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Thu Feb 12, 2015 at 12:01 PM PST

Your 2015 Republican Party

by sanchez96

California Republican Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez tweeted out this garbage in response to the Kayla Mueller murder:

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The letter below is from one of the most dedicated progressive voices in California, Libby Sholes of California Church Impact. It explains why Single Payer health care in California died this year, and is likely dead for a long time to come.

It is a significant wakeup call to all those who purport to support their causes, yet damage them because of their behavior. You can blame the elected officials all you want, but you can't threaten and abuse them and expect to get your way.

Read, learn, improve. This issue is too important for it's advocates to use outreach as a therapy session for their anger issues. Go to the gym/park/backyard and stomp your feet there.

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Tue Aug 15, 2006 at 07:21 PM PDT

Stupid Anti War Protest Tactics

by sanchez96

Here in Sacramento, there is a dedicated group of people that for more than 2 years has been standing at a very busy intersection with anti Iraq war, anti Bush, pro peace messages.  The intersection they have chosen is one of the main arteries out of downtown Sacto into the surrounding communities and is perfect for visibility.

The numbers of protesters has dwindled recently (probably due to the scorching heat wave), yet one clean cut, tall, young man wearing a battered Montreal Expos cap for protection has manned his corner dutifully.  Everyday he's been out there holding a sign that simply read "You can stop this war."

Simple, clear, concise, poignant.  

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Joementum has cancelled his final two events due to low tunrout and participation.  Not a good sign at all.  I bet he needs the time to revamp his remarks for tonight blaming bloggers/the left/hackers for his pending loss.

Maybe Ned Lamont should show up to the polling places in the spirit of "Joe let you down again, I never would."

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The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released a poll today that focused mainly on environmental attitudes in CA, but also polled the Governors race, the US Senate race and Bush's approval.

The entire poll can be found here.

It shows that Phil Angelides has a lot of work to do (Volunteer - Contribute), trailing by 13, Diane Feinstein is well below 50% for her re-elect but is ahead of her GOP opponent by 21 points and that Bush is Bush.  There are also interesting numbers on enviromental attitudes in CA.  More below the fold.

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The highly respected and accurate Field Poll ( was just released and it shows Gov. Arnie up 8 points over Phil Angelides:

Angelides      37%

Schwarzenegger 45%

Undecided      15%

Other           3%

More on the flip...

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Tue Jul 18, 2006 at 09:37 PM PDT

Question about Georgia Elections

by sanchez96

Do any of the Georgia Kossacks know if your state does runoff elections in primaries?

I am asking because Cynthia McKinney is holding about a 1500 vote lead in her primary with Hank Johnson.  Her percentage of the vote is 47.1 versus 44.5 for Johnson.  Are the top two forced into a runoff if no one breaks 50%  Or is it simply the top vote getter?

I'll delete this diary once I get the info from you fine folks or can find it myself

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This is just outstanding video and should serve as an abject lesson to any scumbag Chickhawk Republican who decides that they will try to smear a Democrat that actually served in combat.

Murtha is a traditionalist when it comes to the rules and traditions of the House and would not generally call someone out like that on the House floor.  His blood must have been boiling to hear his good name used like that.  Look at the video below the jump:

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The recently released Public Policy Institute of California released their latest numbers on the Special Election here in CA this Nov. 8th.

The good news is that despite very heavy ad rotation by Arnie and his cronies, there has been very little movement in the numbers of Props 73-77.  Prop 75 has acutally lost ground since the last poll.  Historically, props under 50% at this point go on to defeat.

The bad new is that the margins are still close and we cannot take for granted turnout and mobilizing our base.

Vote No.  Nix the first six.

More below the flip:

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Arnie has aligned himself with this lunatic Ted Costa who initiated the recall against Gray Davis to put forward a major plank of his "reform" agenda: redistricting.

These incompetents had to pay signature gatherers up to $5 a signature to qualify this abomination to the ballot.  However, in true Ted Costa/CA GOP form, they gave one petition to the AG to certify and circulated another with different text.  DING!  Illegal under CA law.  They knew they had done it, but circulated it anyway, only telling the AG after the initiative had qualified.  More...

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From the Field Poll, released one day after the humiliating approval numbers for Arnold.

In CA, typically, initiatives that start out below 50% are in serious, if not mortal, trouble.  I think the redistricting one in particular can be slapped back by linking it to Tom DeLay and poster his corrupt mug up and down the state in all the commericials.  

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The Field poll in CA is a highly respected statewide poll that is fairly accurate and methodologically sound.  They release upcoming numbers via email a day early those with paid subscriptions, but ask for them to be embargoed until release.  I am not a subscriber and the news is too good to sit on:
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