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Mon Apr 20, 2015 at 09:53 AM PDT

And So Ends Rubio's bid...

by se portland

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"I also don't believe that your sexual preferences are a choice for the vast and enormous majority of people. In fact...I believe that sexual preference is something that people are born with."

"It's not that I'm against gay marriage. I believe the definition of the institution of marriage should be between one man and one woman. States have always regulated marriage. And if a state wants to have a different definition, you should petition the state legislature and have a political debate. I don't think courts should be making that decision."

He managed to alienate just about every one with that one. People are born gay but can still be denied rights?

Free Republic is always fast with response from the RWNJ and it does not look pretty.

Here are some comments

"FUMR!! "

"He won’t get my vote."

"Strike three."

"Show me the scientific evidence, pretty boy."

"Dear Mario Rubio,
Try as you like, Jeb Bush will always out-liberal you.

But thanks for trying.
Hugs and kisses,
Laz "

Not to mention Real Clear politics which has the same disgusting anti gay comments but also the felling that he wants to be all things toall people. Comments that he is straddling the fences are pouring out, as in this cooment.

"And just like that.. Marco tries to finesse an issue that will just keep coming back to bite him. Was Jerry Sandusky "born that way?"

In the Washington Post...

"Don't believe anything this guy says. He will say or do anything to get elected. He backed away from his own immigration plan under pressure from the tea party terrorists. Imagine what he would do up again if he was up against world leader. Don't even conider givng him that chance."

From CBS comments...

"Politicians will say anything to get elected and pander to just about anyone even if they don't believe in such an absurd lie. The guy has no backbone to give in to a non-important issue  most Americans could care less about when choosing a president ."

And of course the progress crowd isn't understanding it either

"So lets get this straight...

According to the conservative ideologues like Rubio Gays may not after all have had a choice in being gay but the State can tell them who they can marry.

" Right Wing Social Engineering " at its best.....

look out females they are gunning for you next.

"Rubio is absolutely correct - same sex marriage is not a Constitutional right.  Neither is heterosexual marriage, for that matter.  But, what is a Constitutional right is equal protection under the law.  So, if same sex couples are not allowed to marry, that's fine, as long is no one is allowed to marry.  And, the states cannot write laws that violate the US Constitution.  When they do, it is the job of the courts to weigh in and slap them down, as they rightfully have been doing.

The same lame religious arguments currently being used by the right wing nutcases against same sex marriage were used, successfully for quite some time in the first half of the 20th Century, to oppose interracial marriage.  They were stupid and invalid then, and they stupid and invalid now."

Stick a fork in him he's done.

Reposted from Daily Kos by Inkberries Editor's Note: This is out of Virginia but it has relevance for any voter registration efforts nationwide and Florida could sure use the info. -- Inkberries
photo of Dr. Wm. F Reid
Dr. William Ferguson "Fergie" Reid, the first African American elected to the Virginia General Assembly since Reconstruction
While much of the media is focusing on presidential hopefuls for 2016, the state of Virginia has key elections coming up this year—elections for the Virginia House of Delegates. A primary election will be held on June 9 and the general election will be on November 3.

A unique effort is underway in Virginia to get voters registered and out to vote, not just this year, but in the election years to come. The impetus and inspiration behind this drive is a civil rights icon in Virginia, Dr. William Ferguson Reid, known to many as "Fergie," who was the first black man to win a seat in the Virginia General Assembly since Reconstruction.

In March of this year, Reid celebrated his 90th birthday and he is still going strong. In honor of that 90th birthday and his long history of expanding voters' rights, people are committing to registering new voters for the election. This commitment is being called "90 for 90." Each person in the campaign will register 90 new voters in each of Virginia's precincts.

"If all volunteers and candidates worked together to register 90 new voters in each of the Commonwealth's precincts, our efforts would result in a quarter million new voters for the Old Dominion."

What a birthday gift that will be for Dr. Reid and for the people of Virginia!  

Follow me below the fold for the details, more about Fergie, and how you can get involved (you don't have to be from Virginia).

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Rick Scott has taken his years-long fight to keep people from getting access to health care to monumental levels of absurdity recently in Florida, and if it weren't for the fact that people are dying every day because he and ideologues in his party are using them as political footballs, it would be funny.

It's not.

