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Reposted from Community Fundraisers by rebel ga
Heap of US pennies, nickels, and dimes
This is a followup diary to the one I posted last week, which was itself a followup to the one in January (please see these for more details). Longtime Sacramento-area kossack aitchdee found herself disabled by rheumatoid arthritis, unable to work, and facing immediate tax auction of her modest condo. Serious roof leaks had consumed her savings and now made it impossible to sell the condo for enough to pay the tax liability, so she turned to us fearing that she was about to become homeless.

The good advice she received here helped her file the correct form of bankruptcy just in time. This does NOT discharge her tax debt, but it forces the county to wait one year before the auction. Meanwhile, she's received assistance from another expert kossack in completing her application for SSDI benefits, and is thought to have a good chance of success (because she is so obviously ill in ways that interest SSA). Now, she needs financial help to keep going for the estimated 4-5 weeks until she gets a response. (If the response is negative, she's in trouble and she knows it, but if she is accepted, then she can figure out how to find a living situation that's affordable for her once she loses the condo.)

If you can help at all, now or in a week or two or three, please continue below the fold to learn how. She is so close to being okay, and even small amounts can help her eat, feed pets, keep the lights and water on, get the expired car registration renewed -- all life's expenses that do not wait just because there is no income. And if you have nothing to spare, please consider helping with recs, republishes, mention in open threads, and social media shares and tweets, to help us reach others who might have more resources.

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My adult daughters, in a strange turnaround, keep demanding to know my exact whereabouts these days, since the earthquake here in Nepal.

I am fine and I was nowhere near the epicenter. My teaching project here takes me outside the Kathmandu Valley about half the time, and I was in the Terai, teaching at a medical school, when this happened. It's the hot flat part far from Everest.

My daughter asked how to show some visible solidarity with Nepal, and then she asked me a question that made a lightbulb go off...... step over the orange piece of earthquake rubble to read what it was.....

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President Obama appeared at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this weekend. The president was self-deprecating at times. He continued to milk the "Obama as a foreign Muslim" angle to loud laughter and applause. He also bragged some about the success of Obamacare.

It was immediately evident that President Obama is well aware of all the attacks levied against him by right wingers. This was his time to hit back. And hit back he did. "A few weeks ago Dick Cheney said he thinks I'm the worst president of his lifetime," President Obama said. "Which is interesting because I think Dick Cheney is the worst president of my lifetime." It seems President Obama was watching Jon Stewart's takedown of Dick Cheney on this one.

"Just this week Michele Bachmann actually predicted that I would bring about the biblical end of days," President Obama said. "Now that's a legacy. That's big. I mean Lincoln, Washington, they didn't do that." The president also slammed Huckabee for telling folks not to serve in the military till he was out of office.

The room got a bit shocked and uncomfortable when President Obama took a well-deserved swipe at CNN. "I want to thank our host for the evening," President Obama said. "A Chicago girl. The incredibly talented Cecily Strong. On Saturday Night Live Cecily impersonates CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin which is surprising, because usually the only people impersonating journalists on CNN are journalists on CNN."

The president gave a shoutout to ABC and its new show Blackish. He had a warning however. "I have to give ABC fair warning," President Obama said. "Being blackish only makes you popular for so long. Trust me. There is a shelf life to that thing."

The President made fun of the Koch Brothers-dependent Republicans. He made fun of a self-centered Ted Cruz.

President Obama brought Luther, his anger translator to the podium. Their combined performance was epic as the president brought up some serious issues in a rather funny and Saturday Night Live-like manner. Near the end the president encouraged the press to do their jobs. He said our democracy depended on it.

