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If we are serious about winning the fight against the TPP then we have to rely on an idea that is based on a joke.

The joke is " If President Obama said breathing is good for you Republicans would hold their breath just to try to prove him wrong."

The idea is: Use the Republican's propaganda network, dog whistles, and fear of Obama as a weapon aimed at the TPP.

How can we do this?

On social media sites we can make posts that say things like (Posts would have to be under the guise that the poster was a Republican, Tea Partier, or a Libertarian.):

"First Obama got involved in your health, now he is getting involved in your jobs, just say no to Obama, just say no to the TPP"

"Do you trust Obama with your job? Just say no to the TPP."

"The TPP is Obamacare for Jobs. Just say no."

"Can we afford Obama getting involved in our jobs? Just say no to the TPP."

Just food for thought. Let me know what you think and any other ideas that you may have.


Wed Jan 07, 2015 at 07:08 PM PST

Use Edu Reform to Fight NYPD

by thoughtspitter

I am disgusted with the actions of the NYPD and all police in this country. The protests have been, and are, great ways to let people feel heard. However, it is now time to start funneling those feelings into other ways to force change.

I have many ideas on how we can fight back, but one idea stands out against the rest, because, our opponents have used it against us to their benefit. I am talking about using education reform and using it against the police.

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The Republicans have declared war on our country, our way of life, and on each of us. I am sick of their treasonous, sociopathic, terrorist behavior. It is past time hoping for change, it is now time to enact change and fight back!

Below, along with more motivational words, I have listed long term and short term ways we can all help to achieve the change that we truly deserve all the while ensuring that 2014 is not a reenactment of 2010.

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Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 08:53 AM PDT

Hypocritical Hypocrats

by thoughtspitter

Hypocritical Hypocrats
I am sick and tired of seeing racist, right wing, knuckle draggers making profits off of people that they hate as human beings. I am talking about, but am not being specific about, Racist Doctors. I think something as progressives that we can do to fight back this culture of sociopathy is to name and shame people who are racists in prominent occupations. The one profession I would like to target especially are all the doctors who are only in it for the money and are racist morons to boot. I want us to begin compiling a list of Doctors, Nurses, and other health professionals who should have their medical license revoked, and maybe even create a website where this information is available for everyone to see. This is Hypocritical Hypocrats. Let's make it unprofitable for people with right wing beliefs to be doctors.

A narrative plays an important role in politics. For a long time the Republicans have been better at creating, and pushing forward on a narrative than we progressives have been. However, times have changed. President Obama has already disproven the narrative that Democrats are weak on national defense through his first term in office and especially during his 2012 national defense debate.

Let us create and push forward another narrative to help us not only be in a better position for the 2014 elections, but to also help with workers rights. That narrative is: Republicans Fire, Democrats Hire.

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Fiscal Cliff, Fiscal Cliff, Fiscal Cliff. You can almost hear the talking heads clicking their heals as they repeat this new mantra.

What is the Fiscal Cliff? The Fiscal Cliff is the Republicans new economic lie du jour. Just like the deficit, not jobs is the problem, before it " Same as it ever was, same as it ever was".

We need to help President Obama fight this meme. During the deficit talks we were lucky to have the support of Occupy Wall Street. Occupy changed the topic from the deficit lie to the 99% vs 1% truth. Unless Occupy is revitalized we can not expect to have their support in this battle. Below are some ideas I have come up with that I think can help us combat this lie.

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The CEO of Pappa Johns, John Schnatter, and other like minded CEO's have been Revenge Firing, or if they have not yet begun to fire their employees, have stated they would if Obama won the election.

We can highlight the difference once again between the Democrats and Republicans and use their disgusting behavior against them. Let's show the American worker that Republicans love to fire, and Democrats love to hire. Under K.I.S.S. rules let us call it:

Republicans fire, democrats hire

I say we work together to help first locate and identify workers who have been fired by these Revenge Firings. Then we could help these workers through a number of different ways.

