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Both Carlos Galindo (Mexican American liberal radio talk show host in Arizona with the ear of thousands of immigrants who are influenced by his political analysis), and Viva Ramirez (Mexican American / Chicano activist) are drawing the line in the sand with regard to an extremist anarchist group via   This extremist organization is being led by a Fijian and Iranian immigrant and I have personally reported their "legal coyote" financial scam to the the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  I personally believe they are exploiting young Mexican children to further their constant asking of donation$.

In the below, Viva was inspired to write the below response when he was asked:  'Why all the 'desperation' about Mohammad Abdollahi and Prerna Lal?'

What you refer to as desperation, is actually indignation. Better yet OUTRAGE...and what follows is the reason for it. Please note that I have my own personal reasons deep in my heart as to why I want Mexican migrants to walk free and proud as OWNERs of this great land, and for them to sit at the table of power on this planet as they deserve to... and I was willing to give my all to see that it came to be. My outrage came about only after Mo and Prerna initiated an unmitigated social media campaign denouncing my home, my country and my way of life in the most vulgar and insulting way possible.

And even worse was the still embryonic national identity of the young people in their audience who ideas they sought to infect. You see, when people who are guests in my house (that is to say people who are living here only by the grace that the system of this country has afforded them), turn and spit at my feet, and curse the ground where I have built a home for my children; when they disparage the land that generations of my family have gone to war to defend; when they scoff at their privilege by saying that they would rather be somewhere else....then I withdraw my welcome.

I am no longer their advocate, I am no longer their friend. I will no longer defend their perceived right to be here, and I will no longer tolerate their vile hatred echoing through my space--or even their opinions.

This is the ancestral home of my family and NO, they DON'T have the right. You say they might be a little 'abrasive'? NO. My Dad was abrasive, but he loved me and would have fought and died for me.

Will Mo and Prerna do the same for the nation they abrade? What they're promoting is hate.

They are a disgrace to the community who reside in this country. I wont speak for the people who have been rebuking this insult along with me other than to say that I am proud to have this love of our home in common with them. And I know for a fact that their interest in them begins and ends on this very issue. They are Patriots and they responded like patriots. The response that came down on MO and Prerna is just.

Chale Vato!! They are a long way from having the right to talk that kind of shit about my home. And as far as I'm concerned, they can take it back to wherever they brought it from.

In addition, Carlos Galindo wrote:
Dicho y hecho Carnal! We can stand in solidarity to defend our people of bronze, however, we cannot in our efforts to do so, disparage the country who has given Immigrants like me the opportunity to express my freedom of speech under my 1st amendment right, something that in other countries would get you jailed or killed. It is in fact this country that has given me everything.

The issue with the anti-USA rhetoric can be directly attributed to failed leadership and a systematic failure to provide our youth with accurate information that would allow them to make appropriate decisions and would deter the dogmatic follow the pied piper hypnotic state our youth seem to be in these days. Education is key.

I truly believe we have to launch a serious education based program for our youth. In a sense, deprogram them from the years of being programmed by pseudo activists, pseudo leaders and professional snake oil salesmen aka "community organizers."

In solidarity/En Solidaridad,

Carlos Galindo


Texas Law Enforcement Officials Targeting Low Income Mexican-American Areas and Head Start Schools Leading to Immigrant Arrests

It has come to our attention Texas Law Enforcement officials are targeting low income areas with high Mexican-American population.  Multiple checkpoints and stings are increasing, and there appears to be disparate treatment.   It is especially discouraging to see Texas Law Enforcement set up a checkpoint near Head Start schools in Edinburg, Texas, that is scaring undocumented mothers and fathers of American born children and minors.  Parents are calling into the Head Start School because they are afraid to pick up their children.  Sources say the checkpoints are leading to immigrant arrests while immigrants commute to work in the morning.

Reported checkpoints are also in the area where the young Joaquin Luna Jr. committed suicide.  Mr. Luna became the symbol of the psychological toll that being in the country illegally can take on young people.  According to Nina Hinojosa --  living family member of Joaquin Luna Jr., law enforcement officials conducted a checkpoint near his home.

No reports so far on checkpoints taking place in the wealthier areas, and we believe the Texas Law Enforcement operation could be the Texas’ reaction to the Obama administration when they issued a policy late last month telling immigration agents to try not to arrest and deport illegal immigrant parents of minor children that are born in the United States — a move that adds to the categories of people the administration is trying not to deport.  In a nine-page memo issued August, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said agents should use “prosecutorial discretion” to try to avoid detaining parents and, if parents are detained, agents should make sure they have the ability to visit with their children or participate in family court proceedings.

We have alerted the Department of Justice to make inquiries on disparate treatment we see occurring in Texas.

We encourage our members and immigration activists to contact the DOJ hotline phone number at 1-855-353-1010 [#1 for English #2 for Espanol] to report incidents of racial profiling.  You can also send an email to to report disparate treatment and photos of where these multiple checkpoints are occurring.

We contacted Senator Juan 'Chuy' Hinojosa’s and they are now aware of this urgent issue.   Rep. Joaquin Castro’s office has also been made aware of this issue in light of these check points leading to immigrant arrests because immigration is a federal matter.  We have seen Castro demonstrate strong leadership in fixing the broken system and both Texas leaders are looking into this situation forthwith.

