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Thu Feb 26, 2015 at 08:15 PM PST

That kissey face thing, tho.

by rexymeteorite


Lemme just say, when I first saw this...this was pretty much my reaction

But beyond the absolutely horrified Darwin-face, there was a thought in the back of my head. It took me a while to get over my shock but eventually I processed it and realized -- I mean, my fucking god how is this not below the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The man is SECOND in the line of succession. I mean, its unthinkable that he would ever come close to the oval office, but come on, thats closer than many of us will ever dream of getting to the presidency.

Seriously, think about it. How many fucking times have republicans screamed and moaned and gnashed their teeth about Obama not living up to the office of the presidency, because he does some sort of goofy video to let people know about health coverage deadlines, while ignoring their own fucking absolutely ridiculous orange mistake in the House of Representatives. SECOND in line for the presidency, and making kissy faces at reporters like a five year old. Hey AMERICA! This clown could be your president. Think about it before you sit there and bash Obama for a goofy youtube video.

There are plenty of clowns to go after because they don't live up to their office...unfortunately they are all republicans. Clean up your own clowns or shut the fuck up about Obama being "unpresidential"


Thu Feb 19, 2015 at 08:12 PM PST

A Note to Old Time Kossacks

by rexymeteorite

Ya know, I have been here for a long time now. I know, to a lot of commenters, I do not have a particularly low user ID. I actually arrived here right after Barack Obama's election in November 2008. I had always heard of dailykos before that, and of course I had seen Markos before on Keith Olbermann and other shows on MSNBC (anyone remember when Kos regularly went on MSNBC? LOL that ended quickly. Fuck Joe Scarborough by the can never be said enough), and I had heard of dailykos before December 2008, but I never really bothered with the place until that December. I remember what originally brought me here was the promises of actual discussion, and not just shouting talking points past each other. Before I got here, I had been posting on and off at, fighting the good fight against the hundreds of right wing trolls that invade magazines websites. I remember, right after Obama's election in 08, on the article announcing his election I posted "SEE NO SOCIALISM! SKY ISNT FALLING! WERE NOT ALL MUSLIMS! WATER STILL WET" or something to that effect and got a ton of attention from it, both positive and, unfortunately, extremely negative. I tired of the hours I spent toiling against the idiots, and just wanted to talk to someone, anyone who got me.

I was 22 at the time, just starting at Chemeketa Community College, bright-eyed and hopeful about PRESIDENT Barack Obama's election. I wanted real discussion about the way forward, from a progressive perspective. And boy, did I fucking find what I was looking for, and so much more.

This place has been...I dunno, a godsend in my life. Throughout college, this place pretty much taught me how to write persuasive arguments. I had never really written anything political at all before, my writing had always been terrible attempts at Sci-Fi or Fantasy (I have gotten better, but god, some of my old shit is horbs), but my first attempts at substantive political writing have all happened here. Like I said, I was always a serial commenter, but I never produced any content of my own. This change pretty much immediately as soon as I discovered, and signed up for, dailykos. I am 100% sure that the 3.86 GPA and the summa cum laude honors I received with my bachelors degree is the direct result of sharpening my argumentative writing HERE first.

When I first got here, I thought that I was a pretty savvy liberal, but jesus was I wrong about that. I quickly learned how much I didn't know, how many blindspots I understanding race in the united states, holy god jesus was I turned around ass-backwards on race. I was a little "color blind" racist asshole, and I'll fully admit that up front right now. But slowly, and with the persistence of patient, insightful and awesome kossacks, I got better. Not saying I am no longer racist, I grew up in america with white skin and a penis, of course I am racist, but I came to realize it, accept it, and actively work against it with all my intellectual might. And that is just one example, there are plenty more. Slowly, I realized how much I didn't know and dedicated myself to understanding, to insight, to knowledge. All of it would have never actually happened had I never been here.

Jeez louise, I am rambling now. Long story short: without the help of old timers, the ones who came before me, I would not be the person I am right now. If I had made a mistake, or posted the wrong thing, I was usually pretty gently corrected. And there was a lot of patience as a learned, and grew, and began to understand the ins and outs of this place. Not always the case of course, there were plenty of assholes, but the community didn't ream me for not knowing something.