Now he's twisting his excuses to block Medicaid expansion into a pretzel of fail. Picture Scott as a snake swallowing it's tail and that's about where we are now. He's threatening to sue President Obama because funds for hospitals are at stake, thanks to all of Scott's and the GOP's political tactics just to avoid giving the working poor access to health care. Yes, the man who refused to take Florida taxpayer dollars from the feds for Medicaid expansion (which went to other states who DID expand Medicaid) is now threatening to sue the President because Florida may not get LIP funds without it. 

Yes. Chew on that for a moment.

So far the lawsuit is just a threat and nothing has been filed, but that hasn't stopped Scott from heading to his base (FOX news) to whine and complain while trying to distract people from the meltdown now occurring in his own party as they attempt to balance the budget. Some Republicans in the legislature are having second thoughts about their monumental Medicaid blunder, while others are steadfast in their effort to keep low income families in Florida from having any access to the care they need. So now the GOP may not be able to pass Scott's budget, and this mess of their own making is about to blow up in their faces.

In his attempt to distract everyone from reality, Scott said this, about the Obama administration, to FOX viewers last night:

"They don't care about the low-income families because they're willing to walk away from a program. This is the Sopranos," Scott said during an interview with Fox News on Thursday night. "They're using bullying tactics to attack our state. It's wrong. It's outrageous."

I must have missed the episode where Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts held a gun to the head of a rival while trying to give them money for people who couldn't afford health care.

The White House responded:

"It's difficult to explain why somebody would think that their political situation and their political interest is somehow more important than the livelihood and health of 800,000 people that they were elected to lead," White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a briefing Thursday.

"Difficult to explain" is putting it mildly, which is why Scott's having so much trouble doing it. Worse, here he comes with yet another taxpayer funded lawsuit to add to all the others, including Pam Bondi's failure to block Obamacare altogther before the Supreme Court. Because Scott and the GOP "care about Florida families" and their hard earned money.

Nice try Rick, but anyone who has watched this ugly chapter in Florida "governing" history unfold is well aware of who the real bullies are. You and Republican lawmakers in Tallahassee have perfected not caring about low income families to an art form. This is a mess of your own making that's coming home to roost.

In other words, as Tony Soprano said, this is "like King Midas in reverse." Everything you touch is turning to s--t."

Cross posted at Beach Peanuts

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To say Bush was a horrible governor would be an understatement.  Because of him we have the Stand Your Ground law, which has put every minority in this state in a gun nut's crosshairs.  He illegally interfered with Terri Schiavo's wish that she not be a living potato.  He ran the most dysfunctional Department of Children and Families in the nation and dismantled any form growth management in this state. Florida has deteriorated rapidly from 17 years of complete GOP rule, with Jeb and Scott being the worst offenders.

The failure that is rarely talked about, however, is John Ellis Bush's disastrous education policies that stemmed from his obsession over testing.

Out of the 180-day academic year, Miami-Dade County schools will administer standardized tests on EVERY DAY BUT EIGHT!  This includes 18 exams required exclusively by Florida, five by the district, two federal, and dozens of assessments covering placement to state guidelines.  

None of these include the standard tests that teachers are supposed to give.

 Students, parents, reading teachers, principals, business and professional organizations, testing experts, consultants, and concerned citizens are so outraged that even the GOP, which at first strongly supported Jeb's million test march, now admits it was wrong.  It has gotten so bad that severely disabled children are forced to take the test, even a child who is blind and missing most of his brain!

For crying out loud, even kids without disabilities who are doing well in school are also failing these state assessments.  An Orange County school board member who holds several advanced degrees recently took one and barely passed.  As someone who works in the field of learning, I know that tests need to go through reliability, validity and validation.  Clearly, none of this is taking place.  The problem is obviously the test, not the kids.  

All of this testing madness, which has spread like a cancer nationwide, came about because of JEB's ideological obsession along with typical Bush family ignorance. The outrage finally led to some sort of relief--not fixing the tests themselves but at least reducing the number of tests taken. The bill would scrap a law requiring school districts to come up with end-of-course tests in classes where the state doesn't administer such exams; cap at 5 percent the share of students' time that can be spent on testing; and reduce from 50 percent to a third the portion of a teacher's evaluation tied to student performance.

But the bill no longer includes language that would have allowed students who do well on the SAT, ACT or tests in high-level classes like Advanced Placement courses to skip the corresponding statewide standardized tests. The reason?

Jeb Bush's ironically named Foundation for Florida's Future.

