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  Police cover ups will no longer be tolerated. A man who was able to run like a track star and was only caught by an officer on a Bicycle, ends up with a Broken Spine and a crushed Larynx 45 minutes later. The people are going to be asked to believe that he broke his own neck and crushed his own larynx. After Trayvon , after Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Walter Scott case after case, no convictions for murdering these people. There will be no forgiveness this time or any subsequent time there after. POLICE WILL BEGIN TO FEEL THE AGONY THAT THEY HAVE BEEN INFLICTING  UPON THEIR VICTIMS. THE PEOPLE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANOTHER COVERUP.  The game is over.....

   The eyes of the world are on Baltimore , there will be no room for covering up the truth and if indictments don't come, I'm am afraid it is inevitable Baltimore will burn, and perhaps more...


Have things reached a boiling point on Police abuse of Power

31%6 votes
57%11 votes
10%2 votes

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   The process of how police do their job must change. Particularly the methods of arresting. It is typical these days that citizens are forced to lay on the ground while Officers place their knees on the backs, heads or any part is of the body while applying hand cuffs. This act alone is a form of punishment inflicted upon a citizen without due process. This method is applied whether the subject is complying or not. Avoiding the pain inflicted  during these types of police actions are enough to escalate a situation into a major incident.

    The act of Officers placing the knee in the back or on the head of a person laying upon the ground bearing all of the officer weight upon a subject should be BANNED immediately. The role of police is not to punish, obviously the training given to police utilize these methods and should be  removed from their work instructions. Due process will determine if a citizen needs to be punished, not the police.


Is forcing citizens to lay on the ground and kneeing them acceptable to you?

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41%7 votes
47%8 votes

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       Police Brutality against citizens has reached a tipping point. When simply being arrested is a form of punishment inflicted upon citizens with out due process. Breaking of Necks arms ansd gunning down of citizens by the Police will no longer be tolerated with out reaction and response by the citizens of The United States of America.

     The Police cover-ups of unlawful actions by Officers will not satisfy the people for they are tuned in and ready to instill change even if it takes blood shed to gain this new understanding. Blood is already being shed but it is the blood of people who have never been charged with a crime, who are being executed daily by police across the country.
There is a sea change coming and all of the press conferences in the world will not be able to stop the People from tearing down the Police execution squads  status as Master and Overseers of the people.


Police have been given a pass for too long

17%8 votes
68%31 votes
13%6 votes

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   I do not know anything about the Clinton Global Initiative. I am sure it has a useful purpose. I don't think it was designed to be a whipping stick to be used on Hillaries  Presidential campaign , but from the news today it might be more like a baseball bat.

  When you become Global it hardly believable that you can go back to "local" ie U.S. domestic politics. If you accept Global money, and your spouse is getting Global Cash, and on top of that the Russians are involved. Errrrrr that baseball bat now looks like a telephone pole being weilded by King Kong.

I am sure that HILLARY has been honest in her dealings , I am just a positive that this will be a roadblock in her travels to the presidency. I hope she's able to get this straight and very soon.


Is this the end of Hillary?

23%16 votes
55%37 votes
20%14 votes

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The Police Powers in the United States have been raised to an new level of "Execution Squad" .  In case after case this is becoming more and more evident, whenever an Officer fires his weapon and kills or maims an unarmed person the COURTS ,JURIES AND PROSECUTORS have manipulated the law to assure that their attack dogs have been exonerated. When it comes to Police actions against Melanin Rich people the manipulation almost always assures that a Caucasian officer will escape any penalty.

 The "Public Executions"of MIKE BROWN, JOHN CRAWFORD, TAMIR RICE,  ERIC GARNER, WALTER SCOTT AND ERIC HARRIS in less than a one year period , save Garner, demonstrates a Policy shift inside the minds of POLICE  that they now have full license to execute those type people without regard of concern for repercussion.

Whenever a  State justice system operates in a way to back the action of "Execution Squad Policing" it moves the civil society toward anarchy due to bias and inequities. How can we call ourselves part of one nation, when  the laws are interpreted and ignored depending on the color of ones skin or in some cases income level or both.

"EXECUTION POLICING" must be ended immediately or my prediction is that as the dogs bites the dogs will began to be bitten back. Fear of being stopped by police could easily escalate to refusal to be stopped by police if the current trend of "POLICE EXECUTIONS" is a result of such stops. It will only be a matter of time before having guns to protect ones self from the Police is on the horizon. I do not advocate this type of reaction, I am only predicting how serious the situation is becoming.


The Police should have less power over individuals

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51%17 votes
30%10 votes

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   Only a drunken fool would be a traitor to his country. It is well know that then man has a drinking problem, but who knew he would make foolish decisions under the influence. All the man know is GOLFING AND DRINKING. Anytime there is critical think inking needed from him he gives a cave man grunt and uses swear words. Now he has been forced into a compromised position by Israels warmonger Netenyaho.  Boehner world be a good candidate for rehab, instead of  Speaker of the House.


