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My dad suffered a great deal for his work, helping our country, and even facing the McCarthy Commission.  He was really a great guy.  The nicest man I ever knew.  The biggest heart.  The kind of guy you'd say was too nice to be in business.  (He was told that many times.)

My grandparents were Orthodox Jews from the Ukraine.  Both sets of grandparents came over here and settled in Philly just after the turn of the 20th century, thus avoiding the holocaust.  My Grandpop Isaac, a man of short physical stature, but great height in his senses and forward-thinking and warm smiles at me, lived to 100.  he was clearheaded and sharp right to the end.  He fled Russia to avoid being drafted to fight the Russo-Japanese War.  My Grandpop Isaac was a great tailor.  He would take the train to NYC, into the garment district, to sell his stuff.  He did this into his 80s.  I still wear the coats he made in the 1940s and 1950s.  They are pristine.  Not a stitch has weakened or pulled.  The linings are still perfect.  Incredible.  Grandpop Isaac was my mom's father.

My dad's father, Grandpop Harry, had a grocery store.  He was about 6'4", just like my dad, and the warmest smile I have ever this day.  Really.

My dad was the youngest of three children, and the only son.  His mom used to iron his underwear.  'Nuff said about the importance of the son, the culture, etc.  Oof.

And speaking of the culture...  Education.  My dad took some Mayoral Scholarship Test when he was in Central High School in Philadelphia.  He was one of two people citywide to score a full ride to the University of Pennsylvania! (A mere 400. (YES, 400 DOLLARS) a year, back in 1940.  His parents' store was small and supported the family, but they could never have sent him to college without that scholarship.  While at Penn, he was on the crew (rowing) team and the chess team, he earned another free year, and got his Master's in Electrical Engineering.  Sadly, his family always wanted him to be a doctor or a professor, and he had to endure hearing about how Jewish men do not become engineers - at the bi-weekly family dinners at his sister Anne's house.  I heard that alot growing up.

One of my dad's jobs out of grad school was an engineering stint at Bell Laboratories in Baltimore.  There he defended a black man who was called the n word by a co-worker.  The offender informed my dad that they were below the Mason-Dixon Line, and "you can call 'em what you wanna call 'em when you go home up north."
But engineering is what my dad loved.  He opened up a small storefront on Ogontz Avenue, doing RF testing, and was living his dream, struggling, but doing ok on his own, when the McCarthy hearings stripped his security clearance, because he was labelled a communist by someone who dropped a dime on him in Baltimore.  He lost all of his government business, his military business.  Suddenly, he was a Jew, and thus a communist. Jewish clubs he belonged to in college suddenly became marxist associations. (That Ted Cruz fucked up bullshit about commies in congress and the similar Michelle Bachmann accusations made so flippantly, gall me like you can't fucking imagine!)

He also worked on the development of the earliest radar systems, calibrating radar equipment by bouncing beams off the water towers at Coney Island, from across the  bay waters in Sandy Hook point, NJ.

My dad's early radar work and experimental work with microwave radiation left him with severe lifelong hearing problems, and he wore two hearing aids his entire adult life.  They never worked very well.  He seemed to miss out on half of life around him.  I'm sure his work had a little something something to do with the cancer he got later in life as well.  How stupid and naive would I be to think otherwise?

He told me stories of the earliest microwave ovens, which did not yet have the interlock, so they would just run and run with the door open, just like your gas oven at home!  The lucky chefs' arms would essentially cook, as they reached in for the dish, their forearm hairs crackling and skin tingling!

My dad's radar development work was deemed too important to the war effort (WWII), and thus he was not permitted to go overseas to fight, or even to enter the military, though he was born in 1920, and was of prime fightin' age.  He spent World War II in NJ, developing radar.

I always figured the fact that he didn't serve in WWII couldn't have helped in his defense of those ugly charges of being anti-American.