These dead-enders oppose any and all changes to the tests. Sen. Tom Lee, R-Brandon, withdrew that amendment after a blistering speech aimed at Jeb Bush's foundation.  Others GOP members had plenty to say:

"Obviously, the testing has gotten out of control. ... I want to have a non-subjective measure, so we can know exactly how our kids are doing," Sen. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland.

"I think we've lost our way and we need to find it again," said Sen. Don Gaetz of Niceville, another former Senate president who has backed education reform.

Gaetz, who chairs the Senate Education Appropriations Subcommittee, vowed to spend his final year in the Senate on a mission "to bring some order out of chaos."

Sen. Alan Hays, a conservative Republican from Umatilla, said lawmakers had the best intentions but went too far.

"It is sad that today, many of our teachers and even administrators are simply waiting to earn their retirement checks because our well-intentioned but misguided policies have taken the joy out of teaching," Hays said.

What can make this worse? The analysis also says that all four testing companies have donated to the JEB's Foundation for Excellence in Education. The foundation is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, better known as ALEC.

Two days ago, against all odds, the GOP House approved the bill.

Teachers are justifiably upset that they can't get more of a fix.  But this is Florida, folks.  If you want change, try showing up at the polls, no matter how hard they make it.  

Unfortunately, JEB is understandably not happy with this bill since one of his "selling points" is that he was the "education governor", and he is whispering in Rick's ear.

Rick Scott, for his part, has not indicated whether he would sign it. He has ZERO incentive to do the right thing but every incentive to do the wrong thing.  The only possible reason he would sign it is if he cared even remotely about the welfare of Floridian children.

Given the examples here, here, here, and here, you might not want to hold your breath.

PS:  Last call to help a fellow blogger and kossack Ismay and her mother.  It's a very modest goal. Thank you:

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Recall that Cut the Cake, Inc. in Longwood, Florida was receiving death threats, harassing calls, fake orders, fake reviews and threats of vandalism from conservatives all over the nation because they hung up on a nut (on April Fool's Day) who said he wanted an anti-gay message on a sheet cake.  

The DKos community swung into action.  A thousand people uprated their Facebook page to destroy the fake reviews (all who suddenly remembered on April 2 that they used them once and didn't like them).  Real orders poured in.  They raised well over their goal on a crowdfunding site to recoup the week they had to close over the threats.

And a whole new customer base showed up to purchase their products.

The icing on the cake (pun intended) was a masterpiece for two hypothetical same-sex conservatives who will eventually embrace who they are and wish to celebrate their now LEGAL union in Florida:

 photo cake_zpsd9q4agly.jpg

Their facebook page is featuring it.  Standing up to bullies never tasted so delicious!

Sidenote:  Two words to this community: Thank and YOU!  My colleague set up my own page to help me and mom.  Never occurred to me to do that.  I asked it be taken down soon but I wanted to say that I appreciate this community more than you can possibly know.  U have showed such kindness during this painful time, and I love u all.

Reposted from SemDem by SemDem

#169 of My Stupid State series

The Democratic establishment has aligned themselves with Mr. Patrick Murphy.

Rep. Patrick Murphy was a former conservative republican, like Charlie Crist.  The difference?  Patrick still has conservative ties.

He joined the GOP in their effort to destroy the ACA by voting to shift insurance costs to working people from wealthy corporate families.  Because Sam Walton's family need the break, not the people who work for them.

I love getting lectures from establishment Dems that Murphy is an environmentalist who will fight climate change.  Activists like Jill Silber Sheridan tell  a different story.  When she visited Rep. Murphy's office on several occasions about climate change and the Keystone pipeline, it fell on deaf ears.  Murphy voted to approve the pipeline.  

Minority Leader Pelosi:
When the GOP voted against Nancy Pelosi, I expected that.  I did NOT expect Murphy to stand with them and vote against her as well.

Wall Street:
He voted to weaken provisions in the Dodd-Frank financial law. He is the quintessential "Wall St. Democrat"

Social Security and Medicare:
He coauthored a letter with congressional Republicans that only promised to protect “current beneficiaries” of Medicare and Social Security.  (To be fair, he never used the word "cuts" to SS/Medicare as some have said but did say "structural changes").  

Certain Democrats believe the winning strategy is to run from their own party's successful platform that has turned the economy around and gave healthcare to millions.  Unfortunately, these same Democrats are the ones in charge.  They keep trying like hell to cram anointed, conservative candidates down our throats, and then berate their own base for speaking out against them. Teabaggers don't know how good they have it.  The GOP establishment hates them but fears them.  Our establishment just hates us.