1) The best option IMO would be for those progressives who live near the fired workers and own their own companies to at the very least interview the workers. If there are any jobs available in your company that the worker is qualified for and you have extra room to hire that worker then hire them as simple as that. Oh but do not forget to mention that you are a Democrat and that you are sorry that their previous boss was a republican who liked to fire. If you can't hire then follow on to the next number of ideas.

2) Create funds, send letters, give out information to get them hired at better local companies. Push famous progressive voices that can hire these workers to hire them.

3) The fantasy option would be to get progressive money into creating competitive companies to fight against any company that mistreats their employees. By paying living wages and actually being a company that respects your workers we could steal most, if not all of the workers from the original conservative run companies. The added bonus would be an influx of progressively owned money and for these workers they would be paid and treated well.

If you have any other ideas or additions you would like to make please share.


In 2008 after Barrack Obama won the election many on this site said that the GOP were in their death throes as a party. In 2012 we see how that sentiment was hopeful but still delusional.

Since the election there have been some posts and comments made that we need to feel empathy towards those Republicans that believed their own lies. I also see posts saying that there is no way that the Republicans can grab the Latino vote, especially with the GOP imploding due to internal civil war. To these posts and comments I say do not let your hopes and dreams delude you.

Below I will share my personal interaction with a close friend, who is a staunch Republican, and why what he has told me after the election should shock you out of your 2008 delusion.

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
― Maya Angelou

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Tue Oct 23, 2012 at 02:37 PM PDT

Help Fighting ER Bill

by thoughtspitter

I am a teacher and recently I went to the ER because I thought I was having some heart issues. Turns out I was having a horrible Stomach virus that was going around my school. Any ways turns out the Doctor that was used was not on my plan. It was late at night and to me this was an emergency or could have been. I do not feel that I should have to pay the amount that was billed to me in full and that my insurance which I pay into should cover most of the bill. Any way to fight this? any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Tue Sep 18, 2012 at 10:55 AM PDT

Done not fighting back

by thoughtspitter

I have only one friend that I am still friends with that is conservative. The reasoning is that we grew up together from 1st to 5th grade. If not for the fact that we grew up like brothers, we would not be friends. However, I recently have had enough of his political posts and have been responding back to his as well as posting my own. All of my posts are respectful and insightful. The most recent dialogue is on the Romney videos. He of course agrees with them, him being a son of a wealthy anesthesiologist and himself being one now too.

His most recent post was this:
"if you only saw the people that we see all the time...

That aside, my main issue is sustainability. It is impossible to fuel a never-ending parade of elderly and disabled. When people have fewer kids, and the elderly swell and balloon, there will not be enough to pay for them all. It is unfair to siphon off more and more from others to fund these never-ending black holes. Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the like are endless programs that were short-sightedly implemented without thinking about the long-term cost. It is impossible to sustain, even if you did take an even greater percentage of other's income. What it really comes down to is fairness between people, and blatant, ever-more present income redistribution is not fair."

please help me nicely dissect his post part by part and come up with a response that you think will be as powerful as my response to his belief in the death penalty even though he is a staunch catholic. " god said thou shalt not kill, not, thou shalt kill only when you deem it right to."


I have been an Educator for 2 years and a student for a lot longer. Rebublicons and those who wish to make a profit off of our public education system have been in full force using standardized exams as their weapon of choice. I have been thinking long and hard and realize all of us who are against their war on students, parents and educators for money can be won by removing the ability of anyone making and grading exams from making any profit. Follow me after the fold to read some of my ideas.

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I am a certified art teacher in the state of NY who has yet to find a full time art teaching position since graduating with my masters 2 years ago. Instead of sitting back and letting myself feel depressed with the situation I have, among other freelance and part time work, been working on my webcomic Penguin Mansion.  Though the comics target audience are children there are some nuggets for adults who still are in touch with their inner child too. Why am I asking for help then? Please read below for the details.

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