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This is a quick report, as its just unfolding - there was apparently an armed robbery near the campus of Ohio University in Athens.  The suspect is still at large, and the police have closed the campus.

Tonight's basketball game vs. EMU has been cancelled, will be made up later.

Ohio University officials have released the following statement;

“In light of the fact that the armed fugitive that was spotted in the Athens campus vicinity has not been apprehended, the President has decided as a precautionary measure to close the Athens campus. All classes are cancelled, all students will be asked to return to their residences, and all non-essential employees should return home Unless notified otherwise, classes and normal work activities will resume Thursday at their normal times.”

The quick story can be found here

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If you're on this site and reading this diary, then you know all the updates and all the advertisers who have abandoned the blowhard, Rush Limbaugh.

But one point that many have been overlooked is the decision by the Cleveland Cavaliers to suspend all advertising during Limbaugh's show....this is a bigger move than most people may realize.

I'll explain - after the fold.

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Sat Jan 15, 2011 at 12:37 PM PST

Sarah Palin has forgiven al qaeda

by Jeff Seemann

There's no need to rehash what happened in Tuscon one week ago.  By now you've seen all the news, heard every side and almost every angle on what happened that day, and most especially you have heard Sarah Palin's "all about me" Facebook video.

But what I find truly outstanding in that video was the forgiving nature that Palin showed.  She's truly a wonderful woman who has seen the light.

Follow me below the fold and bask in the glowing light of forgiveness;

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Earlier today, I posted on my Facebook account about the McDonald's in my hometown that threatened employees to get them to vote Republican.

As of this diary, it's had about 40 responses, but mainly from one Teabagger (a self-described "Palin groupie") who at first denied the existence of the incident, but then began attacking every government agency possible.  At one point she called for the end to all taxes.

Her responses were typically hypocritical...she once needed "transitional Medicare" from the government, but she felt really bad about taking it, so it was OK.  But everybody else who gets it now is lazy and needs to be drug tested.

Of course, the vulgarity came pouring out, and anybody who called her out on her double-standard has no right to judge her (despite her constant judgments on the lazy people who probably "needed educating on who to vote for anyway").

I let my friends make the arguments for me, but I have finally had enough.  

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Sun Mar 21, 2010 at 07:27 PM PDT

This vote is for Ted Kennedy

by Jeff Seemann

We're all watching it.  We're all ready to celebrate.  We're all ready for the change that we need.

But none of it would have been possible if not for one man.

This night is for you, Ted Kennedy.

Somewhere up there, we know you're smiling.  Your work is no longer unfinished business


Seriously, if you can get through this 7:44 video from one of America's finest citizens, then you're a better man than I am.

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Mon Jul 27, 2009 at 08:29 PM PDT

In defense of Connie Schultz

by Jeff Seemann

Sorry, but I can't take what I'm seeing here today.  I can't take it anymore.

There's been a lot of kneejerk reactions and general attacks being thrown out today on these very pages over something that Connie Schultz of the Cleveland Plain Dealer said today.  the quote that has earned her a day in the penalty box?

The so-called citizen journalism of most blogs is an affront to those of us who believe reporting and attribution must precede publication. Fact-checking is tedious; it often derails juicy rumor and deflates many a story.

So far that very comment has earned a lot at hate here at DK.  And I imagine I'm about to get some anger and bile spat at me too for defending her.

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It's a simple question.

Rush Limbaugh has openly and publicly claimed that he wants Obama to fail.  Now the screaming heads are busy either frantically defending him or attack him, but the real question has not yet been asked;

What is the benchmark that needs to happen for you to proclaim that Barack Obama has failed?

What will it take for you and the Republicans to declare victory over Obama?

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We've all got our stories.  They're all similar, with various minor differences in the accounting of our days.  They all involve tears of joy, numerous hugs, a massive celebration, and a long night of fun.

My day was like all of yours, but here's the story of my day.

The election night celebration began at 8pm at the party headquarters of John Bocierri (who is now our new Congressman, the first Democrat to serve OH-16 in 60 years).  This is the seat that I ran for unsuccessfully in 2004.

In my hand all night was a bottle of champagne I had purchased in November of 2004, hoping to uncork it on election night that year.  I wasn't able to open it then, and I have had it with me for four long years.  It was ready to be opened.

The party buzzed during the early part of the night as results came in.  The early states fell like we thought they would, and whenever we got small results from Ohio, we grew louder.  A Dutch TV station and several newspaper photographers were on hand to record our event.  There were a LOT of news photographers there...we later learned that there were so many because the GOP didn't throw a party this year ("nobody wants to go to a funeral", someone said).

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I've been going through a long series of interviews for a job, a server's position at a nice restaurant.  I first was interviewed for the position a couple of months ago, and they are getting closer to naming the person they'd like to hire.

Two weeks ago, they asked me what I felt the job of a server/waiter was.  I told them the following;

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For decades, the most troublesome part of campaign financing was that it seemed far too easy for large corporations and wealthy individuals to give huge sums of money to candidates and their PACs, receiving special access in exchange.

It was largely ignored, because the same people who could create a law preventing "special access" were the same ones getting those aforementioned huge sums of money.

In the 21st century, transparency reigns supreme thanks to the internets, and it is nearly impossible to strike a backroom deal between politicians and corporations.  Oh, it still happens, but nowadays the people involved end up exposed.  Right, Senator Stevens?

But now comes forward the oh-so-horrible idea that small contributions can actually make a difference?  150 million dollars in 30 days?  At a clip of 86 dollars per person?  Why that's downright corruption!


Did you purchase special access to Barack Obama?

37%70 votes
25%48 votes
22%43 votes
8%17 votes
5%11 votes

| 189 votes | Vote | Results

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I've read WAY too many reports on this site (and others) regarding physical assaults and abuse on Obama supporters, ACORN representatives, and Democrats in general.

  Canvassers getting put in headlocks and pummelled
  People being spat upon
  Multiple death threats over the phone
  Screams of "kill him" and "terrorist"
  Front-yard mock lynchings in neighborhoods

Need I go on?  Hell, you know the stories.

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