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Fri Dec 19, 2014 at 10:50 AM PST

"The $hitter and the Quitter"

by Morgan Sandlin

Not much of a diary, but worth it for the smile.

This morning while perusing different news sites I came across an article announcing the second season of Sarah Palin's Amazing America...and the commentators did not fail me or America.

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Earlier today I received a phone call from my physician here in Idaho Falls telling me that I had Cervical/Uterine Cancer. Yes, I wish I was a bit more precise in the words he used but to be honest I was already starting a "things to do" list.

I underwent a full hysterectomy on Tuesday so am in the process of healing from that procedure.

Right now I'm looking for resources and information. Going oh poor me won't change the if those who may be of help could join me after the cheeto...

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Karl Rove
We knew this was coming, but it still shocks me when its done.

Karl Rove, in a visit to Fox News, referred to Hillary Clinton as "Old and stale". Politico

He then continued to make references that were an obvious ploy to play upon her age.

The proof is in the past as to his double standard regarding treatment of men and women on this issue.

...and pass the orange cream puff we go.

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Representative Raul Labrador, a man who puts the Tea Party first and his constituents second (..or third, after the Heritage Foundation) has a message for the rest of America. "President Obama won't let us destroy America so we aren't going to play".
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Any relatively informed individual knows that the Tea Party does not represent the majority of the American public. They are a fringe group with a voice far in excess of their demographic representation. So why do they drown us out at times, and what can we do.

Perhaps if we stopped talking to empty rooms and filled them with voices we could make a start.

*And as I just published this diary I note there is a Front Page diary regarding Representative Lee Terry's ridiculous statement.....and no link to a Facebook Page, email, etc...

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This morning N.M. Congressman Steve Pearce posted this on his Facebook page:
It looks like the Park Service has replace the barriers to keep visitors out of the parks. Veterans from across the country are coming to DC to see the WWII memorial. Yesterday vet groups and a few Congressman removed the barriers. I am headed down to the memorial to see that the groups scheduled to visit today get in.  
Rep. Pearce Facebook

Rather than chase after Tea Party contrived photo ops perhaps Rep. Pearce should be aware of what the GOP's actions are truly doing to our military families.

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Notice anything wrong about these images recently found at

Well, you have the National Review Online and their man Andrew Stiles to thank for this smear as the Republican War on Women continues.

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The Tea Party has been endorsing candidates in races where they find the GOP incumbent just not drinking deeply enough out of their punchbowl of hatred.

One of those individuals is Attorney Bryan Smith, a candidate in Idaho's 2nd Congressional District. Mr. Smith flies into the race...and campaign events, revealing an instant shortcoming regarding ethics and a heavy does of extremist rhetoric and very little substance.

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Once again this evening I read a comment regarding Moderates not being welcome or not being able to freely communicate at DKos. I've seen this time and time again and most of it seems to come from self-professed moderates in disagreement on one issue or another.

What these individuals are professing is simply false and the allegation is, in my opinion, an intellectually cheap maneuver with a darker purpose.

*By the way, the photo is of our dog. She couldn't find her tennis ball and wanted to play catch so she grabbed an apple instead. I couldn't find a relevant photo to the story but she's British, so she's probably a liberal and that will have to do.

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Copeland Council Member Karl Connor
Many of you know that I returned recently from the rather wonderful experience of spending years in the U.K..

During that time I had the pleasure of meeting many individuals involved in the U.K. (and Scottish) governments but none so enjoyable as Mr. Karl Connor. Karl resides in Egremont, a small community outside of Whitehaven in Cumbria. He serves as a Labour Party member of the Copeland Borough Council.

As would be expected there has been much discussion regarding former Prime Minister Thatcher's passing today in the U.K. and when I read Mr. Connor's rather pointed remarks I thought it may be of interest for those of us on this side of the pond who watched, but didn't live, the effects of Thatcher's policies on the working class in the U.K.

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I popped over to Free Republic to see what the Tea Party /Far Right wing of the Republican Party had to say regarding the tragic events this morning.

Its not pretty, its not even sane, but it definitely gives you an idea what we are up against when we attempt to speak rationally about the tragic events involving guns occurring in the United States.

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Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 04:06 AM PDT

The Binder Meme...Poor Mitt

by Morgan Sandlin

This shouldn't be a diary but I'm incompetent at photos so couldn't figure out how to place this in a current diary thread and its simply too delicious to not share.
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