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From Deadline Hollywood - Nate Silver is moving next month from the NYTimes to ESPN (for sports) and ABC (for politics), including presumably both blog and live work. Disney owns both entities.

This likely is a big big paycheck for him, much larger than he made for the NYTimes, multi-hundred thousands.

And unlike most of the journalists hired, he is willing to be held accountable for his work, since his accuracy will be the basis of his continued employment.

The Politico guys have new reasons to be jealous.


I assume Michael Moore has credibility on this subject as both a proven progressive but also an acclaimed political filmmaker.

He has just written on Zero Dark Thirty on Huffington Post, and has written a full-throated defense of the film and destroyed the arguments against it.

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Minutes ago, on Andrea Mitchell, on the subject of Susan Rice, Joe Lieberman just advised his colleagues to "have a little mercy" on Susan Rice, saying that what she did - repeating the Intelligence info given her - was a reasonable this to do. He added that she might have wished she had added an adjective or otherwise slightly differently stated things, but chided his colleagues to realize they often do the same thing.

It was very clearly a break from the views of McCain and Graham, which are usually indsitiguishable.

Obviously, he won't be there to vote, but this seems signifcant.


My hope is that this is a feverish nightmare and my fellow Kossacks can convince me that this is silly and will never happen.

Still, my mind tends to race to game plan theories and futuristic scenarios that take in known facts and try to see out how the other side is thinking in order to anticipate their actions and defend against them

My sense is that what is going on in DC - which should be the wake-up call that sends the Republicans into minority position for decades - is part of a bigger picture, a radical one that starts with getting (because he is the best choice at the moment to do this) Rick Perry elected president, but on a radical platform that plays off of the turmoil in Washington.

Here it is:

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Sorry for the brief diary, but this is too good to pass up.

The Chicago Black Hawks and the NHL have announced that they have arranged to fly the Stanley Cup back to Chicago for the upcoming Gay Pride parade, along with a float and at least one team member participating (including with family members).

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Sun May 30, 2010 at 10:12 PM PDT

Malawi gay couple pardoned

by seanflynn

Sorry for the short diary, but this hasn't been reported here that I see and unlike a lot of stories it has some (somewhat) good news.

While checking the BBC for their reports on the attack on the Gaza humanitarian convoy, I saw a report that the president of Malawi has granted a pardon to the gay couple just sentenced to 14 years in prison. This came during a visit from the UN Secretary General.

It is not all good news - apparently, if they continue any relationship, they can be arrested again.

More on this story (just breaking) at Americablog:


For those of you who watched the Olympics last night, you saw one of the great upsets - Australian Matthew Mitcham winning the gold medal in the men's 10 metre platform. He won on his last dive, defeating the favored Chinese contestant, and preventing the host nation from sweeping all 8 metals in diving.

It was an emotional moment - Mitcham collapsed in tears when he realized he had won.

But in an Olympics where personal struggle and biographical background was a rule, NBC made a decision to not tell Mitcham's history-making detail. And their decision is shameful.

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Just in from Marc Ambinder via the Nashville Post - as he says, doesn't mean that Bayh is the choice, but it is interesting:

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On this and all the other blogs I read, on all the cable political shows I watch, in newspapers available to me, I have yet to see any serious discussion of possibly the second most important decision each prospective nominee faces this summer other than his VP choice.

That question is - when should each candidate make his annoucement? And should Obama play games and try to force McCain to annouce first?

Because of specific factors this year, this is a particularly interesting question. But before reviewing the them, some history first below...


Should Obama try to make McCain go first?

70%100 votes
29%41 votes

| 141 votes | Vote | Results

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Just before the Tim Russert news, MSNBC reported that suicide bombers attacked the main prison in Kandahar, and that this resulted in a mass prison break, with all or nearly all prisoners escaping, including hundred of Taliban members.

From their website below:

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The impassioned and angry strong support for punishing Joe Lieberman is getting a full airing on a recommended diary.

The desire to take action is totally understandable.

The purpose of this diary is to start from the point I suspect we are at, which explains why nothing can and will be done.

I've never posted an "opposite opinion" diary before, but my feeling is that this side of the story needs to be aired, so that people realize that Reid likely has no options.

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Just follow the link - Gov David Paterson, who is a Clinton superdelegate, was answering questions from listeners on a NYC radio show - (he is Gov of NY)

He is not changing his vote, but he did worse as far as they are concerned. He questions the validity of changing the rules on MI and FL, and is equally wary of her popular vote formula

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