The years went by, and with the help of friends and contacts, and my dad's inhuman hard work, he built a good-size small business, an engineering service business and a business manufacturing shielded enclosures. It did well enough to buy a house and send two kids to any college they wanted to go to (with loans, of course, though sane loans. Not like today).

My dad was a complex man.  He loved Nixon for his support of Israel, and wrote a couple of letters to Nixon about supporting some missile system.  He even got a hand-written response from Kissinger!  But my dad was a lifelong Democrat - before and after Nixon -and had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met.  On vacation, he couldn't pass up an old couple that needed help and someone to stay with them until their grown children came to get them (that pissed me off bigtime that we missed the arcade that day, the 10-year old fucking brat that I was).  My dad took care of so many people, and worked himself into the ground, with the weight of so much on his thinning frail shoulders.  His once tall big frame withered from 220 pounds down to 175, from prostate cancer, heart problems, and probably depression as well.  I am proud that the day before he died, I made him go to the hospital.  A 66 year old man with his  medical history, sweating nonstop, and feeling like he's jumping out of his skin, should not just sit in his favorite chair and rest.  I was fortunate enough that the last time I saw him alive, was when I ran back to him after our small family was at the elevator.  Visiting hours were over, we thought everything was cool and stable, he was smiling and alert and comfortable.  I ran back to him just to tell him I love him.  He gave me that warm familiar smile.  The hospital called around 5:30 the next morning.  Aortic aneurysm, tore toward the heart.

Next time I saw him was the last.  He was in that same bed sitting up the same way, but his head was back and he was dead.  He was all waxy.  It was the first time I had ever seen a dead person.  It was weird and awful.  Sadly, I have seen two more loved ones in similar repose since.

Anyway, I love my dad, and I just want you guys to know that.  He died when I was only 26...a very YOUNG 26.  I grew up so late.  He never knew the man I became.  Not a glimpse.  I write now, for one.  This place is like family to me, in many ways.  My dad's name was Albert.  His sister called him Ab, as in Abbah.

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...Bulbs, for 40% below normal retail price, all guaranteed with our instant price match guarantee!"

Thou shalt have no other stores before Me.

Thou shalt not kill...
...except with 2nd Amendment remedies available in our sporting goods section, for 25% below normal retail, guaranteed price match savings!

And the Prophet Walton said, "My Father's store has many locations."
So, how can we find the way to our nearest Walmart Location?
And Walmart said, I am the Way.

Holy Walmart, mother of God,
Employ us sinners parttime,
Now, and at the hour of our death.

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For those of you who read my last diary about my battles with unemployment, and how I am trying to see the simple blessings in life...

...and for those who didn't; I want to let you know that I am still* unemployed.  I won't be able to respond until later tonight (I set this for autopub this AM).  Please leave comments, and please check out my book.

What I have encountered is a world where I have not used one postage stamp in my entire job search and resume blitz, a world of indeeds and lists of craig and monsters.  Man, the monsters...they're the worst.

Seriously, this is a dehumanizing experience, one of rejection and great voids, and also immense frustration as there are jobs that you know are perfect for you if you only could get in front of somebody, look them in the eye, and tell them about yourself.

It is a world where it is professionally acceptable to not call people back, to not acknowledge people, to not respond after they have been rejected and want feedback on their interview performance.  It is the classic manifestation of the coldness of business, where that legal line dictates no exposure of liability for the company in dealing with job applicants.  And yet, they will give you a required e-form to tell them - well before they even start considering your application in the slightest - if you are a man or woman, a vet, disabled, or recently on SNAP or some other PA.

I copy n' paste the email address, craft wisely, append, and thus apply again to a listing to discover that, once again, my resume isn't sufficient, and I have to spend 20 minutes again entering everything that is on my resume into tiny boxes. Then comes the psych assessment, whose questions I know so well already, that purports to judge how you are as a teammate, if you are violent, or whateverthefuck they wanna think you are or might become in your unholy future.

I click through to apply to another listing to discover that they want my social security number and pretty much all of my personal information except my bank account.

