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This is what I wrote. So far I am getting only support.

I’ve been raped twice. Both times those closest told me that I was to blame, or that I was lying. I have the mental scars, the anxiety, that comes from being attacked. Like someone said , “rape doesn’t end, when the rape ends.” I’m not writing this because I want pity, or because I want my friends to be uncomfortable. I’m writing this because in some parts of the world, the victim is beaten instead of the rapist, because I know women who have been raped by their dates, their family members, strangers, their roommates, and I’m mostly writing this because one young woman in Steubenville had the strength to do what I didn’t; to talk about it. I am proud of her. And my pride gives me strength enough to talk and not hide from what happened to me.

It's already been called for him, but I wanted to see the real numbers, and here they are:

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