MUST READ: Robert Reich's problem with the current Democratic Party

Murphites are calling their critics all kinds of names on social media because they bought the line that we have to go after the mythical "fence sitter", instead of just motivating their base to turn out.  For crying out loud, there are many more Dems in this state than GOP, like a half-million more, but they won't come out if they can't see a difference.

We've tried running former republicans or GOP-lite candidates in almost every statewide race for 17 years and have been repeatedly met with failure.  Perhaps, just once, we can try a progressive candidate.

Alan Grayson is that candidate.  The fact that the establishment hates him is a GOOD sign.  I'd be terrified if the state party was backing my campaign in the primary. That never ends well.  Alan will fight hard and, in return, will get motivated forces who will actually fight hard for him to win.  Murphy will get little more than people showing up on election day to vote for Hillary.

Alan needs to get in the game NOW and start his campaign. I am asking everyone to contact him on his website and say that you will be all in if he decides to run.

Murphy has raised 750,000, mostly from PACs who are lining up behind him.  Alan Grayson already has national recognition.  He has a ton of devoted followers.  He is a proven fundraiser who won in a district that is 40% Hispanic.  Best of all, has gone head to head with the Kochs and WON!

Let me be clear.  If Patrick Murphy wins the primary, he will have my full support.  We desperately need to win the Senate back in 2016.  He supports minimum wage laws, gay rights, fair elections and women's rights.  Right there, that's four more things than any GOP candidate will support. If Murphy wins the primary, he will definitely get my vote. However, my time, energy, and sweat equity will go for progressive candidates I believe in.

I'm not alone.

Unrelated Update: One of my writers on my blog is a kossack who goes by Ismay.  Francis had to take family/medical leave to care for Lillian, her mother, on top of caring for her son. She has one sizable medical bill for her mom that she is trying to pay off.  She will only allow me to fundraise for this immediate issue.  I set up a quick gofundme page a few days ago but am only now publicizing it.  If you can spare 5 dollars, please do.  If not, that's cool too.  We are all just trying to make it.  

Reposted from pdc by poopdogcomedy
Looks like there might be a real Democratic primary in the battle to take outgoing Senator Marco Rubio's (R. FL) seat:

UNITED STATES - DECEMBER 15:  Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., participates in a news conference calling for no funding of the escalation of the war in Afghanistan on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009.  (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call/Getty Images)
Rep. Alan Grayson says he’s moving closer to getting in the race for U.S. Senate, citing difficulty of Republicans to field a top-tier candidate.

“It sure does encourage me more,” the liberal Orlando Democrat said in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times on Thursday afternoon. “I’m closer.

“I like the fact that we got an unequivocal statement that Marco Rubio is running for president. I think he will pay a big price with the electorate if he ends up changing his mind (and runs for re-election)." - Tampa Bay Times, 4/16/15

Grayson will have to catch up to Rep. Patrick Murphy (D. FL) who has already been off to an impressive start with his campaign. I'm torn between who would be the better candidate. We will have to see. Stay tuned.
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TV screen grab with headline about Wal-Mart shopper stuck to toilet.
Very strange news from the land of Walmart:
Employees of a Walmart in Brandon that abruptly closed Monday were among more than 2,000 employees nationwide who learned almost simultaneously they were being laid off.

In a nearly identical manner at every store, Walmart corporate officials visited the five locations, called an impromptu meeting in the back of the store and told employees that the stores would be closing that evening.

The locations include stores in Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and California. Even stranger is that Walmart doesn't seem to be ready to do anything about said "plumbing."
According to Hillsborough County, Florida, Walmart didn’t notify the county’s permit department either. No one there has heard a peep from Walmart about any major repairs.
One thing is known, these "plumbing issues" are pretty considerable.
A Walmart official also told 10 News repairs haven't started yet because they still need to organize the store after so many shoppers came out to take advantage of closing deals.

She added each of these five stores closed, there have been upwards of 100 plumbing or pipe incidents in just the past two years. That, and that alone, is the only connection, according to Walmart officials.

Or there haven't been any plumbing issues?
The manager said she has worked inside the store since 2012, used the restroom daily and has never seen a plumber working in the store or witnessed a plumbing problem.

No plumbers or contractors could be seen at the Brandon Wal-Mart today.

There has been speculation in the past few years that Walmart's superstore days were over. But it is anybody's guess at this point, as to what is going on with these closings. We know it isn't the high wages they pay their employees.

The stores will potentially remain closed for at least 6 months.