My bank account is what I was asked to supply for purposes of direct deposit of course, after I was supposedly hired as a QA Manager sight unseen with nary an interview by some outfit in Colorado that was gonna send me 1300 a month to inspect and reship boxes of electronic equipment at home.  I didn't, and they never sent me a check or anything to inspect.  Just a contract and an NDA.

An NDA is what I was forced to sign when I was signed up by this other guy who wanted MBA's.  I did get great practice on participating in conference calls, and meeting deadlines and using Dropbox.  Not to mention practice at writing business plans.  I was really using my MBA for the first time in many years!! Of course I am still waiting for the promised paycheck for that work.

I fill out one application and am asked for seventyfive bucks to be allowed to view their job listings.

I fill out some other application with all of my personal information thinking I am applying to teach management and leadership at an online unversity...only to have my tv watching interrupted for the next few days by telemarketers who think that I want to enroll at an online university.  And to add insult to audacity, the telemarketers work some third-party independent firm.  Not even the fucking school.

That is a pretty good description of the last 5 months of my life, sans my interview experiences.  I am getting damn good at interviewing, if I do say so myself.  If anyone is interested, I would like to post a diary about interview tips in the near future.  I am hardly a professional job-seeking advisor, but I do have a degree in psych and english, and an MBA...and lots of experience on both sides of the interview desk.

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I’m looking for life’s simple solutions now.  This is how I Sonic. You see, I lost my job not long ago, and have had very little access to Dailykos lately, That’s unfortunate because this place is my second home, and I truly miss the morning crowd; especially Bill’s Cheers n’ Jeers, and the morning commenters on Hunter’s diaries!

When you’re not working, you lose track of the days.  My god, it could be Monday, or Saturday, or even humpday. What’s the difference?  I’m a seasoned manager, an organized team-builder, and I was a coach and a mentor of my staff; and an expert in customer service.  I love to help people in whatever job I hold.  Sadly, these days I am spending a lot of time watching TV, and I thank god every day for Rob Lowe, as I lounge in my Bob-O-Pedic and verbally spar with the AT&T lady.  I’m older than the Yumbo, but I know things will work out for me, because I’ve learned so much in the past few weeks.  I learned that even terminally ill patients can go to Cancer Treatment Center and everything will be alright!

Yes, I’ve fallen, but I will get up.  Besides, if I find I can’t get up, I’ll just call eight hundred eight eight eight eight eight eight eight, and there will be no fee until I win.
When I need money I simply call Montel Williams and his benevolent altruistic friends, and they put money in my bank account in 24 hours!  Plus, I get all the cash back I need from Bank of America.  I mean, it’s my money, I’m gonna use it when I need it!
And there’s a nice old senator who is hooking me up with a reverse mortgage because he cares about me and my family!  So many nice folks out there!  What’s in your wallet?
Actually, you probably don’t have one, because now you have the Capital One Wallet App.  And on top of all of that great news, Sprint is cutting all of my bills in half.  In half!! And I got six free yeast rolls yesterday (Free?  That works for me!)

Jan from Toyota is always there for me when I need a friend, so I don’t feel deflated, or even under-inflated, even though I’m a middle-aged man and I see 19 year old Parker Schnabel pulling in a cool million every summer of his young life.  Okay, so I do feel down sometimes, because, goddamn it, even Rosco’s working!  But then I think every day is like a brand new season with Draft Kings dot com.  So I put on my Ambervisions (an 800 dollar value, just pay separate shipping and handling for the second pair you don’t need anyway) and I belt out “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” and Anthony my agent is nowhere to be found.  But my actual good neighbors think I’m an idiot.

Seriously, a lot of good things are happening as I make wise us of all of this spare time.  I waterproofed my home with Phil Swift and his god-awful Phluffya accent.  I do P90XInsanity and Bowflex Max every morning.  And I’m getting a 2nd Master’s degree from DeVry in my pajamas, and a Doctorate from SNHU in my underwear.  Of course, I was forced to click the “Did I lose my job last year” box on Turbotax, and that made me depressed, but then I found my great-great-great grandfather’s enlistment papers just from clicking a little leaf.  