Drunken Fool or regular Fool

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22%15 votes

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   Executions of Police and citizens are both wrong. As humans we must do better we cannot condone Violence against any Citizen or Police officer. We the people are responsible for the actions of the police and when they are wrong we must correct them.
The execution of the Mentally ill man by 8 police officers is unacceptable and MURDER charges should be filed.  See video of the firing squad.that ills a 49 year old man like a firing squad.  Police form firing squad and execute man in public

  There's no sense in this kind of policing no matter what. This is just wrong.


Do police have your permission to murder mentally ill people

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95%92 votes

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 The killing of John Crawford by Beavercreek police officers may have been due to heightened police state surrounding the opening of new bus routes just outside of the Walmart store Where he was killed. Watch the video on the page to get an understanding of the tension around the issue and how Beavercreek residents felt threatened. It is easy to understand how Beavereek police had a hypersensivity to a black man in Walmarts with a gun... It was part of the hype to keep the bus routes out of Beavercreek Ohio.

More details of the issue are outlined in the Think progress report from earlier in 2013
Read here Think Progress Bus discrimination

The article that almost predicted the immenet demise of someone the likes of John Crawford here Huff post article Where the poll at the end tells the whole story.

There is a record of Beavercreek City council meetings that also support a sense of fear and a response promised by law enforcement to deal with any  issues.


John Crawford was a victim of Beavercreek Ohio Busing decision.

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50%5 votes
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From August 2013 almost one year before Ferguson...

  I am an American I was born in the mid 1950s. My grandfathers both served in WW1 , my father served in WW2 , my mother worked in the defense industry during the WW2 her actual name was Betty not Rosie but she told me about her experiences during the war as did my father... I was taught the pledge of allegiance to the flag, the song America the Beautiful, and This is my Country. I was born an American, but during my time on this earth, I have been somehow downgraded to a Black or an African American ... And these days I guess some look at me as  just a nigger, in the eyes of a lot of pundits and political types. Race was something thrust upon me at about 11 years old, it wasn't part of my home training , mother never told me to stay away from those people  or these people...  

    As I became older I was made aware of my differences , although I followed the path laid before me my race started to be a question on applications for jobs and programs  ... About the same time I applied for a social security card was the first time I saw NEGRO on a form and checked it. Funny thing is when I went to elementary school there was just kids who played, learned, ate and walked home together they weren't white or black.. Oh I forgot to mention we were all from a poor working class neighborhoods that was cross sectioned to the school.

I don't recall the teacher telling me that I was black... Or the principal... Or even the janitor...They also never took note to the fact that they were white!!!!  Later when I joined the Military and the first thing I learned was a concept of "I'm Ok Your Ok"  everybody is ok.....  It wasn't until I joined the civilian workforce when I experienced RACISM in a very "BOLD AND UNABASHED WAY". This is when I learned THE CONCEPT OF GOOD WHITE PEOPLE AND BAD WHITE PEOPLE.

     The ones who treated you as if you were no different from them because you spoke English like they did had a personality as they did, and came to work and get paid for your labor "Good White people". Then their was the ones who told nigger jokes to you or just before you walked up, and always seemed to be against you in every possible way. I learned to distinguish from the two...   In order to sum this up .. I  know that some of you are Good white people.... And some of you are Bad white people .. It just seems like the good white people are voiceless and the Bad white people have a megaphone these days...

RACISM IS POISON TO AMERICA ... AND AS LONG AS ITS NOT CALLED OUT...IT WILL FLOURISH....I know some will take offense to this post and start asking about good and bad black people .... This is not about that this is about me being honest with you. I am disappointed because now days little kids can't even grow up disillusioned until the age of 11.. They just get it raw and personal from the start...


If there was a Box on an application marked RACE HUMAN would you mark it?

95%62 votes
4%3 votes

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   Skin color is an outwardly visible sign of Melanin content in humans. Which  is not an automatic insight to the makings, beliefs, moires ,morales , intelligence, aspirations, experiences or thought processes of a human being. As humans are one of the creatures on earth that would perish if born and left into wilderness or jungle alone , Families are the natural first  collective form of human culture, that is parents and children. The Human being is no more than the aggregate collection of the minerals, enzymes, oxygen water and sunlight that make up this earth. We are no more special to nature than a dung beetle or a buttercup dandelion weed in the summer. We are all creations of Mother Earth.

   Human beings are all monkey like in their progress ...still to this day we live in a monkey-see monkey-do world. Every great invention from the knife to the wheel to books  cars and planes computers have been copied and re copied and improved on. From Language to the Arts Monkey-see Monkey-do is how the cultures have evolved. This is how the over arching culture of humans have developed. This human progress belongs to all Human Race, for each subsequent dominating groups progress is built on the previous one. While humans developed and migrated across the world they took all the knowledge
With them and  settled into areas where the sunlight made the need for Melanin to lessen.