UPDATE: I was contacted by someone at UFCW, Making Change At Walmart. They point out that the Pico Rivera Walmart workers (that's the California Walmart that closed suddenly due to "plumbing issues") has been one of the ore active OUR Walmart stores in the country. It is also the site of the first Walmart strikes, back in 2012.

Reposted from Joan McCarter by appledown
WASHINGTON, DC - OCT 22, 2009: Health-care reform advocates march in the streets outside of a meeting of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), an industry trade group.

Montana did it. They bucked the Koch brothers, and moderate Republican joined with Democrats to pass a Medicaid expansion bill. Now all eyes turn to Florida, where the stakes are much higher, and the legislature has been at an impasse, leaving about 800,000 Floridians who are in the Medicaid gap in limbo:
Lawmakers are currently looking at a $1.3 billion budget hole because the federal government has said it will not continue a hospital funding program known as the Low Income Pool. In a letter to the state Medicaid office Tuesday, federal health officials said they would be willing to consider a potential successor program proposed by the Senate, but no deal has been reached.

Making matters worse, the House and Senate are at odds over Medicaid expansion. The Senate wants to accept $2 billion in federal funds to expand private health care coverage to low-income Floridians. The more conservative House does not.

The letter from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Tuesday made it clear that the two policies are linked. That is, if Florida expands coverage, the state will be more likely to have its LIP funds renewed. Still, the House remains unwilling to budge.

The Florida legislature has been knee deep in crap generated by the Kochs' Americans for Prosperity, but the Senate has remained solidly behind expansion. The Obama administration is definitely playing hardball on this, but rightfully so. The LIP federal money has always been temporary funding, but what's so blatantly obnoxious about Gov. Rick Scott's—and the House's—position is what Greg Sargent points out. Both sources of money are coming from the federal government and coverage through Medicaid is a much better option for the people it serves. The opposition to Medicaid expansion is entirely about politics, about anti-Obamacare politics, and driven by the Kochs.
Reposted from Mopshell by poopdogcomedy Editor's Note: Tell Sen. Nelson not to side with the GOP in sabotaging Iran Deal: (202) 224-5274 -- poopdogcomedy

Sen. Bob Corker is confident that the final version of the Corker-Menendez bill will be passed with a veto-proof majority in the Senate, perhaps as early as this week. In order to obtain that veto-proof majority, twelve senators will need to cross the aisle and join the Republican Party in addition to Independent Sen. Angus King.

I propose that the following ad be inserted in the local newspapers of all twelve senators who are deserting the Democratic Party, their voters and their President.

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Reposted from Animal Nuz by appledown

Jeb Bush - Caricature
     (illustration by DonkeyHotey)

From the International Business Times:

While Jeb Bush was governor of Florida, state pension officials committed at least $1.7 billion to financial firms whose executives were “Pioneer” fundraisers for his brother’s presidential campaigns. To achieve Pioneer status, the fundraisers had to amass at least $100,000 worth of bundled contributions to one of George W. Bush’s campaigns.

An International Business Times analysis of Florida government documents and a list of George W. Bush’s bundlers compiled by Public Citizen found that 11 firms that received new Florida pension investments under Jeb Bush were Pioneers. IBTimes also analyzed data from the Florida Division of Elections and Political Moneyline to determine how much money executives from those firms donated directly to Jeb Bush’s campaigns, George W. Bush’s campaigns, the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Florida between 1998 and 2006.
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Reposted from pdc by poopdogcomedy

Received this e-mail today from Rep. Patrick Murphy's (D. FL) U.S. Senate campaign:

Rep.-elect Patrick Murphy, D-Fla., speak during a news conference with newly elected Democratic House members, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
It’s official:

Senator Marco Rubio just announced he’s running for President. That means he won’t be running against Patrick Murphy for United States Senate in 2016!

Frankly, it couldn't come a moment sooner. People in Florida are ready for a leader they can count on in the Senate.

So here’s the plan: We’re getting everyone who’s ready for change in Florida and across the country to raise their… water bottles… in a toast, and say “Farewell Marco Rubio!”

Click here to sign our farewell card to Marco Rubio, and don’t forget to leave a note as your own personal "toast" >>

Marco Rubio is out, and we’re so thankful that he’s taking his anti-marriage equality, Social Security and Medicare-cutting agenda with him.

If you are too, sign the card:


Josh Wolf

Campaign Manager
Murphy For Florida

I appreciate good sracasem. Click here to say farewell to Rubio:

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