We know immigration policy is protected by the Supremacy Clause of our United States Constitution, and Congress has a responsibility to address this tough issue.  The 2013 Legal immigration reform bill is a major step forward in securing our Nation because only after everyone is registered and documented will we know who is in our Nation and where we can find them.  We know that once we fix the broken immigration system, and once we document all immigrants --  then they can feel safe to help law enforcement agencies to target criminal activity without the fear of deportation when they report suspicious activity to the law enforcement authorities.  Therefore, bringing the immigrants out of the shadows will only strengthen our Nation’s security.

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Joaquin Luna Jr. Memorial Bench Shared by Family Member Nina Hinojosa


The blame squarely lands on if we hear Republicans in the House wanting stronger border security than what was proposed in the Gang of Eight legal comprehensive immigration bill that was passed.  

Co-founders of DreamActivist are on the record for wanting to kill CIR efforts.  

Actions by anarchist anti-Obama via Prerna Lal (Fijian immigrant who is not technically a DREAMer) and Mohammad Abdollahi (Iranian immigrant who refers to our Nation as "Amerikkka") are causing House Republican Representatives to take stricter border restrictions.

According to Breitbart, an internal DHS document was shown to Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon who is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee's subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere and he saiid:  regarding "open border / amnesty" supporters where he said:

".... it is unacceptable for leftwing activists to engage in such behavior...

...the mere fact that these individuals are able to do this stands to further highlight our need for stronger border security,” Salmon said. “While I agree we have a broken immigration system that needs reform, these individuals are adding additional burden to the already overstressed personnel in order to push their own liberal agenda.”

The above information is not accurate because Prerna Lal, Mohammad Abdollahi and are not leftists.  They are anarchists who have received 'guidance' from a Republican-Liberatarian lawyer according to FOX news.

I facilitated a call into Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon's office with regard to this anarchist group, alerting them to this group. I told the staffer DreamActivist is not a leftist group and gave attention to their anarchy and money-making views.  They are exploiting Mexican children to line their own pockets.

For instance, Prerna Lal and Mohammad Abdollahi are anti-Obama and have become one of his biggest critics.  They support anarchist views [whereas the majority of American voters are in support of national and border security alongside a reasonable and humane legal immigration reform plan].    See their support for Republicans below and their anti-Obama views.


 photo prernalalfalselyaccusespresidentobamaoftorturingdreamers.jpg

 photo mohammadabdollahiandprernalalhavecriticizedpresidentobamaonimmigration-1.jpg

More importantly, these so-called DreamActivist leaders who consist of radicals and extremists appear to be participating in a money making scheme.

We have already informed the FBI with regard to Mohammad Abdollahi (Iranian immigrant) and Prerna Lal (Fijiian immigrant) who are founders of the sham with regard to their financial activities here and here.  Bottom line?  According to a FBI representative, there is no such thing as “legal coyote” work as would have you believe. More importantly, we demanded DreamActivist stop misleading the public when they claimed they were a non profit organization when in fact they are a for profit LLC.  In other words, they appear to be in support of Capitalism ideals to further their agenda.  responded to our demands and took their fraudulent information down within the same day we facilitated our demand.

Though Prerna Lal plays the victim card often, she is not completely  a ‘dummy.’ She knows what she is doing as she was a research assistant at The George Washington University Law School. We caution our reader to not be fooled with her playing the victim card because she has benefited financially from doing so.

Prerna Lal has been receiving funds as of September 8, 2013 (see here) and she listed herself as a spokesperson for the DREAM9.  Most people don’t know that Prerna Lal used her LLC to save her $600,000 home in Antioch, CA, from foreclosure and later modified a loan for $300,000.00.  Indeed she brags about getting free cheese but pulls on Americans and their heart strings when she asks for handout$ when she paints herself a victim — yet we discovered she gives non of that ‘free cheese’ to followers of Mexican descent.



Prerna Lal (who went to law school and is trying to get admitted into the California Bar Association) is co-founder of and has been a vocal critic against President Obama even though it was the Obama administration that gave DACA relief to thousands of DREAMers across our Nation.  Nevertheless, theDACA announcement represented a victory for undocumented youth and their allies. Prerna is an immigrant from Fiji.   Mohammad Abdollahi (Iranian immigrant) is the other co-founder who has repeatedly stated "F*CK OBAMA" even though it is our Nation that has kept him alive.

Some right wing media outlets are attempting to make the connection that Prerna Lal and Mohamma Abdollahi are leftist Democrats -- I can assure you they are not.  Prerna and Mohammad have constantly lambasted the Obama administration while seeking encouragement by a Republican-Libertarian leaning Lawyer via Matthew Kolken.  Kolken supports Paul Ryan's piece meal immigration plan and he takes every opportunity to blame President Obama.  But according to JS:  "But Ryan, the Republican vice presidential candidate, also voted against a version of the DREAM Act and was supportive of Mitt Romney's get-tough position on immigrants during the campaign." (See below).

 photo matthew-kolken-on-immigration.jpg

I became aware of Matthew Kolken when he decided to empathize for an Obama-hating so called DREAM Act activist (Mohammad Abdollahi). Mohammad is on the record for not wanting to support immigration reform this year (read here) yet bills himself and "DREAM Act" activist even though Senator Dick Durbin told the American public the Gang of Eight contained the best DREAM Act language within the 2013 CIR plan.

