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Thu Apr 23, 2015 at 08:05 AM PDT

Happy Openly Secular Day!

by jusjtim35

Kind of a quick diary, but wanted to put this out there. Today, 4/23 is Openly Secular Day. This is the day all closeted non-believers are encouraged to tell at least one person in their life that they don't believe in God.

This idea is modeled on the LGBT model that has been so successful in helping open the doors for people who are afraid of how the world will react if they come out. Like it or not being an Atheist/Humanist in America is still a difficult thing to be. People who announce their lack of belief often are ridiculed, shunned and ostracized. While I personally am lucky to have been raised in a family of non-believers there are many others who have not had that good fortune.

While there are groups devoted to helping people come to terms with their lack of belief and how to deal with family members who might reject them, by coming out Atheist we are hoping to help turn the tide and show the world that Atheists are merely other people. Some of us are even people who do good works on behalf of others.

You don't need to be religious to believe in good. This is actually a core tenet of Humanism.

I am in a massive hurry and won't have time to check back on this diary until much later today or even tonight. I do hope at least one person here finds the strength to tell at least one person about their lack of belief and that things go well when you do so. Only by tearing down the prejudices about Atheism can we change the negative perceptions of us non-believers.


Short diary and more just a thought, but this is my take on the Rudy Giuliani comments. He's not the first person to say things like this. I've encountered it before on Facebook and other places.

When Rudy Giuliani defends his comments against Obama by saying they aren't racist because Obama has a white mother, in essence he is saying "Obama is white". This despite the fact Obama self-identifies as "black". Despite the fact that America defines people who look just like Obama as "black" every single day.

Basically Rudy is saying Obama's own self-image and the perception of society at large don't matter when defining Obama's race. Rudy is dismissing Obama's right to define himself as he sees fit or based on how society treats him and people look at him. Rudy is saying his perception as a white man of privilege matters more than Obama's own thoughts on the matter.

That is the very definition of racism. No one gets to define another person's race, period.


Thu Jan 15, 2015 at 09:19 AM PST

What Secular Humanism Means To Me

by jusjtim35

The official defining statement of World Humanism is:

  • Humanism is ethical. It affirms the worth, dignity and autonomy of the individual and the right of every human being to the greatest possible freedom compatible with the rights of others. Humanists have a duty of care to all humanity including future generations. Humanists believe that morality is an intrinsic part of human nature based on understanding and a concern for others, needing no external sanction.
  • Humanism is rational. It seeks to use science creatively, not destructively. Humanists believe that the solutions to the world’s problems lie in human thought and action rather than divine intervention.
  • Humanism advocates the application of the methods of science and free inquiry to the problems of human welfare. But Humanists also believe that the application of science and technology must be tempered by human values. Science gives us the means but human values must propose the ends.
  • Humanism supports democracy and human rights. Humanism aims at the fullest possible development of every human being. It holds that democracy and human development are matters of right. The principles of democracy and human rights can be applied to many human relationships and are not restricted to methods of government.
  • Humanism insists that personal liberty must be combined with social responsibility. Humanism ventures to build a world on the idea of the free person responsible to society, and recognizes our dependence and responsibility for the natural world. Humanism is undogmatic, imposing no creed upon its adherents. It is thus committed to education free from indoctrination.
  • Humanism is a response to the widespread demand for an alternative to dogmatic religion. The world’s major religions claim to be based on revelations fixed for all time, and many seek to impose their world-view on all of humanity. Humanism recognizes that reliable knowledge of the world and ourselves arises through a continuing process of observation, evaluation and revision.
  • Humanism values artistic creativity and imagination and recognizes the transforming power of art.
  • Humanism affirms the importance of literature, music, and the visual and performing arts for personal development and fulfillment.
  • Humanism is a life stance aiming at the maximum possible fulfillment through the cultivation of ethical and creative living and offers an ethical and rational means of addressing the challenges of our time. Humanism can be a way of life for everyone everywhere.

