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Tue Mar 25, 2014 at 12:22 PM PDT

The Washington Team Owner Speaks

by swrussel

I can't believe the lamesteam media has ignored the epiphany that came to the owner of the Washington football team a couple of days ago.

He has realized that without the African-American communities in this nation, he would not be able to field a football team.  While he would always have a venue for a stadium, because the dirt was stolen from Indians so long ago nobody cares, he still cannot compete without players.

He has always honored his players with his team name, but the statement he put out recently shows he's moving beyond symbolism to substance.

Therefore, I reproduce the entire statement below, and challenge all of the media in this great country to explain what it really means to honor a people.  Appropriating their image to represent you is just the beginning....


Do you think the Washington Niggers is an appropriate name for a football team?

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Ray Sixkiller is back for his weekly scamper around the headlines.

I am informed by a comment thread on another diary that I'd best explain myself more often.

I cannot paste the whole column here because it's embargoed and if I waited past the embargo period it would go stale, since it's based on current news.

My long term goal is to interest non-Indian Kossacks in the problems and viewpoints of the nations within nations that don't get a lot of public policy notice.  You are worth pursuing because you are activists and we need all the allies we can get.

My short term goal is to run up my clicks and "likes" and forwards so I will be allowed to continue doing this.  It's my poor attempt to emulate the man who taught me that some Indians can speak to everybody.  I know I can't be him, but I share his concern for the working person and his understanding that sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

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Wed Mar 05, 2014 at 01:20 PM PST

The Ph.D. Crisis in Indian Country

by swrussel

This was to be a weekend of data entry for my income taxes. TurboTax wants to triple what they charge to file Schedules C and D, and I have to either pay up or enter a lot of stuff for myself the first year that any of the programs will do for you in subsequent years. I got interrupted when a big envelope showed up at my door.

From the return address, I quickly figured out what was inside and was ripping it open like my five-year-old twin grandkids did their birthday presents last week: Doctorate Recipients from U.S. Universities: 2012.

I opened the booklet inside to distribution by “race and ethnicity” and started reading....



Wed Mar 05, 2014 at 03:34 AM PST

Whither Kentucky Bigotry?

by swrussel

Saw the emotional video clip of Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, who wants to run for Governor and knows he may have just sunk himself by refusing to appeal the federal decision holding, correctly, that Kentucky must honor same sex marriages solemnized in jurisdictions where they were legal.

I feel his pain, and one part of his statement resonated particularly, where he talked about what his daughter would think when she grows up.

I used to be a judge on the Austin Municipal Court, serving two year terms at the pleasure of the City Council, although they cannot remove you during a term except for cause. In those days, the political strings were pulled by real estate developers, but as a group they didn't have a lot of interest in who served on the Municipal Court.

Austin passed a public accommodations ordinance that included "sexual orientation" in a list of protected categories of Austinites. Two men and two women were kicked out of a disco because the men were dancing with each other, as were the women.

The prosecutions for violating the ordinance went to a jury trial in front of me. Jury selection was a challenge. Homosexual conduct was, at the time, a crime, and when a larger than customary jury panel was ask how many thought homosexual conduct was "wrong," EVERY ONE raised their hand.

My acid test for picking jurors, which was my idea on the fly, went "We all agree that there's a limit on the amount of sexual conduct is allowed in public without giving cause to eject the couple. Would you draw the limit in a different place for a same sex couple than for anybody else?"

If yes, they were gone without asking about the difference or the reason for it. If no, I seated them.

The jury convicted in both cases and set a maximum fine.

The disco then asked me to declare the Austin public accommodations ordinance to be unconstitutional as applied to gay people.

I took the motion under advisement. At that point, I started getting phone calls from people who I would have thought didn't even know who was on the Municipal Court, advising me "for my own good" and for the good of the city, that ordinance needed to fail.

I wound up writing a 16 page opinion upholding the ordinance and the reason I used so many words to explain myself was my son Paul, who was then only 4 years old.

I never said this to anybody but close friends at the time, but I knew that some day Paul would know that dad used to be a judge and he got fired. I was not so much worried about justifying my decision to the lawyers, although I wanted to leave those tracks for the case on appeal to Bob Perkins, but I wanted to justify the decision to the future Paul. I wanted him to understand why I had to blow off having a judicial career.

