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Well you can't.  Seems Fox news bought up all the tickets so they could distribute them to who they wanted, keeping out any dissidents in the crowd that they could.  


You most surely can attend the protests outside.  Assuming you're in Washington, of course.  Directions and more below the fold.

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It really was always burning.  By now you've likely heard, either from my diaries, a friend or the news, that Mount Vernon, WA is giving Glenn Beck the key to the city.  Sadly, I have to write that Mount Vernon is giving the key; the truth is, there is only the mayor and a few outlandish followers that support this.  It's truly this one man out on a branch, and he's sawing it off as fast as he possibly can.  If you've ever wanted to see what it looks like to hang a man out to dry publicly in front of the nation, follow me past the jump.

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In my on-going coverage of Mount Vernon, WA's mayor's decision to give Glen Beck the key to the city and declare a day in his honor, I finally have some good news to report!  Apparently, the Mayor is just about the only person insane enough to think this is a good idea!  Backlash keeps growing, and coverage is sweeping the nation.  And the press definitely is having trouble finding anyone who can get on camera to support the event.

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As some have noticed, I've been diarying about how my hometown mayor has decided it best to give Glen Beck, the vehement racist and hater of Americans, the key to our city.  He always wants to dedicate a Glen Beck Day.  Apparently, his beliefs are something worth celebrating.  Our local Young Dems chapter has been working actively to protest and voice a deep concern over the audacity of such a move.

It seems Glen Beck has some supporters on the paper staff as well.  While local papers are no NYTimes, the editorializing they did in an article of Glen Beck protests stunned me more than anything I've read in awhile.

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I diaried on this before here.  Basically, my lovely hometown, a picturesque farming community that holds a fantastically beautiful tulip festival annually, is nestled in the foothills of the Cascades, and has stunning vistas of the San Juan Islands has decided to mar all of that with a 1000' by 1000' billboard decreeing itself as "An Intolerant, Divided and Hateful Community."

Wait, what?  Okay, maybe not.  Slow down, breathe, let's go across the jump.

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Thu Aug 20, 2009 at 10:35 AM PDT

They want to give Glen Beck WHAT?!!?!

by ManageWA

I'm from a beautiful small town in Washington.  Mount Vernon was named Best small city in America in 1998.  We host the Tulip Festival every year, where thousands descend on our picturesque valley to view the beautiful flowers (we sell more than all of Holland!)  Heck, Jesus even attended my high school!  (Thank you Jim Caviezel)  But now...  Now I just don't know about it.  You see, while Edward R. Murrow lived just up the road in the small town of Bow, our most notable journalist to herald Mount Vernon as home at one point is none other than Glen Beck.

And our mayor is considering giving him the key to the city.

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Washington is facing many very important down-ticket races that trump our work for Obama.  He's going to win this state, but our governor may not.  We need to work for her, and we need to work for her supporting cast.  As campaign coordinator for a state representative candidate in an open seat, we stand a strong chance of picking up a seat and moving us one step closer to a super majority.  But we're in a difficult, Republican district.  Don't believe me?  Look at the totals from this coffee shop bean vote:


McCain at a 3-1 advantage for President?  We're fighting an uphill battle.  Please help.

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Washington is in trouble.  We're three weeks away from kicking out of office an amazing Governor and replacing her with George Bush's insolent step-son.  Dino Rossi is going to take our successful economy, freeze it, and crash us deep into this recession.  He's going to overturn anything and everything progressive.  And Washington is going to accept this and celebrate it.  Dino Rossi is running a smear campaign that puts McCain to shame. He's been running it from day 1.  Gov. Gregoire's campaign just hasn't been organized and because of that, she's trailing as the better candidate.  But we can do something to save the state.  Follow after the fold.

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Almost all of the democrats involved in this are close friends and volunteers of my campaign.  They decided to investigate rumors of a racist, insensitive $3 bill at the Republican booth of the Washington State Fair.  When one of our volunteers, Carol Ronken, went to go photograph the booth, she was told to leave immediately.  Then security was called on her.  She said nothing until confronted.  Now, after the poor press hits, the party is claiming that "they had no idea" and "of course that isn't right!"

Yeah, right.

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Dino Rossi, loser of the '04 Governor's race to our fantastic Chris Gregoire, gave a speech at the CPO's office at NAS Whidbey Island.  Navy rules prohibit campaign events on their grounds, but apparently this can be looked the other way for Rossi.

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Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 09:56 AM PDT

In memoriam: Paul Wellstone

by ManageWA

Originally, I had intended to write an on-going diary about the trials and tribulations I've faced while managing a campaign for state representative out here in Washington.  Being a student and manager has kept me largely busy and unable to write on the activities of the campaign, but I also didn't find time to write because I simply didn't want to make that time.  Working the campaign is fun, fulfilling, and educational, but more, it was just one task and then the next.  

But Paul, where does he fit?  I would be lying to say I knew anything more of him than a trivia answer about his death.  I'd never listened to the man speak nor his message and never was given any reason to by those around me.  He was just a name to me.

Thankfully, this last weekend changed all of that.

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Wed Mar 19, 2008 at 06:53 PM PDT

Liberal Answer to Zeitgeist

by ManageWA

This video, done by a Canadian high school student named Arman Noory, manages to be both funny, crushingly sad, and educational, all in a 15 minute timeframe.  Even better still, he splices in footage from a 1980s porn movie and dubs in voices to help give voice to one of his many different forms of delivering information.  This is one to send to all the friends -- liberal or not.

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