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Tue Apr 28, 2015 at 09:59 PM PDT

I'm a redneck and I love America

by Dewstino

This video is so great. I've watched it several times...and so should you.

It's gone totally viral and the white supremacists hate it.

But here is the really amazing thing.

I've never seen anything like this before.

In the video he issues a challenge for white people to come to terms and take responsibility
for their racism.

And amazingly, they droves.

You can see their Youtube videos in the sidebar when you watch his video.

You can see all of them if you enter "Dixon D White" into the Youtube search box.

Now watch the damned video and prepare to have your world rocked...

Dixon D White video



Sun Apr 19, 2015 at 08:08 PM PDT

How Profiling Hurts My Children

by Dewstino

My wife and I live in a nice lower-hills neighborhood in Oakland CA. We have teenage children and are a mixed race family. Our neighborhood has a problem that's dangerous for our kids.

The problem is the neighborhood email list.

The most popular list is hosted at The problem is that often times when a neighbor (read white and over 60) sees a non-white person in the neighborhood, they immediately profile them as a criminal and then hop on Nextdoor and vent their inner racist, disguised as concern about crime.

I'm only exaggerating slightly when I say that you see things like, "there's a black person walking down the street, should I call the police" on our Nextdoor list. Or something like, "that looks like the guy who stole my UPS package". Followed by a commenter who says, "what's the description?" The original poster than responds with something like, "it was a black guy". At this point, one of the nervous Nellies calls the police to report that there is a suspicious looking "black guy" walking around the neighborhood.  

Here's the problem.

The police come with a description that says the suspect is a "black guy" and nothing else. It does not say what he was wearing or how tall he was or facial hair or glasses or limp or if driving a car a license plate number...only the gender and race.

There are well over 100,000 people in Oakland who fit that description.

So now the police are driving into our neighborhood looking for a male black. Unfortunately for our family, our 14 year old son, "fits the description". Except for the fact that he's not a criminal and he lives here.

All of the sudden and seemingly out of nowhere, the police are now looking for my son. By this I mean that they might well stop him if they see him. Due to the fact that police (nationwide) killed 111 unarmed black males during the month of March (2015) alone, I'd rather he not have any interaction with them at all.

About 15 years ago I was robbed at gunpoint in front of our house by an African American male. I called the police and they swooped the surrounding blocks with three or four cars. They found no suspects.

If I had to do it again, I'm not at all sure I would call the police. The reason I probably would not call the police is because I now realize that doing so could easily put some innocent black person in harms way with the police and or get them wrongly imprisoned.

The message I have for my neighbors is that your profiling (i.e. useless physical descriptions fed to the police after you call them) will not only NOT help the police catch the real crook, but there is a very real possibility that your actions will bring great harm to an innocent person, like our son.

So next time you call the police, give them a real description of the suspect, one that will help catch the criminal and NOT put other innocent people at risk of harm. Include as many of the following as you can: gender, race, height, weight, color of clothing, type of clothing, glasses, jewelry, haircut, tattoos, scars and the like.

As a result of all this, we don't let our kids play in front of the house or walk in the neighborhood. Keep in mind, this is a "nice" neighborhood where houses cost almost a million dollars.

Post script:

Thanks to the good work of neighborhood groups like the Neighbors For Racial Justice and others, Nextdoor had come out with anti-profiling language in their guidelines and the Police Department is getting some serious anti-profiling training. Kudos to reporter extraordinaire Darwin Bond Graham.  


Is this kind of profiling a problem where you live?

29%10 votes
29%10 votes
41%14 votes

| 34 votes | Vote | Results


Sun Jan 04, 2015 at 12:45 PM PST

BART Weighs in on Black Lives Matter

by Dewstino

BART General Manager, Grace Crunican has said she will not tolerate BART shut downs and will seek monetary restitution against peaceful civil right activists who closed the West Oakland Station on November 28th, 2014 (see link below).  The BART Board and the Alameda County District Attorney O’Malley clearly have learned nothing from the events in Ferguson.  Will BART and the Alameda County DA self-reform or will they require years of costly litigation and receivership before they learn that “Black Lives Matter”?

BART’s website boasts, “Six years after the tragic shooting death of Oscar Grant III focused attention on the BART Police Department (BPD), BART and BPD continue their efforts to reshape and reform themselves to meet the needs of the community BART serves.”

BART may feel they are forgiven and excused, but this punitive and malicious treatment of these peaceful black activists brings any reconciliation they think they have achieved into question. It begs the question; is there a continued pattern and practice of discrimination against black people by BART?

Are people who disrupt BART due to mental health problems, overly enthusiastic alcohol influenced sports fans or concert goers, forced to pay restitution for fares lost?  Are the families of suicide victims and passengers who simply fell onto the tracks liable for damages?  Who besides black political activists has been asked to pay restitution for fares lost?

The legal cost of answering these questions and defending against the landslide of civil rights litigation that will follow this mean-spirited and punitive prosecution, will be tens to hundreds of times greater than the $70,000 that BART says it must recover. This persecution of peaceful black activists also invites more protests and disruption of BART. Black Lives Matter is a civil rights movement to reform a bias and dangerous police and justice system; BART should not be siding with a bias justice system against a community it says it serves.

Petition of over 4,000 signatures to BART Board


This will help put bad cops under a microscope. Misdeeds will be up on Youtube and then the evening news in a flash.

Check out the Canfield Watchmen.


Sat Dec 06, 2014 at 10:58 PM PST

Oakland Rehires Serial Killer Cop

by Dewstino

I'm speechless. I'm at a loss for words. This is so beyond crazy.

