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Tue Dec 23, 2014 at 07:33 AM PST

A Christmas Potpourri

by Old Sailor

It has been a long time since I did a diary, so here are some Christmas-related images I've produced over the years.

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Wed Apr 02, 2014 at 07:09 AM PDT

Thank you...

by Old Sailor

for the many expressions of concern and the good wishes! I am definitely feeling better but where I go from here has not been decided yet. The two main options seem to be try another statin or don't take any statin for now, and monitor my cholesterol levels. The matter of whether or not to resume the second medication has not been addressed at all. Matters are still unsettled largely because of a "phone tag" situation with the doctor/his assistant. I knew about the problems with grapefruit when taking a statin, and I have not had any sort of grapefruit since well before I started the statin.

Monday was Little Sister's birthday, so...

Where's the tuna?

We don't know the exact day she was born, but we decided on 31 March as her birthday based on what the vet told us about her probable age.

Thank you all very much again!


Thu Feb 20, 2014 at 06:18 PM PST

Big Sister: The Early Days, Part 1

by Old Sailor

I have already done a diary about "Big Sister Comes to Live With Us", here.

This diary continues the story, in photos, from that diary. The photos were taken very soon after we brought her home.

Note: I'm not sure when would be a good time to publish this.

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Mon Feb 17, 2014 at 09:12 AM PST

Brother Kitty and His Baskets

by Old Sailor

After my partner's mother died, he got some of her Longaberger baskets and put a few of them on top of the wall unit in the front room. Brother kitty became very interested in them and would go up there to investigate them. Here is a photo of him up there with them:

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First, I apologize for taking so long to post Part 2. I got distracted, and other stuff. Part 1 is here.

I'm publishing this in the morning, as sort of an experiment. I'm not aware of any rules about when to publish.

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When we lost Sister Kitty (born 1989) in 2005, we decided to have a private memorial service for her. First, here is a photo of her on her favorite corner of the couch.

Sister Kitty on her favorite corner of the couch

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One day early in May 2010, my partner went to the monthly lunch held by some of his co-workers. One of them pulled out some photos and said that she needed to find homes for some kittens. Her daughter's boyfriend had found the litter on his property north of the city. It is not a heavily developed area, and coyotes have been seen in that area, so he brought them into his house, and his girlfriend's mother (the co-worker) was helping him find homes for them. My partner suspected that Big Sister would not take kindly to another cat in our house, but one of the kittens was a gray tabby that looked like the late Sister Kitty. So, we went out to the boyfriend's house, took some pictures, and returned home to discuss a possible adoption. My partner was aware that Big Sister might not be enthusiastic about having another kitty in the house, but he very much wanted the itty-bitty kitty that reminded him so much of the late Sister Kitty. So,. we decided to adopt the tiny gray kitten and to be very careful about introducing her to Big Sister.

Here is the very first picture we took of Little Sister. You can see why one of her nicknames was Itty-Bitty Kitty.
051210 1520x copy

In this photo, she is on the floor next to the litter pan, shaking her head.
051210 1528b sq

Still on the floor.
051210 1529y

In the next photo, my partner has picked her up again.
051210 1543x

One of the first things we did when we brought her home was take her to our vet for an exam. My partner is holding her in the waiting room.
051810 1605b sq

Here she is in the exam room.
051810 1607b 4x6

Here, the vet is holding her. She was basically healthy, but had a bad case of ear mites (hence the head shake in the earlier photo).
051810 1608ab sq

We got some medicine for the ear mites and kept her separated (in the bathroom) from Big Sister for a while.

To be continued.


Wed Dec 11, 2013 at 09:29 AM PST

When They Were Very Young

by Old Sailor

In 1989 a litter if kitties was born in a city north of here. Nobody wanted them, ant the litter was deposited on the doorstep of a shop selling cat-related things in another city. Sister Kitty and Brother Kitty ended up in this city, where two daddies adopted them. SK and BK were so young they had to be fed with an eye dropper, and they could not meow properly, they just made little squeaks. Here are photos of them when they were teeny-tiny squeakers. They lived long happy lives, but sadly one of the daddies went away in 1994. However, in 1995 an Old Sailor came into their lives to love them and take care of them with their first daddy.

