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At an impromptu news conference today, Senator John McCain revealed that he had just returned from the Monroe Republic where he met with a prominent rebel leader.

I had several fruitful discussions with General Miles Maheson and his staff over the past several hours at a location a few miles from the border with Georgia.  They need our help with both heavy weapons and with the difficult task of turning the power back on in their region.  We must act soon.
When one reporter pointed out that his narrative sounded remarkably similar to the plot of a popular, yet deeply flawed Monday night television program, Revolution, McCain appeared to become agitated.
Look David, we cannot simply allow this tyranny to continue in the Monroe Republic so close to our own borders.  The rebels frankly do not understand why we won’t help them.  Tim Russert would have understood this implicitly.
After an awkward silence, a reporter from the Howard Stern Show asked the senator whether he was aware that he was not appearing on Meet the Press, but was instead standing on his own front porch in Virginia wearing a pair of Doctor Denton pajamas with the flap undone, and appeared to have an oblong Ambien tablet stuck to his lower lip.

Senator McCain then told the assembled group of reporters to “get off my lawn,” turned, and marched back inside his house.  The normally unflappable members of the press were visibly embarrassed, each attempting to avert his or her eyes, with the exception of the Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan, who maintained an unfocused stare as she clutched her kneepads string of pearls long after the door had slammed shut.


Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 08:33 AM PDT

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Official Photo 2013

by greggp

Joe Arpaio photo sheriffarpaio_zpsaacf48b5.jpg

So, a rather right-wing friend and bassist shared this photo with me on Facebook.  I don't think he realized how dangerous that was.  I immediately recognized it as Joe Arpaio's official 2013 photo.  This last election eliminated any doubt about him.

My wife and I were born in Arizona, at the same hospital.  We were married in Encanto Park.  Arizona is  a beautiful state, except for inside the minds of a lot of people who are there and in charge.

Honestly, unless there is a big change for the better, I doubt we'll ever go back.


I think it's pretty clear now that the Vatican has studied the marketing strategies of the Coca-Cola company in order to accomplish the Pope changeover.  I think the Vatican has learned from the Coca-Cola experience, and up to this point it's worked o.k.  It also appears this strategy includes a "Plan B" taken directly from Coke that can be rolled out if necessary.

I think it's appropriate to understand why the Coca-Cola model can work for the Vatican because of the similarities in their situations:

Both have been around for a long time;

Both have a product that has developed a strong, almost cult-like following over time;

The full details about this product are secret, and known only to a select few individuals;

Both initially marketed a product as "good for you," although subsequent events and knowledge have revealed that it isn't really;

Both have had to come to grips with some negative attitudes about their product, and both seem to have felt compelled to do something about changing those attitudes without alienating the loyal followers who don't think anything is wrong; and

Both have massive resources capable of withstanding a setback if a new product doesn't work out.

So, taking their cue from Coca-Cola, the Vatican, rather than waiting for the  natural course of events to take place, instead decided to roll out NEW POPE.

So far, things seem to be working out all right for the Vatican on this one.  However, there is still the chance that those forces within the organization who aren't thrilled with the trend towards less opulence and ostentation and don't think that child molesters should be reported to the police will reassert their dominance.  That's often difficult in an organization where the leader is presumed to be infallible and all-powerful.  However, this time, since the old Pope is still around, the Vatican can again look to Coca-Cola for inspiration.

In 6 months, if the new Pope isn't working out, then Benedict can come back as "POPE CLASSIC."

Who says that organizations like the Catholic Church can't evolve?  Oh wait - they do.  Well, at least they can adapt and learn a little sometimes.


Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 10:15 AM PST

BBC's "Top Gear" Endorses Mitt Romney

by greggp

I know it's a little late, but it appears to me that on its latest program, the BBC's "Top Gear," and specifically Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, have given their endorsement to Mitt Romney's conduct, if not his electoral platform.

Specifically, on the February 24, 2013, program, Clarkson and Hammond, while creating a modern car for older people, decided to do with their cat what Mitt Romney did with Seamus, his dog.  That is, strap it onto the roof of their car.

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Thu Jan 10, 2013 at 10:34 AM PST

School shooting in Taft, CA isn't news

by greggp

I was just watching msnbc on justin, and the streamer switched over to Fox News, which was reporting a school shooting at a high school in Taft, CA.  Then the stream switched back to msnbc, and I watched Andrea Mitchell for another ten minutes, and then some msnbc promos.

