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Now that income inequality has gotten to be noticed to the point where MITT ROMNEY thinks he can run a campaign around it (and that is a whole other hilarious diary), I think my own kids have become acquainted first hand with the way little known companies are devastating our middle class in their own, diabolical ways.

Both my son and daughter work for companies that were begun by men that cared about their employees and treated them well.  When the owners die or retire and leave the company to family members or others, there is a major change in the attitude regarding employees.  All of a sudden, they are disposable and are treated as if they are standing in the way of profits.

How do they do this?

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CA recently had its first attempt at forming a committee of citizens that reform and decide our Congressional districts based on community similarities rather than politics.  Prior to this, I found out that my small community had my corner of town split off and stuck to the small conservative areas up in the north of the state. I used to have Wally Herger, Tea Partier non-extraordinaire.  Ugh.  After the bipartisan committee of citizens did their thing I am back in the same district as my neighbors and we are aligned with other communities similar to ours.

I am now represented by Congressman John Garamendi (D).  He is spending the next few Saturdays doing up to 3 2-hour town hall meetings per day in towns across his district.  It was only 2 miles away from where I live so I figured that if he offered the opportunity I should take him up on it.  If I don't participate, I can't complain when things don't go my way, right?

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Someone on another site suggested that since Obama has done well at standing firm against the hostage takers he should move to the next phase of negotiation.  I like it.

You know, the one that goes like this:

Car dealer:  I'll give it to you for $1500.
Customer:  I'll give you $1400 for it.
Car guy: Nope. $1499.
Customer:  Now you're making me mad.  $1200.

The concept is every time the GOP offers a non-deal deal, Obama asks for more.

GOP:  We'll open the government and give you a 6 week debt ceiling increase but you take off the medical device tax.
Obama:  I said I will only negotiate once you open the government and raise the debt ceiling for a year.  Now you are messing with me.  So I also want the immigration bill passed.
GOP: OK, how about we open the government and you get a 7 week debt ceiling increase and do away with the medical device tax.
Obama:  How about I get the government open, the debt ceiling raised until after the next elections, the immigration bill passed, and a national $15/hr minimum wage.

And so and so on.  Hell, while we are at it, let's get everything Obama has asked for the last 3 years.  (Except that chained CPI thing.  Not a fan of that.)


I am sorry if someone has already covered this but I found it the easiest, best way to make the point about the income inequity in this country.  You hear it all the time from the President, in the news...but how many people blow it off and really get the concept?  I kind of knew, but the information in this video allows me to understand  well enough to explain it to others.

I believe it is important to get this kind of information out there during these days of the sequester.  How can we continue to allow the GOP to support not raising taxes on the wealthy and the wealthy corporations based on this kind of evidence of inequality?


So, yeah, I've read about 'em, seen them on TV, but have never actually met one before.  Hopefully this will also be the last encounter I have.

"Obama is a crook."  "Why do you think he is a crook."  "Everything he does".

"The Dems are too far left."  "How are they too far left when most of the programs they support were until recently supported by the GOP?"  "No, they aren't." " Yes. They are."

"We don't need moderates. All we need to do is get things done."  "How will you get things done without moderation and compromise?"  No answer.

"Obama is way too out there."  "Really?  Because polls show the majority of Americans support his policies and view point."  "No, they don't.  I've seen the polls."  "Yes, they do.  You need to step away from Fox News."  "I watch all of the channels."  "Yeah, uh huh.  Sure."

"That Benghazi cover up."  "What cover up? What is the advantage of Obama covering anything up?  And were you this upset when 3,000 people died in New York?"  No answer.

And the kicker.

"Bush and Cheney did not lie their way into the war.  I was there in Iraq and saw the WMDs in Syria."  "They lied about many things.  Members of his own administration have come forward to admit he lied about the facts they told him."  "What are their names."  "I haven't memorized all their names but the research is out there." "See, you can't even give me their names."

See, here's the thing.  You can watch these nuts on TV.  You can laugh under your breath at them.  But when you actually see one in action, it takes your breath away.  You come away thinking that the survival of the fittest dictates that someone this ignorant should never be able to breath and walk at the same time because it's too complicated.  I'm dead serious about that.

I can not believe there are people out there in such numbers that are so determined not to let facts get in their way.  And these people are running the GOP.  Why is Lindsey Graham acting so psycho?  So he doesn't challenged by the Tea Party next election.  Why is McCain losing any dignity he ever had by spouting nonsense and helping destroy any small amount of functioning ability Congress has left?  To help his buddy not get primaried.  Why is our government being run by people, who should be savvy to confidential information that gives them the facts, relying on right wing bloggers making up rumors?  Because the GOP is afraid of the Tea Party.

If this is how our country is going to be run in the next few years we should be very, very afraid.


The Daily Show really outdid themselves as they showed the GOP convention delegates exactly what it means to live in a corporate America.  How fast they change their tunes when it applies to their state!


Mon Oct 10, 2011 at 06:43 PM PDT

Education by Headline

by EducatetheMasses

Everything important to know about voting can be found in headlines:

If they say the average voter only spends 15 minutes deciding on to pull the lever, there is a need to educate people in 2 minutes or less, giving them another 13 minutes to process, debate, then finalize their decision.

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