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    So I’ve been hearing a lot about religion lately, and decided to take this blog to a more personal viewpoint of mine that I haven’t really gotten around to writing about. With Fox News’ “war on Christianity” and the release of movies like “God's Not Dead”, I come to a point where I would like to share my personal view.

Ever since I was a young kid, I had trouble believing in God; I was raised to be Catholic, but my parents never forced me to, or were strict or serious about my religious teachings. I went to Sunday school as a kid, and was taught the same story of God that millions of other people before me have been taught and believed; but I always had an issue with these stories, I was not only skeptical about the authenticity of these stories, but questioned the motives of the people involve in these stories.

I will put a disclaimer here for those who get easily offended that the rest of this piece will be directed towards my disagreement towards organized religion and God.


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David Ortiz, and Peter LaBarbera released an article and a video of the two of them discussing the threat of homosexuality to masculinity.

LaBarbera founded Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) in 1996, and reestablished it in 2006.  LaBarbera and his organization defines themselves as “a non-partisan, non-profit group dedicated to exposing the homosexual-bisexual-transgender activist agendas”  

Now, LaBarbera and his group have attacked homosexuality on many fronts, and has compared homosexuals to pedophiles and believed that no one is born gay; however, LaBarbera and his group never uses any scientific information, but only subjective religious beliefs to justify their attacks on homosexuality and gay rights.

LaBarbera and Ortiz has stated that men cannot be masculine or “real men” if they have sex with other men. LaBarbera has stated that “homosexuality is a masculinity crisis.”  and that we are “seeing the death of the American male.”

LaBarbera has an odd interests in homosexuality especially in males which can be even called an obsession.

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Right now, Senators Dick Durbin, Elizabeth Warren, and Jack Reed are co-sponsoring three separate bills that they each wrote to help lift the burden of student debt on students.

Senator Durbin, from Illinois, has co-sponsored and written a bill that would allow students who declare bankruptcy to get rid of their student debt. At the moment, student debt is the only debt that cannot be erased by filing bankruptcy. Durbin’s bill would also add legal protections for students or what Durbin describes as a student-loans “bill of rights.” The bill would require universities and lenders to share certain information such as the student’s eligibility for lost-cost government loans, or the terms of how the loan must be repaid to the student that is taking out a loan.

Senator Warren, an expert on bankruptcy law as a former professor at Harvard, has also written her own bill which would make it easier for students to refinance their student loans at a lower rate in order to make paying off loans easier without the fees that come with the inability to make a payment.

Senator Reed introduced a third bill that would place fines on colleges when more than 25 percent of students the college take out loans, and more than 15 percent default on those loans. The proposed legislation would provide an incentive for colleges to steer students towards low-cost government loans. The money collected from the fines would be used to fund government loans and financial aid programs.  The fines will mostly target for-profit universities and colleges that cause students to get costly loans in order to get a degree that won’t guarantee a high-paying job.

The three senators, each with their own separate bills, have created a united campaign to help stop the growing debt on students. Despite having growing support from fellow Democrats, the three bills have yet to see any bi-partisan support from Republican Senators.

I applaud these senators for their noble attempt, but these bills are worthless because they do not address the real problem.


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One of the things that I hate most about snow storms and ice-cold weather besides shoveling snow or scraping ice off my windshield is that conservatives use it as a talking-point to disprove climate change.

    Most people who watch Fox News will think that cold weather disproves global warming because they think “oh hey, it’s not warm outside so therefore the globe can’t be getting warmer.” This logic however is flawed.

    Now, I can’t blame people because most people don’t have any background  or education in any type of atmospheric science, and they get tricked into thinking that their flawed logic is correct.

    Now, the atmosphere and global climate systems are very complex subjects to learn and understand, but as a college student majoring in physics with a minor in meteorology (atmospheric physics), let me explain some science that will hopefully change the way people view cold weather and global warming.

    First, we must distinguish the difference between weather and climate:

    Climate is the average weather conditions over a long-period of time in a more generalize area.
    Weather is the current state of the atmosphere in the short-period of time in a more specified area.