I think that sometimes, now-a-days, we have become used to the troll invasions, the constant noise of right wing assholes coming into our home and shitting on our floors. As an understandable result, I think our collective tolerance and patience of newbies who are still earnestly learning has gone way down. Look, I get it. I have a pretty low UID (199775, of course not as low as many old timers, but pretty low now that we have like bajillions of users), I have become pretty suspicious of newbies too. If they aren't trying to fucking sell me a rock crusher, they are trying to tell me about how much they hate vaccines, circumcision or Obama. Dkos can be rough and tumble, and a jaundiced eye is often turned on newbies.

But it is not incumbent on us, as regulars, to identify and notice the good newbs who are just here to learn? Seems to me that sometimes that goes under the radar and our automatic mode is to attack anyone whose name we don't really recognize, or it used to be. I have noticed that Welcome New Users has been out in force lately, identifying credible new users and tagging them, which is very useful for me as an old timer, because it signals I have to give this person patience. But I think we could all do more to welcome new diarists and commenters better than we have been, and giving them more leeway on not only stuff like typos and weak theses but also stuff like referring to the democratic party as the democrat party...shit like that. Look, fact of the matter is that is how the rest of america outside of politics refers to us, the right wing has been effective at framing our party the way they want to in the perceptions of non-political observers. I think it would be more effective to be patient with the new user who accidentally spouts a right wing talking point than to automatically throw them under the bus, hop on the hide-rate express and pile on the hr's.

Again, I am not saying this happens a lot, or even some of the time, but I think when it does happen, it deals a ton of harm to diversity of thought in the community. If we are to survive as a political forum, I think diversity of thought is extremely important so we don't become a fucking echo chamber. I hate just screaming talking points, thats why I came here. But if we eject newbies because they accidently do something society has taught them to automatically do, we are potentially excluding a person who might have been a fantastic diarist, a fantastic commenter, who the fuck knows, maybe the next big contributor to the front page. We can't just turf a person because they made a mistake that, honestly, so much of America believes.

YMMV of is incumbent upon every TU to deal informed HRs. In the past, I did not take that responsibility seriously. I have flung donuts like a Krispy Kreme employee more than a few times myself, but I take my power as a TU far more seriously now than I ever did back then. That includes copious research into the previous commenting and diarying history of the commenter. Of course, if its a clear and egregious case, and the comment remains unhidden I will add a hide to tip the comments into hidden territory. But if its a grey area, if the comment is already hidden, if there are already multiple admonishments and this is a new user, why pile on? Why turn them away? Why show them the worst of dailykos right up front? Killing them with kindness, patience and time, I think, is a far more effective strategy for the long term survival of our community than it is to show someone the door for a few small violations of community norms.

"But shouldn't they be lurking before they join the fray" is the usual refrain. True enough. But still, lurking could mean waiting a year to join up and make your first comment or waiting 48 hours to make your first comment. I made my first comment pretty much immediately. I wrote my first diary pretty soon after joining. And even though it was OBVIOUS I didn't lurk, people were still patient with me. And over time I became an "old timer"...I dunno when it happened, but eventually it did.

Again, not sure what triggered this. It wasn't any one particular thing. It wasn't a specific instance here, this isn't some backhanded response to some other diary that everyone missed today. It was just an idea I had.


So, this is 100% not a political diary...sorry about that. But it is something I have been working on for a long time and I am extremely proud of what me and my fiancee have done.

First of all, I am no musician. I do not know how to read music, I know nothing about it, my fiancee has tried on multiple occasions to no avail. I get lost in translation and end up asking a lot of stupid, irrelevant questions and my wonderful, patient, awesome fiancee throws her hands in the air and we both kinda give up. I do wish, in retrospect, that I had some sort of formal musical training, because throughout my adult life I always wanted a musical outlet. Its hard having music running through your head, a drum beat, a rythm, a melody, a tune running through your head with absolutely no way to express it. I was always jealous of those that could just pick up and bare their soul with the instruments they play. I just never had the opportunity to learn how, and now that I am an adult, I have an unfortunate mental block every time I try to learn.

This was before I ended up getting a tablet as a present for christmas and found a wonderful way to express myself musically without having to know the first thing about music besides what sounds good together.