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"We want an Israel that celebrates diversity, where tolerance is not a weakness it’s a strength. We want an Israel that teaches its poor with compassion. We want an Israel that treats minorities with respect. We will not stay silent to racist rants. We want an Israel that treats every citizen as equal regardless of their origin, religion, of financial status. We want an Israel where public officials are held accountable and where public money is distributed with transparency. And above all we want an Israel that does not control millions of Palestinians. We want an Israel that is constantly working for peace."
Meet Stav Shaffir, the youngest female member of the Knesset legislative branch, in the history of Israel. The 29-year old breathes hope for many, with her words of peace, justice, and solidarity. Shaffir is a fierce advocate for government transparency, women's rights, equal marriage, peace with Iran, and the end of Gaza occupation - a sort of Liberal dream come true. And she has no problems calling out the Right, calling out corruption, and calling out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as shown in a YouTube video that went viral last January.

In March of 2015, Shaffir spoke at the 5th National J Street Conference in Washington DC, and her presence was said to be one of the highlights of this year's forum. To the dismay of many attending the conference, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had just been reelected and spirits were low. But Shav Shaffir was not there to commiserate. She began her speech with strength and encouragement.  

“Since I arrived in the United States I have heard frustration I haven’t heard in the past, beyond frustration — almost despair,” said Shaffir. “But despair, this we cannot afford.”
Here is the video of Stav Shaffir's 17-minute speech at the 2015 J Street Conference. She is introduced by Molly Freeman who gives background on Shaffir for a few minutes.
The 2015 J Street speech above was the first time I heard Stav Shaffer speak, and I was mesmerized. She has that 'gift' I see so seldom, and so often cannot forget. Some liken her to Elizabeth Warren and the two met on Capitol Hill, following the conference. Bound for greatness, she beams with integrity, and Israel is fortunate to have her. The world is fortunate to have her, and we can only wonder what amazing things Shaffir will accomplish during her lifetime. I join others in hoping one of those accomplishments will include a reign as Israel's Prime Minister. The world is ready for more leaders like this.
Read more about Stav Shaffir:
Special thanks to Benjamin F, and The Sisterood/
Image by Americans Against Republican Wars.
NOTE: The J Street YouTube video is cued to Shaffir's speech. You can rewind/fast-forward to view other J Street Conference speakers.
Reposted from Community Fundraisers by rebel ga

$343 is not that much money...but it is needed by tomorrow. I posted a diary earlier via the Daily Kos Fund Raisers group, but it didn't get much attention and only raised $60 - which I and Fineena are both very grateful for - but she's in a jam and needs the additional $343 so she can pay for her dentist's appointment tomorrow morning.

Please rec this diary and kick in a little if you can. If enough of us give just a little, we should be able to do this. It's really not that much money spread over the dkos audience. Let's get some attention for this cause so we can ease Fineena's mind about tomorrow.

And thank you to the daily kos community for all you do.

I'll repeat the pertinent info from the earlier diary below the thing to provide context and the information you'll need to ACT. Please help us tonight if you possibly can.

It starts with an email I received today from Fineena:

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Sat Apr 18, 2015 at 05:28 PM PDT

The Woodstock Photo

by One Pissed Off Liberal

Reposted from One Pissed Off Liberal by hairylarry Editor's Note: OPOL at Woodstock. -- hairylarry

About 20 years ago an old and dear friend from my youth showed me a photo I had forgotten existed. It was an old time-ravaged black and white of me and my old friend, Bobby Hall. It is the only photo, as far as I'm aware, of us at (or near) Woodstock in 1969. You'd have to google the sign to know it's Woodstock (we're still not quite there but we're close, maybe 50 miles, not sure). It's poor quality and taken from too far away, but at least it has maximum peace signs.

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Reposted from Crashing Vor by hairylarry Editor's Note: CV is protesting Youtube. -- hairylarry

Being in the middle of a national promotion campaign for a record launch in 2 days, I've been required to self-google several times a day to catch radio station playlists, review posts, etc.

Today, I've been watching Google/YouTube post scores of title card videos of my songs, without consultation or permission.

YouTube is (apparently badly) launching its music stream service and my digital gateway (CD Baby) is currently set to allow streaming. What YT is doing, though, is posting full length title card vids within YouTube itself, meaning anyone with YT download/conversion software will have a free and open vault of my and thousands of other artists' work until YouTube figures out just how they're going to stream.