I guess I'm lucky compared to many Atheists. You see, I am second generation Atheist. My father was a staunch Atheist and mom was more of an Agnostic with Eastern Religious and spiritual leanings who never really felt the need to answer the question, “does god exist?” When I was young we attended a Unitarian Church in Hyde Park, Chicago where I grew up for several years but left after the Minister retired and the guy who replaced him turned out to be more Christian-centric. I was still in Sunday school at the time so I didn't really attend many services. I enjoyed the Christmas Eve ceremony which included a candle lighting ceremony where we would light candles from our neighbor's candle and continue down the row until everyone in the church was holding a lit candle. The widely acclaimed Chicago Children's Choir would sing and I felt connected to my fellow attendees. It didn't hurt that the moment was incredibly beautiful to behold with hundreds of candles lighting the room. Still, I never really missed going after we left. I hadn't much cared for Sunday school anyway.

As I grew older I dabbled in many Eastern religions, but always drew up short when they inevitably asked me to make the leap from the real world to the Supernatural. I never accepted the classic Western Judeo-Christian concept of religion and god and actually ended a relationship with one girlfriend when she became “born again”. Though we dated off and on thereafter things were never the same as neither of us could really accept the other's beliefs or lack thereof in my case.

In the 90's Dad and I started to grow closer. We were living only a few blocks apart and started to do weekly lunches as my work schedule allowed. He was retired and I would take him to do the weekly shopping and we'd stop for lunch. Many of our conversations centered on religion, politics and other world events or even sports – after all it was the 90's in Chicago and Michael Jordan was in his prime.

Dad had subscribed to the Secular Humanist magazine and Skeptical Inquirer, and he surprised me with subscriptions for my Xmas gift (yes we still celebrated Xmas and I still do, though it's cultural, not religious). At that point in time my path started to lock in as I came to really find a way of thinking about Atheism that reverberated with me. I still struggled with the whole concept of a completely natural Universe and that final bit of doubt wouldn't end until early in the new Millennium when I found some theories about how the Universe could have popped into being from nothing without needing a first cause after that, I was locked in as an Atheist. I never really hid my beliefs and I was proud of Dad (who passed away in 1999) for having been so out with his Atheism, but I never felt the need to rub it in people's face. Still, if anyone asked I never flinched from declaring myself an Atheist.

Sometime in the last few years I started openly posting about my Atheism on Facebook and even wrote some Atheist centered posts for a political site. One was actually re-posted by the AHA which was a pretty proud day for me. I had started shying away from the term Secular Humanist though, not consciously, just Atheist seemed simpler and more succinct. I've always believed in the tenants of Humanism as listed at the top of this article and the two that mean the most to me personally are the first and last. I believe in the rest also, but those two really hit at the heart of the matter from my perspective.

Almost 25 years ago the hearing in my left ear crashed from normal to a severe loss overnight. Six years later the right ear did the same thing. Eleven years after that, the right ear went completely deaf while the left ear had steadily dwindled down to a profound hearing impairment with a 120 db loss across the mid-range where most of human speech occurs. For comparison sake, if a 747 was taking off 10 yards away from wherever you are currently sitting the sound level would be 120 db from your perspective. 120 db loss is the standard cutoff in hearing testing for “stone-cold deaf”. Life got pretty tough after that and I floundered for several years until moving to San Jose to take a room with one of my sisters.

Shortly after arriving with no where else to turn, I reached out to the hearing loss community here which is actually quite vibrant and large. Interactions with people in that community led to me applying for and getting disability and Medicare. That in turn led to cochlear implant (CI) surgery for the right ear; which led me back to work; which led to full time work; which led to new insurance and a second implant for the all but worthless left ear. During that time I took over leading a local self-help group for people with hearing loss, ALDA - San Jose. I subsequently became a mentor for my brand of cochlear implant to help people learn more about cochlear implants and what steps they need to go through to be considered for the surgery. My job is also hearing loss related. I install captioned telephones. The phones are completely paid for by the federal government, I work out of my house and get to set my own hours. It's really a pretty cool job.

That's a brief synopsis of what I went through. The full story is much longer and more complicated and it required a lot of help from a lot of people. People who offered advice, guidance and obviously even places to live. I know I will never be able to fully repay the emotional and financial support I have been given by people essentially living by Humanist principles even if they don't claim them as their own or choose instead to use their religion as justification for their actions/beliefs. Whatever motivated them, I knew what motivated me – I had to pay this generosity forward. I had to do whatever it took to make the world a better place for people with hearing loss. I had to get more involved.