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Why is Republican-Libertarian lawyer via Matthew Kolken entertaining pipeline dreams that he knows damn well are not achievable?  He has made "amnesty" comments, and he is unreasonable to think that Americans will do away with the Department of Homeland Security.  

Prerna Lal and Mohammad Abdollahi are not disclosing where their funds to the LLC are going, but I would not doubt that they may be receiving support from right wingers (who are supporting Paul Ryan’s piece meal immigration reform), or who may want to use them as foolish pawns to conduct dirty deeds while trying to muddy the waters for 11 million other immigrants. and their leadership has been told what the Obama administration has done in the way of DACA and immigrant relief -- but they don't want to hear that because then perhaps they will not be able to effectively request donations into their LLC.

We have already informed the FBI with regard to Mohammad Abdollahi (Iranian immigrant) and Prerna Lal (Fijiian immigrant) who are founders of the sham with regard to their financial activities involving "legal coyote" work.  Bottom line?  According to a FBI representative, there is no such thing as “legal coyote” work as would have you believe. More importantly, we demanded DreamActivist stop misleading the public when they claimed they were a non profit organization when in fact they are a for profit LLC.  In other words, they appear to be in support of Capitalism ideals to further their agenda.  responded to our demands and took their fraudulent information down within the same day we facilitated our demand.

Prerna Lal has been receiving funds as of September 8, 2013 (see here) and she listed herself as a spokesperson for the DREAM9.  Most people don’t know that Prerna Lal used her LLC to save her $600,000 home in Antioch, CA, from foreclosure and later modified a loan for $300,000.00.  Indeed she brags about getting free cheese but pulls on Americans and their heart strings when she asks for handout$ when she paints herself a victim — yet we discovered she gives non of that ‘free cheese’ to followers of Mexican descent.

Though Prerna Lal plays the victim card often, she is not completely  a ‘dummy.’ She knows what she is doing as she was a research assistant at The George Washington University Law School. We caution our reader to not be fooled with her playing the victim card because she has benefited financially from doing so. and their founders have a financial incentive to not support CIR -- and both co-founders have stated they do not support immigration reform regardless of the millions of Mexican families it harms.   It is a well known fact that the Mexican community has been targeted and the majority of those getting deported are of Mexican descent.  The Fijian and Iranian-led organization have no agency to speak on behalf of the Mexican-American voting community who do support Senator Dick Durbin's efforts and immigration reform.

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American born citizens are seeking 'action' here -- not just words from our public servants and politicians.

Texas Senator John Cornyn recently slapped Mexican-Americans in the face with his support for a resolution simply recognizing “Hispanics” after he votes “NO” on the Gang of Eight Legal Immigration Reform Bill this past summer that would have helped millions of Mexican-American Chicanos in Texas.

We believe in Congress fixing broken systems and doing things via the legal avenue -- to include upholding valid Treaties we have made in the past.

But that wasn't the only slapping Cornyn has been doing --  below you will see a fellow Tejano via David Alejandro Ruiz state he was denied a fair hearing process by Texas Senator John Cornyn's office.

This gives us no choice (since news outlets may be advertising starved and afraid to bring up controversial issues) to inform the public with regard to what is going on with Mi Gente via social networking outlets.   El Rrun Rrun will also keep us posted.


To whom it may concern,
My name is David Alejandro Ruiz, I am the lead singer for Robert Rodriguez's band Chingon and recently wrote and performed  with the band  Del Castillo for last 12 years.Needless to say I'm an Austin musician and an Austinite at heart. .I am writing to you in regards to a personal family matter. I would like to put a spot light on recent happenings with the Space X Program in South Texas and how the General Land Office along with Governor Rick Perry and Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos have ignored my family's request to put a halt on deals they are making with private companies for use on privately own lands.
See my family found a Title dating back to 1792 in which our family purchases 90,000 acres of land from then the Vice Roy of Spain and in this title which has not been seen since explains that these lands belong to our family forever. They are also protected by the US Treaty of Adams Onis dating back to 1819 and theGuadalupe Hidalgo Treaty as well.

We have been denied a fair hearing from even the Texas US Senator John Cornyn and have been tossed from office of Department of Interior back to GLO offices and have not been able to acquire an Austin Attorney that would go up against these juggernauts with our case and real title. I am sincerely asking for The Chronicle's help. I believe with the current debates in Washington and here in Austin Texas we hold a true piece of Texas and US History and would like to bring this topic to the forefront for people to know how my family has been deputed and to hold accountable the departments and heads of Texas Government with inefficiency and lack of cooperation and  will-full denial of information.

We would like to know if Texas is committed to the Rules of Law that it and the US Government has placed for all to follow. We would like to mention that in this last legislature when Governor Perry wanted the Texas Senate and House of Representatives to pass bills regarding closing down the public beach accesses for building and launching of private company Space X all those bills were passed without any encumbrances or consideration from any of these offices towards my family's land title declaration as they were advised.

