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Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 06:14 AM PST

Why I Support Lennon Cihak

by Voltage Spike

Lennon who?  Lennon Cihak.  He's the teenager in Minnesota who took a stand against the hurtful anti-gay marriage amendment that appeared on our ballots earlier this month. Despite the Catholic Church's forceful stand for the amendment, it was defeated thanks to likes of Lennon Cihak.

Since the amendment's defeat, a pissed-off Catholic Diocese has decided to punish its members who publicly stated a Pro-Gay Marriage stance.  Lennon is one of these people.

Lennon had attended all of the Church's classes, only to learn that he is being denied full communion with the church. The clearly stated reason?  They peeped into his Facebook page and found a picture of him holding a sign that resisted the marriage amendment.

Because Lennon was brave enough to take an important stand, I'm encouraging all of you to support Lennon.  Go to Facebook and like the "I Support Lennon Cihak" group, so you can keep up with how the Catholic Church likes to fuck with its members minds.

Read more about it here.

So the Catholic Church has non-profit status because... why?


Rep. Rick Berg (R-ND) has just conceded the North Dakota Senate race to Heidi Heitkamp.

+1 more for Dems. It's official!


The Dems retained a senate seat that was a gimme for the Republicons.  Rick Berg was cruising to what he thought was a sure thing. Until it wasn't.

Heidi Heitkamp benefited in the closing days from Senator Conrad's campaigning, as well as millions of dollars that poured in to support her candidacy.  Poorly polled ND was showing Berg in the lead, while one or two outliers hinted that Heitcamp might be closing in. Still, no one was quite sure.

When the final results are tabulated, the difference in this race will undoubtedly be the support Heitcamp received from newly activated Native voters in the state, driven by a staffer/volunteer/activist named Prairie Rose who most certainly deserves a position on Heitcamps permanent staff. Check out the margin in Sioux county.

And Rollete county

If the Natives had stayed home, Berg would have won.  But they didn't.    The ND Reservation voters should be thanked for their support and not forgotten when Heitkamp gets to Washington.  

Yet, there is still room to improve turnout margins on the reservations.  Dems need to continue to develop this crucial coalition with the Indian Nations and ensure that they are part of the process and active.  Having Prairie Rose engaged as a full time staffer would be yet another smart move by Heitkamp, who is going to be a very, very smart Senator.

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