Just because we have winter, it does not mean that global warming doesn’t exists.  Winter is a season, and seasons are related to the Earth’s position relative to the sun. Seasons exists because the Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees, and as the Earth revolves around the sun, the angle of sunlight changes in certain areas. If the Earth wasn’t tilted, we wouldn’t have any seasons.

    In the summer, the Earth is positioned such that the angle of sunlight is more direct to the ground and thus provides more heat (total energy). In the winter though, the Earth is positioned that angle of sunlight is spread over a greater area. (See the diagram below)

    Since the angle is less direct and the heat is being spread over a greater area, the ground isn’t going to be as warm, and the sun isn’t going to stay up as long which means that there is less heat coming in than there is in the summer. (Yeah for physics!)

    Now, let’s talk about winter weather. So we know why it gets cold in general, but there are other factors that affect the weather.  The weather that we are about to experience with temperatures below zero will be caused by an air mass chilled by the artic that has made its way down to the United States and Canada; this happens sometimes, and therefore does not disprove global warming.

Fun fact: the warming of the stratosphere of the arctic results in a high pressure system which can weaken the polar Jetstream while the midlatitude Jetstream strengthens which causes air to move from the arctic to the mid-latitudes. Long story short, air moves from high pressure to low pressure. If you want to get a higher understanding of how that works, you can read this article here .  Yes, global warming can caused stronger winter storms. Storms are fueled by heat, and more heat will result in more energy that needs to be distributed by the storm.

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As LGBT and queer people continue to gain ground in acceptance, it is important to have another imperative conversation about sexuality if we are to expand and to push our movement further. There is one aspect that it seems that often goes ignored or even rejected by those in the LGBT community, and that aspect is the freedom to self-identify one’s sexuality or gender identity.

Gay men more often than lesbians tend to be less accepting of the freedom to self-identify one’s sexuality. For example, bi-phobia exists heavily within the LGBT and the heterosexual community and mostly comes from straight women and gay men.  Bisexuality is often criticized and proclaimed as ‘non-existent’ ; heterosexuals will say that bisexuals are confused while gay men will often say that bisexuals are people who are afraid to come out of the closet; this notion is a self-defeating cause in the movement for LGBT acceptance which is actually part of a bigger movement for sexual freedom.

Because it is the right of every person to decide and to choose and/or change their sexuality and gender identity whenever they want without the criticism from others around them. Alfred Kinsey in his research found that sexuality is not black and white, but rather fluid and subject to change.

Another misconception and argument that is often used is that everyone is a little bit homosexual to some degree. Yes, is it true that most people will maybe have one or two same-sex attraction in their lives? Sure, but most people will not use that as an excuse to identify as bisexual or pansexual. It is up to the individual to decide what they identify as and not anyone else; some people are in fact not gay to any degree and will not have any same-sex attraction and it is their right to proclaim that.  However, this situation also comes worse when people identify as “ex-gay” which causes gays to often criticize the person and to claim that the person will always be gay and that they should accept it and stop hiding from their “true feelings.” But once again, true sexual freedom should allow people to decide what their sexuality is and isn’t and allow them to change it when they want. Just as gays have the right to identify as gay, former gays should have the right to identify as “ex-gay.”
Transgender people have the hardest time with acceptance because many people often outside the LGBT community  refuse to acknowledge their choice to identify as another sex or gender; and just as gay men often attack bisexuals for their choice to identify as bisexual, they fail to realize that attacking someone for their sexuality choice is no different than failing to acknowledge the choice of transgender people.

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Hey everyone, I'm introducing a new webcomic called "Politics and Physics." The comic will focus on science jokes, politics and why the right-wing is crazy, and everything in between.
As a college student who is majoring in physics, and as someone who is a political activist, I finally found a way to combine the best of both worlds. Please share and spread the word.
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Hey everyone, I'm introducing a new webcomic called "Politics and Physics." The comic will focus on science jokes, politics and why the right-wing is crazy, and everything in between.
As a college student who is majoring in physics, and as someone who is a political activist, I finally found a way to combine the best of both worlds. Please share and spread the word.
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Hey everyone, I'm introducing a new webcomic called "Politics and Physics." The comic will focus on science jokes, politics and why the right-wing is crazy, and everything in between.
As a college student who is majoring in physics, and as someone who is a political activist, I finally found a way to combine the best of both worlds. Please share and spread the word.
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Hey everyone, I'm introducing a new webcomic called "Politics and Physics." The comic will focus on science jokes, politics and why the right-wing is crazy, and everything in between.
As a college student who is majoring in physics, and as someone who is a political activist, I finally found a way to combine the best of both worlds. Please share and spread the word.
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    Although it’s hard to even understand why some people feel the need to take times out of their lives to try to hinder the rights of others when it does not affect them alone, there is one thing that those who fight against gay rights and equality for others don’t understand; and that is that no matter how hard they try, no matter how hard they push, they will lose because the gay rights movement is never going away.

