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Today marks one month since a tax-payer-paid, top staffer for Congressman David McKinley (R-WV) used his Twitter account to smear WV workers. Richie Parsons, McKinley'€™s district director, tweeted "€œDominion should make signs that say 'Tell WV workers: Sober up and stop abusing drugs. #truthinadvertising.'" Andy Cockburn first talked about this offensive remark on Daily Kos here.

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This has been another great week for my campaign. I am humbled by the out-pouring of local support, the support I received from Labor and other groups that represent regular folks' issues in Washington, and the welcome I have received from the Daily Kos community.

Let me take you along on my magical trip below the fold.

I will be online until 8 PM tonight to answer questions.

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I’m Sue Thorn. People throughout West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District have been asking me to run for Congress.  Some are friends I’ve known for years, but most are people who have told me their stories as I’ve traveled throughout the state.  They are stories of workers who struggle to get ahead as their wages and benefits decline, of proud seniors who are embarrassed to admit they cannot afford the medicines and food they need, of veterans, who return after risking their lives in combat, to the stress of not finding a living wage job and the medical care they deserve. These conversations have convinced me of the need for a change in representation in Washington.

Follow me below the fold to find out more about the district, who I am and what I plan to do.

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