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The US State Department 2013 report says the CNMI is a “destination and transit location for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking”. and to greatly improve our Commonwealth, we must demand it stop, and enforcing the CNRA regulations will do that.

This is the 2013 report on an old story that citizens thought was fixed by the Consolidated Natural Resourses Act, or Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands federalization of labor and immigration law which states that non US visa businesses may not operate in the CNMI past Dec. 2014 and there are no extensions to that even if the transition period for guest workers is extended.

Thursday, July 11, at 9:30 am the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Rsesourses will conduct a hearing on this Territorial Omnibus bill, which if passed, would reverse three major parts of the long fought for federalization law, which this citizen strongly opposes.


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These are my comments in opposition to three parts of s.1237, titled the Omnibus Territorial Act of 2013, currently before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources with a sister House bill HR 2200, or as I call it, "The Reverse CNMI Federalization Bill of 2013".

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After years fighting for federalization, human rights advocates should be alarmed by S.1237, expected to pass the Senate, or as I call it, "The Reverse Federalization Act of 2013".

The disanfranchised long abused underpaid guest workers of Saipan are now CWs (which is a CNMI only temporary no travel status), and according to The US State Department 2013 report says the CNMI is a “destination and transit location for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking”.

A lot has changed in the CNMI since the Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay days, the population has followed the economy down after the demise of the garment industry, and Kilili Sablan is the thrice Delegate to the US House of Representatives that introduced HR 2200 bill to the house as the sister legislation to S.1237, or Omnibus Territorial Act of 2013.

Business leaders, including the Saipan Chamber of Commerce along with notorious impeached Governor Ben Fitial hiding in the Philippines to avoid prosecution and his appointed Lt. now Governor Eloy Inos, here have heralded this legislation as necessary.

Specifically the bill:
1.    Delays increases to the abysmal CNMI minimum wage
2.    Extends the status quo of workers by extending the transition period another 5 years past 2014 allowing for unlimited extensions
3.    Allow non US visa holding “investors” to operate indefinably in our Commonwealth, something the Consolidated Natural Resources Act prevented past 2014 with no extensions.

This bill was cut across party lines but since introduction by insular area Democrats and expected to pass the Senate, it apparently now has bipartisan support, and that is quite disturbing.  Representative Donna Christensen (D-VI) was the original author of HR-3079, the bill to federalize the Commonwealth’s broken labor and immigration system, and is now a co-author of HR-2200.

Some theorize the big business community now funds politicians on both sides of the fence, and hired independent lobbyists to deceptively mask this legislation on the bottom of an Omnibus bill instead of disclosing it as a US immigration and border security issue and threat.

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Mon Feb 11, 2013 at 06:33 PM PST


by The Last Weatherman

The notorious Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, Benigno Fitial has been impeached by the CNMI House of Representatives by a vote of 16-4 on the first 13 charges with the remaining five expected to be passed today in Saipan.  Fitial has been a regular subject on dailykos and others for years going back to his involvement with Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay.


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Sun Oct 30, 2011 at 07:31 PM PDT

OWS...laid to rest

by The Last Weatherman

A man’s greatest work is to break his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all the things that have been theirs, to hear the weeping of those who cherished them.”

But Occupy Wall Street will not spark that rage.  The poor are where they are because they are uneducated, and that won’t change this year.  Low end workers are angry because they aren’t highly skilled, but they must understand no amount of marches could increase demand for their limited talents enough to make themselves highly compensated.  The upper middle class knows their own greed contributed to the housing debacle as much as the Wall Street fat cats, so they will cut their losses by trying to regroup their wounded portfolios, and enjoy the prosperity of their own achievements while helping to galvanize the GOP platform of reduced taxes.  So for now, the wealthy of this world are safe.  OWS will fizzle and be laid to rest beside the Tea Party, as they had no clear goals and you can’t write a moral script as you go and expect that anyone other than fools or lost souls will follow.  

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This is a letter thanking President Obama for his many contributions to society, including reform in the US Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.  The notorious Saipan Chamber of Commerce has circled the wagons for a last ditch effort to stall federalization here.

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The never ending story of shame continues with Tuesdays Office of Insular Affairs subcommitte hearings to accept public comments on the implementation of federalization of immigration and labor law to the CNMI.  Governor Ben Fitial will ask the commitee to stall federalization for another one year.  The federalization bill, PL 110-229, has been extended six months to 11-28-09 which the law allowed, but the tyrants in Saipan seek an act of Congress to delay (as in stall, not meaning Tom Delay(R-TX), the former speaker who accepted bribes from Jack Abramoff to successfully block the bill) federalization of the commonwealth. Fitial is also suing America to stop federalization law.  Dengre and Wendy Doromal at have reported on this case.  Below are my comments submitted to our new member of the House of Representatives, Rep. Sablan.

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Sat May 02, 2009 at 03:49 PM PDT

May Day Rally in Saipan USA

by The Last Weatherman

Thousands of guest workers have been repatriated out of the US Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands due to the collapse of the notorious Saipan garment industries and thousands more are in limbo awaiting their fate as US Homeland Security holds May 19 meetings to make that determination, prescribed by the new law, PL 110-229.

CNMI workers and activists held a May Day March and rally for social justice in.  Messages were read and speakers included CNMI Representative Tina Sablan, Wendy Doromal, Steve Woodruff, and many others.  All NMI worker groups and associations were represented.

My comments are listed below.  I full report on this never ending story with pictures can be found at Wendy Doromal's

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Northern Marianas Islands Governor Ben Fitial may have convinced US Homeland Security to stall federal intervention of CNMI labor and immigration laws to the commonwealth.  It was reported  this week in the Saipan newspapers that Fitial (Jack Ambramoff associate and Tom Delay supporter) said "Janet, try to help us out" at a recent Governors conferance.

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Unbelievable as it may seem, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands does not have a Democratic Party!!!  We do have some local policians here that run as Democrats but they ALL aknowledge that they support the US National Republican Party.

This is made even more unbelievable by the fact that our average wage per capita person is the lowest on US soil and 95% of our populace are persons of color!!!

The insane situation was, of course, fueled by billions of garment factory money that bought local politicians and fed them their voting script.

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Ring the bells in the old church steeple, S.2739 has passed the US Senate 91-4 and the federalization of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands is near a reality.  After a decade of human exploitation and abuse from greedy garment owners, a new age in the far Pacific commonwealth needs only a signature from President Bush to be US law.

I would personally like to thank Dengre for his support for justice and decency here in Jack Abramoff and Tom Delays petri dish of capitalism.

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Pending legislation on the federalization of CNMI labor and immigration was delayed due to an objection by Republican Senator Tom Coburn concerning gun control in public parks.  Senator Coburn has become the new best friend of NMI Governor Ben Fitial and our cast of lobby characters, which includes Jack Abramoff, HANMI (hotel association), and the Saipan Chamber of Commerce.  The Fitial administration is scrambling to fight the takeover here, to the detriment of our local populace and our long mistreated guest workers. The newest ploy threatens workers with deportation by the Island Slave Law and is trying to coerce them into agreeing with some form of CNMI residency.

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