Now, I make no claim on being some sort of musician. The music I have made with the app I found is not written by me, no. They are pre-written loops.

But, the expression comes in because I get to arrange the music. Basically, the app (aptly called Music Maker Jam) lets you download styles of music and has preset "instruments" that come with said styles, such as drums, FX, synth, lead, bass, etc etc. The user then gets to pick the instruments, which then produces a loop. These loops stack on each other into parts. Parts can be made into songs.

With this app, I taught myself how to arrange music that I would want to listen to. When I first discovered the app about 6 months ago, I was terrible at it and mostly gave up, but persistence and a lot of marijuana helped me practice and learn what I was doing. I may not have the words, musically, for what I did, but there was a bit of a knowledge I gained about the way good dubstep (and electronic music in general) is supposed to sound. Its hard for me to put into words that other people can understand, but when you can get a song to pop off at the exact right moment is such an amazing feeling.

My fiancee helped me understand a little bit about the flow of a song, which helped a lot during my creative process in making this album (which actually started off as an EP but I added to it recently and got enough songs for a pretty full sized album). She also arranged two songs, one of which is the central theme of the album.

Going forward with this thing -- my fiancee and I have big plans for these songs. We have also always wanted to break into animation, and we were thinking of making an animated youtube action series and putting these songs in as a musical backdrop. My fiancee is a fucking fantastic artist, and we want to make some american style post-apocalyptic animation using these songs as inspiration.

Now as far as the genre of the music my fiancee and I have arranged -- it is dubstep with an 8bit flare. An acquired taste, I believe. If you have never listened before, you'll want to turn your speakers way down, the first time listening can be a little loud, and, frankly, cacophonous if you are not used to the genre. If you have heard and like the genre please feel free to give this a listen. They are rough cuts, of course, I have a lot of cleaning up to do, but they are pretty polished, imo.

So, without further ado, I present to you...

The Electortionist



The Electortionist (by EllieV)

Mystic Grotto


Protect Winter's Aura

The Dead Sea

Defeat the Ice Fortress!!

We Summon the Strength

Aurora Borealis (by EllieV)

(sorry can't figure out how to embed)

I'll completely understand if you want to skip this all together. But I am proud of it. I want to share it. I don't have many facebook friends, I don't twitter all that much. This is the only place I can think of to share this...


So I had an idea to do a semi-regular, whenever-the-fuck-I-feel-like-it type diary series called "Dkos Addicts Confessions" asking goofy weird questions to regular readers, commenters and diarists about our favorite orange-hued website. Basically, the way this will operate is I will ask a question about your dkos viewing habits, or your opinions and thoughts about dkos etc, etc...and I will answer the question in as much detail as possible. I will also include a poll at the end of the diary asking for your answer to my ridiculous, weird, wacky question. If you do answer the poll question, please do also try to add a longer comment in the comments section of the diary and expand on your answer. I can't force you to, but its strongly encouraged ;)

Since its been such a heavy news day, and I had an awesome day at work, I thought this diary might be a good way to lighten the mood and spread some cheer.

Again, this is nothing formal...I am not going to make a group or set a schedule. But I will post more than just this one diary whenever the urge strikes.

On to the question!

Poll Question:

Do you check the hidden comments section on some sort of ongoing basis?

Question for the comments:

If you do check the hidden comments, why? Is there something that draws you there? Have you ever gotten involved in an hr war being linked there by the hidden comments? Have you ever just read the hidden comment chain without reading the diary? You have a favorite hidden comment story? If you don't, why not? Is it just too messy? Too trollish? No need for drama?

My answer to the poll question is Yes, on a regular basis.

I dunno why I check the hidden comments so much. I am pretty sure, besides the new diary page, the front page and my own comment page, I visit the hidden comment page the most. I guess I am just an online rubber-necker, watching the car wreck from the distance but never getting myself involved and simply driving by the mess. Its not a sadistic thing, I don't think. Its more because I think more community building gets done fighting the various troll invasions we have here than actually happens around political ideology. Think what you will about what that says about our collective political effectiveness and our priorities, but this is an online forum. Of course a major hub of community events is going to revolve around ejecting trolls from our community.