But, life can be tough at times and as my schedule got busier I started to feel overwhelmed. In early 2013 after leading the ALDA group for a couple years I felt I was struggling to find time for me. I was getting busier at work and trying to do good work within the CI community and I just felt I didn't have the time to devote to leading the ALDA group anymore. Unfortunately, no one else wanted to step up and take the lead and I felt if I dropped it, the group would die. I struggled with these emotions over the next 6-8 months and was very close to walking away. I knew doing that would cause the group to struggle or cease activities altogether and I have many friends in it, people who played a major role in my recovery. All of these thoughts were churning around in me fighting one another and the stress was difficult to bear. Then, one day in fall 2013 I was sitting at my desk and a thought hit me, “What if this is what I'm supposed to be doing?” Now to be clear, this was not some “OMG! I SEE THE LIGHT!” moment. It was really just a thought, but shortly thereafter I made the decision to stop fighting and accept that maybe this was my life calling – working to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. At that point I made a conscious decision to put in the extra time needed to do all of the things I had taken on – to live my life by Humanist principles – though I admit I only recently realized that that is what I was doing.

It wasn't sudden or even dramatic, but I started to find I had more time to do these things than I thought and then even more surprisingly I had more time and energy for me which led to me starting an exercise program and that has led to my longest uninterrupted stretch of healthy living in the last 25+ years. Once I decided to start living the tenants of Humanism I mentioned above, the pieces in my life started to fall into place. Putting myself out there as a guide and leader for others in my community enriched my life and gave me more energy, happiness and fulfillment than I'd ever experienced.

As part of my life change I made it my new years resolution in 2014 to seek out new groups and people. Part of this was my restored hearing which led me to feeling ready for that kind of exposure, but more of it was that I suddenly was feeling like the person I had always envisioned in my minds' eye. I wasn't running from responsibility or hiding from the world. I was out there fighting to make the world a better place and suddenly I felt whole. Part of putting myself out there was to join the ACSJ which got me thinking again about what it means to be an Atheist, a Humanist.

I hadn't been doing much thinking along those lines in a long time. Calling myself an Atheist was simpler and though I've always considered myself a Humanist, I had stopped really thinking about what makes a Humanist a Humanist. After attending a recent ACSJ sponsored talk given by Bart Campolo – the Secular Humanist Chaplin at USC – it hit me that much of what I've been doing over the last 15+ months is living the first and final tenants of Humanism. Working to improve the lives of other people both now and in the future. In so doing I ended up making myself whole. I ended up making myself happy. I ended up feeling fulfilled as never before.

Now I want to be clear, I'm not trying to brag, I do admit, I'm proud of me. I've done things over this period of time I didn't know I could or even had in me. Reaching out to the world has been an amazing experience. Joining the ACSJ and finding like minded people who wanted to give back by donating time and energy in philanthropic endeavors has only cemented my feeling that Humanism is indeed something for everyone. In short, People helping people and actively being involved in making the world a better place is what Humanism is all about. It is, quite simply, “a life stance aiming at the maximum possible fulfillment through the cultivation of ethical and creative living and offers an ethical and rational means of addressing the challenges of our time. Humanism can be a way of life for everyone everywhere.” We can all live lives that are “ethical... hav(ing) a duty of care (for) all humanity including future generations.. believ(ing) that morality is an intrinsic part of human nature based on understanding and a concern for others, needing no external sanction.”

When we do that, we all become Humanists and in the end, that's a pretty cool thing to be...

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This story is a few days old and and it's a summary article from a series on the NPR website about deaths that occurred in 2014. This particular article is about Mae Keane who died last year at the age of 107. Her claim to fame is that she briefly worked as a "Radium Girl" back in the 1920's. Now I admit that I had only heard of the Radium Girls in passing and was not familiar with their story, but the instant I read the NPR article it struck me as a story worth remembering.

Radium is a radioactive material that was being used to produce military equipment including glow in the dark watches.