We have tried to reach out to local papers in the  Lower Rio Grande case in point, Brownsville, Texas ,  but they are giving preference to Big Business moving in instead of what we hold to be self-evident and rightful to declare. The freedom of press is easily persuaded in South Texas, or no freedom of press at all. In conclusion I would also like to mention that when and in the recent drought situation here in Texas Gov Perry wanted Mexico to own up to a water treaty the US made with Mexico in 1944 he quickly referred to this treaty to hasten attention. I leave this information in your hands and hope for your prompt response.


David "Alex" Ruiz

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We were attacked almost twelve years ago on September 11, 2001. Joaquin Luna Jr. -- an aspiring American DREAMer was upset in light of the attacks and wanted to do something, so he spoke of enlisting into the United States Armed Forces according to accounts made by his sister Nina Hinojosa.   But he could not enlist into the U.S. military because he was undocumented.   As a Mexican-American veteran of the United States Air Force, this story was moving to me and caused me to reflect on the green card soldiers I used to serve with.

Joaquin Luna Jr. lived in Texas and wanted to be an American citizen.  The United States was a country he would fight for.  He wanted to succeed and build here.  He put his hopes on the passage of the DREAM Act in December 2010, but the DREAM Act did not advance in 2010 because 39 Republican and 6 Democratic Senators did not support it.  Unfortunately he later took his life because he felt he had no hope in 2011.   As a consequence of not supporting the DREAM Act children, the Republican Party suffered in the Latin vote department during the 2012 Presidential cycle.

 photo Dream-Act-Students-139-199x300.jpg

Living in Arizona, I often see Mexicans and Latinos being demonized and portrayed in a negative light by restrictionists and isolationists who make claims that we are a drain to society or unpatriotic.  Some right wing media outlets do not do an adequate job in portraying our patriotic contributions and it is discouraging for me to see an immigrant from Fiji and Iran being tied to Mexican immigrants and our southern border in light of their anti-American or anti-white sentiment.  This is yet another instance of Mexican immigrants and the entire border community taking the hit for the reckless actions of other immigrants. Luna represents what was pure and attractive about the DREAM movement in the beginning. He was someone who already believed himself to be American in every way. He wanted to give his all to our country and he only wanted one thing more from the US after pledging his allegiance to our flag -- citizenship.

We do not take the immigration issue lightly or as joke, and the Mexican-American community is repudiating anti-American sentiment.  Carlos Galindo is an Arizona radio show host and an immigration rights activist within the Mexican American community who said it is wrong to lead others away from patriotism or loving this country.  He asks:  “Why do these self proclaimed undocumented ‘leaders’ such as Mohammad Abdollahi (immigrant from Iran) enjoy a safe haven in the U.S. while spewing violent anti American rhetoric?”

One of my favorite heroes is Dr. Hector P. Garcia. After World War II, Hispanic veterans suffered discrimination due to their skin color, and Dr. Garcia was courageous and showed leadership throughout that difficult period.  Dr. Garcia remains a central figure of the Mexican / Latino civil rights movement today, due to his refusal to stand idle while Mexican Americans were being dehumanized in post-World War II society.

Many of us remember our grandfathers, uncles, and ancestors who were drafted, and how a great number of them spilled their blood to defend our country in a time of war. We honor them for that and we refuse to allow others to make light of the contributions made by our indigenous forefathers and paying that ultimate sacrifice.

The fight for the Mexican patriotic image continues because the sentiment on all immigrants changed for the worse post 9-11, and hate crimes against Latinos rose.

The time is more crucial than ever in light of the Gang of Eight Legal Comprehensive Immigration (CIR) Bill recently passing the Democratic-controlled Senate but is still in need of climbing the hurdle in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.   We predict the Republican-controlled House of Representatives will vote this October on the immigration reform bill in a time polls are showing strong American support for immigration reform. As an American voter, I know it is the responsibility of our Congress to fix the broken immigration system under the United States Supremacy Clause, and we will soon see what the scoreboard will look like.

But with the summer recess break ending for Congress, we are now seeing images from conservative websites that are essentially tying radicals and extremists to the immigration issue during this critical time.  For instance, Prerna Lal (an immigrant from Fiji and co-founder of sent a tweet about “killing white invaders.” The problem I have is seeing the likes of MRConservative showing an image of the southern border that ties into the “hate speech” while quoting Brietbart as a source.

Diyer Mendoza is a surviving brother of Joaquin Luna Jr. believes it is a possibility  may be  receiving donations from Republicans who do not want CIR to pass.   Mohammad has an agenda to “kill CIR” so naturally this raises a reasonable suspicion to find out where their donations are coming from.  Mendoza also believes the far right wing media ought to consider the Mexican immigrant children who love this Nation like Joaquin Luna Jr. because they are the ones really suffering and in a lot of pain because and feel they are hitting a brick wall.  The suffering will get worse because many of their parents are here undocumented.

Family members of Joaquin Luna Jr say:  “We are not here to provoke hatred against white people or the United States.  We are hear to help other who want an opportunity to live the American Dream and prosper.  To contribute taxes and help build.  We are fighting for DREAMers who love this country because we love this country.”

I will never forget September 11, 2001.

I know leaders in other countries envy us and our freedoms.  It is our beacon light [of freedom] terrorists will continue to try to chip away from us because they do not want to hear their own citizens achieving freedoms that emulate the United States.

