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Mon May 06, 2013 at 04:49 PM PDT

Waiting for Gorbachev

by Jeffrey M Cavanaugh

Howdy folks!

Thought I would post another one of my columns form Mint Press here. As always, drop by, check us out, and give us your feedback. If like what you see, look us up on facebook.

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This past Monday, the global left celebrated May Day – International Workers’ Day. Around the world, workers marched in the streets, in some places violently, demanding better pay, working conditions, and an end to capitalist exploitation. For a civilization that thought globalization and the end of communism had brought about the end of history, all this is no doubt unsettling and comes as a great shock. Marx, it seems, is having the last laugh after all.

For the doctrinaire free marketeers – whose nihilistic mantra of one from all and all to us is at least partly responsible for this resurgence – the unease with unfettered capitalism in places as disparate as Seattle, Bangladesh, and Spain comes as a great shock. Combined with the catastrophic collapse of the world economy in 2008, a demoralizing event for the capitalist faithful to be sure, the intellectual leaders who have so long touted the market as a cure-all for all the world’s ills seem adrift in the sea of reality. What can be done, they might ask, to restore the good name capitalism previously had?

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Hi folks, this is also posted at Mint Press News. Go over there and give us some love! We're a new, progressive web site trying to make our way in the world. Go over and give us some love. :-) As always, comments appreciated.

Last week, lost amidst the tragedy and drama unfolding in Boston, Mass., science reminded us once again of the infinite smallness of human events taking place here on planet Earth.

Astronomers sifting through data collected by the Kepler Space Observatory — a telescope lofted into orbit in March 2009 with the mission of detecting Earth-like planets circling far-away suns — announced the discovery of two planets, both a bit bigger than our own, orbiting a star 1,200 light-years away in the northern constellation Lyra.

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Originally posted at Mint Press News....

     Submitted for your approval is an item from the following scenario. A man, certainly deranged and possibly part of larger group of evil-intending madmen, has been arrested after a bomb has gone off. We are certain of his guilt as the evidence against him is overwhelming and he has confessed to the crime, but there remains the suspicion that the bomb, which has killed and maimed many innocents, may be part of a larger plot against the body politic. Danger lurks in the passing moments of what could very well be a ticking time bomb.

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Hi folks,

As a few of you many know, I am part of a progressive, online news start-up called Mint Press News. I'll be cross-posting a few of my articles from there here to give the DKos community a taste of what we have on offer. My latest is on the endemic corruption at the Department of the Interior and what we can do about it.

For Americans living east of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the Department of the Interior is almost a non-entity. Known for running the National Park Service but not much else, the public “back east” is one that is generally ignorant of the role the Department of the Interior plays, via its Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and other Interior agencies, in determining the fate of millions upon millions of acres of publicly-owned and federally-administered land. This needs to change.
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Hi folks! I'm a Progressive columnist at an online News start-up called Mint Press News. We're offering news and analysis from a broad, international perspective... so show us some love!

Anyway, I'll be posting snippets of some of my columns here after they appear "in print" at Mint. Feel free to comment and critique!

Cross posted at Mint Press News

They came by the hundreds. Or the tens. Possibly singly or in very small groups. It is hard to say exactly how many as scattered news reports have confused just how few people showed up to a series of right-wing rallies held across the nation this past Saturday. There were lots, though – several dozens, at least — just ask the data-mining and fundraising outfit that organized them.

The protesters had a message, though, and they proclaimed it loud and clear across the land to any who would listen – mostly the homeless, the odd passersby, and bored local news crews who were forced by their bosses to show up. Their cry, which reverberated throughout the land of conservative talk radio, was that King Obama – the dreaded and most cruel bringer of health care reform – would not take their guns away from them.

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