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Nebraska's Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy, and leading candidate to replace current Gov. Dave Heineman, just resigned. Reportedly, his resignation comes just before reports about his using a state paid cell phone to make a lot of late night calls to his (ahem) female admirers, was to be published.

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Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 11:39 AM PST

Flag etiquette for Mrs. Boehner

by NebraskaLefty

I noticed that, as Beyonce sang our nation's national anthem during President Obama's second inauguration, John Boehner's wife, Debbie, held her hands at her waist as everyone else was either saluting or holding their hands over their hearts.

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The Chair of the Nebraska Republican Party, Mark Fahleson, should probably put away his Blackberry. Just this past week he was already in hot water for his insensitive comments about his daughter dressing up for Halloween as "Jon Benet". Now he has declared Republican Representative, Tom Price, one of the ringleaders of today's ignominious display of rude behavior directed at the Democratic Women's Caucus on the floor of the House of Representatives, as a "great American."

Fahleson tweeted, "Rep. Tom Price-a great American."


Tue Oct 20, 2009 at 07:45 PM PDT

Meanwhile, back in the real world

by NebraskaLefty

I just returned, not half an hour ago, from La Hacienda, our local Mexican restaurant, in the little town of Holdrege, in south-central Nebraska. I noticed a sign on the window at the entrance that just brought the whole issue of the need for the public option, single payer, health coverage in this country of ours.

I don't know these people, nor the specifics of their plight, but I can imagine that hundreds, if not thousands, of similar signs are being hung from one side of America to the other. How many families must be destroyed by the crushing debt incurred by those guilty of nothing other than the misfortune to fall ill, and not have the resources to afford the profit driven healthcare available in this country - the "best healthcare in the world," according to some.

It does little good to have it if you can't afford it.


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The Nebraska Democratic Party State Central Committee met in Omaha this weekend. One of the most important things to come out of the meeting was a resolution, passed nearly unanimously, to support a healthcare plan with the public option. It will be interesting to see how the sole Democratic representative from Nebraska, Sen. Ben Nelson, will react to this.

The text of the resolution was for all intents and purposes identical to one previously passed by the Lancaster County (NE) Democrats last Sept. 15. Lincoln, NE, the state's capital, and second largest city, resides in Lancaster County.

Here is the text of the resolution, as passed by the Lancaster County Democrats:

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When you get into a discussion with one of those heavily indoctrinated teabagger - Lou Dobbs fans that rant on, and on, and on about how the Democrats are trying to guarantee that all the illegal aliens in our country will have free health care ... toss the ball back into their court.

Ask them, "Why do those illegal aliens come to our country?" After you've received the answer, which you obviously are already aware of, the one that states they come here to work and to get free health care, etc., etc., then is the time to spring the trap. You tell them that Congress has already passed all the laws necessary to ensure that the illegal aliens don't get free public services; the reason why they DO receive them is because of all the right wingers that are NOT doing THEIR jobs.

Update ------

It seems I didn't explain myself as well as I thought I had. I am NOT advocating for turning anyone in to the authorities. What I hoped to convey was that such an argument might make the Lou Dobbs fans realize their own culpability in what they've been led to perceive as a problem. If they see that, who knows what other truths you might open their minds to.

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Wed Sep 02, 2009 at 06:10 PM PDT

National Strike for Health Care

by NebraskaLefty

Not long ago I watched Michael Moore's "Sicko." In it, there was a scene where they showed the citizens of France taking their issues into the street - protesters demonstrated their will in a very public manner. That is what we need here in the U.S.

One phrase from the film that really struck me was where it was said (excuse me if I don't quote it perfectly), "In France, the government fears the people. In the United States, the people fear the government."

I moved to Italy in the mid 1970's at a time when the left was flexing its muscle. One of the tactics that the workers there used to gain support for the reforms they demanded was the use of a national strike. It was very effective. They got a lot of their demands met.


Would you support a nationa strike for the public option?

