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Funny how republicans want less government except for when they need government help.  One of the worst Teabagger governors, Florida's odious Rick Scott, is dealing with a port workers' union on the verge of going on strike.  Their 90 day contract extension is about to run out.  A strike by Florida's port workers could be devastating to the state's economy.  So Scott reaches out to Obama requesting the President invoke the Taft-Hartley act mandating a 90-day "cooling off" period beginning the day the first 90-day extension concludes.  

This is the same dolt that told President Obama to "talk to the hand" when asked to restore some of the early voting hours he cut in Florida as part of republicon efforts to suppress democratic votes in states with rightwing dominated statehouses and legislatures.  As you probably recall, the President's request in this matter was met with a sneer and a denial.  But if the business community is threatened by union action, then OF COURSE government should compel the workers not to strike.  

I hope the President tells this petulant fool "up your's buddy" or at least some metaphorical variation thereof.


How should Obama respond to Scott?

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2%4 votes
10%15 votes
12%18 votes
23%32 votes
30%43 votes

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A Catholic woman wrote a LTE in my local newspaper here about an hour upstate from NYC.  I just couldn't take it anymore listening to her whine about how Catholics are being persecuted and how they answer to a higher authority (reminds me of old Hebrew National hotdog commercials).  So i penned this screed and posted in the online comments section in response to here self-pitious whinge.  Was it too much?  Did I go overboard?  Pass the squiggle of socialism to read my response.  Would value this community's critique of my diatribe.


Did I write too much?

66%101 votes
7%11 votes
17%27 votes
8%13 votes

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Just before the SOTU, I diaried about a solicitation my Mom received from Frank Luntz's group asking her to participate in a dial session focus group in real time for CNN.  I told her I wanted to keep an eye on what this pernicious carbuncle is doing with regard to meddling with media.  So she has been sending me his come ons.  Follow past the jump for the latest wherein he's asking members of his list to solicit participation from Dems, Indies and Repubs.  

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For some reason, my leftie mom wound up on an email list for Luntz Research. (I know, ewwww, gross.)  Anyway, she forwarded the below email to me.  It is clearly being sent to Luntz's list of lunkheads so they can flood CNN's dial testing of the SOTU with anti-Obama static.  Let's all forward this to our friends and relatives so we can counteract this effect.  These guys (as usual) have nothing to show in terms of constructive policy, just more delay, distraction, destruction and victimhood.  Such losers.  

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I received an email from my Congressman in New York's 19th district asking constituents if they thought he should vote for or against the HCR bill.  After speaking with a staffer in his office explaining why he NEEDS to vote in favor, I asked if the majority of calls they have been receiving were in favor or against.  Sadly, the staffer reported that the vast majority were anti-reform.  Please call John Hall (especially if you're in district) to help counterbalance the wingnut/Larouchebag/Teabagger consortium flooding his phone lines.  More past the fold about the email I received.

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Sorry for this is going to be a short diary.

Congressman John Hall will be holding a Health Care Town Hall this week in Goshen

Thursday, September 3


Orange County Emergency Services Center


22 Wells Farm Road, Goshen


Can You Attend Thursday Night?

9%1 votes
63%7 votes
27%3 votes

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I have been following my Congressman's website closely and couldn't take the fence-sitting anymore.  I called today to get a clear unequivocal answer to a simple question.  Will you stand with House Progressives in support of including a public option in any legislation?  Follow me over the fold for the contents of my conversation with his aides.

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Wed May 20, 2009 at 06:49 AM PDT

You Can't AFFORD the Truth!

by antonrobb

I woke up this morning and turned on Morning Joke as I do every morning because I am a glutton for punishment and although odious, Joe and Mika are better than anything on FauxNewz or Corporate News Network.  Imagine my surprise when I got the "blue screen" from Cablevision explaining that now MSNBC was only available to digital subscribers (at a much higher monthly rate).  Of course, I still was permitted access to Faux and CNN.  Does anyone think this was a random decision?  Follow me over the fold for my diatribe.


What Should I Do?

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57%15 votes
3%1 votes
23%6 votes
11%3 votes

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What follows is pure conjecture, but conjecture that is steeped in close observation of politics, economics, history and sociology.  It came to me in a flash of insight while I pondered how Democrats and the forces of progressive thought could have allowed the right to so eviscerate this great country over the last 15 years.  Here's my theory after the jump...

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Thu Jan 01, 2009 at 07:30 PM PST

Tired of Being Made to Censor Myself

by antonrobb

Just because something may be difficult to hear, doesn't mean one should be cowed into holding back from discussing it in public.  Over the past eight years I developed something of a bad reputation for being a bummer at parties or social gatherings.  Folks didn't want to hear me lay out the myriad ways our government (specifically the right wing) and even our society at large was failing and coming unravelled.  People goofed on me calling me a wild eyed conspiracy theorist.  Others were made uncomfortable by discussions I prompted on things like the war, ecology, civil liberties etc.  I had numerous people get angry at me saying things like, "no one wants to hear that.  Folks are here to have a good time not get lectured on <Travesty Du Jour>  Mind you, I was not a pedantic, lecturing, know-it-all, boor.  I just always feel like important stories should be hashed out and thoughts explored in social arenas.  This is why I have loved lurking here at Dkos for a long time.  Thinking and exchanging ideas on difficult topics are welcomed activities in this community and other progressive blogs.  For this I am grateful.  But lately, I have been noticing that this may be changing (not here yet thankfully).


Have you been unceremoniously censored?

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9%7 votes
22%17 votes
22%17 votes
21%16 votes

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