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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is planning to appeal a judge's order that would require Ohio to recognize the marriage of John Arthur and Jim Obergefell.  The below link tells their story better than I could.

I'm not going to put anything below the fold here.  This may not be long enough to even qualify as a diary, but I don't see this story anywhere on the front page, and dammit, this needs front page attention.

I just called Mike DeWine's office and had an argument with the Chief Counsel there (I think - I was too incoherent with rage to really get the woman's name, but I did call the Chief Counsel's office).  Ohio's position is that they have to "defend the wishes of the voters."  This...inhuman...position is just...there are no words.

Here's a list of phone numbers in Mike DeWine's office.  Call one of them.  Call all of them.  Be civil.  Don't harass.  But be firm.

I can't imagine what my husband and I would do in this situation.  I just can't.  We can't be married in Oregon because of a similar law to the one Ohio has, but our attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, has stated that out of state marriages (we're married in California) will be recognized.  If my husband were dying, and I had to fight the state to put me on his death certificate, and allow me to claim a burial plot next to him, and all of those truly HUMAN things that people who love each other should be automatically entitled to...I just don't know what I'd do.  

This is sickening.  Let Mike DeWine and his staff know how you feel.  Please.  The phone numbers I posted above are answered by humans (well, the one for the General Counsel is), and I think they're actually direct lines.

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The whole filibuster mishegas has got me thinking.  On the one hand, maybe Republicans really are Lucy to Harry Reid's Charlie Brown, and Reid just a blockhead who can't figure out that the GOP is always going to pull the ball away.

On the other hand, maybe something else is going on entirely.  Maybe the GOP is playing a longer game, and Harry Reid knows something we don't.

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I sent this note to the White House, with copies to my members of Congress.  Comment as you like.  I'm going to send something to the Israeli embassy as well.

The Gaza situation is far too complicated for facile polemics about Israeli self-defense vs. occupation/"apartheid".  All I know is babies shouldn't be killed.  One of my friends said, "Did you hear about the rockets being fired at Israel?"  My response is: "Were any of them fired by the 11-month old child of a BBC journalist?"  

I don't know why I'm posting it as a diary here, except that I feel like I need to have my voice heard in as many venues as possible, and this is a venue.

Thank you.

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The Tulsa World endorsed Democrat John Olson for Congress, which is surprising.

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Dear Mitt: Your party has more in common with far-right parties like the National Front in France and the BNP in Britain than it does with "center-right" European parties like Sarkozy's UMP and the German Christian Democrats. Even those guys recognize the importance of respect and dignity and intelligent political discourse. Even the Tories won't abolish Britain's prized (if flawed) National Health Service. Even the Conservatives in Canada won't touch Canada's single-payer system. Did you ever hear Sarkozy talk about self-deportation of Algerians in the Parisian banlieue? No, you didn't. You hear that kind of talk from the far right, the extreme, the hardcore anti-immigrant, racist fringe of almost every country other than ours - and those parties struggle to get 5% of the vote. Why, in this country, do the same kinds of extreme ideas get so much mainstream attention?
In fact, President Obama's party is closer to Sarkozy than it is to Hollande - closer to Cameron than Blair, closer to Merkel than Schroeder. We don't have a true social democratic movement in this country, and it's just gotten worse.
My point is this: If you think the modern Republican party represents a center-right alternative to the center-left Democratic Party - you need to look around the world a little bit and figure out which parties in other countries actually agree with your candidate's beliefs. You may be surprised and ashamed at the results.

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Fri Feb 17, 2012 at 03:38 PM PST

My letter to Chris Christie

by ethanthej

Governor Christie,

I am disappointed and saddened by your decision to veto the hopes and dreams of thousands of loving New Jersey families.  Your stand in favor of marriage discrimination smacks of crass politics and rigid ideology.  What, precisely, do you object to?  If two people love each other unconditionally, and want the right to get married, what right do you have to designate what combination of genitals they must have in order to enjoy that right?

My husband and I were married in California, but thanks to Proposition 8, no other same-sex couples who love each other can have that right.  We have a "domestic partnership" in Oregon, which isn't the same thing as marriage in any way.  Marriage is about love and commitment, and no other word expresses what marriage expresses.  Rights should be expanded, not restricted.

You are on the wrong side of history, and this veto won't help your inevitable run for President in 2016, or your veep hopes for this round.  America is moving beyond marriage discrimination.

I look forward to the election of your Democratic opponent when you are next up for re-election.


Ethan Jones


Last night's Iowa Republican caucuses were an interesting political exercise that may in the long run prove to be quite meaningless.  However, I was struck by how well the outcome of the caucuses mirrors what I perceive to be the current state of the Republican Party.  The three frontrunners: Romney, Paul, and Santorum, each represents a particular demographic within the Republican Party, and the fact that the three of them essentially split the vote provides an illuminating glimpse into the current state of the GOP.


Who will win the Republican nomination?

15%3 votes
25%5 votes
60%12 votes

| 20 votes | Vote | Results

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So here I am surfing this site on my shiny new Android tablet, on which I do not have an adblocking capability as of yet.  And what do I see but an ad for Oregon Family somethingorother telling me to PROTECT MARRIAGE!!!

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Tue Nov 08, 2011 at 01:22 PM PST

Amanda Palmer plays Occupy Portland

by ethanthej

Last night, Amanda Palmer, Dresden Doll, ukulele impresario, and wife of one Neil Gaiman, did a "ninja gig" at the Occupy Portland camp.  It was a beautiful gig.  The entire gig is now up on the OP livestream feed, which link is below.  Note that it was dark (thanks to DST, Portland now gets dark before 5:00 PM), so you're mostly looking at darkness, but the audio quality is good.

A couple of thoughts.  When artists like Palmer embrace the Occupy movement and show up, for free, to entertain the troops (as it were), there's a positive energy that comes out.  This was the first time I'd been down to the Portland camp in a while, actually, and despite the mess, and the problems, and the infighting, and the drama, I really did get a feeling of community and purpose when I was down there.  

Anyway.  Here's the Amanda Palmer gig.  NSFW because of language.


Sat Oct 15, 2011 at 04:30 PM PDT

Thoughts on the Occupy Movement

by ethanthej

When Occupy Wall Street started, I knew it would be ignored by the media, and I was sure it would fizzle immediately.  It would be like the Shut Down the Pentagon action that the War Resisters League did when I was in college a decade ago.  About a hundred people tried to encircle the Pentagon and prevent people entering it.  The media did a "look at how deluded these people are" story, and that was the end of it.  

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Tue Jun 28, 2011 at 01:14 PM PDT

Thank you to the Oregonian

by ethanthej

The Oregonian newspaper had a great editorial today calling for marriage equality in Oregon. I wrote this letter to the editor in response.  I was going to make this a longer diary, but honestly, I think we all know the issues surrounding marriage equality well enough that I don't have to go on and on about it.  

Letter is below.  I encourage anyone in Oregon to write a similar letter.

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I'm glad Keith Olbermann is back on television.  Well, I would be, if I owned a television.  However, I got rid of that archaic bit of 20th century tech several years ago, and now get my TV exclusively through Hulu, Netflix, podcasts, and other web-based methods.

Back when Keith was on MSNBC, I got his show via podcast.  It worked well.  I still watch Rachel Maddow that way.

But now Keith is on Current.  And he's the chief news officer.  

And his full show isn't on the web AT ALL.  So Keith is telling me that I have to a) buy a television, and b) give $80/month to his OLD BOSSES AT COMCAST to watch his new show.



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