From 1917 to 1926, U.S. Radium Corporation, originally called the Radium Luminous Material Corporation, was engaged in the extraction and purification of radium from carnotite ore to produce luminous paints, which were marketed under the brand name 'Undark'. As a defense contractor, U.S. Radium was a major supplier of radioluminescent watches to the military. Their plant in Ottawa, Illinois employed more than a hundred workers, mainly women, to paint radium-lit watch faces and instruments, misleading them that it was safe.
The company employed young women to paint the hands and dials on the watches and due to the delicate nature of the painting required the young women to put a fine point on their paint brushes by placing the brush in their mouth and moistening the tip (think of honing the tip of a thread so you can get it through the eye of a needle). Over time and with repeated ingestion of the radioactive material many of the women became sick.
"Of course, no one thought it was dangerous in these first couple of years," explains Deborah Blum, author of The Poisoner's Handbook.


By the mid-1920s, dial painters were falling ill by the dozens, afflicted with horrific diseases. The radium they had swallowed was eating their bones from the inside.

"There was one woman who the dentist went to pull a tooth and he pulled her entire jaw out when he did it," says Blum. "Their legs broke underneath them. Their spines collapsed."

Dozens of women died.

In fact by 1927 50 women had died due to exposure to the radioactive paint.

Mae Keane on the other hand hated the taste of the paint and was reluctant to put the brush in her mouth. After a few days a supervisor asked her if she'd prefer to quit and she accepted his offer. Mae turned out to be one of the lucky ones and yes lived until 2014 dying at the age of 107. She had health problems along the way, but it's impossible to say if they were caused or exacerbated by her brief exposure to Radium many years before.

The one good thing that came out of all of this is that it became the first time workers sued and won a case against an employer for occupational safety. It led to changes in regulations regarding handling of radioactive material and established a precedent for future lawsuits.

The Radium Girls saga holds an important place in the history of both the field of health physics and the labor rights movement. The right of individual workers to sue for damages from corporations due to labor abuse was established as a result of the Radium Girls case. In the wake of the case, industrial safety standards were demonstrably enhanced for many decades.

The case was settled in the autumn of 1928, before the trial was deliberated by the jury, and the settlement for each of the Radium Girls was $10,000 (equivalent to $137,000 in 2015) and a $600 per year annuity (equivalent to $8,200 in 2015) while they lived, and all medical and legal expenses incurred would also be paid by the company.

Of course none of this was accomplished without a fight and even fake studies paid for by the radium corporations trying to prove that exposure to radiation from XRays was the real culprit or at least a mitigating factor in their favor. Fortunately that ruse was discovered and in the end the companies settled. Though radium continued to be used in similar ways until the 1950's workers no longer placed the brush in their mouths and were given protective gear to wear while working with the paint.

Now obviously in the long history of labor abuses in our country this isn't the only example. it was merely one of the first in a long history of lawsuits that have made jobs safer for all of us. In the end we owe many of our labor laws, regulations and precedents that protect us all today to this brave group of women who stood up for their rights even as they lay dying due to corporate neglect. RIP, Mae Keane and all the women who weren't as lucky and thanks for being part of the historical efforts to make the country safer for common working people.

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Lexington, KY (AP) Mitch McConnell finally went on record today on the GOP's plans to keep America safe from the growing threat of Ebola. After weeks of stonewalling on the GOP agenda should they take control of the Senate the senior Senator from Kentucky spoke out at a press conference this morning and even passed out a memo listing the GOP plan to move the country forward.

Here is the text of that memo verbatim including corrections that were part of the document disseminated:

1. Repeal Obamacare: It is the sincere belief of the GOP that government run healthcare is insufficient to deal with the fast approaching apocalypse. Every American should be terrified of the thought of an IRS agent sitting judgment on their right to get medical treatment should that terrible moment when they or a loved one catch Ebola arrives. The GOP will not allow government employees on death panels to ruin the lives of hard working Americans. We will work to finally repeal this monstrous law before it causes millions to suffer. Better to be without insurance entirely than to risk certain death brought on by bureaucratic inaction. Uninsured people who do catch the disease can simply hold a bake sale then trade the cookies for medical assistance.

2. Control Access to the Ballot Box: It is well known that Polling locations are crowded places. People - and especially people of color - have been known to stand extremely close to other people for hours at a time to cast their votes. This is a perfect storm that allows Ebola to spread unhindered.  The GOP will make the polling place safe by preventing many people - especially people of color - from casting votes thus reducing lines and wait times so the average voter will have less risk of contracting Ebola from an infected person they are forced to rub elbows with for hours on end.

