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  •  Same here, compounded, no doubt, by attending (1+ / 0-)
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    multiple schools.

    Surprisingly, my high school in Texas had a very good college prep track & several "enlightened" teachers that discussed the real time events happening.  Which helped a great deal as we witnessed our heroes being slain...

    That being said, I had to learn about the Korean War from my daddy (who was there).  Like you, history seemed to just stop at WWII....

    My now adult kiddos were stunned to find out what was not covered in my school years (until college).  Just as I was later stunned to discover how selective & oft times slanted the actual history that was taught to us.  Which really really ticked me off.

     On the other hand, it opened my eyes & created a lifelong desire to dig for truths & to make sure that my own kiddos received a well rounded education. AND to always dig for truths.

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