I have, indeed, gotten in an hr war simply by being linked into it from the hidden comments. I will say, though, it hasn't happened in a very long time, but a while ago, yes, I would sometimes watch the hidden comments and get myself involved in a flamewar some way or another. I can say that I am absolutely guilty of that. I have also just read the hidden comment chain without reading the actual diary. In fact, I still do this a lot of the time...

Do I have a favorite hidden comment story? Hmm, not really. Although, it does feel good when someone is being a complete ass to you and the community recognizes it and brings some sort of action to rectify the situation. It rarely happens to me, but when it does, I do feel a certain vindication. Not exactly a story, but I can't really think of a favorite.


Do you check the hidden comments?

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So, in the past week since Chris Christie and Rand Paul made their ridiculous, irresponsible, painful, and ultimately, deadly remarks about vaccines this week (which, by the way, Penn and Teller destroyed from 15 years ago on their show "Penn and Teller: Bullshit!"), I have found myself surrounded by anti-vaxxers, both in real life, around the proverbial water cooler at work and online, including on Daily Kos. I mean, I have encountered run of the mill anti-science in the past, but man have I felt inundated with absolute stupidity. Its like Christie and Paul opened up the Pandora's Box of Idiocy with their comments on the topic of vaccines. And now nutters on the right, and more surprisingly, on the left, have come out of the woodwork to express their displeasure with, lets face it, a motherfucking miracle of modern medicine and one of humanity's greatest achievements. I can handle right wing talking points, I can handle ridiculous right wing conspiracies, but throw anti-science of that level at me, and I start getting pissed.

One such piece of bullshit floating out there is this notion that we are some how some sort of magical sterile society, and THAT is what is making these illnesses disappear. On the surface, this may seem like a logical statement...we are far from the days of saying "GARDYLOO" and tossing buckets full of shit randomly on the street or sniffing handkerchiefs full of herbs and potpourri to prevent ourselves from gagging everytime we breathe in. Yes, we are far removed from those days, I will give the anti-vaxxers that. But to say that we have somehow become a "sanitary society" is fucking bullshit on its face! Oh god, it is so much bullcrap!

If we are such a "Sanitary Society", anti-vaxxers, please tell me why only 5 percent of bathroom users in the United States wash their hands correctly. Please tell me why the keyboard you are most likely typing on right now is dirtier than a motherfucking freshly shat in toilet bowl...why is that? If we are somehow paragons of sterility, kings and queens of cleanliness, why is it that diseases like norovirus (which, fun fact, spreads by the "Fecal-Oral Route", have fun with that idea next time you get the vomiting sickness), or ecoli, salmonella, influenza, rhinoviruses, and other viruses exist and infect millions and millions of people in the United States, killing many of them. If we were so sanitary, as a society, wouldn't these diseases, which can be prevented with simple personal sanitation like handwashing (which is motherfucking proven to prevent illness), be completely irradicated?

Here's the deal...from a microbiological level, we might as well be throwing shit all over the streets (did you know there is a layer of fecal matter most likely residing on your toothbrush? Here is a great huffpost article with that and some more fun facts about our amazing personal sanitization practices. Have fun.) Taking showers and pretending to handwash didn't even come close to preventing the non-deadly diseases it was intended to prevent, let alone EXTERMINATING some of humanities most deadly and debilitating diseases, and other horrible childhood type diseases such as Rubella and Chicken Pox.

Fact of the matter is, your little hypothesis about this non-existant hyper-sanitary society is destroyed. We didn't fucking wash our hands until we cured polio you fucking jackasses. There is a FUCKING REASON WHY these diseases were wiped out.


 I am telling you 10 minutes of google searching and two brain cells can go a long way to understanding why vaccines are absolutely one of the most amazing achievements in human history.

But, hey, anti-vaxxers...don't walk away unhappy! I am enjoying this game! Please give me another claim I can easily google search and destroy in about 10 minutes.


Mon Feb 02, 2015 at 10:00 PM PST

Point. Set. Match.

by rexymeteorite



What have we learned?

Vaccines save way more lives than are negatively effected by vaccines. As a result infant and child morbidity has fallen, life expectancy has risen, and these diseases have, for the most part, been wiped out.

