captured on video; many have seen the police chase a man down the street and then open fire on him and he falls to the ground. Allegedly for throwing rocks.
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Reposted from DocDawg by xxdr zombiexx
Unfortunately, some are more equal than others. A black child born in North Carolina today is nearly three times more likely to die in infancy than is a white child. This disparity in infant mortality rates is about equal to that between Romanians and Americans.
The weather station in our pasture reported a brisk 17 degrees at dawn Saturday as we packed into our car for the drive into Raleigh, to join the ninth annual Moral March, led by the North Carolina NAACP's President, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber.

Curious to know how the media were...or were not...covering the event, I had earlier checked the Raleigh News & Observer's web site over my first cup of coffee in our kitchen's pre-dawn darkness. A brief below-the-fold list of weekend events in town gave top billing to the annual Krispy Kreme Challenge, a 5 mile fun-run with a break at the mid-point for runners to eat a dozen doughnuts each. The Moral March earned just two terse sentences. Clearly, the News & Observer's editors have their priorities straight.

Picking up our pastor along the way, then wheeling onto the freeway for Raleigh, we wondered what the turnout would be like this year. Last year's had been variously estimated at from 20,000 to 80,000 (the former being by far the more plausible number). But that was then, and this is now. Today was as cold as a Koch's heart - not exactly auspicious marching weather. Even more significantly, this would be the NC NAACP's first mass event since last November's election had cruelly dashed the hopes of North Carolina progressives, sending a flock murder of new teapublicans to Washington. I, myself, had been sorely tempted this morning to just punch the alarm clock, pull the comforter over my head, and slip back to sleep...the march would do just fine without me. All over the state that same scene was playing out in ten thousand bedrooms. Are the Tarheel State's better angels still strong enough to beat such cruel odds?

Why, as it happens, yes, they are. Please join me below the fold for some scenes from this inspiring event.

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Reposted from Climate Action Hub by xxdr zombiexx

So a bunch of concerned citizens of all stripes came out to Oakland yesterday to talk some fracking sense.


More specifically, according to's count, over 8,000 of us marched...


and gathered to call for a ban on fracking in California. To me, it seemed like a sea of people.


The message was, specifically, for Governor Jerry Brown to put the kibosh on fracking...


but more broadly, to use his smarts when it comes to California's energy policy.


The good thing is that we know Governor Brown is a smart and caring guy who just called for expansive new environmental regulations and ambitious cuts to carbon emissions in his recent inaugural speech. We also know that Jerry knows something about We the People.

The problem is that in the frack-of-war between The Oil Barons and The People, Jerry is currently being pulled dangerously close to the barrel.

photo by kimoconnor

The oil industry seems to have planted enough $eed$ in Governor Brown's head to make him believe in the fairy tale that hydraulic fracturing for natural gas is a climate-friendly alternative to coal and oil. However, when you pull the curtain on all the flowery clean-gas talk and do an honest accounting, you quickly realize that the combined effects of toxicity and greenhouse gas emissions from fracking are no better if not worse than coal and oil.

The People have done the math and spelled out the simple equation for the Governor.


An equation whose effects rings way beyond California...


and whose messengers are intimately familiar with how this planet works...


It's time for Governor Brown to use his noggin and start whacking the oil demon...


put together the pieces of the puzzle...


so we can roll up our sleeves...


and get serious about real solutions.


More photos and bon mots below the orange drill bit...

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