As those of you from Austin know, it didn't turn out that way.

I didn't just survive; I prospered. In the rearview mirror, that decision did my political fortunes more good than harm.

Looking at it at the time, the political custom was to answer the questions posed by the Austin Lesbian-Gay Political Caucus--just about everybody answered---and if you got endorsed, your name went on slate cards in the gay bars. It was an endorsement sought but not generally advertised. There was no reason to think the constituency for gay rights was as big as the one against, and while I knew lots of gay people, they had enough sense to know you are not supposed to talk to a judge about a pending case. None did.

This is why, watching that Kentucky AG potentially flushing his career and speaking of his decision in terms of how he would explain himself later to his adult child....I was feeling his pain.

It goes without saying that I hope the political outcome is the same for him as it was for me, but Kentucky voters are not Austin voters.


Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 06:11 PM PST

How to Save Ukraine...or Not

by swrussel

It might be good to have the nice young men in the clean white coats pick up Sen. Lindsey Graham and sideline him until the crisis is past.  NATO is not going to strangle Russia and the idea of bringing Georgia into NATO is certifiably insane to anybody who can read a map or a history book.

Perhaps we could issue rifles to all the politicians who wish to shed blood over the territorial integrity of Ukraine and start them training.  While they are out of the way, here are things we can and can’t do to save Ukraine from Soviet Union 2.0.

My proposal appears below the fleur-de-kos.

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This is to announce that the new Ray Sixkiller column is up, and I've got a little back story for you.

I've mentioned before that I have little control over what goes in the head or what picture goes on top of my column.

My ability to keep writing this column is tied to clicks and Facebook "likes," and I have over time compiled a list of things that are "click bait."  These things don't appear in the news every week, and since the column is based on the news, there's a certain luck of the draw quality.

Last week did really well with ladies' underwear ("Russians Drop Panties") but that was probably a one time deal.  The standbys are celebrities and cute, cuddly animals.  The all time record was a polar bear cub.

So, I usually provide the editors with a list of the animals mentioned in the column, just in case they have a cool photo lying around.  This week, I mentioned Matt Taibbi's name for Golden Sacks, "vampire squid," but I thought he made that up, that the vampire squid was mythical like a unicorn.


I asked Professor Google and, sure enough, the vampire squid is a real animal, so I included it on the list.  Lo and behold, what heads my column this week but a beautiful full color portrait of a vampire squid!

It is beautiful.  It remains to be seen whether the readers rank it cute and cuddly like polar bear cubs, baby penguins, and young giraffes.

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Arizona is at it again, and “it” goes back to when Arizona was a territory rather than a state. The New York Times reported on October 12, 1885 about a proposal in New Mexico to reinstate a $250 bounty on Apache scalps, and mentioned that Tombstone, Arizona had actually increased their bounty to $500. According to the Times, bounties on Apache hair were in effect in Pima, Yavapai, Yuma, Maricopa and—yes—Cochise and Apache counties.

Some people opposed the bounties out of “sentimentality,” but others lodged the practical objection that it’s hard to tell one “redskin” from another when the individual has become a piece of skin hanging from a saddle horn, and many bounty hunters were cashing in by murdering people from more peaceable tribes. The bounty was also supposedly limited to “a buck Indian,” but I’m not clear how one would determine the sex of the “redskin.”



Mon Feb 24, 2014 at 09:21 AM PST

Corporate Roach Motel

by swrussel

If you ever thought that passing a Bar exam would exempt you from corporate policies that grind down non-lawyers, you were wrong.

A machine is a machine and it grinds everyone in range.

This letter is real.  I post it for your amusement and their embarrassment, although I'm not sure it's possible to embarrass corporations that don't depend on high volume sales.

Dear Computershare,

My anger at your bureaucratic maze is such that I hardly know how to address you in a civil manner, but I will try.

