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I was recently reminded the workers who make Apple products work in poor conditions. I feel that if everything you make is for one company, you work for that company, so I contacted Apple with my concerns.

Here is what I said:

"I am writing today about improving working conditions at the factories
that make products for Apple.

1. H-hexane and benzene should not be used to clean cell phone glass.
Please replace with other methods.

2. Air circulation needs to be improved at factories. This connects to
#1 because even improved cleaning methods will produce some fumes or

3. Make sure that workers receive adequate medical care for all
injuries, including pay for time off to recover.

4. Make sure that supervisors are not physically or sexually abusing

5. Make sure factories are not using child labor.

In short, Apple should comply with the International Labor
Organization's Fundamental Principles and Rights to Work along with
article 32 of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child."

I first called 1-408-996-1010 and then I submitted my written comments through at the suggestion of the Apple rep. Apple can and should do better.


As MoveOn is popular around here these days, I thought I would share with you a MoveOn petition asks Congress to change to metric:

So how is promoting metric a progressive value?

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Some people say that our "traditional" measure evolved. If so, why do different cultures have such different measurement systems and why do the definition of traditional measures vary so much even within the same culture? In prerevolutionary France, an aune varied from 0.52m in Strasbourg to 1.97m in Dauphiné.

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I have lived in a variety of countries, and one thing that I have noticed is that, even with the language barriers, it is easier to find out how tax dollars are being spent and what the government is doing. Partly this is because some governments put more effort into communicating with their citizens.

And partly it is because the math is easier elsewhere.

I was originally going to start my first post by comparing irrigation calculations. They are easy using metric measures and insanely hard in US customary. But I can't find the U.S. calculations. Neither the US Department of Agriculture nor the Colorado Agriculture Extension office have any basic information on irrigation. Large parts of Colorado, especially in the south east, are currently experiencing severe drought conditions. And farmers have no easily available source of information about how they are using water.

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