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If the Republicans will only fund the government and raise the debt ceiling if the President and Senate agree to a delay in the implementation of Obamacare for one year, I say let's offer it to them, but on one condition -- that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act not be delayed for one second.

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I know that by and large the cuts have to be made across the board for all agencies.

But can the President, for example, in making the cuts to agency X, decide to close all offices serving agency X only in Alabama, Wyoming, and Oklahoma in order to make the necessary cuts, if that would meet the monetary requirements?  In other words, why not make the effects of the sequester fall disproportionately upon Deep Red States?  That might force Repubs in Congress to do something about replacing the sequester with something else.


There is a hugely important practical and symbolic reason why the Democrats absolutely, positively, MUST allow tax rates on net income over $250K to go back to the levels under Bill Clinton.  But I haven't seen it expressly mentioned here or anywhere else.

We need to do this to crush Grover Norquist.

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I don't know why Democrats, including the President, are so terrible at messaging and so willing to make it look like they are part of the problem.  For example, in today's press conference, the President said:

"The only question now is are we going to hold the middle class hostage?"
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Just say the following, which everyone can understand and makes a key point that most people are missing:

"Under my plan, everyone, including millionaires, gets a tax cut on their first $250,000 in income.  But that's where it stops - we just can't afford to give rich people a huge tax cut giveaway that people making under $250,000 don't get."
Many people don't understand that even billionaires get a tax cut under the Obama plan - it just stops at the same $250,000 income level as everyone else.

But when you want to add a tax cut to amounts over $250,000, then you are giving an additional tax cut only to those whose income exceeds a quarter million dollars.

In a time of great deficits and need for revenue, what is the logic of giving the rich more in tax cuts than you are giving to the middle class and the poor?


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You may think that your $ billion plus money spent on Romney and your Republican Senate candidates has all gone to waste, but you're wrong.

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You are a great American.

You have done more for the progressive movement than anyone I can think of in the last 50 years.

When we could no longer fully trust the New York Times and the Washington Post, you created an alternative media source that we could trust.  I learn more about what is really going on in the world from DailyKos than from all other news sources combined.

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We are the New York Democratic Lawyers Council and we are the main voter protection project in NY State.

We have poll watchers observing voting across the entire state, and they call in to our boiler room if they are aware of any voting problems of any kind, such as broken voting machines, intimidation, improper challenges, voters not appearing in the voting records, etc.

If you are aware of any problem to report, particularly if you are not permitted to vote on a machine, call us at:


We will talk you through it and take any necessary corrective action, including, if necessary, contacting the Board of Elections or having a lawyer intervene.

So go vote, and let us know of any problems.


The latest odds of an Obama win hit 99.8% according to the Princeton Election Consortium:

Electoral Votes:
Obama: 323
Romney: 215

Obama +3.02%

Probability of Obama re-election:
Random Drift 98.1%, Bayesian Prediction 99.8%

More below the squashed orange bug.

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I've set up an ActBlue page to Win the Senate.  

It lets you donate to one or more of the Democratic candidates in what I think are the most competitive 2012 Senate races -- that list has been expanded to 13 to add first Chris Murphy and now Bob Kerrey, since two recent polls find that Bob has pulled to within a couple of points in his race in Nebraska.  As an homage to Spinal Tap, I will still call my ActBlue page "But ours goes to 11 (+2)!"

More than 70 Kossacks have already contributed almost $20,000 to these worthy candidates. Let's pass the $20,000 mark today!

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According to Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium, whose models are based on current state by state polling after running 2.3 quadrillion possible outcomes, Obama's chances of reelection are now 97%.

Princeton Election Consortium Oct. 27 Analysis

Princeton's current prediction is Obama 297 EV, Romney 241 EV, with a Meta-margin of Obama +1.96%.  The Meta-margin is the "amount by which polls must swing overall to create a perfect toss-up," i.e., the combined state by state differences in the polling of the candidates.

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Please, Mr. President, use the above line in the foreign policy debate and it is what people and the media will be talking about the next day. And please handle Romney on this like I suggest below.

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