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It's time to do some celebrating.

 photo locks_zpszd6uepox.jpg

We have been planning this for a while.

 photo days_zpsssqlaexa.jpg

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They know our plans.

 photo hmmm_zpsfov2biee.jpg

They just don't know when they will be launched.

 photo co_zpstmwmhkne.jpg

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Other than a few yips, we haven't seen much of the other side.

 photo quiet_zpsfqucspye.jpg

They could still be traumatized from the last offensive.

 photo ambush_zps3g1qkzur.jpg

It gave us a few days to relax.

 photo not1_zpsghvcucic.jpg

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We at the #sekritarmy have been taking time to examine life.

 photo eternal_zpswo91qhwg.jpg

We make sure to review all of our talents.

 photo funny-pictures-your-cat-is-a-househ.jpg

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There just isn't enough time in the day.

 photo another_zpslanmlh3l.jpg

We sometimes have trouble getting everything done.

 photo immense_zpsjcq8jmgr.jpg

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I guess we forgot something last week.

 photo short_zpsj8opensw.jpg

We have a good reason.

 photo stupor_zpsmog7ztf5.jpg

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The pi party was teh awesome.

 photo short_zpsj8opensw.jpg

And now it's over.

 photo stupor_zpsmog7ztf5.jpg

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They are starting to take us seriously.

 photo beware_zpsyeq1bo5d.jpg

But they still have no idea how far we will go.

 photo george_zpse2eyklke.jpg

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There was plenty of stuff this week to keep us busy.

 photo nip_zps23n530fa.jpg

So we did what we usually do.

 photo nap_zpsogntugyn.jpg

But sometimes there are more important things.

 photo tree_zpsak4rd0q4.jpg

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You could say the #sekritarmy is an eternal optimist.

 photo dream_zpsj7nbxjkl.jpg

We like to think there is hope for the future of humanity.

 photo spell_zpsvcmbeisk.jpg

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There still those who question our power.

 photo faster_zps0cn4kdou.jpg

We really don't think we have anything to prove.

 photo answers_zpsuogplqx9.jpg

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The #sekritarmy has gathered.

 photo meeting_zpsal2vwq1o.jpg

The consensus is for us to continue our mission.

 photo lostred_zps400b0905.jpg

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