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I voted for a Democratic President via Obama for the first time in my life during the 2012 Presidential election cycle.  I finally left the Republican Party in light of their anti-immigrant sentiment, and I am now a registered Independent voter.

I have also been advocating and supporting immigrant rights for over 10 years.  I was unsuccessful changing the GOP from within when I attempted to work with the moderates.  The extreme tea party people were too strong and louder than the moderate GOPers, and quite frankly I simply could not stomach my people [those of Mexican descent] being referred to as "wetbacks" any more.  Moderate GOPers tend to be lower key compared to the screaming tea party who bullied their fellow Republicans by targeting them and calling them RINO's or (Republican In Name Only).

It is a fact that most of the immigrants who are being deported are Mexican.  Many Mexican-American registered voting immigration activists and supporters have been fighting for DREAM Act students and Immigrants to receive a pathway to citizenship via legal immigration reform.

 photo f355f26c-70c1-480b-847f-bfb28c84db2f.jpg

Mexican-American comprehensive immigrant reform activists have been supporting a pathway to citizenship for years because of their fellow family members getting deported.  With regard to DREAM Act organizations, United We Dream is  the first and largest national immigrant youth-led organization working for road map to citizenship and fair treatment for 11 million undocumented Americans.

 photo unitedwedream.jpg

Yet the so-called says this about the first DREAM Act organization:

 photo ea68ee25-50a4-4d0a-a003-e08ddeb60c25.jpg

But there are a couple leaders who do not appear to be in support of becoming American citizens.   These two leaders I am highlighting are not from Mexico and the reason why I am confronting this issue is because I see far right wing media outlets trying to use the Iranian immigrant who refers to our Nation as "Amerikkka" (yet using our Nation to save his life; and using another leader who is an immigrant from Fiji who has made comments that she feels like it is "nonsense" for immigrants who yearn to be citizens".  (See below).

 photo a3af0bf1-8f7f-4a3f-8042-79a8fbc91706.jpg

 photo 29b5d8f9-7b12-482f-81db-5128a3488f76.jpg

Both Mohammad Abdollahi (Iranian immigrant) and Prerna Lal (Fijian immigrant) are co-founders of

Far right wing media outlets like Brietbart already appear to be anti-Mexican but they also have intentions to use a couple of radical leaders who refer to our Nation as "Amerikkka" or  have anti-white views as the poster children for the DREAM Act even though they know damned well most of the DREAM Act students have pledged their allegiance to our Nation and are aspiring to become contributing Americans of our society.  Wouldn't it make sense for the far right wing media outlets to highlight the patriotic students who want to achieve the American dream while contributing talents or the education they received here?

Why are the far right wing Conservative media outlets choosing the two most extreme radicals that have opposing views of reasonable DREAMers and/or the Mexican-American voter?  It is a well known fact that the fight is for legal immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship.

 photo 70486581-59ea-464d-9492-abc7cb38fc33.jpg

Red flags were raised when these 2 leaders were bashing President Obama and supporting Mitt Romney for President in 2012 even though it was Romney who advocated self-deportation ideas.   It appears both Mohammad and Mitt Romney agree on the idea of self-deportation for controversy reasons.

 photo 586073ab-3933-453f-9f87-2b92fc5795fb.jpg

 photo f2217e53-f2c2-4869-8fc0-91f5c0716692.jpg

 photo mowantstokillcir.jpg

 photo 553105_10200777995027160_1630826072_n.jpg

The majority of Mexican-American immigration activists are against self-deportation ideas so why was Mohammad (the Iranian immigrant who refuses to self-deport)  encouraging Mexican immigrants to self-deport during the DREAM9 incident?  One would think a real DREAM Act activist would be against self-deportation ideas Romney supported.

Could it be that these faux DREAM Act persons a/k/a dream-posters
are manufacturing a crisis controversy so they can solicit for donations?

You decide.   While you are deciding, try to figure out how much goes to the lawyer who more than likely may be helping at a reduced fee or doing pro bono work, or to the actual dreamer or the activist or organization.  

 photo coyotemohammad.jpg

 photo 3c321b2b-d6e3-4a2a-bf8e-09b8d4a629a3.jpg

 photo 97620c27-a1a1-4bca-9d6e-11fafa54a594.jpg

Arizona Mexican-American voters are taking a stand against anti-American and anti-whitey rhetoric we see far right wingers trying to use in an effort to quash immigration reform efforts.  We have witnessed the likes of Senator Russell Pearce (sponsor of SB1070) make the argument that Mexicans are not "patriotic" and/or are a drain to American society.

We are keenly aware that the Gang of Eight Comprehensive Immigration Reform passed  the Democratic controlled Senate and we have a hurdle yet to overcome via the Republican Controlled House of Representatives.    Extreme views will be used by anti-immigrant folks and they will take every opportunity to use bad examples to make it harder for us to convince moderate Republicans to be a part of a CIR bipartisanship deal.  

Since undocumented immigrants cannot vote, it is up to us -- the American voter to do our best to see a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill signed by President Obama.   We know that the bill will not be perfect and we know and understand a compromise has to be made in an effort to convince the GOP Controlled house of representatives.  