3. Get to the bottom of #Benghazi: It is the belief of the GOP that #Benghazi has strong ties to the current Ebola outbreak in America. #Benghazi is in Libya which is in Africa. Africa is where the current Ebola outbreak started. One of the hardest hit countries is Liberia. Is it just a convenient coincidence that Libya and Liberia sound so similar? Are they really the same country? Is this some massive left-wing plot to distract Americans so they won't discover the truth? This connection will be thoroughly investigated in the early months of 2015. With a massive outbreak of Ebola sure to occur in America at any moment the GOP feels it is vitally important to find out what the President knew about Ebola in #Benghazi and when. In addition the GOP wants to know does Lois Lerner have Ebola? Are the clues to how Ebola came to America on her lost hard drive? What does she know about #Benghazi and Ebola? The GOP will investigate all of these questions for as long as it takes to get the answers. America deserves to know.

4. Build the fence, lock down the border, deport everyone who has family ties to Mexico: It should be obvious by now that President Obama has no desire or the strength to actually act to prevent Ebola from crossing our boarder from the south. With careful planning it is obvious ISIS will soon use this gaping hole in our security to set off Ebola bombs in major US cities causing millions of needless deaths. Since we cannot be sure who may have traveled to Mexico it is the belief of the GOP that anyone with family ties in Mexico should be immediately deported. Can we be sure they haven't been home recently? Can we be positive they have not been radicalized by ISIS while there? We need to be 100% sure that no American can come in contact with Ebola due to casual contact with a person of South/Central American descent. The GOP will work to keep America white safe.

5. Sue or Impeach President Obama: This really is the core of the GOP agenda and probably should be listed first, but we felt it necessary to outline the other factors first so the American people would see there is just cause to proceed with this final step. Not only has the usurper President failed miserably in his efforts to protect the American people from these many terrifying threats, but the simple fact is he's black from Africa. Again, Ebola is from Africa. It is the sincere belief that President Obama is attempting to take over America with this new form of germ warfare imported from his homeland. He should be tested by GOP approved doctors to be sure he is not carrying the Ebola virus in his genes and if he is found to have it be removed from office immediately. Because All of his cabinet and Vice President Joe Biden have been in close contact with him repeatedly they will have to be removed from office also. In accordance with our Constitution that would elevate John Boehner to President and America could start to truly fix the horror that has been inflicted on us all by six years of black... African Democrat rule.


Wed Sep 03, 2014 at 11:05 AM PDT

An inconvenient Meta...

by jusjtim35

So there you are reading Daily Kos enjoying stories of progressive triumphs and conservative failings. Today was an especially good day for our side in your opinion and there are many diaries worth your time, attention, recs and comments. You smile as you scan the recommended list, pick a few from the rescued list to read and shed a tear over a poignant personal diary. Then it's on to the Recent Diary list and a few there deserve to be rec'd so they too can get a higher number of views.


OH NO! META STORM! Someone said something in a diary or in a comment and suddenly a group of people are offended and they are letting the world know they are offended and that they expect better of DK and the community here. Of course the topic is one that doesn't affect you other than in how the diaries appear in the recommended list. Maybe you are loosely connected to the side that made the Meta blow up.

What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?!?!?

You have two options as I see it...

1) Wade in both guns firing. Telling the Meta writers they should just deal with it and stop blowing up your favorite website with their angst.

2) Ignore it. Ignore the diaries. Don't read the comments other than for entertainment. Move on with your life and focus on the diaries you do want to read.

Now, I know what I'd do and in fact have done with Meta storms that don't affect me. I chose 2 and focus on the other things. If you chose 1 then don't be surprised when you get hammered hard by the people who are affected by the comments/diaries, etc.

If you make the argument that you are part of the offended group but don't get what all the offense is about because you personally haven't experienced it then... well... maybe the title will give you a clue about how much that actually matters.

I do want to thank both BBB and the writers who are trying to put a lid on the Atheist Meta Storm. You've done something wonderful. You've dragged a lot more Atheists out of the closet. So in the end maybe there will be something positive out of all this at least I hope so.


Just a thought, but seems like these protests would be a great opportunity to register a bunch of people. A town with a population that is 69% black could manage to elect a black mayor and appoint a black police chief and start to undo some of the institutional racism that seems to be happening there. Maybe I'm looking at this too simplisically and maybe the mayor in charge is a great guy who people of all races love and honor, but something obviously needs to change.

