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This isn't an important "diary" and today's a big day so I'll keep this super short. I'm just dying to know if Nate will be posting his prediction like he did last time?

Or is he only keeping the probability map up that he has on 538 now?

If you know, please tell me so I don't have to refresh 5,000 times today!

Thank you!!!


If you're anything like me, you're SICK to death of the GOP rape commentary, so trust me when I say that the last thing I wanted to diary about was...yet another thoughtless rape comment.

But there was another rape statement today that got buried amidst the storm/election coverage and I thought it deserved mentioning, if for no other reason, for its staggering ignorance.

That, and, the fact that it was accompanied by jaw-dropping incest commentary.

I mean, hey, why just stop at rape?

Surely they can nauseate the American public more than they already have, right?

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Sun Oct 28, 2012 at 12:47 PM PDT

Scared Is Not a Strategy

by newyorknewyork

I was reading Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight blog a few days ago, as most of us here do, and one particular comment from a reader (Obama supporter) struck me.

There was a comment thread about how, despite state polling in the battlegrounds looking up for Obama, some of those states are, at best, unpredictable (think New Hampshire) and aren't exactly in the bag.

With that in mind, there is a chance, however small it may seem from the state polls, that Romney could pull this off and get to 270. Of course even the thought of that being a possibility scares the living crap out of most of us here.

There's also a chance that Obama could win the electoral college without winning the popular vote, which is not a great scenario either. Can you even IMAGINE how that would play out on Faux news? We'd never hear the end of it.

That's when said comment came in from a reader of Nate's blog:

I'm so scared that Romney could win this thing. I don't know what I would do...
To which I replied....
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It's amazing what happens when the cameras aren't rolling.

If you think the 47% comment was bad, just wait until you hear what was said by a CEO at a recent event I attended full of wealthy people, similar to the fundraiser where Romney made his now infamous 47% statement.

Some of the things I heard were downright despicable. Stomach-turning.

I got an inside view on how some of the 1%ers, for lack of a better term, think and act....and it wasn't pretty.

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When it comes to paying his 'fair share,' Mitt Romney has one opinion with relation to paying 'taxes' to the Mormon church and another when it comes to his country.

I came across an article on CNN last night explaining the 'tithe' that Romney pays (and all devout Mormons must pay) to the church and found something very interesting, but let's briefly go over what a 'tithe' is first in case anyone's not familiar with that term:

(A 'tithe' is defined as: "a voluntary contribution or tax payment, especially when it constitutes one tenth of somebody's income")

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I really don't know what to write, or frankly, even why I'm writing this.  

Maybe I'm hoping that it will somehow help to vent a bit. Maybe I'm trying to make sense of it and get over the shock to prepare myself for what's coming. I don't know. All I know is that there's a pile of work staring at me and the house looks like a freakin' disaster zone but I can't seem to do much of anything but sit here and feel like crap. I thought it would be good to work to get my mind off things, but that's not working out too well.

I knew they wouldn't be around forever but it still comes as a shock.  And both of them at the same time - well, it's just too much.

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I'm dedicating this diary to a man named David Brooks. He was a fellow blogger and strong supporter of / advocate for those suffering from mental illness.  David (known by handle db) passed away two days ago.

David was not (as far as I know) a family member here at Dkos but he was a huge part of another important online family:

Walkers is a non-profit organization staffed with volunteers that provides online support- via forums, chat rooms, etc.- for those struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses.  

Walkers provides a lifeline for many who have no other means of support. Many people (including myself just a short while ago) were ready to end it all before they found a home at walkers.  

In honor of David and all the others like him who do such important work, I'd like to ask if any of my fellow Kossacks could donate a few dollars to keep Walkers afloat.

There are people who would not be around if Walkers did not exist.

Please follow me and REC this diary if you feel it appropriate. TY

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Obama?  A good hunter?  But...not a good farmer?  THAT is the problem???


Yep. That is what I said. You didn't read it wrong. This may sound a little crazy at first but if you just hang with me for a minute I'll think you'll get my point.

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The New York Times science section has a piece today on the white lizards discoverd in White Sands, NM.  Call me a geek if you like but I think this is totally cool!

These little guys mutated very quickly (relatively speaking) to be able to camoflauge themselves in the snowy white sand dunes in New Mexico that formed only about 6,000 years ago.  

From the piece:

From an evolutionary perspective, that’s really the blink of an eye

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This is my first time hosting TGR.  

Before I post the standard grieving room intro. let me just say quickly that I hope I can make this diary more about a celebration of an amazing life, focusing on all the love, joy, and yes, miracles that my Angel dog brought into this world rather than the sadness of his loss.

I want this to be a small tribute to a true Angel on earth.

Now, trying to describe an Angel is a tall order.  I feel like nothing I could write would be good enough.

But I do hope that I can manage to at least give you an idea of why he was so special not just to me but to so many other people too. And why I really wanted to write this tribute (though it's taken me a year to get up the courage to attempt it).

He was a therapy dog, activist, life-saver - just an all-around Angel.

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I used to work in World Trade Center 1.
I'm telling this story for the first time.

I worked there back in the day of the dot com boom and when telecom was the big thing. Back when salespeople still went door to door vs. calling or emailing.

I was in telecom sales and worked IN the WTC- that meant I had easy access to hundreds if not thousands of businesses that our competitors didn't. (Ever since the '93 attack on the WTC you had to either have a security card to get in the building showing you worked there or they'd have to call up and verify that you had an appointment with someone and give you a temporary card. In other words, the competition couldn't just walk in and knock on doors like they could other buildings, so they mostly stayed away.)

Given that we had an 'edge' in a highly competitive industry, I was ordered to prospect the entire building- every floor, every door- as the saying goes. And that's exactly what I did.

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I just checked my email and I got a note from someone still calling me his "friend" (though I never have been his friend and never will be. I only get his emails because I signed up for them during the campaign to keep tabs on what he was doing- and I still get them).

So this'll be short and sweet.  For those of you not on Sen. McCain's mailing list, I'll share his message with you below.

Basically he wants to gather names for a PETITION AGAINST OBAMA'S HEALTHCARE BILL.  

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