We are at the point where we want to see our fellow man who has been living in the shadows come out with his/her head up high taking a sigh of relief knowing they no longer have to hide anymore.

Tune in to the Carlos Galindo show Monday Morning at 7:00 am - 9:00 am (Arizona time) to find out how several Mexican-Americans are distancing themselves from anti-American radicals.  

 photo cd01fff1-ff75-4ce0-8b78-aceea1da4ddc.jpg


Viva Ramirez a Chicano activist was the Arizona Director for Voto Latino and an instrument for getting out the vote. photo viva.jpg  I met Chicano activist Viva Ramirez several years ago at a political function, and we continued our work together when he was the Arizona Director for Voto Latino and when I used to be the President of the National Tequila Party Movement.  Both of us had a common goal:  To get more Chicano / Mexican-American eligible voters to register to vote and support legal immigration friendly ideas.  We both believe in the need for a strong Chicano resurgence and we are currently working on Chicano projects that will strike a nerve in political hearts.  We know that politicians are not afraid of immigrants because they know immigrants do not have the right to vote — however, politicians know that Chicanos can vote and we are voting.

Here is Viva’s recent opinion with regard to DREAM Act activist tactics and it is unfortunate some people are hell bent on embarrassing President Obama … after all, it was Obama who supported DACA against the wishes of many in the Republican Party.    Personally, I believe efforts should be targeted on the House Republican Controlled Congress who will not vote in support of legal immigration reform.

Viva writes:

   This pointless arguing over the Dream9 tactics at the border is OFFICIALLY out of control.

    As an advocate for immigration reform myself, I was disappointed to see that this once robust and precisely focused immigration reform movement is now shooting blanks with this action at the border. There is no denying that a zealous twenty- something Dream9 organizer [Mohammad Abdollahi] telling a veteran immigration advocate like David Leopold that he has no agency because he’s a ‘whitey’ is where the conversation lost control—and credibility. I also found it fascinating to watch this Arab- American Organizer proclaim his authority over the future of the immigration debate (which will ultimately impact more Mexicans and Mexican-Americans than anyone else).

    People like Mr. Leopold and myself  have taken a great personal interest in the immigrant movement and it was a movement which I understood to be an exercise in creating a voice and leveraging grace for persecuted immigrants [residing in the US].  And their true allies being citizen activists, like Mr. Leopold, who would advocate on their behalf.  This was a movement to KEEP PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY!!

    As logic follows, voluntarily walking yourself out of the county and then asking the entire nation to comply in essentially lifting up the fence for you to walk back in without consequence offers no profit to the movement that I can see. It gets even more ridiculous now that people are calling on President Obama to extend some unprecedented grace to people who voluntarily deported themselves.

    Bottom line is this: We do not live in a Monarchy…. Asking President Obama to ‘just let them come home’ is nothing less than delusional. He isn’t KING OBAMA… HE is an elected Head of State.


    WE THE PEOPLE have not endowed him with the unbridled authority to do with our country as he pleases and this is exactly why Congress exists.

    Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am not an Obama apologist by any stretch, but the simple truth of this matter is that it is the HOUSE and the Senate (and the racist politicians like Rep. Steve King who occupy them) who have stripped and dismantled the only hope for reform that they (the DREAM9) had.

    Instead of calling on us all to focus our energies on an effort to salvage the pittance of a reform bill that is left in the HOUSE, they have called on us to collectively usurp the laws of our country in order to defend a haughty and bold stunt which promises NO profit whatsoever.  No, Obama can’t just wave his royal scepter and proclaim that 9 people among millions are forgiven of their transgressions and be allowed to return to the kingdom.

    A letter from congress signed by a mere 34 members out of approximately 425 is proof positive that they are NOT moved one bit by a tactic such as this—and they don’t have to be. The bill is already in the house and theatrics like this are rendered futile.

    As a result, It seems that the majority of Congress just ain’t gonna touch it. And now what have we got? Three more Dreamers who voluntarily added themselves to the burden of the 1.7 million we are already struggling to reconnect to their families.

    Yeah … they went too far.


 photo virgilpeckkansasrepublicansRepTimHuelskamp.png

It is the responsibility of our federal government to work on immigration laws since immigration is protected under the Supremacy Clause of our United States Constitution. Of the federal lawmakers attempting to fix our broken immigration system, all 54 Democratic and Independent Senators voted in favor of reform. 14 Republican Senators voted for legal immigration reform, with a remainder of 32 Republicans who voted against the measure. via S.744.

Though the recent legal immigration reform bill passed the Senate recently with bipartisanship support, a member of the House Republicans via (R-Kansas) Rep. Tim Huelskamp made a controversial statement regarding the legal immigration plan and stated:

   “I made a comment in there, kind of offhand, that trusting Barack Obama with border security is like trusting my daughter with Bill Clinton. We just don’t trust him.”
Mexican-American Latinos can say the same thing about Kansas Republicans.

The State of Kansas and the Kansas GOP received a black eye because of Rep. Virgil Peck’s domestic terroristic threat that traveled across the nation when he suggested ‘we hunt down immigrant people and shooting them down like pigs.’

That said, we believe trusting Kansas Republicans on comprehensive immigration reform is like trusting Virgil Peck with a gun on a helicopter hunting for undocumented immigrants.