One thing I can’t do is get a 5 dollar hot n’ ready, as I have to leave the comfort of my home for that.  I thank god every day for Dom, so I don’t have to talk to another human.  He can get me a pizza, but he can’t teach me karate or cancel my morning meetings, even though I don’t have any.  I do like bacon.  I put that sh*t on everything.
Yes, the old me didn’t see these simple pleasures in life, like waterproofing products and pizza and bacon, but now, thanks to Abilify, everything’s great! When I worry about the side effects, like sudden death, or an erection lasting 3 days, I simply click my Time Warner Cable Smart Home App, and I feel totally relaxed. Of course, the Latuda cocktail helps too…

Thank god I don’t have A-fib, Low-T, ED, or Restless Leg Syndrome, like all of those poor folks on TV, but the chicken pox rash is already inside me.  However, in the long run, I know it’s all gonna work out because Mio changes everything and my cat eats Fancy Feast, Nationwide is on my side, and I’m living free with Hydroxycut, Legal Zoom has my back, and I AM FARMERS!  Plus, I can save 15% or more in 15 minutes anytime I want!

Yes, everything’s right with the world:  Jake from State Farm is still wearing Khakis, my floor liners are American made, and I’m lovin’ it!  Some shit in a can Gives me Wings, I’m doing dollops of Daisy, and I’m in e-Harmony with the world.  You see, even though I’m currently unemployed, I know I’m a winner.  I deserve sprinkles on my ice cream.  Flo says so.

Please pardon me if I can’t be around Monday until the evening, when I can respond to thousands of kudos and comments...or the 2 or 3 that I usually get.  I do have an interview in the morning.

Seriously, despite what the GOP says, the economy is looking pretty damn good, and there are lots of decent jobs to apply to.  If anybody has a lead on something in New York City, please email me.  I’m sending out resumes and cover letters like crazy.

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Sorry to shout, but this (CENSORSHIP) is what Bill O'Reilly is disingenuously crying on national commercials that reach millions of viewers.  Dish Network is involved in a nasty contract dispute with Fox, and they dropped 'em.  It's all about money, of course, and we have seen these disputes many times over the last few years.  Time Warner Cable dropping CBS a year and a half ago, comes to mind right away.  Sadly, these disputes, always over money, are occurring quite often, and of course, we, the regular ol' viewers, all lose.

No surprise at this particular pathetic, pandering, disingenuous tactic by Fox, but, my god, we have seen these battles between tv providers and networks so many times, and they are always about money.

The disputes always go down the same way, with the provider dropping the network over money, and the viewer losing out (on football!!! on NCIS!!! (heaven forbid).  Eventually, the two giant corporations come to terms and regular viewing resumes, but while in limbo, commercials are always run to try and get viewers to switch providers so that they don't lose their favorite programs.

I really don't give a fuck about two corporations pissing in each others' faces, but it always seems to splash in ours.  I also give a fuck about such blatant lying by Fox, to call this interruption "censorship".  We are supposed to believe that a carrier does not want fair and balanced news coverage??  Wow, the entire media machine, from top to bottom, except for Fox, (and maybe some Mellon-Scaife newspaper, I guess) - god bless him - is just brutally liberal.

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Mon Jan 12, 2015 at 04:45 AM PST

A Good American

by Floyd Blue

A Good American Psycho Word Association For Corporate Growth

A good American, I stand
and deliver
overnight for profit
Muhammad I am taught to loathe
and fear Jesus, I am a good Christian
Bale of hay and field of grain
of truth justice and the American way
of the warrior is what I believe
in Santa Claus in the contract
that binds me if I choose to abide by it
at a discount is how I keep my money
on my mind
the gap I shall not do
for you, unless there is something in it for me
first place
to lay my head in luxury and set up shop
till you drop
in the bucket
list to the right, always on the right
side of history
is on my side
saddle you with debt is how I make my fortune
cookie with your Happy Meal.
I'm lovin' it
factor is all that matters
of the heart
attack you on social media
is liberal
is evil,
Though I own stock in Fox
and hound you relentlessly.
For though I own the mountain AND the valley,
my one God I fear
the slippery slope on which I stand
with liberty and justice for some...
...more money.