That is until the dangerous and anti-science idea the vaccines cause all sort of horrible diseases got into the media then ::gasp:: holy shit the diseases started coming back. Hey, anti-vaxxers you are killing people with your bullshit conspiracy.

And now we have prominent politicians pretending that the science behind vaccination is somehow up for debate. That is 100% iron-clad grade A bullshit. There is no debate. Vaccines save lives.


Sun Jan 18, 2015 at 04:24 PM PST

An Update

by rexymeteorite

Hi everyone,

Sorry its been so long since I have written anything, my life has been terribly crazy as of late. A lot of good has happened to me in the past month and a half and I owe a lot of it to you guys. Without all of your helpd with my eloan, I couldn't have cleared the way to long journey to becoming a teacher. But, its not going to happen nearly as fast as I thought it would. While I was initially disappointed at the news, I came to view the waiting not as a burden, but as a challenge to better myself, hone my skills and be the best teacher I can be for these kids. I am no use to anyone extremely educated but with very little real life and work experience outside of academia. I have come to accept the longer course as more of a positive in my life than a negative. I have to get my feet wet in a classroom before I even approach getting my MA, which means putting lots of volunteer time in either as a tutor or TA.

A few days after I got what I considered devastating news that I would not be able to go back to school for at least a year, I got the best news I could have gotten besides "oh its totally possible to start your MA in September of 2015". I am now gainfully employed at a job that I love (customer call center representative at major wireless carrier, which is a fantastic job. It has consistently been on multiple best places to work list). The training process is long and arduous, there is a lot to learn, a lot to know, a lot to remember and a lot to prepare for. And, in a way, I view this as an opportunity to learn how to educate people once again. I know it sounds weird, but a customer care rep is a lot like a counselor and a teacher all rolled into one. I mean, yes, the job is about taking care of customer requests etc, but its also about so much more than that.

Teaching is extremely important to this job. One of the key components to being a successful customer care representative is being able to explain complex, multifaceted issues to just about everyone, regardless of education level. Fact of the matter is, when we get a call (this goes for any ground level CSR/PSR/CCR) we have no idea who we are talking to at the other end. Being able to quickly adapt to the customers ways of thinking, ways of speaking, and education level within 30 seconds to 1 minute is key to being successful at our jobs. Now, I will admit that many customer care centers have lost their way, but it seems like the one I work for is 100% customer service oriented, with stuff like sales and call handle time residing at the edges of our metrics. The company I work for does not pressure its reps to push products that, as account experts, we are not comfortable selling based on the customers account and usage history. It also means that reps have more time on the phone with the customer to solve issues and alert the customer to any pending billing or account issues that may come up in the future. Basically, at my work we are given the power to advocate for the customer. It is really a neat system they have built, and one I have, quite honestly, never experienced at any other job. I mean it comes with other awesome perks, discounts on stuff, super good pay and benies, lots of opportunity for MONTHLY bonuses (that is huge, btw), tons of trips and prizes can be won for performance. Lots of solidarity building is encouraged. Its really like working for google or something. I can't believe I work at a place like that, after my experience with wal-mart (believe the hype people, they fucking suck).

Its sort of cognitive dissonance-y for me right now. My cynical brain is looking for the catch, and knowing what I know about giant corporations like the one I work for, I am waiting for the gotcha moment. But slowly, as I realize just how awesome the culture is around there, how much they reward and listen to their employees, and how many tools this company gives us to be advocates for our customers, I am starting to think there are not many drawbacks. I know that this is not going to be where I find a career, I have a greater calling than working in a call center, but for right now, in this moment...its exactly what I needed. And I am grateful for it.

I dunno why I am writing this...maybe its because we hear so much about all the bullshit employers out there who are terrible. Who threaten to fire their employees if a certain person is elected president, who axe people the instant they stop "working out" and never allow for any room for improvement, those who promote based on popularity and not skill, those that fire massive amounts of workers just because their CEOs need another private island or fleet of jets, or just massive amounts of nose candy. I feel like, once I find that good one, that diamond in the rough, everyone should know about it. I should shout about it from the rooftops.

