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Alaska is facing attempts to fundamentally change how education is funded, change the definition of a medically necessary abortion, and destroy public sector unions in it's biggest city... all at the same time.

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The March 22nd Manifestation nationale was not the culmination but the midpoint of a 10-week-long student uprising that has seen, at its height, over 300,000 college and university students join an unlimited and superbly coordinated general strike.  As of today, almost 180,000 students remain on picket lines in departments and faculties that have been shuttered since February
This is not a historical look back at a pivotal student strike that shaped student- school relations in the US.  It's not a look at actions during the days of the Paris Commune or even the Spanish Revolution.  This is a strike that is going on as we speak, in a country directly to the east* of us.

* well, east if you live in Alaska as I do.  Country to the north for those of you unfortunate enough to be stuck in the Lower 48 on a spring day as beautiful as today is.

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The question comes down to why do you care about some dead black kid?
The words in the title, and in the quote aren't mine, but are Bomani Jones'.  He is a sports personality that hosts a weekly video podcast called The Evening Jones and appears on various ESPN shows across their network.  On Monday, the inevitable question was raised about Geraldo's hoodie comments.  The quote I open with is where he ultimately ends up.  He covers a range of topics within the Martin case and does it in a very logical way.  I can't get the video to embed correctly (any help would be appreciated...) but the link is here.  If you have 20 minutes or so, please watch from 43:40 on (and if you have any interest in sports, watch the whole thing)
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As I write this I am still regaining the feeling in my fingertips and and toes.  It's been cold here in Anchorage.  It feels like it's been hovering around 0 since winter started.  As I was taking out the trash after returning from a Thanksgiving weekend away, I saw what first looked like a pile of rags.  Instead it was one of the many homeless people who inhabit our city, winter as well as summer.  It was hard to tell how long he'd been lying on the hard-packed snow berm on the side of the street, but from the state of his un-gloved hands, he'd already been out in the elements for too long once this winter.

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