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Kos and others have documented quite well the Republican wolf in Dem clothing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  His anti-union policies are now quite personal to me, as they have officially affected our household.

From Rick Karlin at the Albany Times Union

In a move that has sent shock waves through the state's unionized workforce, the Cuomo administration on Monday sent notices to about 1,000 members of the Public Employees Federation telling them the state is seeking to reclassify the recipients as non-union workers.

The notices went to people in more than three dozen state agencies, including the departments of Environmental Conservation, Labor, Health, Housing and Motor Vehicles, the Office of General Services, the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities and more.

They are attempting, quite successfully, to reclassify many New York State PEF (Public Employees Federation) union jobs - with titles such as attorney, auditor, hearing officer, and many others - to "management/confidential".  This is the first step to breaking the union.  Affected employees were handed notices to this effect, with no warning, and were "asked" to sign them on the spot.

Many feel that the move is in retaliation for legal disputes with Cuomo, and especially because the PEF union supported Cuomo's opponent in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in the last election.

His next moves will surely be to replace those state workers with private contract employees.

This asshole is a Democrat?

This was done the week before Christmas.  


Hello Community,
As I sit here, newly-unemployed, getting my novel ready to publish in January, not having as much opportunity to come around to Dailykos nearly as much as I want to, nor as much as I could a few months ago, feeling out of touch...

I think about the elections.  I haven't watched much political news lately, focused on job-hunting, resume rewrites, book edits and book cover design, and lots and lots of NFL as my well-needed dumbing numbing distraction.

So what I thought of today comes from the gut, from intuition.

I figure that most people really don't follow politics, and definitely do not listen to what politicians actually say and what they actually believe in.

I figure that Dems couldn't be worse off right now, if they had just stuck to the President, without fear, without caving; without letting the message get muddled and changed, or worse, distorted to the point of whole-cloth-lying.

I'm sorry I haven't been around as much lately.  I actually lost my job for cause, involving this website, actually...which will make for a good diary as soon as I have time.

I would ask you all to please watch for my novel coming out in January.  Since you all follow politics, I promise you, it's a quick read that will make you feel a little better, and laugh at what needs to be laughed at.  It pokes pointed sticks at what needs poking.

So, am I wrong in my assessment?  Did Dems just do what they usually do, and let the GOP carry the day?

How much worse would it have been to stick with the President??

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Hey fellow Kos'ers (being Jewish, I just never cared for the term Kossack).

Sorry I haven't been so prolific, or around so much lately.  I lost my job a few weeks ago. I was fired for cause, and it's a very interesting story that actually involves this site, so I will diary that for you in the next couple of weeks. I also have a book coming out in the next two months.  I will definitely try to be around our community more.  I love it here.

John Cahill is the GOP candidate running against Dem Eric Schneiderman for NYS Attorney General.  (Sadly, Gov Cuomo and the Albany Dems have made the battle lines blurred and gray, but I still know what GOP stand for).

I wanted to tell you about a very interesting call I received yesterday afternoon "Paid for by Friends of Cahill".  The phone rang from a 631 area code (Suffolk County Long Island, lots of white and lots of support for John Cahill, I would think).

The call consisted of about a half a minute of fluffy rambling generalities that evoked patriotism and doing things the right way, with no negative mentions of Dems, and no mention of the incumbent Dem Schneiderman.  In other words, the call was meant to find support for Cahill, without coming across as slamming anyone, or alienating Dems in any way whatsoever.  In fact, not one issue at all was brought up.  

The voice even mentioned quite prominently that Cahill was indeed a Republican!
(I'm used to that fact remaining hidden in many GOP pols' ads).