82%69 votes
10%9 votes
7%6 votes

| 84 votes | Vote | Results

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A few days ago I asked, on a listserv reserved to officials of the Nebraska Democratic Party (I am a Nebraska Democratic County Chair,) where Sen. Ben Nelson might be found, during this Congressional break, speaking to his constituents and learning what it is that we want in the way of public health care. I got no reply.

According to a video that he has recently aired - countering one produced by PCCC/DFA featuring a Nebraska businessman taking him to task on the issue - he has talked to Nebraskans about healthcare. I'm left with the impression the only Nebraskans he's talked to are those that have lined his pockets. His video is full of generalities and bumper-sticker one-liners.

Imagine my surprise when the information I sought was revealed by the Chair of the Nebraska REPUBLICAN Party, Mark Fahleson, on his personal blog. Turns out that our good Senator is otherwise occupied in the State of ALASKA, raising funds for The Great Land PAC chaired by Sen. Mark Begich.

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Wed Aug 05, 2009 at 02:10 PM PDT

Democrats helping Democrats

by NebraskaLefty

Lost in all the rhetoric here on the Daily Kos, the New Nebraska Network, and many other places around the nets about whether or not Sen. Ben Nelson actually supports Nebraska's Democrats, let alone Nebraska's citizens, is the story of Mike Snider. Mike sat down in front of a camera, did a video for Democracy For America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and told his tale about how the rise in health insurance costs was affecting his business and his family. All of us yahoos that have ranted and raved about that video, and its implications, have lost sight of the fact that Mike needs our help.

I highly recommend that each and every one of you, when you find yourselves in the Omaha area, stop by the Syzzlyn Skillet in Ralston and help Mike's business out by having a meal there. Be sure to tell him you're a Democrat and that you will do all you can to help get a health care plan passed that will help him, and others like him.

I had to pick my step-daughters up at the airport in Omaha last night and stopped by, only to find that the place is closed in the evening, but I'll be back. So go early - and go often.

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NE-02 candidate Jim Esch, a fellow that many thought to be cut from a very progressive bolt of cloth has just announced his endorsement of lifelong Republican, industrialist, and Bush Buddy, Tony Raimondo, for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska. This is a HUGE step backward for the progress that Nebraska's Democrats have made in the past couple of years.

OMAHA (AP) - Democratic Senate hopeful Tony Raimondo has received an endorsement from an unexpected source - Jim Esch, who's running for the 2nd District House seat.

Esch, also a Democrat, said Thursday he know some people will be surprised by the endorsement because many of his supporters also are strong supporters of Raimondo opponent Scott Kleeb.

But Esch says he's convinced Raimondo is the most qualified candidate and has the best chance to beat former governor and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns in November.

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Tony Raimondo, CEO of Behlen Industries, has indicated that he is about to decide upon entering the race for Nebraska's U.S. Senate seat, the one currently held by Sen. Chuck Hagel. Raimondo, a close personal friend of Sen. Ben Nelson, was actively pursuing the intent to run for the office as a Republican as recently as last fall. The only thing that seems to have made him change his mind was that Nebraska's past Governor, and George W. Bush's past Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns, entered the fray.

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The Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star has quite a story on more of the Bush administrations nefarious dealings. They're calling him "Senator Whistleblower" after he revealed that a percentage of all the earmarks is disappearing into some kind of unaccountable black hole. Could it be the Bushies are funding something with all that secret money that they don't want us to know about? Anyone have any good conspiracy theories?

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson says Bush administration agencies are “skimming” millions of dollars from congressional earmarks and using the money for undisclosed purposes without statutory authority.

The net result for an earmarked project like the new agricultural research center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln would be the loss of $5 million, or 10 percent, from the multi-year $50 million project “without any authority from Congress to do so,” Nelson said.

He described the process as “outrageous.”

“It’s time to shine a light on the skimming process and uncover what the agencies are spending these secret slush funds on,” the Democratic senator said.

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