My fiancee and I actually now work at the same exact call center and are much better financially, and finally in a position to give back. I think that is the best feeling of all. Getting to have a schedule matching my sweetie and having enough to give back.

Anyway, just a quick update on my situation. Sorry for being so me-centric, back to political blogging I swear ;)


Mon Jan 05, 2015 at 07:59 PM PST

I stand with Rand

by rexymeteorite

There is a huge misunderstanding in the political battlefield. Now, first off, I have right wing views, but I am also pro-marijuana, and anti-PATRIOT act and other libera-y-sounding-things. I realize this is a liebru...AHEM I mean liberal website but can I just say that I oppose Barack Obama and the illegal immigrants, but I think that we godless atheistic communists should vote for Rand Paul and stuff. Because we agree about the pot and PATRIOT act thing. Plus Rand Paul will do everything he can to protect a womans right to choose. Plus, despite what the left leaning news like Rachel Maddow says Rand Paul is definitely not a racist who has said, on camera in front of a national studio audience, that he is not sure whether or not he would vote for the civil rights act. And, you know, he actually loves the government, as he has said he wants to give the EPA a big fluffy hug. Oh he loves the FDA, too (making up bullshit conspiracy theories about the FDA "comin' for your doughnuts" is a way to show your love for a regulatory agency, dontchaknow?). And he is totally not your run-of-the-mill, garden-variety "LETS TAKE R CUNTRY BACK" teabagger (please see the 'on small government quote'). Its obvious that Rand Paul, named for his daddy Ron and their hero Ayn -- can get votes from both the left and right. You know, because of the patriotactdronespot. Don't believe me? Just look at his voting record in the senate. Ain't it so pretty and liberal. I believe that Rand Paul not only represents the republican party and tea party but everyone in the united states**

**some limitations apply...Blacks, browns, liberals, hippies, the middle class, women, freaks, gays, athiests and anyone who is not a conservative white male need not apply. Void where prohibited. Please see attached instruction manual and policy platform for details. All appearance of hair that looks like uncooked ramen noodles is strictly unintentional. All accusations of plagiarism will be met with whining about the "liberal media"


So, I know I am not supposed to watch Morning Joe, I know, I know. I even tried to boycott the Joke and MSNBC as a whole for a while a couple of weeks ago, but like car crash onlookers or people who watch videos of horrible industrial accidents, I found myself not being able to look away from the train wreck that is MSNBC's morning panel power hour. And today, boy oh boy were they on fucking fire. Like a tire fire that never puts itself out that is, Joe and his entourage once again spewed forth 16 metric fucktons of pure bullshit this morning. This time, on the topic of New York's ban of hydraulic fracturing. At this point, we should demand that the government regulate the amount of pollution he points out on the air waves, because the smell of rotting right wing talking points is making me gag.

But really, it wasn't Joe or Mika who were in prime form -- it was 3rd banana lackey Mike Barnacle who was in prime form today. It wasn't a long segment, but it sure was a doosey. Their reaction to the ban today was typical MSNBC pro-corporate bullshit -- of course all of them accept the frame that fracking will be great "job creators" for New York state and the democrats are obviously being persuaded by "rich donors" who are "disconnected from the average public" and "look extreme on climate change" to ban fracking in the State of New York.

But that wasn't all...Mike Barnacle made the stunningly genius point "BUT WHAT ABOUT TEH DEMS WHITE MALE PROBLEM?!?!" Basically, his point was that "angry white males" whose wages have stagnated will be angry at dems because of the ban, once again spreading the meme that democrats must bend to the collective anger of the generic white male or else face an electoral defeat not seen since the 1980s. Yes, this is the narrative that the Morning's funniest Joke is now running -- either do EVERYTHING white males (read: republicans) want, or face worse electoral losses than Jimmy Carter.

I am so sick of this perverse relationship between the right leaning media and the democrats. They push and push and push the democrats toward this bipartisany, third way DLC bullshit. When democrats actually act like democrats and do things that a democrat would do, they are called "extreme" and "too liberal" and characterized as losing the "white, middle class, working voter"

Perhaps if all you brilliant stars at Morning Joe actually educated people about why their wages were stagnating, why fat cats on wall street wages have done nothing but gone up in the last 10 years despite the biggest recession since the great depression, and the actual reason why the "average, white" voter is in so much economic pain right now (MEANING ACTUALLY TELL THE TRUTH), the white middle class voter would be angry at the right people.