In fact any protest related to this and other shootings would be a great place to sign people up and show them their vote matters. If you are angry, you can stand here and scream and wave signs (and yes that's a good thing to do to draw attention to the problems you are protesting against) but if you don't back it up by voting and dragging every member of your family and friend list to the polls with you then it will all be for nothing come November.

If we vote, we win. People are always talking about how Dems don't turn out for midterms, well, this is a huge opportunity to show people WHY their vote matters. Protests are effective weapons, but voting is how you win the battle and ultimately the war...


Sun Jul 20, 2014 at 11:50 AM PDT

NN 2015, Arizona and DK

by jusjtim35

This post is just my opinion. I needed to say it because I think there's a big picture issue that needs to be addressed in the decision by DK not to participate in NN 2015 because of its location in Arizona.

I want to start by saying I respect Markos' decision and understand his reasoning. It's also his site, his sweat, blood, tears and intellectual property that has created and built this site into such an amazing place for progressives/liberals to discuss things that matter to us and push to elect "more and better democrats". To that end the decision is ultimately his whether to participate in the NN 2015 conference, but if he sticks to his guns and doesn't take the board there with a major presence it will be a shame.

The reason why I disagree with his decision is pretty basic. One of the major points of this site is (as quoted above) to elect more and better democrats. Now there have been a lot of pie fights around these parts recently between the hardcore progressives who don't want to have to compromise at all and those of us more concerned with simply winning elections at this point in time. I don't think those of us who first and foremost want to win don't care about electing better, more progressive democrats, but in a pinch we regularly push to keep voting D no matter what even if the D option is a less than perfect one.

One of the most glaring examples of this is the Warren Vs. Clinton arguments that have been busting out all over this place in the last few months. Some of the Warren backers (and aren't we all Elizabeth Warren fans?) have become increasingly strident about not voting for HRC if she is the Democrat POTUS nominee in 2016. Those of us on the other side have been urging them not to do that because holding on to the WH at this critical point in our country's history is vitally important and must be done at any cost. Markos has written several posts backing HRC and urging everyone to stay the course though he's been more hammering home the point that HRC will be a fine POTUS than dealing with the lesser of two evils issue.

Still the point remains - to truly win we have to stay united, more so than ever at this crucial juncture in time. The GOP learned this lesson long ago and have used it to great advantage even bringing the country to a screeching halt in the last year+ by marching in lockstep to their Nobama agenda.

Now some of you maybe asking, "yes, but what does that have to do with NN 2015?" Well, in my opinion, by staying away DK will be making the same mistake as those people who are willing to stay home rather than cast their vote for what they perceive to be the lesser of two evils. Right now, right here we are watching the GOP go through it's death throes. It is in the process of splintering and becoming less powerful or even irrelevant This is playing out on the nightly news as I type. This is OUR moment. We have the chance to seize control of the country and drive it in the direction we want it to go - the direction this very website has been instrumental in steering us all toward.

Now is not the time to sit one out. Now is the time to swallow our pride and stick together because this... is... our... moment. Let's not turn away from it just as it finally arrives. Let us embrace it. Let us fight for it. Let us push for it and let us make it happen. Whatever that takes, be that voting for a Democrat who doesn't make our heart flutter or standing tall with the rest of the progressive movement in a less than ideal location we need to do it and we need to do it as one.

Because as Markos himself is proud of pointing out - when we vote we win. That can be translated to  -when we stand together, we win. And in the end and for the moment winning is all that matters. There's a time to take a principled stand, hold your nose and turn your back, this is not that time.

Please reconsider. Don't turn your back on NN 2015 because you don't like Arizona.


Wed Jul 09, 2014 at 06:24 PM PDT

A Picture truly is worth 1000 words

by jusjtim35

Something tells me Rick Perry's Immigration meeting with President Obama didn't go as planned.

Obama Laughs Perry pouts

Sorry for the short diary, but saw this Twitter link on Facebook and it was too funny not to post...

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Sun Jun 15, 2014 at 10:33 PM PDT

Stop crying and take your medicine

by jusjtim35

Just a short rant. I'm going to bed, so I won't reply to any comments made over night...