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Upper Darby was always the home to the Terminal of the Market Street commuter line, and The Tower Theater.  It always felt like the city to me, and it lies just outside the western line of Philly.  A quick lookup shows the racial makeup of the municipality approximately 20+% black, and the high school over 40% black.

So what the hell is going on with the police in Upper Darby?


Upper Darby Township police will be treating about 1,000 township residents to water ice and a movie on Tuesday night.

"We've decided to do something positive for the community," said Michael J. Chitwood, Superintendent of Police.

The event will be held at the Second Ward Playground, at Crosley Avenue and Seaford Road, from 7:30 to 10 p.m., said Chitwood. The Lego Movie will be shown starting at 8:15 p.m., he said.

Chitwood sounds like he gets it, especially when it comes to mixing with the kids:
"We've got some things that glow in the dark" for the kids, Chitwood said. A DJ will be playing music for the first 45 minutes, he said.

Mothers of Upper Darby High School students will be on hand to dish out the icy treats.

The cost of the water ice is about $350, set up for the movie is about $500 all offset for by a grant from the Weed and Seed, a federal program aimed at reducing violent crime and drug use in select communities.

And yes, they thought of this type of community stuff before Ferguson, MO:
The event is patterned after the "Coffee with a Cop" event that the department held in April.

The coffee event, held at a McDonald's restaurant brought people and police together as never before, said Chitwood.

"They couldn't believe that we were down there doing something nice for the people," he said. The Second Ward is a heavily populated area with frequent police activity.

"More often that not we are arresting people," he said.


Serial liar, Dinesh D'Souza, who famously thinks that our great country's liberals brought on 9/11, (I will NOT link to his lousy lie-filled book.  He truly believes that liberals were fully responsible for bringing down the World Trade Center towers.) performed his schtick at Louie Gohmert's birthday party on Monday, 8/18.

He first showed his total and utter delusional nature:

D’Souza praised the congressman for representing “the kind of American spirit, and fortitude, and good sense, but also practicality that’s very much needed today.”
(He appears to like Gohmert almost as much as our very own Hunter!)

Then, it all got worse:

“One of the things we need to do is to contest the left on the issue of justice,” he said. “They allege that the wealth of America is based on theft, and it’s the right of the government to come and seize your wealth, and my wealth because that wealth is stolen goods.”
In effect, what they’re saying is that your stuff that’s in your house — your TV, your couch, your savings accounts, your kids’ college account — that’s sort of like Nazi stolen art. It belongs to somebody else.”
He went on to claim, in his rambling Marilyn-Monroe-to-John Kennedy-like fawning tribute to the Gohmert, that liberalism is based on envy.
“Ultimately what Obama and the progressives are doing is waging war against the wealth creators,” he opined. “They’re also, by the way, waging a more secretive war against Christianity. So, they’re attacking both the core principles of America.”
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Sex to save the friendship.

He certainly is another disingenuous GOP politician.
NJ Gov. Chris Christie was in Colorado, on a panel with the rogues gallery of GOP gov's:
Walker, Scott, Haley, Brownback.  He was shaking hands at the diner and pretending to be honest and forthright and a great listener.  I almost fell off my chair when I read that he claimed this:

The party hasn’t lost elections because of a focus on social issues, but because of its “tone and tenor,” Christie said at the Aspen Institute in Colorado. “I think we’re getting pounded because of the way we present ourselves.”

Voters want people “who are authentic and believe what they say is true, but also are willing to be tolerant and listen to others’ points of view,” Christie said.

He pointed to his election wins in New Jersey: “I have plenty of folks in my state who vote for me who have significantly different opinions than mine on some of those issues,” Christie said. “The reason for that is because they think I’m listening to them," and "they know that what I say I believe."

Yes, he espoused the benefits of being tolerant and a great listener, and reiterated his honesty, as well.

(Somehow, Jethro Tull's Livin' In the Past rang through my head just now)

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