On a side note: Where in the hell are the Kansas Agricultural lobbyists at when you need them? Do Kansas farmers want to see their labor go?

More importantly, Huelskamp seems to be cut from the same cloth as Kansas Secretary of State — Kris Kobach.  See below regard Kobach’s racist ties:

   In their book, Huffman writes that “the Kansas candidate” received “significant funding from a notoriously racist group” while running for the state’s 3rd congressional district in 2004. He also writes that Kobach once wrote “that apartheid could be justified in the name of political stability.”

    Following Huffman and Rejebian’s research, conducted in the summer of 2004, incumbent Democratic congressman Dennis Moore made a campaign commercial suggesting that Kobach had received campaign contributions from “people with ties to white supremacists.”

    The Kansas Democratic Party and others have also pointed to a quote from Kobach’s Harvard thesis as evidence that Kobach “authored a book that provides a defense of Apartheid in South Africa.”

    But in our conversation yesterday, Kobach told me that those allegations were “ridiculous.”

    “That’s just flat out wrong,” he said. “It’s a smear campaign and it’s completely inappropriate.”

    The donor organization in question is the U.S. Immigration Reform PAC (USIRPAC), which gave Kobach $10,000 in 2003 and 2004, according to the Federal Election Commission. USIRPAC President Mary Lou Tanton is the wife of John Tanton, the founder and board member of the Federation of American Immigrant Reform (FAIR), an organization that has been labeled a “nativist hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its hard stance against illegal immigration. Since 2004, Kobach has also worked on contract on a variety of cases for FAIR’s legal arm, the Immigration Law Reform Institute.

    In 2009, the Southern Poverty Law Center published a report stating that FAIR was part of a network of “restrictionist organizations conceived and created by John Tanton, the ‘puppeteer’ of the nativist movement and a man with deep racist roots.”

    Tanton “has met with leading white supremacists, promoted anti-Semitic ideas, and associated closely with the leaders of a eugenicist foundation once described by a leading newspaper as a ‘neo-Nazi organization,” the report states. “He has made a series of racist statements about Latinos and worried that they were outbreeding whites. At one point, he wrote candidly that to maintain American culture, ‘a European-American majority’ is required.” MORE>>>


Republican House Speaker John Boehner and other House GOP leaders recently came out with a joint statement regarding immigration reform that will leave the 2016 Presidential elections door wide open for the likes of Hillary Clinton / Joaquin Castro.  Republican leaders in the House of Representatives do not support the legal immigration reform efforts today and this is unfortunate from a national security standpoint because we ought to know by now every person who lives within our borders.

It was Republican President George W. Bush when signing the Secure Fence Act of 2006  who said, “This bill will help protect the American people. This bill will make our borders more secure. It is an important ‘step’ toward immigration reform.” Since the signing in 2006, all of Bush’s operational goals that were implemented have been met, yet it does not appear good enough for the House GOP when they want to work on a ‘step-by-step‘ immigration plan.

Bush’s Secure Fence Act was supposed to be a ‘step’ toward immigration reform over 6 years ago, yet Republican leaders are reluctant to take on a complicated issue in an effort to solving same and it is no wonder why the Republican-led House approval rating sinks to new historic lows due to partisanship – giving Democrats a 7% point advantage.

GOP House of Representatives continue to leave Americans and our national security weakened.  In light of today’s technology, every person living in our Nation should be documented from a security standpoint.  Yet there are millions living here without documentation, and Republicans continue to drag their feet leaving us exposed because they do not support a legal mechanism in order for this to happen. The House GOP  chooses to leave millions living in the shadow of society because they know the United States simply cannot afford to deport 11 million immigrants.

It is unfortunate the GOP allowed their Party to be controlled by the likes of the John Tanton Network and Numbers USA, but like the Dixiecrats of yore …. the GOP will lose a good portion of the future Mexican-American vote (accounting for almost 70% of the entire Latin population pie) in the future like they did in 2012.

The Mexican-American community is aware of President George W. Bush’s “soft” push on immigration — however, we are looking for more assertive means.  There is no reason why we should not know who all is living here with the technology we have today.  If one is truly in support of our National Security — then they ought to work on a mechanism that will document everyone living here now. More importantly, Americans will never support any idea that resembles “taxation without representation” as it relates to immigrant people who contribute to tax coffers.

With the recent House GOP signal on immigration — it confirms to me the need for a stronger push and resurgence of the Chicano Movement.  Politicians know immigrants cannot vote and defend themselves, so it is up to us (Mexican-Americans) to continue  to show them we will vote in droves with regard to future National elections holding them accountable and responsible for their non-compassionate views towards fellow mankind, our family and friends.


   WASHINGTON, D.C. – The following statement was issued today by House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX), and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) following a special meeting of the House Republican Conference to discuss the issue of immigration reform:

    “Today House Republicans affirmed that rather than take up the flawed legislation rushed through the Senate, House committees will continue their work on a step-by-step, common-sense approach to fixing what has long been a broken system.  The American people want our border secured, our laws enforced, and the problems in our immigration system fixed to strengthen our economy.  But they don’t trust a Democratic-controlled Washington, and they’re alarmed by the president’s ongoing insistence on enacting a single, massive, Obamacare-like bill rather than pursuing a step-by-step, common-sense approach to actually fix the problem.  The president has also demonstrated he is willing to unilaterally delay or ignore significant portions of laws he himself has signed, raising concerns among Americans that this administration cannot be trusted to deliver on its promises to secure the border and enforce laws as part of a single, massive bill like the one passed by the Senate.”

