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Over at Huff Po, I read about the Fox News host who wants to live off food stamps "as a dieting technique".  Read the whole article, watch if you have the stomach for it.

I was spitting mad:  let me share a story below the orange squiggle.

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Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 08:13 AM PST

Updated X2: OFA - I am amazed!

by DemFromPit

In the past seven days, I have been amazed at the sheer efficiency and effectiveness of OFA.  After maxing out on my donations, I decided to help with GOTV efforts.  I was going to be home for a couple of weeks (I travel constantly for work), so what time better than this?  Follow me below the orange squiggle and be amazed!

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The office opened at 7 AM this morning.  Most of left the office after 8:30 PM last night.  Our goal was to make four passes today:

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Sat Oct 25, 2008 at 11:43 AM PDT

Obama Widows and Other Stories

by DemFromPit

I have been volunteering at one of Obama's local offices in Pittsburgh, PA.  My first time was a few weeks ago, which is when I first heard the term "Obama Widow".

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There is a an article on the front page right now that asks John McCain if he still supports privatization of social security.

Which made me think, we should ask John McCain if he still stands by his promise to balance the budget by 2012.

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Just heard McCain/Palin townhall speech in Iowa.  Palin was received with wild enthusiasm (McCain less so).  She mouthed some banalities (hearing her shallow speeches is like hearing nails on chalkboards).  But McCain was on today, and proposed some specific solutions to the economic crisis.

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Tue Sep 16, 2008 at 09:13 PM PDT

Ad that could win 55+ vote

by DemFromPit

I was just reading the following front page article on WSJ online: Get Your Class War On, by Thomas Frank.

Expecting the normal WSJ content about Democrats inciting class warfare, imagine my surprise when I read this about the current financial crisis:

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OK, so it has been drip, drip, drip since we first heard about Ms. Palin.

I feel that we are forgetting to sum total of what we have learned about her in the last two weeks.

Here is a list of what we have learned about her.

Can you add to the list?  Provide links?  I will update as we gather more information.

When we have a complete list (or as complete as it can get), we should distribute it far and wide.

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Just heard from Andrea Mitchel during NBC Nightly news that the McCain campaign has a new add ready to be released tomorrow.

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Today, I wandered on to the No Quarter site.  Why, you ask?  For the same reason we pick at a scab, or probe that aching tooth:  sometimes I just want to see how low people can go.

The latest on-dit on that site is the picture of a school enrollment form from Obama's school in Indonesia.  And there is so much hate and misinformation about the fact that his father wrote in his religion as Muslim, and how he MAY have been seen going to a mosque, and how he said he knew the Muslim call to prayer and once said that it was a beautiful sound.  

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Mon Aug 04, 2008 at 11:21 PM PDT

Yes, it's Obama's fault!

by DemFromPit

As the debate on global warming rages, as the price of gas keeps rising, as I read stories about people struggling to pay for gas to get to work, I have this vague memory of a press conference about energy in the first Bush term that made me cringe when I first heard it.  

Today, I used the Google on the internets to try to find the source of something that made me so uncomfortable that I remember it seven years later.  Here is the link to the entire press conference, but the answer to the following question made me squirm way back then.

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