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Short diary, but I was worried that this little tidbit might slip under the radar of those of us following the Bee Colony Collapse epidemic.

Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm

Now, it appears that Monsanto bought Beelogics in September of 2011, before the possible connections between GM crops and CCD really started getting major attention. I'm hesitant to post pieces of the article here, as the writer on that site clearly has a bias against Monsanto and framed the entire article around that bias.

Given the timing of this, I can only imagine two reasons that Monsanto would scoop up this firm:

Positive: Monsanto wants the company to use it's expertise to help remove any harmful elements of their existing and future products in an effort to reduce any possible link between their products and Colony Collapse Disorder.

Negative: Monsanto wants to dismantle or control a company that might have been working to discover if there was any connection between Monsanto products and CCD, thus muzzling the experts and killing any investigation.
I think I have an idea of where most people on this site will come down on, but I just figured I would toss out both reasons I could think of. The decision on how to take this news is completely up to you. In fact, let's have a poll!

Why did Monsanto buy out Beelogics?

5%56 votes
94%964 votes

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We all are aware of the travesties of law that (now Judge) Jay Bybee wrote while a part of Bush's Legal Department - I refuse to call it a Justice Dept. while Bush ran it.

Now, it appears that even more his legal opinions have surfaced - and they are even more startling than the first.  They need to be read to be believed.


Impeachable offense?

7%3 votes
7%3 votes
7%3 votes
57%24 votes
21%9 votes

| 42 votes | Vote | Results

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Randomly cleaning, I discovered an old college paper in which I discussed the philosophical meanings behind the artwork of M.C. Escher.  I'm both a huge fan of Escher, but also (surprisingly for an engineer) someone madly entranced by the concepts behind philosophy.

I noticed that plf515's excellent diary series on one of the books I cited was not being totally I figured there might be an audience who could appreciate a deeper look into the artist known for the never ending waterfall and impossible staircase.

Pardon the crappy writing, it was not only back in college...but going from Structural Engineering homework to Philosophy essays don't lend themselves to grand poetry.  I think I fixed some blatant grammatical errors, but a vast majority is just re-typed directly.  Enjoy.

[Update] - Wow...rec list?  Seriously?  Thanks so much!!!

[Update #2] Well, unfortunately I can't play anymore tonight.  But I just wanted to say thanks one last time to everyone for getting me on the rec list for the first time! G*night.

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In case you were not aware, there is a huge RV floating in orbit around our planet.  On it, lives several astronauts at a time doing research in fields of study ranging from physics to biology.  The International Space Station.

While doing a bit of my own floating, over the internet as opposed to space, I found a series a web videos just posted by NASA of Astronaut Mike Fincke taking us along on a short (35 minute) tour of the station.

Come join in!

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With Mike Griffin stepping down from NASA's chief administrator position on Jan. 20th, there are rumors flying about who will be taking his place (he is not expected to be retained).

Currently, there are 5 names being reported/rumored:

Charles Bolden Jr., Charles Kennel, Alan Stern, G. Scott Hubbard, and Wesley Huntress

Follow me below the fold to learn a bit about these potential leaders of NASA.


Who should head NASA?

22%11 votes
34%17 votes
16%8 votes
6%3 votes
4%2 votes
4%2 votes
12%6 votes

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As some may know, I work at the space center.  And as some (far too few) know, there was a launch last night.  I always try to work during launches for the obvious reason.  Because it's amazing!

Last night we had a big ol' moon shining bright in the background, for style points.

Some older shots of past launches, random photography, and some Obama pics from a fundraiser I went to in Orlando can be found on my flickr page.

For pictures from launch last night, take a gander below the fold.

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This diary is being reposted as was asked by the diary rescue crew, since it missed the deadline.  It's been a while, I know...but there were some polls in the field I wanted to wait until came in so I could update it as well.

I'm horrible at writing intros.  When I get going it ends up verbose and over the text limit.  When I don't, it's this.

Follow me below the fold to see a surprisingly solid case as to why Sen. Obama might pull off an upset in Montana.


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I'm horrible at writing intros.  When I get going it ends up verbose and over the text limit.  When I don't, it's this.

Follow me below the fold to see a surprisingly solid case as to why Sen. Obama might pull off an upset in Montana.



Can Sen. Obama win Montana?

57%127 votes
3%8 votes
32%71 votes
4%9 votes
2%5 votes

| 220 votes | Vote | Results

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Myself and HamillianActor teamed up on an ad hitting McCain on his health care plan.  So, here it is:

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This is not "he needs to do this" diary, it's a "I hope he does this" diary.  No Chicken Little here.

    It is difficult to think of a candidate for President who has been asked to do more than Sen. Obama.  The same would have been true of Sen. Clinton, because breaking barriers is never easy.  He has risen to the challenge over, and over, and over.  He spoke with no fear when he spoke of A More Perfect Union, he asked for global teamwork while speaking of Hope in Germany, and he gave the most full throated endorsement of progressivism I've ever seen at his Acceptance Speech in Denver.  All amazing, all historic, and all inspiring.

    I'm asking him to do it again, twice.  Not to go on the attack.  Not to win a daily news cycle fight.  To put it simply, I believe now is the time to inspire.  I have in my mind two speeches which I hope to see in the next 2 months.  In this diary, I'll explain the first:

The Culture Wars.

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Our nation, and our world is quickly moving toward crisis.  Oil prices continue to grow, mountaintops in Appalachia are being bulldozed, and the environment is reeling.  To combat this coming crisis, many are exploring the alternatives to the fossil fuels that currently power the planet.

In my short time as a member of DailyKos I’ve (happily) seen many stories and comments discussing the new and exciting technology emerging in the field of alternative energy.  As an engineer by trade, and as someone who has been following these topics for years, it elates me to see others interested and working to advance an alternative energy agenda.  In keeping with my belief that discussion and debate are always good things, I wanted to contribute.

It is in this vein that I set out to write this "State of Alternative Energy" series.

I intend to cover several alternative energy technologies, where they stand in development, where they are going, and how they may impact our world.  In this second article, I’d like to talk about the quiet energy monster that's been building steam for literally hundreds of years.

Enhanced Geothermal Systems.

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Hey there everyone.  I've been toiling over the 110 pictures I took at Sen. Obama's fund raiser in Orlando this past Wednesday evening, and finally picked out the ones I thought were good enough to share.

I'm a bit picky with my photos, so I'll probably get around to posting more of the 40 or so that I think are alright...but for now I've got a dozen up on my Flickr page.

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