   Outwardly evolution and inbreeding slowly created pools of humans that have characteristics that developed into what we now define as races of people. People are people , Red People , Yellow people , Brown people , White People and Black people. All of the Human creatures on Earth are part of one genetic beginning. Like a tree with many branches the human race is fully connected. On this earth to this day there are humans in isolated areas living original lifestyle and traditions that dominated their worlds. Like the Nomads who wander the deserts in seasonal search of living environments. The Human condition can be found in a wide state of being across the globe here in the the year 2014. But over the last 400 years the Slavic origins of the word slave was being applied to a people who had a different skin color than the Czechoslovakian, Russian and Polish people who where the original owners of the term.

      The Melanin level of Slavic people is lower when compared to the sun filled West Africans captives that made up the American Slavery System. As a result a perfect marker of melanin based race identities was used to control human bondage.  "Blacks" as a race were born and of course the antithesis of Black the white race was coined... And from those beginnings today we have a wide gulf of CULTURAL DIFFERENCES THAT ARE BEING DRIVEN BY MELANIN CONTENT. RACE DIFFERENCES AS DIVIDERS  IN THE WORLD IS LARGELY AN AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT.  

   Today in America, skin tone, melanin levels , nose structure, eye slant or other nature driven human differences are used to separate segregate , judicature , and incarcerate who have them. We have become accustomed to it Mass Media and from the days of Vaudeville promoted the idea of Superiority of one race over another, White over Black.
To the point where the World is buying into the AMERICAN RACE SYSTEM. When most scholars know that the differences between humans is cultural and sub cultural and the amount of Melanin in a humans skin is inconsequential... You see there really is no White or Black... It's all in your mind....



The human race is the most important race all others are a fail.

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100%5 votes

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   While  reading the Grand Jury testimony it be came apparent that Darren Wilson was emotionally compromised at the time that he shot Mike Brown and was acting outside the training and outside of the law. The Officer that interviewed Wilson at the scene testified this:

     "Q And so when you walked up, the best you can recall your words were, what happened? A That's what I asked him, yes, ma'am. Q All right. And as best you recall, what's the first thing he said to you? A He said I had to shoot him. I asked him why? He said he had been walking in the street, I told him to get off the sidewalk, or get on the sidewalk.  I said okay. He said well, they told me to fuck off."   Source State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson Grand Jury Volume V September 16, 2014 Page 31.

       At this point the officer like all humans was filtering his thoughts through  his lower Limbic part of his brain that which controls emotions like anger and fear. There is no police training that will enable an officer to avoid this thought processing. Anger is a natural human emotion, as is fear but when coupled with immunity of any subsequent actions taken by an officer unjust things occur. It is usually dismissed as inconsequential  (in this case it was deadly).  So training would provide that Wilson should have stopped and called in a pedestrian stop and given the nature of the situation knowing that he was looking for suspects as he stated.

      Darren Wilson began to fabricate his rationalization for killing  Mike Brown
In his mind he knew that he would have to answer for his actions but his words tell us that he was angry because he was told to fuck off.   I'm sure Police are told to fuck off more than we'd like to think.  I suspect that most of the time it doesn't end up in the person being shot 12 times 2 in the head like a vicious animal attacking.  Darren Wilson acted out of malice and contempt from the time he backed up his car and engaged the potty mouth 18 year old.  Later on the testimony clearly point out that two  supernatural events occurred during the alleged struggle or the car.

  "  The gun came out of the holster". "The gun went off".   Both of these things happened sequentially  , however it is not rocket science to conclude that someone pulled the gun out of the holster. Darren Wilson pulled the gun out, because if Mike Brown had pulled it out of the holster Wilson would have told the first questioning officer. At no time did he tell the officer that Mike Brown upholstered the gun.  Secondly shotguns are notorious for going off. Glocks from research do not go off with out a finger on the trigger.  Wilson said on tv that he weighed the thought of whether he could get way with shooting Mike Brown. We all know that police are taught to shoot to kill. So his statement to George Stephanapolus should have been "I decided to kill him and I did.



11%7 votes
88%55 votes

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  There is no double jeopardy for being brought before a grand jury.
Now is the time for intense pressure to be reapplied to Governor Nixon to replace  the prosecutor  Mc Callough. There is no law preventing the next grand jury in St. Louis  county from going back and hearing the case as long as the statues of limitations don't run out. Which for the charges offered do not expire.

   The media will not report this because they are not lawyers they are just talking heads reading scripts and putting on make up. So don't let the naysayers tell you any different this is not over.


Should protesters insist on a special prosecutor since there is no double jeopardy

20%12 votes
79%46 votes

| 58 votes | Vote | Results

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