So far, I've been filing copyright takedown requests and sending messages but to no avail. Even sat on hold for two hours (a chipper, 20something voice warned, "Hey, we're really busy today, so hold times could be over an hour") before being robotically informed they simply couldn't take my call and told support documents could be found at

Spoke with the folks at CDBaby, who said I'd have to cut off all streamers to make it stop. The problem is, other streamers, however minuscule their payments, aren't laying out a free lunch of my shit in such an easily rippable form.

Most infuriating, perhaps, is that nearly all of these songs already have produced, original videos made, on YouTube, monetized, making money with ads (money of which I've never seen dime one). Videos that were produced to enhance the value of the tracks.

I know it's all a racket, that musicians aren't supposed to get paid anymore, that we're simply here to provide our work for whatever people want to use it for and grovel for the .000001 cents a play, but this is just incompetent.

Reposted from jpmassar by JayRaye

In Oakland, California, every McDonald's in the city but one was shut down beginning at 8:00 AM for an hour in a coordinated  show of force to demand $15 and a union.

All the actions then converged on the remaining McDonald's - at 45th & Telegraph - for a final shutdown action.  Robert Reich, UC Professor and former Secretary of Labor, visited the action and may have spoken.

This afternoon at 1:00 PM there will be a march from Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland to Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley Campus, where the largest rally ever in the East Bay for the Fight for $15 will be being held.  Thousands are expected, converging from all over Northern California.

Below are tweetpics from actions around the globe on this International Day of Action in the fight for a living wage.

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Reposted from In Support of Labor and Unions by JayRaye

jpmassar has a great diary up with pics form around the world!


Fast-Food Workers to Strike in 230 Cities; Adjunct Professors, Home Care, Child Care, Airport, Industrial Laundry and Walmart Workers to Protest Coast to Coast

#BlackLivesMatter Activists and Students from 200 College Campuses to Join Forces; Global Protests, Strikes to Cover Six Continents

On Tax Day, fast-food workers from Pittsburgh to Pasadena will walk off the job, while adjunct professors, home care, child care, airport, industrial laundry and Walmart workers will march and rally in what will be the most widespread mobilization ever by U.S. workers seeking higher pay.

The two-and-a-half-year-old Fight for $15 will go to college, with protests expected by students from 200 campuses. Activists organizing around #BlackLivesMatter will join in as the ties between the racial and economic justice movements deepen. And the marches and rallies will stretch around the globe, with protests expected in more than 100 cities, in 35 countries, on six continents, from Sao Paolo to Tokyo. The first global strikes coordinated with U.S. workers are scheduled for Italy and New Zealand.

Full article here:

Mon Apr 13, 2015 at 10:45 AM PDT

Sharp-Tongued Rand

by PsychoSuperMom

Reposted from PsychoSuperMom by PsychoSuperMom

His positions toward women (and LGBTs, minorities, and just about everyone else) are far more offensive than his behavior toward women journalists  . . . but he's comedic gold!


Tue Apr 07, 2015 at 03:17 PM PDT

North Mississippi Allstars

by NCTim

Reposted from An Ear for Music by hairylarry Editor's Note: Another great band with shows on the Live Music Archive. -- hairylarry

Ready for some rockin' blues?

North Mississippi Allstars is an American southern rock/blues band from Hernando, Mississippi, founded in 1996.
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Reposted from TransAction by rebel ga

 photo Ashley_Diamond_zpsva39xxxv.jpgThe Department of Justice has filed a 19-page brief in the case of Ashley Diamond v Owens, et al. in a District Court in Georgia.

Ms. Diamond, 36, lived openly as a transgender woman since she was a teen, but was arrested for theft, probation violation, escape, and obstruction of justice.  She was convicted and sentenced to a maximum of 11 years.  She was, of course, sent to a male prison.

You’d have thought she murdered a small village.  But it was their final chance to get her out of Rome, and they did.

--Charles Neal Sumlin, victim of the theft

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