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Wed Jul 03, 2013 at 05:43 AM PDT

The Southern Cabal and the Military

by oldcatlady

After passage of the Civil Rights Acts and Voting Rights Acts, the SC took a long hard look at their options.  They could stay in the US of A or they could leave.  Succession was not an option at that time so they established a long view toward 2054+/-.  They developed a two prong strategy.  1. Infiltrate as many nodes of federal power as possible and try to get the offensive acts softened or repealed.  2. Prepare for a successful succession. I will address the first tomorrow, but today is all about armed rebellion.
There were 2 causes of the Confederate defeat.  1. The Great Army of the North and 2. The blockade of Southern ports which starved the South of guns, ammo and food. (Yes I am simplifying.)  After every war the military budget was cut and the military was downsized. The SC took advantage of these budget cuts to remove the first great threat to a successful second succession by using the agents they had infiltrated into the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Military over the decades.

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Tue Jul 02, 2013 at 03:29 PM PDT

The South Has Risen Again

by oldcatlady

The Republican Party was taken over by the Dixiecrats when they realized that the GOB's in the Democratic Party were not going to bring back the Old South. First Lyndon Johnson betrayed them with Civil Rights.  Then Bill Clinton didn't repeal any of the things they hoped he would.  The Southern Cabal, hereinafter referred to as the SC went on the attack.  Hell hath no fury like a Rebel scorned. Subsequent events were orchestrated and blown out of proportion by the SC. The question is why on earth go to such lengths?
   When I was in the South after WWII, the good one, the Southerners were still fighting the Civil War.  They had beautiful hazy memories of the way it used to be.  Every white man with a little money had two families, one white and legitimate; the other black and starving. Every white family had black servants who were paid $1 a day and worked until they dropped of old age.  Cook's daughter or granddaughter supplied the second family-see Strom Thurmond.   3 Federal Actions destroyed this heaven.

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