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Okay - you are already registered to vote in Virginia.  All you need is your voter registration card at the polls this fall, right?  WRONG.

On August 14, the Virginia Board of Elections, in the absence of the Democratic member, passed a new regulation requiring valid government photo ID in order to be allowed to vote.  Lacking proper PHOTO identification, your vote will be cast as 'provisional.'  Don't be caught without a photo ID by this ridiculous new law!

More details below the fold.

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Since there is so much misinformation still flying around since yesterday, I felt it was important to clarify a couple of things: the Supreme Court ruled yesterday (and I do NOT agree with their ruling, by the way) that closely-held companies could (even though that mechanism is not in place yet) apply for the cost-covered Religious Exemption.

Well I looked up the 'existing ACA rules' and it still requires insurers and third-part administrators to provide contraceptive coverage at no cost to the insured. That is the existing provision for non-profits, which Alito's opinion suggests as the 'least restrictive' method for meeting the ACA mandate.  Quotes and links below the fold.

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This is a guest entry on behalf of Ellid, which I volunteered last week to write.  Our title tonight is a recent Kindle Book gay romance by Anne Brooke entitled "Where It Hurts the Most" - available from Riptide Publishing Company.

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Insomnia has kept me up long enough to see the news blast from Washington Post:

Do we need an assault weapons ban?  Marines are not safe at Quantico?  

Pretoria, South Africa

Known worldwide as "Blade Runner", the 26 year old double-amputee runner who made history in the 2012 Olympics as the first Paralympian to compete on prosthetic legs, Oscar Pistorious has been arrested and held without bail in the shooting death of 30-year old law student and model Reeva Steenkamp, who was destined for a career in reality television.  She was shot four times.

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Over the past few years, overweight and obese passengers on US airlines have been refused boarding, humiliated in gate areas, forced to buy extra seats to accommodate their weight/bulk and in other ways mistreated by airlines in a way that is unlawful in countries such as Canada, which recognize obesity as a legitimate medical condition.  Sadly, KLM, Delta, and Lufthansa have become embroiled a wrongful death suit which reads like something out of Kafka and which resulted in the death of a passenger who was refused boarding again and again while trying to return to New York to see her doctor for an urgent, life-threatening illness for which she could not get treatment in Hungary while on vacation.

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65-year old Vietnam vet, who was due in court to answer a firearms charge, is still holding a 5 year old first-grader with ADHD and Asperger's syndrome in an underground self-made bunker in the Alabama/Florida panhandle community of Midland.  Neighbors describe the gunman, who shot down the boy's school bus driver Wednesday before taking the boy hostage at gunpoint, as a "doomsday prepper."

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During the Ames Straw Poll, Sarah Palin went on record to not-quite endorse fellow evangelical Christian Rick Perry in the following terms, reported by Ben Smith at Politico:  

If Palin had a political goal today, it was to dampen speculation that she would endorse Rick Perry, which she did effectively, musing on the contrast of the "very powerful" Alaska governorship with the "not as powerful" Texas one and allowing that she'd be enthusiastic about him only in case he wins the nomination.

Anybody but Obama ? not a ringing endorsement I would say, but perhaps a case of sour grapes, since both Palin and Perry were vying for the backing of a shady religious group with whom both have quietly affiliated themselves, known as the New Apostolic Reformation.  And with Perry's "Prayer Breakfast" event, it appears he has won their backing and endorsement in his Presidential run, in preference to Palin.  More over the fold:

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I'm unemployed.  But, unlike so many other unfortunates here on DailyKos and around the United States, I have been hired, pending a pre-employment drug-screen, and will be working again (hopefully) in 7-10 days once they finish processing it.  During the tax season just passed, I had to file two out of state tax refund forms because my previous employers deducted taxes in part in Minnesota (my previous address) and in Washington DC - because nobody in their HR department warned me I had to submit a request for exemption from DC taxes at a worksite in DC, when my residence is in Virginia.  They also wouldn't change it or refund the taxes or reallocate them to Virginia.  Follow me over the fold to the cautionary tale which is the fate of those who don't understand how taxation works here in the 'reciprocity' zone of the US Capitol.  If you come to work and live here - don't let this happen to you!

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Last night, I encouraged a member of our community, a disabled, unemployed veteran who has been struggling to make his way through the VA benefits labyrinth and faced repeatedly with the prospect of homelessness, to write a diary asking Kossacks for help to buy him more time in his apartment so that his benefits and possible employment could kick in. He didn't want to: his previous diaries were pleas for information and survival tactics on how to live homelessly, and the community reached back with substantial cash gifts to his Paypal account to keep him in his home a little longer.  He never had asked for money:  until I urged him to.  The diary, which got only a dozen or so comments, is here:  Veteran in Need  Follow me over the fold to find out what happened next.

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Bank of America.  Wells Fargo.  CitiGroup.  JP Morgan Chase.  These mortgage giants and 12 other lenders have reached an agreement with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Office of Thrift Supervision, and the Federal Reserve, acting in advance of ongoing state probes of these lenders, have extracted what will amount to billions in reimbursements to homeowners who were foreclosed upon based on improper affidavits and other irregular paperwork.

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This is another clearinghouse diary for discussion and commentary about the ongoing nuclear disaster(s) in Japan.   For updated information on news and a timeline of the events following the March 11 Japanese Earthquake, visit the Mothership.  The Mothership is updated regularly and also provides a more extensive list of news and data sources, social media, crisis mapping and other relevant information.

If you would like to recommend this diary feel free to do so. All previous liveblogs published to the Japan Nuclear Incident group can be found here. The group also serves as an archive for Coverage@Kos.