The LA Times reports that there was such a shooting around 9 a.m.

I started watching the crawl to see if msnbc even mentioned it there, but nothing so far.  They switched to the economy crawl.

I mentioned to my wife that I was wondering why school shootings are news anymore, since they happen so often.  Maybe msnbc thinks that they aren't news.

It's ironic, since during some of the time I've been watching, they've been discussing guns and gun control.

They've moved on to entertainment in the crawl.


Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 10:43 AM PST

I hate it when they whisper.

by greggp

This is a diary for me to complain about something that's bothered me for a long time.  I really hate it when white people think I'm "one of them" and they begin to whisper about whatever racist thing they think I need to know.

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I'm writing this on the anniversary of my mother's birth.  She would have been 88 today.  She was an elementary school teacher, and that connection prompted me to write this story.

I've been going through old photos recently, and I came across two from when I was in elementary school.  They're from a play I was in, and I'd always been kind of proud of my performance, and of the whole show that my rural elementary school put on.  But now, as I look back, something that seemed a little peculiar at the time really bugs me now.

I'll take you back to the small town of Calipatria, California, located in the Imperial Valley.  Calipatria's claim to fame was that it was the "lowest down city in the Western Hemisphere, and that it had a flagpole that went all the way up to sea level: 186 feet.  It was right outside where the Cub Scouts met, and we would sometimes get to raise or lower the flag (that wasn't easy, the flag was huge, flapped in the constant wind, and took several of us to move it on the pulleys.  It took a whole troop to fold it.

Calipatria in the late 50s and early 60s was a very socially stratified town, like a lot of them in the area.  There was a group of predominately white farmer families who owned farms and ranches, and who were quite well off.  There was also a large group of Hispanic families who mainly worked for the white farmers.

Now you'd think that a town of 2500 would probably be able to get by with one elementary school, and indeed, the school I attended, Fremont, seemed to have plenty of room, and it was mostly quite modern for the time.  Yet there was another elementary school not that far away, called Bonita Elementary.  Fremont was attended primarily by children who looked like me, but we had a few Hispanic students.  Bonita, as I am given to understand now, had Hispanic students only.  Even then, although I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it, it didn't make a lot of sense to me why the Hispanic  kids had to go to another school.

Follow me down.

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Tuesday was great, especially the part when the right wing world began to turn inside out.  I think that's an opportunity to get started on moving forward while they're still in shock.


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Tue Oct 16, 2012 at 10:01 PM PDT

Binders? Does Mitt Own a Strip Club?

by greggp

I'm asking because I've seen "binders full of women" on two occasions.

The first time was about 25 years ago, when I was playing in a band (I still do).  We booked a gig in a new club in town, without having been there at night.  It turned out that the place was what I would call a "buy me drinky" bar, that is, the place had a very large number of young Asian women dressed in tight, short dresses serving drinks.  In fact, there were far more of these women than customers.  Once we took our break, it seemed as if every one of them had come by and asked each of us if we wanted another drink.

On another break, I went to talk to the manager about how we were doing.  I found him outside looking through a book or magazine.  It was a newsprint book, and on each page there were 9 photos, each one of them of a young Asian woman in a dark, one piece bathing suit.  Below each picture was a short bio on the woman.  Apparently, that was the book from which he "ordered" new waitresses.  I didn't go into detail with him; it creeped me out and I kept the conversation steered towards the band.

Fast forward about 20 years, and I was practicing law, representing a strip club in a land use matter.  I had occasion to visit the manager, at his office, and as soon as I got there, I saw basically the same book open on his desk, only now it was in color on shiny paper, and had pages of blonde Russian women.

Upon reflection, I think Mitt Romney would probably make a good strip club operator.  He really reminded me of both the other guys I've seen with binders full of women.


Mon Aug 27, 2012 at 10:00 AM PDT

DKOS Diaries for Dummies

by greggp

I'm sure that this has been posted in a similar manner in the past, but I think it might bear repeating now that the election silly season is passing and everyone is getting "serious" (national party conventions are so inherently serious, you know).

It's really easy to put together a DKOS diary that will have a chance of making the rec list if you just follow 4 simple steps, set forth below:

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I was just cleaning out my files, and I came across my hard copy of the disciplinary action by the California Bar against right-wing radio personality and former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock by the California Bar.  I realized I had a .pdf of this same document, so I thought it might be of interest to others to see it.

You can find it here.

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I'm just asking, because I notice that at last count on the Rec List, it must be three.


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