Here's the deal...

If it's Hillary, Joe, Warren or Marvin the freaking Martian running at the top of the Dem ticket in 2016 YOU MUST VOTE FOR THEM!

All this whining, crying, moaning and carrying on is simply silly. WHOEVER the Dem POTUS nominee is they will blow the GOP offering out of the water. We cannot afford another 2004. Reloading the SCOTUS is at stake for starters and if we can hold the WH the next two elections, by 2024 Texas will be at best purple (sooner if Wendy has her way).

You can rant, you can rail, you can cry, you can moan, but if you don't vote for Hillary (if she's the nominee) in 2016 you might as well hand the country back to the GOP.

There's too damned much at stake to risk the alternative. You may not like her, but again, compared to the alternative she's freaking Gandhi.

THIS is why we can't have nice things.

THIS is why the GOP always slithers its way back into power.

THIS is why the DEMs will ALWAYS be second best.

Because of whiny crybabies like the ones posting all these diaries.

So tired of this bullshit.





Wed Jun 11, 2014 at 08:21 AM PDT

It's a Haiku morning...

by jusjtim35

I suppose if you are a mainstream GOP voter that could be spelled mourning. Feel free to add your own...

A RINO in Elephant's Clothing
Eric Cantor toast
lunatics seize asylum

Just Another Day in the USA! USA! USA!
Good guys, Bad guys, GUNS!
One more week, one more slaughter
And the beat goes on...

Let the Sun Shine
Koch brothers freak out
Free energy is almost here
Everything  will change

Curiouser and Curiouser
Teabaggers digging
Rabbit hole not deep enough
Grab some popcorn, stare

A Hairy Situation
Only thing that stops
Bad guy with a beard is a
Good guy with a beard

And one more non-political one blow the orange mushroom infused teabag...

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Sun Apr 20, 2014 at 09:01 AM PDT

Armed Patriots Seize Downtown Denver

by jusjtim35

Denver, Colorado (FOX News)- This morning at 4:20 AM DEA agents attempted to raid a local Marijuana dispensary in downtown Denver Colorado. Only to be rebuffed by armed young men wearing knit skull caps with bloodshot eyes. When the three black vans rolled up to the front entrance windows on the second and third floor opened and long thin sniper rifle barrels poked forth as a cloud of smoke belched from the building. This was followed by several seconds of clicks pops and loud feedback before a slow voice blared forth from a megaphone.

"Chill right there, G-Man!" The languid speech hung in the air. The DEA agents froze looked up and immediately dove for cover. Wild laughter erupted from the open windows and several of the sniper rifles disappeared. One fell out the window and crashed to the ground. Its former owner could be seen holding his belly doubled over. "Dude, did you see them scramble? That was epic."

"Frank, the megaphone is still on," Another voice was heard.

"What? Oh... sorry, Tommy... Um... Yeah, G-Men this building is being protected by the 420 revolutionary guard. Your kind isn't welcome here." The first man continued to the now huddled, hidden agents below. "You can have our pot when you pry it from our cold dead hands."

Sounds of wild cheering followed by someone saying "pass the donuts" erupted from the building.

That scene played out about 12-hours ago on Easter Sunday in downtown Denver. Here at FOX news we are covering this patriotic people's uprising against the oppressive, tyrannical Executive branch of the federal government.

The Happy X 420 pot shop is accused of not having filed its quarterly tax payment and having marijuana of suspect origin on the premises. The DEA claims some of the pot may have been grown out of state even as far away as Mendocino County in California or even in Mexico. Transporting that pot across state lines makes it a federal offense and selling it would put the shop in violation of federal law. With the added violation of failure to make the tax payment, the shop became a target for the heavy hand of the federal government.

Here at FOX we called and asked what it would take to get a reporter into the building to interview these patriotic potheads and find out what caused them to take up arms and stand toe-to-toe to defend their right to toke up. After a few minutes of silence interspersed with some background laughter the leader, who identifies himself only as Mile High Kushmaster, told us the group would speak only to Megyn Kelly. "'Cuz she's HAWT, bro."

Within a few hours we had Megyn on the ground and using a smoke screen the group set up for us we managed to sneak her into the building. Below the cheese puff is a transcript of her interview with these easily distracted but nonetheless resolved young patriots.

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