But, of course, the corporate branded chattering class doesn't want the american people to be angry at the actual culprits, the actual robber barons stealing their wealth and robbing their freedom...oh no! Get angry at democrats for banning fracking and trying to save our planet...

You know, this whole thing is emblematic of a larger problem. Why is it that the democratic party must walk around on eggshells so as to not upset the white male? Why must WE be the ones to sell our principles to get white votes? We aren't the ones fucking the white male over -- look to none other than the Grand Ol' Party and blue dogs for know the democrats who love the bipartisany angry white males crave so much out of democrats. THEY FUCKED YOU OVER. Not us. If you are making under 1,000,000 dollars a year republicans and bluedogs should have lost your vote a long time ago.


I am absolutely disgusted right now.

Jeffrey Follmer, former head of the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association, is really showing his true, vile, racist little heart on All In today. Ari Mebler, who is filling in on Chris Hayes tonight, god bless him, is keeping up with him and pushing back against the bullshit nonsense he is spewing right now.

First of all, he is taking ABSOLUTELY DEMANDING that a Cleveland Browns football player Andrew Hawkins apologize for wearing a "Justice for John Crawford and Tamir Rice" t-shirt on television this past Sunday. And lemme just say how fucking vile, disgusting and bullshit it is for some douche from a police union demand that those calling for justice apologize for those calls. But his comments went much farther than calling for those who want REAL justice for black men to bend the knee for killer cops.

A little later on in the segment, he not only refers to Tamir Rice, the 12 year old boy tragically shot down by trigger happy police as a man but put in no uncertain terms that the shooting was 100% justified. He said this as the All In crew played a side-by-side of Follmer talking and the heartbreaking security cam video of Tamir Rice's death. That is the newsworthy piece of this interview, because it goes to the heart of the culture and values system of police officers in this country. A twelve year old boy with a fake gun is fatally shot down by police and yet critics of police, those that don't take them at their word, those that doubt that these internal police investigations are fair, those that don't believe the criminal justice system represents any sort of justice for people of color in this country must apologize.

Toward the end of the segment as a grand finale, Follmer trots out the old "If you listen to us you wouldn't be dead right now" gem. Remember folks -- its easy! Just do everything we tell you exactly when we tell you and you wont be dead. By the way, you have 3 seconds before your life is over. No pressure!

This is getting fucking ridiculous. Nobody is attacking police, nobody is doubting the role that police play in society, nobody is discounting the NECESSITY of a functioning police departments. But do not expect us to sit back while innocent people die in the streets and expect to apologize for our cynicism. Don't sit there and tell us to ignore our lying eyes and the part of our brain that recognizes patterns, and don't demand we apologize when we speak up. Further, dont you sit there and say that laypeople with no "direct experience" in criminal justice can't make moral judgments about police behavior. Some things are just so egregious, so unjust, so absolutely ridiculous, that criticism is not only warranted but necessary to make change. If anything, its you and your buddies in blue who should be apologizing for the deaths of John Crawford and Tamir Rice, and then investigating these deaths in a fair and unbiased fashion, and bringing those officers who are found accountable to justice. The criticism wont stop until that happens, and you can prove that it has happened. Until then, don't sit there and cry about criticism.

Yanno, for people who face danger every single day, some of these cops have really thin skin and easily harmed fee-fees.

edit: weezilgirl has a good suggestion for all of us


This is from the heart. It is written by BY JOHNSON BADEMOSI from the Cleveland Browns. He is my new hero!

Edit 2: here is a link to the video of the interview for all who have not yet seen it on the morning crew. Warning before opening -- its fucking horrendous.  

Its been a pretty shitty news cycle and I feel like doing something fun and non-serious. I think we all need an emotional pick me up after the past couple of days, and even if you don't its good to say nice things about people. Lets face it, its winter: its cloudy and dark, the days are shorter, there is less sun can get sort of sucky and depressing out there. Coupled with all the disappointing bullshit happening in the news in the past couple of months, we could all use a smile.