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Sun Dec 01, 2013 at 09:01 AM PST

Progress Report

by Old Sailor

First, I would like to thank all of you who responded to my first diary about my internet friend's sick kitty. I appreciate it very much. My friend obviously noted the concern about the kitty being left alone expressed in comments on her blog because she added something to that post eventually:

Caps in original. :-)

There have been two more blog posts since then with further information (see below).

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Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 12:05 PM PST

A kitty in trouble

by Old Sailor

One of my good internet friends made this post on her blog about an hour ago. The blog is written as though it is being written by her kitty. I wonder if anyone recognizes the symptoms. Also, it really bothers me that the kitty will be left alone for so long. It seems that somebody should be there, even on holidays. Does anyone have any advice?

I am back in the hospital because I really has a sickie.  I got the sickie at the Vet's the last time I was there.

My symptoms are: a LOT of lip licking, sneezing a lot, strange movements like hiccups or something with no sound, but the movement like I had them,  under my skin.  Tiny jerky movements.  Not eating much, not drinking much, sleeping most of the day without moving.  Mom is scared I know.  I was draped into my carrier like a toy.  No resistance at all.

The Vet office is closed and I will be all alone today after 1, all day tomorrow except for someone feeding me.  Mom is sad sad sad.  I am too.

Brothers are here.  One came from over the mountains and I couldn't even greet him.  The other one is too weak to do much.  :-(

We don't care about Thanksgiving.  We just want to be together, but brother will go with the other and his wife to her mom's place.  They will being us a plate here but now, I won't be part of "us".  I will be in the hospital alone.

Mom is sad, so I told her to quit typing now.

 Happy Thanksgiving my dear furriends.  Really and  truly.



Tue Nov 26, 2013 at 09:01 AM PST

Big Sister Comes to Live With Us

by Old Sailor

The "sister" part and getting big comes later, but Big Sister is what I'll call her.

About six months after our beloved Brother Kitty went over the Rainbow Bridge to join Sister Kitty, we were out running errands one day and were not far from the regional animal shelter. On an impulse, we decided to go to the animal shelter and look at the kitties they had there. We went into the main room (the very young kittens are in a separate room), and immediately, from under a sort of quilted tube toy/bed, out popped a youngish kitty who meowed at us and rubbed against our legs. We took her over to a bench and put her on our laps. She started purring and walked from lap to lap, rubbing against us. She certainly seemed to have chosen us as her humans, so after a little while, we went out to arrange the adoption. The following day she had her little operation at the shelter, and the day after that, we brought her home. As soon as we opened the door of the carrier, she bounded out and started happily exploring her new home. She wasn't afraid at all. She even used the litter box about five minutes after getting home. She was obviously glad to be  home with us, and we were glad to have our new kitty. She was running around excitedly so much, that we called the shelter, because they had told us not to get her too excited because of her stitches. They told us if she was doing it on her own, there wasn't really anything we could do, and not to do anything to get her even more excited. She eventually did settle down, sort of.

All of the photos were taken the first two days she was home. They show a problem that she had for the first three years, a chronic eye infection (we got some medication from the shelter). Fortunately, the eye infection has not recurred for over three years now (knock on wood). When we got the medication, the vet tech let it slip (intentionally?) that Big Sister's allowed time at the shelter was almost up! Big Sister is a wonderful kitty and we love her dearly.

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Here goes my very first diary. I should state at the beginning that I did not encounter the term "pootie" until I came to DK. We have always referred to our cats as "kitties" or "cats". I'll try to get used to the term "pooties", though.

Since Halloween is very close, I thought a Halloween pootie diary might be in order. These are Halloween images starring our current pooties (I really wish I could say "kitties"), Big Sister (not just the larger one, but also the older one) and Little Sister. Here are the images from 2008 through 2013:

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