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Mon Nov 03, 2014 at 05:38 AM PST

#ShakeupWake (video)

by TriangleNC

We got it going on here in Wake County, the Triangle, and North Carolina. Watch, Share, and GOTV!


Link here for Livestream of the event.


To follow up on yesterday's most excellent diary:

Here's a livestream link to today's Moral March on Raleigh happening right now:

Life finds me unable to attend but can be here to discuss in comments below.


Here’s my response (below) to the following posting that appeared on my Facebook timeline yesterday.

FYI- very close friend friend and son with bcbs got notice hospital insurance as of jan 1st goes from $420 to $845 for silver plan with a 5000 deductible. There is a bronz, silver, gold and platinum. Cant imagine what gold or plat. would cost. WHERE IS OBAMAS $2500. MAX YEARLY COST???????????? THATS EITHER A MAJOR LIE OR STUPIDITY . POSSIBLE REDUCTION WITH SUBSIDIES BUT YET TO BE DETERMINED. YOU CAN BE SURE IT WONT COME CLOSE TO WHAT IT WAS MUCH LESS THE STATED 2500.00.
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The recent bipartisan calls to remove the tax on medical devices demonstrates (once again) the stranglehold corporate interests exert on our democracy. You may recall that the tax was intended to contribute between $20 - $30 billion in revenues (over the next ten years) as part of the Affordable Care Act. Here’s a FAQ link from IRS for background info.

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Proudly Presenting for Your Viewing Pleasure (6 minutes)

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Story of America is there as six young voting rights activists are arrested in the NC Speaker of the House's office last evening. Take a few moments to view this captivating and compelling footage.


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Wed Jul 24, 2013 at 10:07 AM PDT

Kossacks Unite! Help us in NC

by TriangleNC

The NC Association of Educators is calling for its members to attend the next (and last) Moral Monday in Raleigh on Monday, July 29th. Please watch this brief video and help make it go viral. (You know what to do)

Can't seem to embed the video, but here's the link:


Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 10:03 AM PDT

Link to TX Senate Livestream

by TriangleNC

The special session of the Texas Senate begins at 2 pm Central Daylight time. And here's a link to view:

Of course, we have our own soggy event happening simultaneously here in the Triangle as the ninth wave of Moral Mondays promises to be a galvanizing event.

Watch the promo for today's Moral Monday here and like and share on Facebook:

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Tue Jun 04, 2013 at 01:21 PM PDT

Mega Moral Monday (video)

by TriangleNC

Here's a video to provide a slice of yesterday's mega rally of Moral Monday in North Carolina to follow on to today's earlier diary by ludkmr.

Follow below the orange biscuit to view the 5 minute video.

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“Wake Up, North Carolina! Wake Up! Wake Up!”  was a rallying cry led by Reverend William J. Barber II on Monday, May 20 in Raleigh.

“It’s time to walk, it’s time to march, it’s time to say Forward Together - Not One Step Back!”
To get an idea of what is happening on the ground here in North Carolina, take a few moments to watch this video produced at the fourth “Moral Monday” on May 20

Read this article scribed by Thomas Mills posted in Politics North Carolina:

Explore the content and links provided by Denise Oliver Valez in her diary posted on the front page of Daily Kos:

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The IRS scandal is Benghazi! All over again. But the target is the Affordable Care Act.

And just like little is stated by MSM about how funding for security for embassies and such was less than needed and requested, funding for IRS has been less than needed and requested.

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