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It looks like momentum is building towards Susan Rice being the next Secretary of State-- and a lot of liberal people, particularly in the media, are reacting to opposition by John McCain and LIndsay Graham -- getting behind Rice because she's being attacked by right wingers.

That may not be a good idea.  Rice could be simply awful, from a progressive, liberal, anti-war, anti-neocon point of view. She could be an appointment as bad as some of the investment bankers Obama has appointed.


Do you support the appointment of Susan Rice to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?

36%68 votes
51%96 votes
12%24 votes

| 188 votes | Vote | Results

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There. I've said it. The pollsters are all siding with President Obama. By failing to ask how voters would vote if given an option other than Obama, they make his election seem inevitable. The truth is that independents and some demographic groups that are not loyal to democrats or Republicans, like people under 30 and Latinos will decide the election. Asking poll questions that let poll respondents express their preferences for Democrats other than Obama will open up the conversation.


Would you like to see polls pitting a Generic Democrat Against Romney, Perry, Paul, Etc., to see if anyone but Obama Polls better in the Presidential race?

20%8 votes
79%31 votes

| 39 votes | Vote | Results

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    There are widely varying perspectives on what is happening in Libya. So far, my exploration of people on the left reveals a wide spread of opinion in response to the question in the title of this diary.


Is the Libyan Rebellion Seeking to Remove Gadaffi a Good Thing or Bad Thing

8%6 votes
85%64 votes
6%5 votes

| 75 votes | Vote | Results

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  Let's assume that the Republicans implode, the independents come out en masse, the Tea party promotes more loser candidates that keep right wingers home, the voter ID laws fail to keep the poor and elderly from coming to the polls and a miracle happens-- Obama wins a second term.


If Obama Wins a Second Term, Will He Move Left or Right?

34%72 votes
32%69 votes
31%66 votes
1%4 votes

| 211 votes | Vote | Results

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I know this is a site for Democrats, but changing election rules to allow instant runoff voting could pressure democrats to act like Democrats, for starters.


The question is, if you could vote with this kind of system, would you vote for a third party contender, knowing you had a back-up choice?

75%83 votes
19%21 votes
5%6 votes

| 110 votes | Vote | Results

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Last month, I ran a poll, which over 500 people responded to, asking whether Obama should be primaried. Many commenters got nasty, but 27% said they wanted to primary Obama. 70% opposed primarying Obama.  

I decided I'd re-visit the question periodically. Today, Obama caved, breaking his campaign promises to tax the wealthy.


Should Obama be Primaried?

67%539 votes
27%221 votes
4%37 votes

| 797 votes | Vote | Results

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The mainstream media seems to be mostly villifying Julian Assange of wikileaks.
S for his execution.


Is Wikileaks' Julian Assange a Hero or Villain?

19%52 votes
54%150 votes
19%53 votes
6%18 votes

| 273 votes | Vote | Results

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A simple though controversial question. Should Obama face primary challengers. Some blame Obama for Tuesday's bloodbath. Some blame progressives. It's getting nasty. Just wondering how the community here feels about it.


Should Obama be Primaried

29%159 votes
67%363 votes
2%14 votes

| 536 votes | Vote | Results

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Evan Bayh's last minute decision not to run for the senate again was intentional and aimed at side-stepping democracy.

Indiana's citizens were screwed by Bayh. By waiting until the last minute, he made impossible for a real candidate to decide to run, get petitions signed and get on the ballot. That handed the decision over to state Democratic party leaders, who will undoubtedly be instructed who to appoint to run by DSCC leaders. I don't think this was an accident. It was planned-- a conspiracy to take the Democratic process away from Indiana Democrats.

Sadly, it's not that big a deal. In most states, a few powerful Democrats decide, with input and influence from DSCC leaders, who will be the chosen and endorsed candidate.


Was the timing of Bayh's Decision Announcement Planned to allow Dem Leaders to select his replacement and sidestep the primary process?

71%112 votes
12%19 votes
16%25 votes

| 156 votes | Vote | Results

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The new White House strategy is to show how Republicans are the party of no, by showcasing their answers and comments on poll-friendly issues.

This is not going to work. They may feel good, making republicans look bad, but the main strategy that this tactic is based upon is a loser.

The American people are justifiably furious that they gave their trust to Obama and the congressional democrats and that confidence was betrayed. Obama and Reid in particular failed to keep promises, failed to wield the power they were entrusted to make real change happen.


Poll Are You Happy With Obama's Health Care Efforts?

17%30 votes
14%25 votes
6%11 votes
41%70 votes
19%33 votes

| 169 votes | Vote | Results

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It's an unprecedented outrage. There are scores of attorneys-- partisan, engaging in serial prosecutorial misconduct, like the cases of Gov. Don Siegelman and Cyril Wecht, and these Bush-appointees are still on the job, doing damage to the US, to justice and innocent victims.

I offer a theory explaining this breach of trust by Obama, why he has failed to do what every president before him has done.

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A family member's brutal beating by a gang has me extra pissed. Time to get out in the streets to demand universal health insurance like every other first world nation has. There are too many horror stories affecting too many Americans.


Are You Ready to Go to the streets

44%17 votes
44%17 votes
0%0 votes
10%4 votes

| 38 votes | Vote | Results

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