So, I ask: have you ever had a favorite kossack that you never told? Have you ever really appreciated someone's work but never really spoke up to say it, and you don't know why? Have you ever admired a kossack's wit or writing style or righteous passion but never told them?

Well, this is the diary for you! Give thanks for your favorite diarists and commenters in this space created to give the community a little boost in a depressing time of year.

I'll start:

I have a few favorite commenters that I think deserve special recognition

a2nite: God, can I just say that I absolutely love your writing, your passion, your absolutely spot on observations about policing and America in general over the past couple of weeks. You have just been on a righteous tear, and I just want to say how much I appreciate your input. You have quickly become one of my favorite commenters here at dailykos. Thank you for doing what you do and being here a2nite.

SouthernLiberalinMD: I have loved your responses to diaries for a very long time, and I am finally speaking up and saying something. Your comments are always well thought out, beautifully written, and awesomely passionate. For pretty much years, whenever I read a comment by SLinMD I think to myself "holy shit, this kog speaks for me!" way more often than not.

NonnyO: Funny, sharp, awesome. Love me some NonnyO.

Onomastic: of the sweetest, nicest people here. Has helped me personally more than one time, and I am deeply in your debt for that. Thank you.

joedemocrat & 2thanks: Both of you are awesome, and both of you helped me through a hard time on dkos, when I felt surrounded on all sides. Don't know what I would have done back then without those two.

moviemeister76 (I think that is right): I know we haven't had much interaction in the past, but can I just say I am a fan! I see your comments and most of the time think "HELL YES!"

I am sure there are many, many more I am forgetting. That is where you guys come in! Got favorites? Don't be afraid to show them some love!

(if this is some sort of violation callout rule, I apologize and delete this with all haste.)


Wed Dec 10, 2014 at 02:52 PM PST

We Were Doing The People's Will

by rexymeteorite

Utter, complete, absolute bullshit.

First off, Mr. Hayden, do not pretend to speak for anyone but yourself and the lying, bullshit regime you represent. You did not speak for us. You did not act on our will. You and your colleagues were part of the apparatus that made the torture of human beings at OUR HANDS a program within our government, without our knowledge. How, Mr. Hayden, fucking HOW could the Bush Admin be doing the American people's will when we didn't know what was going on, arguably, till about 2005 with Abu Ghraib? How the fuck could we have possibly approved of torture when we did not even know about it.

Secondly, is it not the responsibility of a functioning government not only to represent the will of the people, but also prevent the darkest and most vile of our own urges from becoming codified into US policy, regulation and law? Is it not your duty, as the adults in the fucking room, as our elected representatives, to prevent the most evil desires of some of us from rising to become actual policy of the United States. I mean, I know the US has shirked this responsibility before and elected officials often use the "will of the people" as cover to act in horribly monstrous ways. But don't fucking turn around years later and pretend like you were doing us a favor by building this sociopathic torture program. Fact of the matter is it was the Administration's (of which, Mr. Hayden, you were a part) responsibility to uphold the ideals on which this nation was built. Not only did you not uphold those ideals, you did your best to set them on fire and piss them out.

I hate the fact that all day today and yesterday the media has been covering this program in terms of effectiveness. I mean, yes, not getting any reliable information is an important part of the complete and total failure of this program at every level. But --  Even if the program produced 100% truthful information, IT WOULD STILL BE WRONG. It would still be anti-american, it would still go against the core of who we are. It would still be representatives who, IN OUR NAME, inflict harm for information, like inquisitors in the Spanish Inquisition. In our name, they traded our humanity, our reputation around the world, and our sacred ideals...for what?

Well, as the Torture Report points out today, for absolutely fucking nothing. YOU were a part of that Micheal Hayden. To turn around and place the blame on US, on the AMERICAN PEOPLE, is a slap in the face. Its insult to an injury you inflicted.

I hope one day I see you, and Bush II, and Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and Yoo and all the other war criminals behind fucking bars. Seriously, if I had one wish, if Santa Claus was real, if I found a Disney's Aladdin-esque lamp, if I ever saw a shooting star -- I would wish the Bush Criminals behind bars.

The healing will never truly begin until that happens. Until then, this wound will continue to fester and infect the rest of the american body politik until our country dies.

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