    # # # # #

    - See more at:


Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer, Shirl Mora James,  is the President of SOMOS INDEPENDENTS formerly known as the National Tequila Party Movement reacts to House Speaker John Boehner and the House GOP with regard to their joint statement on immigration:

She writes:

    The House Republicans affirmed today that they do not believe in democracy. Instead, they acted like unpatriotic fascist nationals by failing to bring CIR to a vote. The American people want Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the House GOP is ignoring public consensus but they will pay in 2014 and 2016 for their decision today to keep people in the shadows. The House GOP needs to remember that unless they are Native Americans, they too are descendants of immigrants! To the dishonorable GOP Representatives who came out today against CIR, which Native American Tribe issued green cards to your immigrant descendants?

Somos Independents is a woman-led political movement.  More females vote in Presidential elections than men and the strong Mexican-American / Latina matriarch is emerging and we want to communicate to those matriarchs across the nation with regard to our message of compassion towards immigrants and legal immigration reform.  

 photo jindalanotherbrownfacedtokencreatinghurdlesforlegalimmigraiton.jpg

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is a state governor — not a federal lawmaker. Immigration law is protected under the Supremacy Clause of our United States Constitution, and God forbid 50 different governors presenting 50 different bureaucratic immigration plans across our Nation. Governor Bobby Jindal (who lives in a state that does not border Mexico) is criticizing Republicans like Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake (who do live in states bordering Mexico) along with the rest of the bipartisan Gang of Eight Legal Immigration Reform team.

In addition to Jindal criticizing the current Republican lawmakers in support of legal immigration reform, he is also essentially criticizing former President George W. Bush’s Secure Fence Act of 2006 when the Bush administration met 100% of the operational goals that were intended under the act. When President Bush signed the Act, he said, “This bill will help protect the American people. This bill will make our borders more secure. It is an important step toward immigration reform.” [Some of us remember Jindal's early political career when he was nominated by President George W. Bush to be Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and Evaluation in 2001.]

Bush’s Secure Fence Act was supposed to be a step toward immigration reform over 6 years ago, yet, Jindal wants us to go back two more steps despite his inability to appreciate the undocumented immigrants who helped rebuild Louisiana to begin with!

Jindal didn’t seem to have a problem with undocumented immigrants when they were being exploited in effort to rebuild his state in 2005 after the Hurricane, but now it appears supporters of the John Tanton network have discovered another brown-faced token to set legal immigration back a bit if they can. Indeed immigrants were the backbone of post-Hurricane Katrina reconstruction: Workers who converge at dawn and wait to be picked up for 14-hour shifts of hauling debris, ripping out drywall and nailing walls.

Where was Gov. Jindal at when NBC News and the AP covered the exploitation of the immigrants in Louisiana?

   “What is fundamentally unfair is these are workers who have responded to a national priority to rebuild this city and yet whose rights are being violated,” said Laurel Fletcher, director of Berkeley’s International Human Rights Law Clinic and one of the study’s co-authors. …

    While 83 percent of documented workers interviewed by the researchers said had access to medicine when needed, only 38 percent of illegal immigrants did. Around one-third of illegal immigrants said they understood the hazards of removing asbestos or mold, compared with more than 65 percent of documented laborers. Thirty-three percent of legal workers received medical attention when needed for a reported problem, compared to 10 percent of undocumented workers.

    Some of those waiting for work said they are afraid of complaining.

    “It’s too dangerous for my body,” said 29-year-old Saul Linan, an illegal immigrant from Mexico. “But I don’t say anything. If I do, the boss says, ‘Hey, if you don’t work hard, I’ll take you to immigration.”’

I for one am sick of my people getting used after responding to national priorities during a crisis. In fact, many undocumented immigrants have enlisted in our Armed Forces to protect our Nation during war. Yet, I see the same mundane politicians like Jindal who use immigration as a political football. And it sickens me when that politician does not reside in a state that borders Mexico nor when he belongs to the United States Congress that has the authority in the first place to address legal immigration reform protected under the Supremacy Clause of our United States Constitution.

Jindal is a first generation and son of immigrants who’s family came from far away and across the ocean, and he will never understand that those of Mexican descent are indigenous to this land even though he ought to know it was Abe Lincoln (the father of the GOP) who rebuked President Polk for the illegal Mexican-American war. Yet, my people will continue to love and die for this Nation, and they continue to respond to crisis situations and the call for rebuilding efforts (like in Louisiana) after being taken advantage of.

More importantly, as a veteran of the United States Air Force who supports strong national security, I want to underscore that the 2013 Legal immigration reform bill is a major step forward in securing our Nation because only after everyone is registered and documented will we know who is in our Nation and where we can find them. We know that once we fix the broken immigration system, and once we document all immigrants — then they can feel safe to help law enforcement agencies to target criminal activity without the fear of deportation when they report suspicious activity to the law enforcement authorities. Therefore, bringing the immigrants out of the shadows will only strengthen our Nation’s security.

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