NAME DELETED, the holder of the above account, is my mother in law.  She suffers from dementia and my wife is her attorney in fact.  I am her attorney at law, State Bar of Texas Number DELETED.  I've had to establish these bona fides several times in the past and it
would be rational if you had a record of it,but you've taught me not to expect rationality.

For months, I have been trying to first get shares that were inexplicably booked under "WRONGNAME" changed to "RIGHTNAME" and then transferred to another account at ANOTHER OUTFIT where she holds other COMPANY stock.

This weekend, I reported the latest lack of result and both NAME DELETED and my wife instructed me to just sell the shares...not because selling them is a good idea, but because it seemed the only way to get loose from Computershare.

Today, I went on line to follow those instructions.  I entered a sell order for one batch and as quickly as I caught my breath from how much you are charging for the service I went to the next and was informed I could not order a sale because the account was too small.

I then went to "contact us" for further instructions on how to check out of this corporate roach motel and it told me it could not send my message because the account number was wrong.  That account number is on every document I have.

I called the telephone number on your 1099-DIV (I do her taxes as well) and got into a phone tree that finally disgorged this email address.

I am beginning to think it would be amusing to litigate with Computershare, particularly in a small claims situation, because you would quickly miss so many deadlines you would wind up owing more than the claim.

However, I don't own this account and I have no instructions to amuse myself.  Just to disengage from Computershare forever.

Please instruct me how to accomplish that.  It just dawned on me that it won't be "forever" even upon getting rid of these last few shares because I have no idea what her basis is for tax purposes.  So I will have to touch the tar baby again to ask that question.

To the human individual reading this, assuming one exists: you know and I know that you, individually, are not responsible for the sins of your employer.  I do not know you and I do not harbor any ill will towards you.  Wouldn't it be best for everybody concerned if you would just show me the door?  I promise to run though it and never look back.  Believe me, I wish I felt free to say what I really think.


This posting comes from a judicial conference in Galveston, where I was just grossed out by a Republican audience reaction I will be writing about when I get home.

I post now just to get it up because my Facebook "likes" and clicks are what enable me to continue the adventures of Cousin Ray Sixkiller and Ray has lots of fans here.

I thank you and Cousin Ray thanks you for your attention.

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Tue Feb 18, 2014 at 04:57 AM PST

Nazi Equality

by swrussel

In this country, we joke that the first person to mention the Nazis in a political argument, loses. The point being that the Nazis etched permanent lines in the far end of the yardstick of evil and no matter how awful the results of a policy being advocated, there'll be no making leather out of human skin.  We haven't done that kind of thing in this country since the shooting part of the Indian Wars ended in the 19th Century.

Comes now the report of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the so-called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  North Korea is officially and literally in the Nazi zone, with a gruesomeness that will not be suitable for broadcast TV.

China remains determined to protect North Korea from any Security Council action, although it's hard to picture what that would be when the police action from 1950 was ended by armistice rather than by treaty.

The result here will probably be indictments in the International Criminal Court.  You know, under the treaty President Clinton signed and President Bush "un-signed"?

They call it the Hermit Kingdom because people can't leave.  Now the leaders won't be able to leave, either, except for travel to China and to and from UN headquarters.

This puts to bed the assertions after WWII that atrocities of that kind would never be allowed to be conducted by a nation-state again.

The value of the report is that the world cannot claim it didn't know.   Don't laugh.  After WWII, people lined up to claim they didn't know.

Now, we know.  


The talks over Syria have gone nowhere and so the chorus rises again.

"Obama is a wuss."

"Something must be done."

"Nobody will take us seriously if we do not act."

As before, the only action on the table is dropping explosives on the Bashar al-Assad forces in Syria.  Bash Bashar, as it were.

If we are going to consider that, it would be good to do so with eyes wide open.

For a change.

I'm thinking out loud about it below the fleur-de-kos.

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Cousin Ray Sixkiller is back with rather grim headlines.

Something happened to my "like" counter last week, but my editor assured me the clicks were OK.

Don't be alarmed by the scary stuff.  I don't get to write the news, just comment on it, and there are some less scary stories.  If you are entertained, please do what you can to get it around so I get to keep doing it.

I thank you and Ray thanks you.  Oh, and don't miss the caption they put on the photo...

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