    Unlike their side and their movement, the gay rights movement is built on something more profound, something more meaningful that cannot be taken away from the movement; and that is love. Because the moment you fall in love, the moment you have a connection with someone else, there will be nothing that will stand in your way from being with them.

    The moment you love someone, you will fight for them , you will fight to protect them because no matter how hard it is to fight, it is much harder to imagine not being able to be with that person, it is much harder to imagine not being able to protect that person.  

    Love isn’t a logical concept; you can’t put numbers or math to it. Love is an instinct that cannot be defined by a law or society; it exists without a true meaning.
The power of love is so strong that no matter how hard or fearful the battle is, you will never give up; you will keep fighting until you can be with that person.

    No laws, no societal pressures, no hate is going to stop love; and as long as there is love in this world, there will always be a movement to protect it.

    And despite all the hate, all the violence and all the injustices in the world, there will always be love; and that is why those who hate, those who use violence, and those who thrive off injustice will never win.  

    A movement built on love will never lose nor will it ever fade away.  


Sat Jul 20, 2013 at 06:31 AM PDT

10 Tips For A Real Pro-lifer.

by alexforgue

    Many conservatives like to call themselves “pro-life” and in the wake of the situation in Texas and North Carolina, it is important to help those who call themselves “pro-life” to be someone who actually supports life. Here are ten simple tips that allow you to be “pro-life” without regulating whether or not a women should be forced to have a baby.

1. Encourage the investment in Green Energy

Green energy is a great “pro-life” position to take, not only does it provide healthier environments for all people, but imagine all the fetuses you save by helping us not pollute our planet and use up all its finite resources to the point where we destroy ourselves.

2. Don’t cut food stamps.

Without food, people will surely die, you wouldn’t want that fetus you spent so much protecting die when it comes out of the womb because the mother couldn’t afford to feed it.

3. Fight for Healthcare

Over 45,000 people each year die in America because they can’t afford medical treatment. Imagine being able to save 45,000 people that were once fetuses and now have the ability to have children of their own, it’s a win-win.

4 .Buy union, Become Union.

Good jobs help provide stable resources for sustainability as well provides the ability for people to afford having children. If more people are able to afford children, the more likely that they will have children.

5. Invest in education.

Educating our children is just as important as feeding them. Education allows children to learn to sustain themselves and give them the resources and the skills to find solutions to problems that previous generations were unable produce.  Imagine finding solutions to problems like diseases that kill people. More people would be alive.
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Fox News,which has been known for its right-wing polices and views, has and continues to make offensive remarks towards transgender people.

The following offensive clips show various incidents where Fox News attacks transgender and gay people.

Many people applaud one anchor, Megyn Kelly, for saying "The transgendered, they go through so much pain and emotional turmoil in dealing with the effects of that disorder or whatever you want to call it and I don’t think they need people piling on and mocking them once they do something that many people consider very brave. But that’s me, that’s my two cents." Although, her stance  that we shouldn't be mocking transgender people is noble, she still refers to transgender as a "disorder" as if it can be "cured" like what many right-wing politicians and religious leaders have said about homosexuality.

Just because Kelly has made that statement does not mean she agrees or even understands the basics of the transgender community. For instance. while covering a story about a transgender inmate,  Michelle Kosilek, who transitioned from a male to female, Kelly and her colleagues on The O'Reilly Factor kept referring to Kosilek as "he" instead of what Kosilek identified herself as "she". Even more offensively, they continue to mock Kosilek for her transition base on how she looks.

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