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I'm now convinced that between the offer from the Whitehouse, the Plan B Republican headcount, Rep. Pelosi's position that she will support President Obama's compromise, and Sen. Reid's most recent statement that any deal to be entertained by him must come from negotiation between Rep. Boehner and POTUS.... well long story short, we can now make a good guess about what the deal will look like.

And it's pretty clear that the president wants a deal and does not want to face debt ceiling shenanigans in his last term.  He wants to get other things, like immigration and tax reform done as part of his legacy while he still has the chance and the mandate.  And its PBO who holds the strongest hand at the table right now.

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"Adopting the chained consumer price index for Social Security benefits will take $112 billion out of the pockets of current Social Security beneficiaries in the next 10 years alone, and is neither fair nor warranted.

"Social Security is currently the principal source of income for nearly two-thirds of older American households, and roughly one third of those households depend on Social Security for nearly all of their income. Half of those 65 and older have annual incomes below $18,500.  Every dollar of the average Social Security retirement benefit of about $14,800 is absolutely critical to the typical beneficiary.  

"The Chained CPI is a stealth benefit reduction that will compound over time and cut thousands of dollars in retirement income for current beneficiaries.  A typical 80-year-old woman will lose the equivalent of 3 months worth of food annually. The greatest impact of Chained CPI would fall on the oldest, eventually resulting in a cut of one full month's benefit annually.  This dramatic benefit cut would push thousands more into poverty and result in increased economic hardship for those trying desperately to keep up with rising prices."

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Devo's new song is out on YouTube, you might want to go LIKE it.

It's cute, got a good beat, it only shows cover art though... I'm looking forward to the video.  But anyway, you can check it out and hear the lyrics.

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I just stumbled upon an article in Salon published today by David Haglund:
 Did You See This? Ayn Rand on Johnny Carson

In it is a two part video uploaded to YouTube by warpicachu of Johnny Carson interview Ayn Rand in depth on her philosophy.  It's amazing, the absolute kiss of death to the Ryan/Romney ticket.  

She explains the core concept of her teaching, the central value, which is selfishness.

See the videos below the fold, and enjoy.

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I want to clarify something about the purported "unemployment extensions" being negotiated by the WH and Republicans in return for capitulating on Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy.

There are no new UI extensions or tiers being offered or asked for in these negotiations.

See below for the details...

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UPDATE:  See below the cut ... WENY - TV  Sen. Schumer announces that Unemployment Relief Could Extend to '99ers plus Video

I found myself in excellent company the last few tense days glued to CSPAN in watching the jobless extension proceedings along with hundreds others over at Unemployed-Friends.  

This website has thousands of participants and we talk about everything from legislation, how to live and survive when when you think you can't go on, how to deal with bill collectors, the practicalities of living in your car or on the street.  Take a few minutes and read some of the posts, it will have tremendous and permanent impact on you.  It is real life for millions of Americans today and the foreseeable future.


I support legislation to add Tier 5 for the 99er's

91%142 votes
8%13 votes

| 155 votes | Vote | Results

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Wow!!!!!  I'm so exited I can hardly type.....

This just in....

There will be a HUGE Labor Day March on Washington for the unemployed and underemployed to demand a massive public jobs project and unemployment benefits to address the dire economic conditions of millions of American workers.

The announcement was made by a newly formed powerful coalition of labor and political leaders.

There's more.....

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Havana, Cuba (CNN) -- Cuban opposition activist and longtime hunger striker Guillermo Farinas is "in danger of dying," state media reported Saturday.
In a rare move, state-run Cuban website Cubadebate published an interview with Armando Caballero, head of intensive care at Arnaldo Milian Castro University Hospital, where Farinas is being treated.
Caballero said Farinas is "conscious [and] oriented," but his frail condition has doctors "on edge," according to the website.


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UPDATED: There will be no vote tonight.

This from the Iowa  Independent newspaper: Unemployment extension stalled until after recess, Harkin concedes

Although U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin was hopeful Thursday morning that his colleagues would take one more crack at passing an extension of long-term unemployment insurance benefits, his office has confirmed that there will be no more action on any measures taken until after the Independence Day recess.

Thanks also to zapus who mentioned in his comment the possibility that the vote might not happen.

Good luck to all and try to have a good 4th of July because don't forget WE WILL NOT GIVE UP.


Is it OK for Senators to go home for 4th of July without passing the Unemployment Benefit Extesion?

4%12 votes
95%265 votes

| 277 votes | Vote | Results

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