Warning - this will really piss you off. This will really upset you.


This is a really amazing story.

What I Did After Police Killed My Son

Read more:

The sad truth of the matter is that now that the police are killing white, unarmed citzens also, we might see some reforms.

I hope this outside review process works so we can spread it to all the states.


Wed Dec 03, 2014 at 01:35 PM PST

Is the Grand Jury Process Broken?

by Dewstino

Grand Jury Declines To Indict NYPD Officer In Chokehold Death Of Eric Garner

Click through and read the comments.

You can hear people's heads exploding.

It's finally dawning on John and Jane Q. Public there there is a serious problem here.

The public is finally waking up to the fact that our justice system is badly broken and that there is a "clear and present danger" to all of us, from unchecked police brutality and murder.

Some say cameras are of no use because this murder was videotaped and the cop still got off.

That's not true, instead it shows us clearly now that the problem is more widespread than just the police. Cameras will go a long way toward reducing police brutality, no question.

However, perhaps it's time to begin asking what's wrong with the Grand Jury process. Maybe it needs to be modified or eliminated. Perhaps it's also a good time to take a look at getting DAs out of the loop completely when it comes to police criminals.

Take the poll below the squiggly below.

Tell us what you think.


Do you think the Grand Jury process delivers justice when it comes to holding police accountable?

4%2 votes
20%9 votes
74%32 votes

| 43 votes | Vote | Results


This will blow your mind.

Go to this website and do a search.

Any search, any state.

Then read and scroll down the pages.

All the entries list race and many have pictures.  

If you think police shootings are just a black problem, you have another thing coming.



The more I learn about Common Core, the more worried I get. How on earth did this get jammed through? It's a disaster for our kids and by extension, our society. It seems like a combination of massive corruption and stupidity. Chilling.


Are you aware of Common Core?

82%87 votes
17%19 votes

| 106 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Jan 13, 2014 at 12:02 PM PST

Our Strategy in 2014

by Dewstino

A few years ago, about 2009, I saw a video in which a guy was on the floor of Congress giving a speech. What he said floored me, and many others.

He said something close to "The Republican plan for healthcare has two planks. The first one is "don't get sick." The second is, "if you do get sick, die quickly." I can't tell you how much I loved that speech. Finally, someone with the brains and the balls to say that the emperor has no clothes. Someone to finally call out the GOP on at least some of their bullshite.

If you have never seen the video, click here. It'll be the best 2:27 minutes you've spent in a long time.

Like most of you, I get too many email solicitations from the candidates and causes I support. Most just transparently try to hitch their wagon to some piece of news and or outrage. Once you click to open the email, they hit you up for some cash. I understand, I get it and I support most of them, most of the time. However, every once in a while, I get something that's really worthwhile, like this...

A month ago, at the Florida Democratic Party Convention, Congressman Alan Grayson gave this moving speech on the Democratic Party's strategy for 2014:

[Let me tell you] what our strategy is, [what the strategy of] the Democratic Party will be, for next year. Reach into your pocket. Take out a coin, any coin, and you'll see our strategy for next year.

Every coin in America says this: "E Pluribus Unum" - out of many, one.

Look to the person to one side of you. Go ahead. [He or she is] not exactly the same as you, unless you happen to be twins.

Look to the person on the other side of you. Again, not exactly the same as you.

Out of many, one. That is our strategy. Because the Democratic Party is not the White Party, nor is it the Black Party. The Democratic Party is not the Straight Party, nor is it the Gay Party. The Democratic Party is not the Party of Men, nor is it the Party of Women. The Democratic Party is not the Party of English Speakers, nor is it the Party of Spanish Speakers.

The Democratic Party is the Party of All.

Now there are still, even at this point in the year 2013, people who hate the ones who are different from them.

Hate them; despise them; abhor them.

They're still in our midst. There are people who think our differences are something to overcome.

I disagree. I don't think our differences are something to be tolerated. I think our differences are something to be cherished.

The things that make us special are not the things that make us the same. They are the things that make us different from each other. And we should cherish those things.

And that is our secret going into the 2014 election. And in the 2014 election, because we are the Party of Everyone, we will take back the U.S. House of Representatives. We will take back the Governor's mansion, and we will turn this State blue.

We will set a new standard for public life and for private life - a standard where we enjoy our differences. Not where we hate each other, not where we fear each other, but where we say to each other on -- our left and on our right, on both sides of us (go ahead, turn to the person next to you): "I respect you; I admire you; I love you."

Thank you very much.

Paid for and Authorized by the Committee to Elect Alan Grayson

Now, let's go over the squiggly and talk about why this is important.
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Would you like to sit in the cockpit of a B52, right now?

Well, thanks to the National Museum of the Air Force, you can...and it will blow your mind!

This one is for Major Kong (former B52 pilot), one of my favorite KOS diarists. If you have not read his stuff, you are missing out, big time.

Put on your flight suit and head on down below the orange squigglydoothingy, so we can get this party started...

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I first heard about this from Randi Rhodes. Randi is one she sharpest political minds in the country. I completely trust her take on pretty much anything political. So of course, I had to check it out.

I'm reading through the program thinking to myself that it looks really good, it just might work. And then I read the sentence that sealed it for me. The sentence that caused me to smile and say, "hell yes, I'm on board." That sentence reads as follows:

"We will unseat politicians who don’t cooperate."
 I'm thinking, "finally, something with some balls."

Go below the squigglydoddlethingy to check it out...


Are you going to sign up?

69%18 votes
15%4 votes
15%4 votes

| 26 votes | Vote | Results

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