The"ROV" (a Remote Operating Vehicle) is a 'child diary' for liveblog coverage of major breaking news stories. (The term was borrowed from the Gulf Watchers coverage of the Deep Water Horizon crisis.)

Given the seriousness of this situation, please use this diary for posting information DIRECTLY Related to coverage of the developing news!

To continue following and participating in the breaking coverage in Japan Nuclear Incidents series, click here and then click the heart icon underneath the profile picture to the Right. This will bring these diaries directly into your personal "stream."


News from Japan April 5 AM JST

As temps continue to rise in reactor #1, Tepco plans to  inject nitrogen into drywell to mitigate chances of hydrogen explosion. The nitrogen injected into the drywell should mitigate the chances for a hydrogen explosion. This is a situation to watch I think as this reactor has been over design specs in it's pressure readings for several days now. See FukushimaDataPage

Japanese authorities are proposing harvesting blood stem cells from the workers should they fall ill and require stem cell transplants later.   BioNews

Fukushima impact on Climate Negotiations

At today’s opening meeting of UN climate change conference in Bangkok, chief of the UN's climate change agency Christian Figueres discusses the possibility of the Fukushima crisisis impacting international efforts to curb global warming as nation’s reevaluate plans to convert to atomic energy to cut back of GHG emissions  NHK World

In other breaking news, the  IAEA Convention on Nuclear Safety talks began today in Sweden,with  IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano announcing the serious impact of  the Fukushima on  international plans for atomic energy and vowing to restore public trust in safety of nuclear energy.  NHK Live

The NHK newsfeed at 11:30 PM JST reports....

• Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso have agreed to cooperate to strengthen nuclear safety.

• European Union says it will donate an additional 10 million euros, or 14 million dollars, to support those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.        

• President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the country's first nuclear power plant will soon be operational as scheduled.       


News announcements from Japan between 2pm April 4 – 11:30 PM JST (gleaned from comments below, multiple sources linked below)

As Greenpeace continued monitoring radiation Monday, the government announced plans to lift restrictions on food if radioactivity data stay below the safety limits for a third straight week.  Plans are also being considered to break Tepco down into smaller companies and to unify the country’s  two different frequencies used in the country (50 Hz in the north and 60 Hz in the west).

Evacuees from a 30-kilometer range around the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are not eligible for housing at a Tokyo hotel because they would need shelter for more than three months

4,080 bequerels of radioactive iodine-131 was detected in 1 kilogram of sand lances, a kind Teof fish, in the sea south of the troubled plant.

News headlines  Japan, Monday, April 4. Noon. (combined sources from Kyodo, NHK, Asahi, and IAEA: all links below)

TEPCO will discharge 1,500 ton of low level contaminated water in the sub-drain pit for Units 5 & 6 to prevent the water in the pit from leaking into the reactor buildings and potentially damaging safety-related equipment.

Atomic energy experts skeptical about proposal to drape containment buildings in sheeting to block further release of radioactivity

TEPCO to install  silt-barrier fences to prevent further spread of nuclear contaminants in seawater (see photo h/t peraspera)

  • 4/3 @ 11:17 PST update on Japan's work on  afternoon 4/4 JST peraspera: On Monday workers poured a white liquid into a tunnel leading to the pit. The operation was undertaken to determine the exact route the water is taking from the pit near the plant's Number 2 reactor to the ocean. But the utility firm says the white liquid did not flow into the pit and that the contaminated water must be following other routes.
  • An alternative plan to stop the leak scheduled for later today. If unsuccessful, chemicals may be used to “harden the area.’

External power supply is now being used to power the pumps injecting fresh water into Units 1, 2 and 3 reactors.

Radiation levels gradually decreasing in many areas around the nuclear plant.

Govt did not reveal high level radiation estimate

Overview of top news

  • 4/3 @11:37 PST peraspera: Authorities know the water in the cracked concrete shaft, then, is emitting at least that much radiation -- which equates, at a minimum, to more than 330 times the dose an average resident of an industrialized country naturally receives in a year
  • 4/3 @ 9:38 PST. HKHeadhunter: Japan's target of slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020 from 1990 levels could be reviewed in the wake of the ongoing nuclear crisis, top government spokesman Yukio Edano hinted Monday. h/t  (kyodo)
  • 4/3 @ 9?36 PST procrastinator john" Oil-fired power plants coming back on line
    An article in the Nikkei Shinbun reports that rolling blackouts were avoided again today, in part because consumers have cut back on electricity use but also because some of the generating units at oil fired plants in Yokohama link
  • peraspera Sunday April, 3 18:47 JST Kyodo, Nikkei, Mainichi  The Japanese government indicated that it will be months before the Fukushima plant is no longer releasing radiation.
  • h/t ricklewsive Sunday, April 3, 2011 The Japan Times Very good schematic of the leaky pit
  • Photobucket
Coverage@Kos: 4/01 - 4/03

HEARTBREAKING Video SOS from Japanese mayor near Fukushima: Near starvation by HamdenRice on 4/4
Fukushima Status Update 4/4 by Kbman on 4/4
Fukushima: Prayers & Petitions by gmoke on 4/3
Japanese authorities express ‘deepest respect’ for ShelterBox’s work by texmex on 4/3
Fukushima: the sense that profit for a few is taking precedence over the safety of many by nathguy on 4/3

Please visit ROV #39 for coverage from 4/1 through 4/2 and the archives in Japan Nuclear Incident group for all previous ROVs and Coverage@Kos.

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